Real Housewives of Beverly Beach
35 min readNov 27, 2023
(From L to R: Sheridan Campbell, Monsè DeRosier, Jac Carter, Mona Quinn, Yvonne Langley, Valentina Armani, & Marcie Maples)

The episode begins as we see waves crashing on the beach. The camera pans to show a nearby restaurant on the pier.

Monsè sits at a table and types on her phone, she gets up and hugs her sister Phoebe when she arrives.

Phoebe: “Hey girl!” She sits. “Thanks for the invite, I’m starving!” She scans the QR code on the table and begins looking over the menu.

Monsè: “Sure, sure. Any time, babe.” She puts her phone down.

Monsè’s Confessional

“Gil and I have officially reached our breaking point with Phoebe. Last week, she threw a crazy party for her friends, and the next morning, we realized it was all on Gil’s card.” She shakes her head. “Gil was rightfully pissed off, and so was I, so we need to have a talk.”

The waiter walks up and takes Monsè and Phoebe’s drink orders.

Monsè: “I’ll have a cosmo, extra lime.” She smiles.

Phoebe: “And I’ll have a glass of Sauvi — “

Monsè: “No uh.” She turns to the waiter. “She’s good with water.”

The waiter looks at them awkwardly and walks off. Phoebe makes a face at Monsè.

Phoebe: “Damn, can’t a girl get a drink?”

Monsè: “Look, Phoebs, we need to talk about your party last week.”

Phoebe: “Okay, I know I should’ve invited you, but you wouldn’t have known anyone there anyway.” She sighs and shrugs.

Monsè: “Girl!” She looks in disbelief.

Monsè: “I don’t care about getting drunk with your little friends. You spent $20,000 on Gil’s card! Why the hell would you do that?”

Phoebe: “Jeeezzz! If you didn’t want me to use your card, then you shouldn’t have given me one in the first place.”

Monsè’s jaw drops as the waiter brings their drinks and gets their food orders.

Monsè: “Phoebe, we don’t mind helping you out with food and rent and even the occasional shopping spree while you get your career off the ground, but have some damn sense!”

Monsè’s Confessional

“She doesn’t go to auditions. She doesn’t go to castings. She leaves her agent on read all the time. This girl wants to be her own brand but she’s not doing the shit she needs to achieve it. So no, she doesn’t get blow $20,000 of my money on a party.”

Monsè: “If you wanna spend money, you need to start earning it yourself.” She sips her cosmo.

Phoebe: “So you’re cutting me off because I can’t get a job?”

Monsè: “No, I’m cutting you off because you WON’T get a job.”

Phoebe: “This shit is hard, Monsè! I can’t just ‘get a job’ overnight in this business! And where have you been with all your connections?”

Monsè: “What does that have to do with anything?”

Phoebe: “You know everyone in the business and you have not once helped me out. No auditions, no social media deals, nothing.” She starts to get animated.

Phoebe’s Confessional

“Monsè has unbelievable connections in the industry. As a Black woman, shouldn’t she want to help her sister, another Black woman, succeed? It’s fine if she doesn’t care about my career, but if that’s the case, then stay out of it!”

Monsè: “That’s so not true! You wouldn’t even have an agent if it wasn’t for me.”

Phoebe rolls her eyes.

Phoebe: “That doesn’t count, my agent sucks! I know for a fact you could do more for me with a single text than she has done for me in two years. I’m your sister, you should be helping me get my foot in the door, but you’re too busy playing house now to care about me. Maybe I should just move back to Haiti and do the same since you clearly don’t want to help.”

Monsè: “Now you’re doing the most. That’s not fair.” She shakes her head and refuses to look across the table for a second. “I’ve helped you as much as I could. Gil and I both have. It’s your turn to take initiative, Phoebe.”

Phoebe: “You obviously just want to blame everything on me instead of having a conversation, so I’m gonna go.”

Phoebe gets up and patrons sitting out on the deck look at her.

Monsè: “Phoebe, stop being so dramatic. Sit down.” She says in a hushed whisper.

Phoebe: “No, this is ridiculous.”

Phoebe: “And you’re paying for my Uber…”

Phoebe flips Monsè off and walks out.

Monsè’s Confessional

“If Phoebe wants to play victim, that’s fine by me, but I’m done being her ATM in the meantime. Figure it out, girl.”

Monsè: “That bitch didn’t even apologize for stealing my money…”

Monsè downs her cocktail and the scene fades out.

The sound of children laughing and playing can be heard. The camera pans over Heidi Weltroth’s house; games, activities, food vendors, and a huge bouncy obstacle course is set up in the backyard.

The camera pans into Heidi as she sips champagne and chats with a girlfriend.

Heidi: “Ahhh.” She looks around. “This is lovely! I love when my imagination comes to life!” She clinks her glass with her friend.

Out front, Valentina is helping her children, Carter and Cali, get out of their Bentley. She hands the valet the keys then picks Cali up and grabs Carter’s hand.

Valentina: “Carter and Cali let’s be on our best behavior at my friend Heidi’s son’s birthday.” She readjusts Cali. “You both are a prince and princess in my world, I don’t know about everyone else’s!”

The camera follows Valentina and her children as they walks round back, Heidi spots them and heads over.

Heidi: “Hi Valentina! Thank you for coming, now who are these cuties?” She grins at the children.

Valentina: “This is Carter! This is Cali!”

Heidi: “Hi! It’s so nice to meet you two.” She grins.

Heidi’s Confessional

“My son Maxwell is turning 8 today! Even saying that out loud is insane. It feels like just yesterday I was in excruciating pain giving birth to that fucker! I want to get to know a few of the ladies better so i invited them with their kids. Maybe Jac, Valentina, and I can bond over our children. And I just think there are some things that need to be cleared up.”

Monsè is the next to arrive to the party with her son Bastien.

Monsè: “Hey girls!”

Heidi: “Hi love!”

Valentina: “Monsè, it’s so good to see you!” She hugs her. “Hey handsome!” She bends over and gives Bastien a little hug.

Monsè: “Aw, look at you and these cuties.” She smiles at Valentina’s children. “Always so adorable.”

Valentina: “Monsè, don’t even. We had six meltdowns on the way here.” She gives her a look.

As Bastien and Carter run off to play, Monsè hugs Heidi and chats with her.

Monsè: “Thanks for the invite! I got a little Lego set for your son, hopefully he likes it! I wasn’t sure what to get but this one loves these, so I thought what the hell?”

Sheridan walks into the backyard with her ex-step child, MJ.

Sheridan: “Hey!”

As the girls all greet Sheridan, the camera pans to Jac walking into the party alone.

She looks around and raises an eyebrow, just observing.

Jac’s Confessional

“I think it’s lovely that this lady has invited me to her child’s party but am I bringing my daughter? Absolutely not. I don’t want my Annabelle hearing the river of bullshit that Miss Heidi spews.”

Jac makes her way over to Heidi, Sheridan, Valentina, and Monsè.

Valentina: “Jacqueline how are you not burning up in that jacket?! My God!” She laughs.

Jac: “Girl, I’m trying to hide my belly!” She places a hand on it.

Sheridan: “Take the jacket off, Jac.” She rolls her eyes. “It’s hot as hell and you aren’t that damn big yet.”

Jac: “You’re right.” She takes her jacket off. “I just look like you after your weekly Taco Bell run.” She snickers at Sheridan.

Heidi: “Well, welcome loves.” She claps her hands together. “I’m delighted to see all of you and your children!” She looks to Jac. “Jac, why didn’t you bring your daughter?”

Jac: “Well, the last time I saw you it wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience so I wanted to make sure the energy was fine before I bring my little angel around you.”

The other ‘Wives look at Jac, Heidi just shrugs.

Heidi: “I guess!” She looks at the group. “Why don’t we grab a drink and go get our nails done!”

There is a montage of the girls going to the posh little bar in the adult area. They then go and sit in a cluster of pedicure chairs at the popup nail bar Heidi ordered. The nail technicians come and start working on the ‘Wives feet as they chat.

Monsè: “Heidi, it’s good to see you! I was bummed you didn’t make Hawaii.”

Valentina: “Yeah, I was worried we would never see you again.”

Sheridan: “How have you been?” She looks to Heidi.

Heidi: “I’ve been lovely! I just got back from Dubai with my husband. We had a lovely time.” She smiles.

Valentina: “That sounds really nice…” She sips her drink. “I do have to say you missed out on alot in Hawaii, but first I want to know why you were disinvited.”

Heidi: “Well, I think we should get into that.”

Sheridan: “I think we should too, babe. Seems you’ve been stirring quite the mess pot. Well at least according to Marcie…”

Heidi: “So I’m aware Marcie did tell you ladies that I had said some pretty damaging things about a few of you correct?”

Sheridan: “I’m going to be honest ; I absolutely didn’t want you in Hawaii after what Marcia told us you said — sorry Marcie. I forget her name.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Still not sure how our hairdresser got into our circle.”

Heidi: “First and foremost I’m not exactly sure what Marcie said I said, however I can promise you that none of those things were said. I consider you all friends. Some closer than others but nevertheless friends.”

Sheridan, Valentina, Jac, and Monsè look at one another

Monsè: “So you didn’t say Yvonne aged out of this group and that Mona was a disgraceful addict?”

Marcie: “Sheridan — Heidi said your restaurant is shitty and should be shut down for multiple health code violations…”
Marcie: “She said Yvonne shouldn’t be in this group any longer because she ‘aged out’, whatever that means!”
Marcie: “And she really trashed you, Mona. She called you The Disgraceful Addict of Beverly Beach and said she understands why your husband left you…”

We get a shot of Monsè’s nail technicians eyes widening as she begins on Monsè’s hand.

Heidi: “What? Oh my goodness never! I have an image to upkeep in this town. Never would I gossip like that or say such horrid things.” She sips her drink and sighs. “While conversing with Marcie in the past both of us might’ve said things but nothing to the extent that Marcie is saying. As you all know, Marcie styles hair for a living. Everyone gossips here.”

Sheridan: “Marcie said you made damaging claims about Martin and I’s restaurant. Something about a failed health inspection?”

Valentina: “The food is amazing at Bell Camp…”

Heidi: “Oh Sheridan, I don’t recall saying something like that.” She shakes her head. “I want nothing but success for all of my friends. What do I gain from trashing your restaurant?”

Sheridan nods.

Sheridan: “Martin and I are expanding Bell Camp and right now isn’t the time for friends to start spreading damaging lies about my restaurant. I just don’t know which one of you women to believe.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Do I believe the high society charity woman or the lady who dyes my hair and then makes snarky comments about my hair dye?”

Heidi: “I totally understand what you’re saying. I hate that we’re even having this conversation.” She hangs her head.

Monsè: “I’m with Sheridan. I really want to believe you Heidi, but why would Marcie make that up in the first place? Do you think she’s jealous of you?”

Jac: “Jealous? Not Marcie the Makeup Artist…”

Heidi: “You have to remember, Marcie only said this once she was disinvited to my party. The timing is what doesn’t makes sense to me. She got me alienated from the group. Just what she wanted.”

Monsè: “That’s true…”

We see Sheridan nodding along and Valentina flips her hair as she bounces Cali on her lap.

Valentina: “I see that. Marcie seems to be clinging onto Yvonne for dear life. I do think Marcie is trying to do something here.” She nods at Heidi. “I think we should all hear Heidi out, after all she’s making points.”

Sheridan: “I agree, Valentina.” She looks to Heidi. “Listen, I want to give you the benefit of the doubt. You’re a classy woman with thinfs to lose. Marcie has nothing. She is still doing hair extensions on her back porch.”

Heidi: “Thank you ladies, I really appreciate you guys giving me the benefit of the doubt” She smiles. “In closing, I want all of you to know that I truly value the relationships I’ve formed with each and every one of you and I would never do anything to put that in jeopardy.”

Heidi’s Confessional

“I really hope that we can move past this. This is certainly not a situation I wanted to be in. In the end the truth will come out and that’s all that matters.”

Monsè’s Confessional

“This seems like a lot to do over a missed party invite. I think Heidi is doing some damage control to try and gain some points with the group after being left out of the Hawaii trip. I’m good with her for now, but Imma keep one eye open around her.”

Valentina: “Heidi, we are the girls you want on your side, I mean after all they do not call us three…” She points at Monsè, Sheridan, and Jac. “The Pretty Girls for no reason!”

The camera pans to Jac who has noticeably been quiet, she crosses her arms.

Jac: “If I’m being honest, Heidi…I’m not really that convinced. I’m more concerned about your brazen bullish and belligerent remarks about my marriage when I last saw you at Yvonne’s art gallery. I know you claim we’re friends but I don’t really know you. We’ve met a handful of times at various events but I don’t think I’ve ever shared anything that would give you cart Blanche to discuss my marriage.”

Jac’s Confessional

“I don’t care if it’s her child’s birthday party, a charity event, a funeral whatever it is. This bitch isn’t getting away with saying things about my marriage. Pregnant Jacqueline has NO time.”

Sheridan: “Yeah, Heidi it was out of line. Jac didn’t deserve all that. She’s pregnant for gods sake.” She laughs.

Heidi: “Yes I agree, I want to apologize for my comments, Jac. They were out of line and inappropriate.”

Jac: “Okay. You’re forgiven. You’re on probation to be inducted into the Pretty Girls Society.”

Heidi chuckles a bit, finishes her drink, and then turns to the girls.

Heidi: “So, how was everyone’s time in Hawaii?”

Valentina: “Brandon and I had a lovely time in Hawaii.” She sips her champagne. “Rainbows and Mai Tai’s.” She laughs.

As the nail technician starts to dry off Heidi’s feet, she looks over at Valentina and raises an eyebrow.

Heidi: “Oh really? Seems like you were on the phone with your attorneys!”

Valentina looks caught off guard, Sheridan laughs a bit, and Jac shakes her head.

Jac’s Confessional

“And Heidi’s reprieve from the nonsense lasted…” She looks at her watch on her wrist. “A total of 16 seconds.”

Monsè: “Oh hell, Heidi.”

Heidi looks around at the women, confused.

Heidi: “What? Mona told me!”

Jac: “Mona’s an idiot with a forehead the size of Mars.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Heidi has a big mouth and just blurts things out — but it’s things other women have told her. Hell, I ain’t telling Heidi shit so keep running your mouth girl and bulldoze the women who are shit talking.”

Valentina looks at Heidi, playing with a strand of her own hair.

Valentina: “And what did Mona tell you? Did she tell you she ran off like a little bitch?”

Heidi shakes her head and stands up from the pedicure station.

Heidi: “Well, I don’t want to get into what that conversation consisted of but I was quite shocked it got to that level.”

Jac: “The level where she accused a high profile individual of sexual misconduct without any proof? I know. I was shocked by that as well.” She flicks her eyes.

Heidi: “Woah.” She looks shocked.

Monsè: “Heidi, you were comfortable asking Valentina’s side of the story. Don’t you think you should tell Val what Mona’s been saying about her?”

Valentina nods in agreement and Heidi thinks, but then nods.

Heidi: “You’re right, Monsè.” She turns to Valentina. “She just said that she said some things about your husband and that’s why you sent her a cease-and-desist.”

Monsè: “ ‘Said some things’?’ “ She shakes her head at Heidi. “Whew, this girl — You know what, let me not make it worse.” She crosses her legs after her feet are dried.

Valentina: “You GUYS, my children are here and this isn’t the time or place for us to be talking about my children’s father…” She glances down at Cali in her lap who is playing on a phone. “This has been hurtful to my husband and myself. It PARALYZES me to think about this.”

There is a shot of Monsè intently listening to Valentina.

Monsè’s Confessional

“As much as I miss my friendship with Mona, bullshit like this makes it hard to support you. How can I have your back with the group when you insist on tearing it apart yourself?”

Monsè: “It’s okay girl. Your real friends know the truth. We’ve got your back.”

Sheridan: “I understand, baby. Don’t get upset.” She reaches over and rubs Valentina’s shoulders.

Valentina’s Confessional

“This is gut-wrenching to even have to talk about and defend my husband over. Jac, Sheridan and Monsè are probably the closest people to me in this group and I am just thankful I have them to lean on. Who knew being in this group would be harder than being apart of a cheer squad.”

Valentina: “Thank you girls seriously… I just need a minute.” She puts Cali over her shoulder and stands.

Jac: “Always, Val.”

The camera zooms in on Heidi who is biting her lip and looking around.

Heidi’s Confessional

“Mona didn’t get into what she said but from what Val is saying it seems very serious. Mona made it seem like she said something frivolous and that Val was insane for sending her a legal letter. Makes me question things for sure.”

The scene fades as Sheridan, Monsè, and Jac console Valentina. Heidi stands on the edge of the group.

A beautiful Bentley Flying Spur is shown pulling up infront a salon. Marcie and her husband, Jonathan, get out.

Marcie & Jonathan

Marcie: “Are you excited?! I’m excited!”

Jon: “Marat what have you gotten into now?”

Marcie: “C’mon just come inside come see!”

Marcie’s Confessional

“I finally told Jonathon that I bought a new salon so he wants to see it. I don’t think the pie I baked is going to win him over on this!”

Jon: “Oh God.” He scratches his head.

The couple walks inside and Jonathan looks around.

Jon: “So how much did this cost me, Marat?”

Marcie: “Not a dime! I used my money!”

Jon: “Well then how much did this cost us.”

Marcie stares ar him dead in the eyes, annoyed.

Marcie: “Jon, do you at least like it?”

Jon: “It’s nice Marcie…” He looks around. “I’m just thinking of income and generating revenue to earn back what you lost in the purchase and renovation.”

Marcie: “And I appreciate that, but you could at least say it’s pretty or nice or well done first.”

Jon: “It’s very well done Marat you know that, I always know you’re going to create a beautiful salon, but you have to think about the bigger picture.”

Marcie puts her hand on her hip.

Marcie: “Jonathon, Mikey’s college is paid off, our house is paid off, all our cars are paid off. What bigger picture?”

Jon: “Retirement.”

Marcie: “Jonathon…”

Marcie’s Confessional

“Jon wants an early retirement, and I’m just getting my second wind. I don’t want to go back to doing nothing all the time until I’m satisfied with what I’ve brought to the beauty world. The goal is at least ten salons so he can suck it up!”

Jon: “I want a place in Miami, Marat. This…” He motions around, frustrated. “sets us back.”

Marcie: “This can also push us forward if you look from different perspective!”

Jon: “But that will take a bit.”

Marcie: “Jon can you just be supportive for once.”

Jon: “I’m thinking about my — “ His eyes dart.our future!”

Marcie: “Oh ‘my’ future? Yeah, I heard that.” She death glares him.

Jon: “I didn’t mean it like that!”

Marcie: “So how did you mean it?” She begins pacing.

Jon: “I- I just meant we have to be thoughtful of one another on big decisions.”

Marcie stops and gets close, pointing at him.

Marcie: “No you mean I have to be thoughtful of you! Did you ask before you bought a 52 foot boat? No.”

Jon: “Well, it’s a yacht.”

Marcie rolls her eyes.

Marcie: “Not the point! The point is you owe me this!”

Jon: “Fine, but if we don’t get back double what it’s worth I’ll be mad Marat.”

Marcie: “Let’s go to the realtors office and do the paperwork.”

Jonathan swiftly walks out and gets into the car, closing the door before Marcie can get in. She has to open the car door for herself, the scene fades.

The sun is setting and then the camera pans over Sheridan’s house on the beach.

She is putting out bottle of wine, vodka, and other spirits out on her counter.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Tonight, the ladies are all meeting up at Casa Campbell! We are going to see the QUEEN Beyoncè tonight.”


Jac is the first to arrive, she walks right in and greets Sheridan in her spacious kitchen.

Jac: “Girl, not you bitching me out a couple of weeks ago for having a charcuterie board and all you have laid out for me is a bowl of salt and vinegar chips.”

The camera pans to a singular bowl of chips and some string cheese next to the alcohol that Sheridan had set out for the ‘Wives.

Sheridan: “Bitch we aren’t staying here long! Be happy you got one of the seats in my section!”

Jac: “Okay Okay! No need to scream at the pregnant lady whose eating for two!” She laughs.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I would have much rather invited Ren, Imani, and Lorelei than some of these girls.”

There is a knock on the door, then Valentina enters.


Valentina: “WHO’S READY FOR SOME BEYONCÉ!?” She holds up a wine bottle. “I’ve been looking forward to this since you invited us!” She walks over to Jac and Sheridan.

Sheridan: “Hey Val!” She hugs her.

Valentina: “What are we drinking tonight, girls?” She points to the drink in Sheridan’s hand. “Jac, I know you’re drinking water!” She giggles.

Sheridan: “I’m having hennyyyy!”

Valentina: “I’ll do that as well, Sheridan!”

As Sheridan begins making Valentina’s drink, the camera switches to the front of Sheridan’s house where Victoria is pulling up, blasting ‘HEATED’ by Beyoncé.


Victoria: “NEVER MET A GIRL SO FINE LIKE THISSS!” She dances in the car and turns up the volume.

The shot changes back to inside. Hearing the music, Jac has a curious face on.

Jac: “What in the — “

Victoria bursts through the door and starts screaming.


Surprised, the women all turn to look at her.

Valentina: “Is that VICTORIA?”

Victoria: “HEYYYYYY!” She tips her hat at Valentina.

Jac: “Ohhhhh my favourite cowgirl is here!”

Victoria: “I love it when you ride it Jac!” She runs over and hugs her.

The camera pans to show Heidi walk in right behind Victoria.


Heidi: “Well that was quite an entrance!” She chuckles. “Hello everyone!”

As Jac, Sheridan, Victoria, Heidi, and Valentina mingle and get drinks.

A few moments pass and then we get a shot of Mona walking up to Sheridan’s house.

Mona’s Confessional

“We gettin’ fucked up tonight!” She does a little dance and laughs. “I’m so excited for the Renaissance tour, I need a fun night out. A little nervous coming around the group for the first time since Hawaii but I don’t care I’m having a good time tonight.”

Mona: “Hi girlssss!” She walks in and approaches the group.

Heidi: “Hello gorge!” She is the first to give Mona a hug.

Sheridan: “Hey Mona! You look mentally refreshed tonight!” She smiles.

The camera zooms in on Jac and Valentina who stay back on the other side of Sheridan’s giant granite island.

Valentina: “I need a shot to deal with this woman…”

Valentina rolls her eyes and Jac snickers. The camera pans to Mona who is getting a drink, she discreetly glancing at Valentina and Jac talking.

Mona’s Confessional

“I’m not even engaging with that scum tonight. Her cease and desist was unnecessary but tonight’s not the night to get into that. We’re having fun!”

The next shot is of Yvonne in a car out front, dancing.


Yvonne: “Yes! These ladies won’t break my soul tonight!” She does a little shimmy then turns to her daughter, Asha, in the driver’s seat. “Okay baby, have fun with your friends tonight at the concert.”

As Yvonne gets out of her car, Monsè is seen exiting hers at the same time.

Monsè’s Confessional

“I was raised on Beyoncé hunni! I’m talking pre-Michelle Destiny’s Child, okay? I’m going all out tonight!” She snaps.

Monsè: “Hey Yvonne!”

Yvonne: “Oh my goodness, Monsè, you almost knocked me down with those tracks.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I thought Monsè might’ve given me a little smack on the neck but it was just the horse hair she uses for extensions. My guess: she doesn’t really brush it.”

Monsè and Yvonne make their way inside of Sheridan’s house and begin saying their ‘hellos’ to the other ‘Wives.

Jac: “Monsè!!!!!! How gorg are you!! Show me your tits!”

Valentina: “Monsè!!! You ARE GIVING!” She hugs her. “So stunning, I told you that top would be perfect for this concert!”

Monsè: “I know, you were right about adding a little sparkle to the fit.”

Sheridan: “Yassss ladies! Everyone is here! Grab some drinks!”

Heidi: “Oh, Marcie is here already?”

Sheridan: “I didn’t invite Marcie.”

Heidi: “Taking a page out of my look I see!” She laughs.

Outside of Sheridan’s house, Marcie is shown exiting a car with a freshly baked pie.

Marcie’s Confessional

“WE’RE GOING TO SEE BEYONCÉ AAAAA! I’m ready to Upgrade to Diva status because we women RUN THE WORLD, and NOBODIES gonna Break My Soul! All I gotta say is Don’t Hurt Yourself!” She winks.

Marcie politely stands at the door, holding the pie. She looks inside at the ladies dancing and having fun; she glances at the camera and then rings the doorbell one more time as nobody comes to answer.

Victoria: “Sheridan, did you order a Whole Foods delivery?” She points to a clearly visible Marcie standing outside the glass door with a pie.

Marcie now just opens the door and walks in.

Marcie: “Guess I’m letting myself in! Hey girls! Hi Sher!”

Valentina: “What is Marcie wearing…” She whispers to Jac.

Marcie gives Sheridan a hug and hands her the pie.

Marcie: “Thanks for inviting me! I baked you this!”

Sheridan: “Thanks for the pie, girl.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I didn’t invite our hairdresser but hey — at least my hair will look good all night!”

Sheridan: “Marcie, does my hair look okay babe we all may need some touch ups. I know you see Jac’s oily mess.”

Marcie: “Oh Sher whatever you need! You got me into Club Renaissance!”

Heidi: “Oh Marcie! You made it!”

Mona: “Marcie, you look good”

Marcie: “Hi girls! Thank you!” She gives Heidi and Mona air kisses.

Yvonne: “Hey Marcie, you did something a bit different with this purple. No white or shimmer in your closet?”

Marcie: “I was trying to find something but I thought this was best to DANCE in Yvonne!”

There is a shot of Jac raising her eyebrow and sipping her water.

Jac’s Confessional

“Marcie’s outfit and hair are…” She pauses. “Well…they’re a choice!”

Heidi: “I think Marcie was planning on going to the other concert down the street!”

Heidi’s Confessional

“I think Marcie got confused. We’re seeing Queen Bey. This isn’t the Eras Tour, doll face!”

We see Victoria let out a snicker at Heidi’s comment.

“I find it very disrespectful for this heathen to show up dressed like she’s about to attend a Lana Del Ray show or something, have some respect for my cousin baby mama sister step son niece!”

“I had no idea there was a dress code! I’m just trying to have fun and see Beyoncé! The people concerned with how they look over being happy are not my problem!”

Sheridan, Jac, Victoria, and Yvonne have migrated to the living room where they are dancing. Mona and Marcie are chatting on one side of the island, while Valentina and Monsè are seated outside and talking. The camera zooms in on the latter.

Monsè: “Do you think I should go say hi to Mona?” She whispers to Valentina.

There is another shot of Mona and Marcie.

Monsè’s Confessional

“I haven’t seen Mona since Hawaii, so of course things are still tense. I don’t want to ruin everyone’s night though, so I’m keeping things cordial even if it kills me.”

Valentina: “Monsè, you know I don’t want anything to do with that low budget bitch.” She applies lipgloss then shrugs. “But, it doesn’t hurt to be the bigger person. We all know she isn’t capable of being a decent human being in general.”

Monsè’s eyes widen and she lets out a laugh.

Monsè: “Oh damn — No, no…you’re right.” She gets up and pulls down her skirt. “Let me just say hi so we can move on and let everyone enjoy the night.”

Monsè walks inside to the kitchen where Marcie and Mona are still talking.

Monsè: “Hi girls, hi Mona…”

Marcie: “Here, I’ll go get another drink.” She walks off so it is just Mona and Monsè.

Mona: “Oh, hey Monsè.” She smiles a little.

Monsè: “It’s good to see you, excited for tonight?”

Mona: “It’s good to see you too! Im so excited for tonight, you know how much I love Beyoncé!”

Mona’s Confessional

“Obviously it’s awkward with Monsè right now but I’m glad she’s making the effort.”

Monsè: “Yep, we had a pretty good time at the last tour. From what I can remember!”

The girls laugh and then look as Heidi comes over.

Heidi: “Mona, can we have a quick chat?” She sets her drink on the counter.

Monsè: “Oh — okay, we’re not in the middle of a conversation or anything, go ahead Heidi.” She laughs to herself and rolls her eyes.

Mona laughs at Monsè and touches her arm before she walks away.

Mona: “Let’s sit down and talk soon please. I don’t like where things are at, seriously.”

Monsè: “Definitely. We’ll talk soon.”

Monsè heads back over to Sheridan, Jac, Victoria, Valentina, Marcie and Yvonne in the living room who are dancing around together.

Back at the counter, Mona and Heidi take a seat as they watch the ‘Wives in the living room.

Heidi: “So, how are you?” She looks at Mona. “This all feels extremely awkward.”

Mona: “It really is, I’m not on good terms with Monsè, Jac, or Valentina.” She bites her lip. “Marcie and I got into it at the lounge the other night. And Victoria and I have never been friends so I just really feel on the outs.”

We get a quick shot of the ladies enjoying themselves together before it goes back to Heidi and Mona, the only two not with the group.

Heidi: “Ugh, I’m so sorry.” She gets up and hugs Mona. “How are you feeling about seeing Val? It seems things are pretty serious.”

We see Mona make a disgusted face as she scoffs and rolls her eyes.

Mona: “I don’t give two shits about her. Her and her cease and desist are irrelevant. Her and her money don’t scare me…” She looks over at Heidi. “If she wants to come for me, I’ll go.” She shrugs.

Heidi looks surprised.

Mona’s Confessional

“What’s crazy to me is I don’t even know this bitch. Like she’s putting a lot of energy into shutting up someone she doesn’t even know. Whatever.”

Heidi: “Well, I’m here for you. Just keep your composure and hopefully you two can resolve this.”

Heidi’s Confessional

“While I don’t completely agree with Mona, I still sympathize with her. Being on the outs is not a good feeling. But also I’ve been on the receiving end of false allegations so I can’t support her completely.”

The shot switches to the women in the living room. Sheridan, Yvonne, Jac, Marcie, Valentina, Victoria, and Monsè are all now seated on Sheridan’s living room furniture, taking a break from dancing and now chatting.

Sheridan: “Yvonne…” She turns to her. “I think you and Victoria should have a little chat…”

We get a shot of Victoria with a straight face, it then changes to show Yvonne who looks disgusted.

Yvonne: “About what?” She looks up from stirring her drink. “Cant I just enjoy the tequila?”

Sheridan: “Yvonne, you know what about…don’t do that. I don’t think I need to spit it out.” She chuckles.

Valentina leans forward in her seat.

Valentina: “I think Yvonne, Victoria was confused why you were mad at her because her clients didn’t like your paintings or something of that sort?” She looks to Victoria.

Yvonne: “Oh, is that the lie she told you all? I’m surprised she told you to your face because I learned about it from my Business Manager after we returned from Hawaii.”

Victoria is now shaking her head vigorously.

Victoria: “Yvonne don’t sit up here and lie, I told them the truth. But if your delusion seems like the truth to you then so be it!” She glares down Yvonne. “Don’t take your anger out on because the consumers don’t like your Crayola drawings.”

Monsè: “Whew, not Crayola chile!” She snickers.

Sheridan: “Oh no not the Crayola let’s not do any shading now art is art!”

Victoria: “Just buy better paintings to sponsor and maybe I’ll consider displaying them in a couple nail salons or something.” She shrugs and begins eating a cupcake.

Yvonne: “Crayola drawings? You came to me because you needed help selling more homes. Who knew you before you sold Lorelei her house? Nobody, not even the Association of Realtors!”

Victoria: “Baby, I came to you for ideas! See my homes are selling, you’ve had the same art displayed up on that wall since construction completed!”

Yvonne: “You came to me to help you get homes sold.” She cocks her head. “But I guess you’ve found your voice and you’re trying to get favor in the group now by speaking up.”

Victoria: “I found my voice and some better vision appealing art.” She grins. “Yvonne — are you delusional or something?” She looks around. “Because now I’m getting concerned.”

Yvonne: “No, you’re delusional with that blonde hair and that ridiculous pink hat on. You look like an Ice Spicé knockoff.”

Victoria: “God bless you!”

Monsè’s Confessional

“Is Yvonne’s taste in art questionable? Yes. Is Victoria a failed realtor? Also, yes. I think these women need to put their heads together and work something out instead of fighting over something stupid.”

As we see Mona and Heidi rejoin the group in the living room, we get a shot of Jac and Sheridan talking.

Jac: “What are they even arguing about?” She looks dumbfounded.

Sheridan: “Yvonne was displaying art from her gallery in Victoria’s homes but Victorias clients hated the artwork so Victoria removed them. That’s what happened.”

We see Yvonne snap her head in Sheridan and Jac’s direction.

Yvonne: “That’s actually not what happened.” She shakes her head. “Victoria decided to remove the art because she didn’t want to share any commission since she doesn’t sell many homes.”

Victoria holds a hand up and shakes her head.

Jac: “Oh.” She makes a face. “Well the art that was in the gallery the night we went was subpar, so I understand Victoria wanting to take the pieces down.”

Yvonne: “Your apartment you rent is subpar Jacqueline. Can you even fit a crib in there?”

We see Heidi snicker a bit and Valentina covers her mouth.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Since Hawaii, Jac has made these unnecessary digs toward me and my businesses as if her entire identity isn’t predicated on who she’s married to.”

Sheridan: “Oh goodness, girls. Please not tonight on Bey Day.” She stands up. “We should get ready to go.”

Yvonne: “Your best friend with the belly started it, not me.”

Jac: “Girl, art is subjective. You can’t get mad that it isn’t our flavour. You cater to a certain art collector and it isn’t liked by everyone. Don’t get upset. It’s part of the business.”

Yvonne: “I’m surprised you even know what business is, Jacqueline.” She crosses her legs.

Jac’s Confessional

“Look, my 3 year old can make better art that those stick figure drawings she displays at that gallery of hers. It is what it is. No need to get upset about it.”

Outside, a horn is heard. Sheridan looks down at her phone and cheers.

Sheridan: “Our ride is here, ladies! Let’s go see Beyoncé!”

Heidi: “Let’s get wasted, bitches!” She holds a shot up.


Sheridan: “LETS GO HOES!” She holds her bottle up.

As Victoria gets up, she glares over at Yvonne.

Victoria: “You are push 75 worried about art work not selling, it’s okay. I’ll order you some Picasso…”

Yvonne: “You can’t even settle down into a career. Do you want to talk about your double life in Beverly Beach? How you had to take a 9 to 5 because real estate couldn’t pay the bills…” She gets up now. “That’s why you couldn’t come with me to Costa Rica, because you don’t have the PTO!”

In Sheridan’s courtyard, the women are loading onto the Sprinter van.

Mona: “If y’all aren’t completely silent when the Queen tells you to be mute…”

We get a shot of Jac making a face as she hears Mona.

Jac’s Confessional

“I can think of one bitch who needs to be silent. Her name is Mona Lisa Mannequinn the Third.”

The scene fades as the Sprinter drives off and cheering is heard.

The camera pans over the Beverly Beach Dome where Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour stop is taking place.

Lights flash and concert-goers cheer as Queen Bey is in the middle of her performance.

Mona: “I’M TOO CLASSY FOR THIS WORLD FOREVA IM THAT GIRL!” She dances and sings with a drink in hand.

The camera pans to Marcie who is dancing off key and clapping.

Marcie: “Yasss Bey!”

Heidi whispers to something to Valentina, who was teaching her how to dance. Val nods and Heidi walks over to Marcie.

Heidi: “Marcie, can we talk one on one real quick.”

Marcie turns to see Heidi and accidentally flips her hair in Heidi’s face.

Heidi: “Oh!”

Marcie: “Oh my God, I’m sorry! Sure!”

Heidi: “Let’s go by the bar.”

We see Marcie and Heidi walking off to the VIP bar together. The shot switches back to the other ‘Wives; some sit while others stay up and dance.

Yvonne: “Do you think Adam’s here?” She looks to Mona.

Jac: “He’s probably somewhere with a harness on…”

Mona laughs.

Mona: “He’s not here, he’s whoring around Florida.” She looks at Jac. “He probably has a harness on down there.”

Yvonne: “Doesn’t he work for Disney now? Will he be out of a job with all the De Satanis stuff?”

Mona: “Girl!”

As there is a small intermission as Beyoncé changes outfits, Sheridan and Valentina walk over together and take a seat.

Valentina: “My feet are tired from dancing in these heels! Whew!’

Sheridan: “Girl, same.”

There is a moment that passes, then Sheridan turns to the group.

Sheridan: “I don’t think I’ve told all of you ladies, but I’m really excited because I’m going to be expanding Bell Camp to different cities!”

Mona: “Oh yeah! Where are you at with that Sheridan?” She looks.

Sheridan: “Well I’m scouting a location that Martin and I selected in Twitter this weekend…we are really excited about it!”

Valentina: “Oh Twitter, that area is up and coming!”

The camera pans to show Jac on the outside of the group, trying to listen but clearly having a hard time. She taps Yvonne.

Jac: “What did Sheridan say?! She’s about to get tanned?!

Yvonne: “THAT SHE’S ABOUT TO EXPAND!” She yells so Jac can hear.

Jac: “Ohhh!” She nods. “That makes sense. Anymore fake tan on that girl and she’s going to look like a chestnut.”

The camera focuses back on the other women.

Mona: “That’s awesome, Sheridan! Are you hopeful you’ll be able to get the space in Twitter?”

Sheridan: “If we go there and the location lives up to what we’ve seen virtually; absolutely!”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Expanding into Twitter where we already have some connections seems like a no brainer so I am excited for the potential that the location has!”

Valentina’s Confessional

“Sheridan’s restaurant will be a hit in Twitter I have no doubt. She will probably be the biggest thing that comes to Twitter.”

The scene changes; Marcie and Heidi have found a standing table near the bar to chat at now that they have their drinks.

Marcie: “What’s up?” She looks at Heidi, cautiously.

Heidi: “I just wanted to really clear the air between us.” She sips her drink.

Marcie nods slightly, clearly unsure of what to think.

Heidi: “I hate what happened between us recently.” She frowns. “I thought our friendship was stronger than that. I’m willing to move forward if you are. I truly miss you and the fun we once had.”

Marcie nods, smiling now.

Marcie: “I’m so sorry for what I said! I was just so upset about being disinvited from your party I got angry and repeated things I should’ve kept between us.” She shakes her head. “I really do miss your friendship we used to have so much fun together!”

Heidi smiles.

Heidi: “Thank you for acknowledging that. And I’m sorry about disinviting you. We should go to lunch next week! I love you, girlie.” She walks around and hugs Marcie.

Marcie hugs her back.

Marcie: “Yes let’s absolutely do that!”

Heidi’s Confessional

“Marcie and I making up to Cuff It is so on brand for this friendship.” She giggles. “She just needs to stop being a stupid bitch and stick to boxed dye and pies. I’M JOKING!”

Marcie and Heidi hold hands and walk back to the other women sitting.

Heidi: “Hey ladies!” She holds up their hands.

We get a shot of Yvonne raising her eyebrow then looking around.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“When I see Marcie and Heidi coming back with happy smiles, I can’t help but think that we’ve all been pawns in their stupid little game of tit for tat. We still don’t know the truth of the situation but who cares right now? I’m learning the words to Alien Superstar!”

Heidi: “What or who are we talking about?” She giggles and takes a seat by Marcie.

Sheridan: “I was just telling the girls about my potential expansion into Twitter.” She smiles. “Actually I’m taking a business trip there soon so Valentina and Heidi…” She looks at the ladies. “I would love if the two of you would want to come with me? I’m linking up with two friends there and I think it’ll be a lot of fun!”

Heidi: “Oh Sheridan I would love to! I threw a few charity events in Twitter a few years ago. Such a quaint town!” She claps a little, excited.

Valentina: “I’ve never been, should we take the jet there or do we drive? I’m down for a girls business trip. I can bring my negotiation skills.”

Jac: “Oh, okay.” She looks at Sheridan, upset.

Mona: “Oh, so the rest of us don’t get an invite?”

Mona’s Confessional

“C’mon Sheridan you’re really going to invite two people to something when you’re talking to the whole group. Purposefully not including people is so shitty to me.”

Sheridan: “Well a lot of you hate each other and Jac babe, you’re about to pop I think?” She rubs Jac’s stomach. “No giving birth in your former hometown!”

Jac: “About to pop?! Girl, I’m like 4 months pregnant.” She shifts in her seat.

Sheridan: “Oh well we don’t want anything to happen pre-maturely.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“The girls are so ungrateful. Literally they are only seeing Beyonce because of me and now they are bitching about not going on my business trip with me? Give it a rest! I guess Beyonce isn’t the only Queen B here.”

Sheridan: “Plus, don’t those girls in Twitter hate you Jac?”

Jac: “Hate? The Jacqueline? Who could hate The Jacqueline?”

Jac’s Confessional

“I’m actually really shocked that Sheridan is inviting Heidi and Valentina to Twitter right in front of me. First of all, I’m a Twitter native and second of all, SHERIDAN DOESNT LIKE HEIDI. Are my feelings hurt? Of course they are. I’ve only ever supported Sheridan in everything she’s done and it feels like a real slap in the face to not only exclude me from a trip but to invite two girls you barely know in front of me. Newsflash babe, I’m pregnant NOT home bound.”

Jac: “Ladies, I’m going to go. I’ve had a great night but I should really take my about to pop pregnant ass home.”

As Jac gets up abruptly, the other ‘Wives look surprised. Before they can say anything, Jac walks out.

Sheridan: “Well…”

Monsè: “Let’s just enjoy the rest of the concert!”

Sheridan: “It was a joke.” She rolls her eyes. “She’ll be fine, she’s not even mad.It’s no big deal. It’s just her hormones. I’ll just call her tomorrow…”

The screen glitches, showing an upcoming scene between Sheridan and Jac in Season 8B.

Jac: “I’m not sure what’s going on with you, but you’ve been digging at me non-stop since I announced my pregnancy, your post when I announced it was nasty and vulgar! Don’t even get me started on the way you treat these other girls!”

Sheridan: “Other girls? I’m nice to everyone in the friend group.”

Jac: “Oh really? Poor Marcie feels bullied and belittled by you! Heidi is scared of you! You were horrible to Mona! You think you’ve been nothing but nice!?”

Sheridan: “Jacqueline — you aren’t the victim here! You’re being a messy cow! Don’t try to spin this! You were going through my home like a fucking prowling rat! Stop it!”

Jac: “It’s just dig, dig, dig!”

Sheridan: “Jacqueline Carter, stop it! Just stop it! It’s not okay!”