[S8E7]: The New M&M

Real Housewives of Beverly Beach
29 min readNov 21, 2023
(From L to R: Sheridan Campbell, Monsè DeRosier, Jac Carter, Mona Quinn, Yvonne Langley, Valentina Armani, & Marcie Maples)

The episode begins with different shots of Beverly Beach.

Downtown, people walk the street. The camera pans to a baby store. Inside Jac is browsing around through the different racks of clothing.

Jac: “Oh, this is so cute!” She holds up a onesie and rubs her belly.

Jac & Monsè

The camera pans to show Monsè walking in, she approaches Jac and hugs her.

Monsè: “Hey girl!”

Jac: “My Monsè!”

Jac’s Confessional

“Today I’m dragging my gorgeous girl Monsè to a baby store in downtown Beverly Beach. I haven’t caught up with her since Maui and I want to see how she’s feeling after all the Mona nonsense. Plus I’m hoping I can talk her into buying me some things for this baby.”

Monsè: “How have you been? I swear this little bump gets bigger every time I see you, it’s adorable.” She grins, looking at Jac’s growing baby bump.

Jac: “I know! My little belly is starting to come in.” She smiles and goes back to looking around. “I’ve been good gorg!! Just getting back into the swing of things after that trip! How are you going?! I’ve been worried about you, my love.”

Monsè: “Good, i’m glad! I’m all right girl, but that trip was just… a lot. Silly me thinking we’d actually get to relax.” She shakes her head as she picks up a package of colorful bottles.

Jac: “Relax? With these bitches? Absolutely not.” She laughs. “Have you spoken to anyone since we’ve gotten back?”

Monsè: “Yeah, I’ve been chatting with Sheridan and I’ve definitely caught up with Valentina and this whole cease and desist situation.” She plays with a strand of hair. “I’m not gonna lie I’m a little worried she’s going overboard with this...” She bites her lip. “I just hope that it doesn’t drive more of a wedge between me and Mona than this argument already has.”

Jac stops looking through the clothing section and turn to Monsè to have full attention.

Jac: “It seems like you and Mona aren’t in a great place, but she should be told when she’s wrong so I don’t really blame Valentina.”

Jac’s Confessional

“At this point, my relationship with Mona is nonexistent. I used to really care for her but between her shifting blame onto me for her fallout with Monsè, the allegations she hurled at Valentina and telling me to fuck off.” She shakes her head. “Yeah, no. I’m good.”

Monsè: “I just can’t believe she called Brandon a creep and insinuated that he behaves inappropriately…in this culture?” She shakes her head. “That’s kind of a crazy thing to accuse someone of with no proof. You’re playing with that man’s career! Wouldn’t you be mad if someone talked about Beau like that?”

Jac: “Me? Mad? I dare one of these bitches. I’ll start swinging. Pregnant and all.” She laughs and takes a seat on a little bench.

Monsè: “Whew not the pregnant lady swinging! Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.” She laughs and sits next to Jac. “I get Mona’s going through a rough time, but it’s just not right. Especially after what she went through last year with Adam.”

Jac: “Exactly. So if Val thinks serving her with a cease and desist will shut her up, then I’m all for it. Serve that bitch the way Serena Williams serves on the court.”

Monsè: “I totally get why Brandon and Valentina served her, but I don’t want Mona to think that I have anything to do with it either.”

Monsè’s Confessional

“Mona’s been through a lot and I want to support her through it, but there’s so much hurt on both sides. It’s hard for things to back to exactly how they were before.”

Monsè: “ You could probably tell on the trip but even though we talked things out at Yvonne’s gallery, we’ve been having trouble getting back into the swing of things as friends.”

Jac: “I think the problem is that Mona has fundamental issues with owning her behaviour.” She flicks hair out of her face. “She lacks the capacity to take accountability for her actions. She has systematically rubbed each and every girl wrong and for her to treat you the way she has been is just the icing on the cake…”

We see Monsè nodding along to Jac.

Monsè: “That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to tell her! But instead of owning up to how she’s hurt me, she’s using her mental health as an excuse to be an asshole and it’s wrong!”

Jac: “Like, you’ve had her back more than anyone in this group, you deserve an apology. She should know where your loyalty lies.” She frowns and looks to Monsè next to her on the bench. “In all seriousness, Monsè, do you think there’s a path forward for your friendship?”

Monsè begins tearing up.

Monsè: “I’m sorry…” She pauses and dabs her eye. “We — We’ve never fought like this before and it’s really making me question if it’s the beginning of the end. I don’t know- I honestly don’t know what the future holds for us if she can’t take responsibility.”

Monsè’s Confessional

“It really sucks feeling like you’re losing your best friend, but I can’t sit here and take disrespect day in and day out. At a certain point, enough is enough.”

Jac: “Awww, Monsè!” She grabs her hand then hugs her. “Don’t get upset! I know it’s hurtful but look life goes on and if it’s a friendship worth fighting for then she’ll fight for it as well.”

Monsè: “I know and I hope you’re right.” She lets out a big sigh. “Either way, I appreciate you girl. I don’t wanna get emotional but you’ve really become like a sister to me over the past few months. It’s nice to know I can lean on you.”

Jac: “Always my love! Just know I’ll be leaning on you soon. If this pregnancy is anything like the last one, I’ll be the size of a heifer before you know it!” She giggles.

Monsè: “Not a heifer!” She laughs too and stands. “Well let’s see if they have anything heifer-sized around here that’s cute enough for your baby to wear.”

Jac stands up to now, going back over to the clothing rack.

Jac: “Oh, I’ve already pulled about 15 outfits for Aunty Monsè to buy this baby.”

Monsè: “Aunty Monsè’s gonna be broke by the time we get out of here, huh?” She looks through the clothes with Jac.

Jac: “Girl if Madame Yvonne is right, then we’ll need to ask the Armani’s for an advance on your allowance!”

Jac and Monsè laugh as we get a shot of the baby store from outside. Then, the scene fades.

The camera pans over a nice restaurant in the heart of Beverly Beach’s restaurant district. Maverick Austin is walking into the restaurant.

Maverick Austin — Mona’s Date

Hostess: “Good evening sir. Do you have a reservation?”

Maverick: “I do in fact. Under the name Austin.” He nods.

The hostess looks down at the reservations on her tablet.

Hostess: “Dinner for 2 in a our private patio.” She looks up and smiles at Maverick. “Right this way Mr. Austin.”

The shot changes to show Mona walking the sidewalk outside and entering the restaurant.

Mona’s Confessional

“Your girl is back in the dating game! I want to have some fun and keep my mind off of everything that is going on in life right now, you know, a little ‘me time’. This is my first date since leaving Adam and I’m soooo nervous. I haven’t been on a date it over 8 years.” She makes a face. “We’ll see how this goes.”

The hostess leads Mona to the private dining patio.

Mona: “Hey Mav.” She smiles. “You look handsome!”

Maverick stands and gives her a hug.

Maverick: “Hey gorgeous. I’m so glad you came. Let me get your seat for you.” He pulls out her chair.

Mona: “Oh!” She looks at him and sits. “Thank you!”

Maverick: “You’re welcome.” He flashes his dimples and sits down.

Mona’s Confessional

“It’s so refreshing to be catered to by a man. Adam would never do this for me.” She laughs. “It also doesn’t hurt that Maverick is fine as hell.”

The restaurant’s sommelier brings in a bottle of red and pour them two glasses. As Maverick and Mona look over the menu, they chat.

Mona: “So what’s going on with you? How have you been!?” She looks at him.

Maverick: “I’ve been good you know. Running the back of house at the restaurant. Enjoying Beverly Beach getting adjusted still.”

Maverick: “ How you been since I last saw you?”

Mona: “I’ve been alright! We just got back from Hawaii with the girls which was of course drama filled!” She laughs.

Maverick: “Oh, Hawaii should have been fun though. I hope you got a chance to enjoy the scenery.” He smiles.

Mona: “I did! It’s so pretty there.” She sets down her menu. “So how long have you been in Beverly Beach, you said you just moved here right?”

Maverick nods.

Maverick: “I did about 4 months ago. Came here from Austin , Texas to be head chef at The Beach Haus. I needed a new environment to grow in and better build my resume within the food industry.”

Mona: “Wow, nice.”

Maverick: “Yeah! So far, I’m enjoying myself. The beach is nice and I have a lot of gorgeous woman around me.” He leans back and smirks.

Mona smiles back at him.

Mona: “Well I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, and yeah there’s lots of gorgeous women.” She laughs. “Only a handful of handsome men though…thankfully I’m sitting across from one of them right now.”

Maverick: “Compliment for compliment. I like that!” He nods in acknowledgment and takes a sip of water.

Mona’s Confessional

“Maverick’s just easy to talk to and I like that. I feel like as we get to know each other I can talk to him about anything which is really nice.”

The waiter brings out the dishes for Maverick and Mona.

Waiter: “The Barolo braised short rib…” He sets it infront of Maverick. “And then the Alaskan Halibut.” He puts Mona’s dish down on the table and they thank him.

Maverick: “So tell me about Ms. Mona Quinn , what should I know about you?”

Mona: “ Well…I’ve got two kids and I’m going through a divorce right now. Hopefully that’s not a deal breaker….” She looks for his reaction.

Maverick: “Kids?”

Mona raises an eyebrow as Maverick pauses, he then starts to get happy.

Maverick: “I love kids! All my nephews and nieces love me. I’m such big family person. Sorry to hear about your divorce, my man didn’t see what he had in front of him. That’s not an deal breaker for me.” He shakes his head. “I’m all about getting to know you as a person.

Mona: “I love that! And I’m glad it’s not a deal breaker because I hesitated getting back out there because I thought it was.” She smiles.

Maverick: “Things happened so I wouldn’t hold that against you.” He shrugs.

Mona’s Confessional

“I’m contemplating whether or not to tell him about going to rehab for my mental health. I feel like that’s too much on a first date but also something he should especially after what happened in Hawaii. I don’t know…”

Mona: “You have a big family though?”

Maverick: “I do have a big family from my dad side. It’s just my mom and I. So I enjoy being around my siblings kids.”

Mona: “That’s amazing, well at some point I’d love for you to meet mine.”

Maverick: “We have to set that for sure. A funday out or something.”

Mona: “Definitely, well this has been a lot of fun Maverick and thanks for planning this.”

Maverick: “Thank you for coming. We gotta do this again for sure.”

Mona’s Confessional

“I like him soooo much. I don’t wanna move to fast or anything but I can definitely see us having a relationship. I mean he’s interested in my kids like who on a first date says that. He’s a keeper, I think.”

The scene fades with Maverick and Mona finishing up their dinner as they talk and laugh.

It’s nighttime and we see a crowded street in Beverly Beach. The road is blocked off but hundreds of vendors have tents set up as people go to each one. There is a big sign for the Beverly Beach Food and Wine festival.


The camera pans to the Bell Camp booth as Sheridan hands out samples as her cooks on a flat top behind her.

Sheridan: “Here you go, sweetie.” She smiles and hands a plate to a young girl. “Enjoy!”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Today Bell Camp is participating in The Beverly Beach Food and Wine Festival in an effort to raise money for the LGBTQIA+ population! When we were asked to participate in order to draw a crowd, of course we said yes! I even asked Valentina and Victoria to come by to help drum up some support!”

The scene switches to show Valentina and Victoria walking together.

Victoria & Valentina

A camera follows them as they walk though the festival crowd to Bell Camp’s booth.

Valentina’s Confessional

“I’m glad to come out tonight and support Sheridan and her restaurant! Being a vendor at the Beverly Beach Food and Wine Festival is a huge deal! I personally am a fan of Bell Camp’s food, so maybe she won’t be stingy with those samples!”

Valentina: “Have you ever been to this festival before?” She glances over at Victoria.

Victoria: “Actually I haven’t surprisingly! This is my first time.”

Valentina: “I love wine and I love food, so this should be fun!”

Victoria: “Girl, I just hope you brought a change of shoes.” She chuckles.

Victoria’s Confessional

“I haven’t seen the ladies since Yvonne and I conflict, but I’m glad Sheridan is FINALLY inviting me to come taste her food! And baby I loveeeee me some wine!”

Valentina and Victoria make it to the Bell Camp booth. They walk around to the back, Sheridan puts one of her hostesses up front to hand out food and goes back to greet the ladies.

Sheridan: “Ladies! Thank you for coming out! You know, I don’t normally participate in these types of things but when I heard the proceeds were going to the LGBTQ I decided to support by having a tent!”

Valentina: “I’m always happy to support the LGBTQIA community!” She smiles.

Victoria: “This is lovely Sheridan! I’m proud of you. This is what community is all about!”

Victoria’s Confessional

“Look at Ms. Sheridan! Supporting Mona’s husband’s community! So glad she cares.”

Sheridan: “I’m also doing a fun game on stage a bit later and a photo op with fans!”

Valentina: “Do you need me to hold up a sign and market the Camp Bell brand here at the festival?”

Sheridan: “Not Camp Bell hun — it’s Bell Camp. I don’t need anything marketed — I’m here as a special guest. The festival needed Bell Camp, Bell Camp didn’t need the festival.” She winks. “Now, let’s take some photos with the gays!”

Sheridan, Valentina, and Victoria set up on the side of the tent. Fans start lining up to takes pictures with the women. Victoria cracks a large fan open and begins posing. There is a montage of them meeting with people and taking pictures. After the photo op; Sheridan, Victoria, and Valentina grab a Bell Camp plate and begin walking the festival together.

Sheridan: “Thanks for doing this ladies. Victoria, we missed you in Hawaii. It was….something.”

Victoria: “Ooh honey I heard!”

Sheridan: “How have you been?” She takes a bite of food and looks to her.

Victoria: “I’ve been doing….well! Just handling something’s with Ms. Langley! But tell me all about it!”

Valentina: “Oh, Victoria you missed all the fun in Hawaii….”

Valentina: “Your friend Miss Langley started in from the time we got there until the last dinner!” She rolls her eyes.

Sheridan: “She was definitely not the Yvonne I know and love on this trip.”

We see Victoria making a stank face.

Victoria’s Confessional

“What’s going on with Yvonne? She’s been starting with me now the girls are telling me she’s cutting up in Hawaii? Ouuh girl! Mama is in HEAT!”

Valentina: “Wait, Sheridan. Are you actually friends with that women?” She laughs. “She doesn’t seem like your type of friend…”

Sheridan: “She was a great friend to me for years. It’s just, recently…”

Valentina’s Confessional

“When I imagine Sheridan and her group of girlfriends, I definitely don’t imagine Yvonne in the mix…

Valentina’s Confessional

I mean, look at her then look at Sheridan and the ladies she hangs out with. Yvonne just doesn’t fit.”

Sheridan: “I’m not sure why Yvonne has became Mona’s representative in our group. I feel Mona has pulled the wool over her eyes because she seems to be the only girl believing Mona’s mess…”

Victoria: “So has she fallen victim to Mona’s spell? I thought she was more intelligent than that?”

Valentina: “Victoria isn’t that your friend? Maybe you can give me some insight on why she is the way she is. She’s giving me old lady energy, acting like Mona’s mouthpiece.” She throws her plate away as they pass a trashcan.

Victoria: “Well, Yvonne has been a great friend to me when I first came into this group, however she’s changed up on me girl!”

Sheridan: “It’s like she had a personality transplant. You and Yvonne’s issues, Victoria, and then her suddenly being team Mona after not seeing eye to eye with Mona last year or ever…it’s strange.” She shakes her head. “Are we sure Yvonne isn’t going through maybe like menopause?”

Victoria: “I thought she went through that 10 years ago, isn’t she like 65/70?”

Valentina: “Well if she’s not careful she’ll end up like her friend Mona.” She fans herself and looks to Victoria. “Victoria, Mona started with me on the trip saying my husband is basically done some sexual things with some women she knows.”

Sheridan: “It was pretty disgusting.”

Valentina: “So I decided to send her ass a cease and desist to shut her up! Yvonne is going to be the next one if she doesn’t cut the umbilical cord from Mona.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Mona has the tendency to make up malicious lies to hurt people in our group, and then runaway after to avoid the backlash.”

Victoria: “She should be the last woman to mention anything about fidelity and husbands, as if hers wasn’t — “ She catches herself. “She’s very disgusting for that, even if he is it’s not her business! But at least yours is sleeping with women.”

A gay couple walking by look back and give Victoria a strange look.

Valentina: “Wait so her husband was sleeping with men?”

Victoria: “Well let’s just say there was a lot of brotherly love!”

Sheridan: “Shhh!”

Victoria: “Oomph girl I forgot where we was.”

Valentina: “Oh, I love gays! He’s probably more likable than her! But, good to know Victoria. I’ll have to remember that.”

Victoria’s Confessional

“Mona know she seen all them charges at Walgreens for KY jelly! Girl don’t act delusional! She seen the bank statements.”

Sheridan: “Love is love, baby!” She smiles.


Valentina: “Victoria you’re so funny!” She giggles. “Just be glad you didn’t have to endear Yvonne’s horrific hosting skills.” She looks to Sheridan. “Can we please sit? My feet are killing me…”

The women find an empty table in a sitting area.

Sheridan: “Victoria, you said you were dealing with some Yvonne stuff when we were in Hawaii. What happened?” She shields her eyes and looks at Victoria.

Victoria: “Well…Yvonne and I have had some issues which is very visible. Hence why I didn’t come with you all to the trip and why I declined her request to go on vacation with her.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I didn’t realize that Victoria had declined the invitation extended by Yvonne. Wow!”

Valentina: “I wish I would’ve know Victoria. You could’ve flown on my jet with us and stayed at my house. It was lovely! But what are the issues, going on between you two. I thought you guys were good?”

Victoria: “Her and I came to an agreement that I would showcase the art from her gallery in my properties and sell them included with the property.” She puts her elbows up on the table. “Well…some of my buyers didn’t appreciate the art and requested it be removed because it didn’t fit their taste.

Mikel: “Victoria, look — I know Yvonne is your friend…but the art that she’s providing from her gallery doesn’t really resonate with the buyers we want to attract.”
Mikel: “We want to sell to the upper echelon! They have refined tastes. If they are buying a house with art in it, they want to know the artist! I’m going to call in someone who can source really great pieces.”
Victoria: “Chile…”

Victoria: “So, I forwarded that to Yvonne and removed all of her pieces. But she took offense to it and alluded that I should continue to keep the art up there just because I’m her friend.”

There is a shot of Valentina and Sheridan listening and following along.

Victoria: “She’s forgetting that I’m paying premium prices for some not so notable art just because she’s my friend and I want to go for her. In reality, for the same price I could get some really great pieces from renowned artists that would actually be a selling point for the house which means she’s taking out of my pockets and she’s damn sure ain’t gonna pay my bills.”

Sheridan: “Oh wow.”

Valentina: “Oh, that’s insane. I’m glad that other people see the art work she buys and sells is shit! I’m sure you show luxury houses and she has Walmart pieces! It’s cheap and tacky.”

Victoria: “So, I just decided to distance myself from her, it’s not that serious Ms. Thing, if they don’t want your Crayola drawings then they don’t want them! Move on.”

Valentina: “Maybe Mona will feature her friend’s drawings in a Tubi movie…”

Sheridan: “I’m hopeful that we can get over some of these bumps with Yvonne. She’s a different person 1 on 1 vs. in groups.”

Victoria: “Or maybe she’s just showing out for Mona.” She shrugs.

Valentina: “They remind me of Dumb and Dumber!”

Victoria and Valentina laugh while Sheridan looks a little worried. The scene fades as the women continue chatting at the table.

The sunsets over Beverly Beach. Downtown is lit up. The camera follows Mona as she walks into an upscale Hookah lounge.


Mona: “Hi, I had a table for Mona Quinn.”

Hostess: “Yes Miss Quinn, right this way.” She leads her to a booth.

Mona’s Confessional

“I’ve been in a whirlwind of emotions since my breakdown in Hawaii. I had a nice little break in my date with Maverick, but now it’s back to reality. I thought I’d be able to hold it together but I just couldn’t take the way I was being treated. AND on top of everything I’ve got this cease and desist to deal with! What the fuck.”

Marcie is the first to arrive.


Mona: “Hey Marcie you look so hot!”

Marcie: “Mona! So good to see you!” She hugs her.

Marcie’s Confessional

“We’re back in Beverly Beach! I missed home but more importantly I want to check in on Mona, because she left early and I hate that happened with her! I hope she’s okay!”

Yvonne walks up right behind Marcie.


Yvonne: “Do I look like chicken shit?”

Mona: “ I couldn’t see the full fit behind Marcie. Okay lace top!” She snaps.

Marcie turns, giving Yvonne a hug now.

Marcie: “Hey Yvonne long time no see!” She nudges her.

Mona, Marcie, and Yvonne sit in the booth. A bottle of champagne, a bottle of tequila, and some mixers and juices are being chilled on the table. A large Hookah stands up next to it.

Mona: “How are you both? How was the rest of the trip?”

Marcie: “Chaotic.”

Yvonne: “Girl, it didn’t get any better.” She laughs.

As the women chat, the shot switches to show Heidi getting out of a car out front. She walks up to the lounge and opens the door.


We see Marcie turn and look.

Marcie: “Oh God.” She sips her drink.

Marcie’s Confessional

“Here we are at beautiful hookah lounge and WHO walks in? Heidi the hippopotamus!”

Heidi is led over to the women by the hostess.

Heidi: “Hello Miss Mona!”

Mona: “Hi Heidi!” She stands up and hugs her. “Love this dress, you look so cute!”

Heidi: “Thank you darling. You as well.” She turns to Yvonne. “Hello Yvonne don’t you look cute!” She hugs her.

Yvonne: “Hi Heidi, please sit. We were just updating Mona on the trip.”

Marcie: “Love the hair, Heids!” She smiles.

Heidi: “Oh!” She side eyes Marcie and sits.

Heidi’s Confessional

“I’m back from Dubai with my husband which was lovely ready to face the waves of Beverly Beach. I am still hurt regarding the false allegations Marcie made about me. To have slanderous false allegations about you is quite disappointing to say the least.”

The workers at the lounge come over and light up the hookah for the ladies, Mona is the first to take a drag. She then hands it to Marcie who sits beside her.

Mona: “We were just talking about Hawaii.” She looks to Heidi. “I’ve got to tell you girls I’m really upset over what happened and the way I left.” She looks around.

Heidi: “Oh no what happened? Fill me in!”

Mona: “I’m sorry that my emotions got the best of me.”

Yvonne: “I don’t think anyone liked the fact that you left and some of the ladies felt that you did that to avoid accountability from the group.” She shakes her head and orders a drink from the waiter.

Mona: “You saw me.” She turns to Marcie. “After I walked away from the table was I in any state to stay on the trip and fight these battles?”

Marcie: “Absolutely not!” She shakes her head furiously. “It was way too much for you to handle at that time. I honestly thought you should stay and try to talk but I also understood your desire to go home!”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Marcie and I were there, sitting with Mona as she had her breakdown after the first dinner in Hawaii. We helped her pack! We know it wasn’t fake and that she didn’t need to be in that environment anymore.”

Heidi: “What happened? What was so bad that made her get to that point?” She looks around, confused.

Yvonne: “Mona got into it with Valentina and Monsè, it got really bad actually.”

Marcie: “Everyone was piling on her about her issues with Monsé, it was kind of random. Felt like there was more to be discussed than what was mentioned.”

Mona nods along.

Mona: “I don’t want to keep pulling the mental health card but when I was in rehab, the counselors told me if I was ever in that type of stressful situation to go to a place where I will never feel that type of stress and that was home with my family.” She shrugs. “I won’t apologize for leaving.”

We get a shot of Marcie smoking the hookah.

Mona: “And guess what I was also met with when I got home from Hawaii?”

Yvonne: “Oh, we know all about the cease and desist.” She sips her drink.

Heidi: “Cease and desist?” She looks shocked. “Over what?”

Mona: “Oh so she talked about it?” She scoffs. “What a bitch.” She rolls her eyes.

Mona’s Confessional

“So what, I called her husband a creep! To me if you’re gonna go to legal action over me saying something I’ve heard, you must be afraid of what else is out there. You think I’m gonna keep my mouth shut, hell no! Fight me, bitch!”

Marcie: “I mean.. her husband is.. well known. Just not for acting.”

Heidi: “Adult acting, may I ask?”

Marcie: “No, gosh no! At least I don’t think so…”

Yvonne: “Nope, not getting involved.” She holds her hands up. “I already received my lashing for asking if he was around Harvey Weinstein.”

Heidi’s Confessional

“Beverly Beach is a very small town. I can’t say I haven’t heard ‘things’ about Brandon Armani. I’d rather not touch that situation.”

Mona: “Yeah, I hit a nerve but a cease and desist is pretty extreme.” She looks angry. “Especially with my divorce and legal bills already, this was below the belt and I’ve definitely got some things to say”

Marcie: “Do you think she’ll actually sue you? If it got that far?” She looks to Mona.

Mona: “No, she won’t. She’s just trying to show me that she’s up here and I’m down here.” She motions with her hands. “But anyway…” She looks at Marcie and Yvonne. “I want to thank you for having my back and Hawaii and being there for me. I appreciate it a lot and makes me feel like I’ve got real friends.” She grabs theirs hands, smiling.

Marcie: “Of course Mona! I’ll always have your back like you have mine!”

Yvonne: “I don’t think it’s right for everyone to be against you, so I’m happy to support you until you give me a reason not to.”

Mona: “Heidi — “ She looks to her. “we’ve been forming a friendship and getting close. Which is why…” She looks around. “I think she should start coming around the group again.”

Marcie: “I have no problem with that.” She crosses her legs and smokes the hookah.

Mona’s Confessional

“It makes no sense why the girls pushed Heidi out of our group of friends over things she ‘supposedly’ said to Marcie. The girls will believe anything they hear.” She shakes her head.

Heidi: “Well, Mona, I think we should address why I haven’t been around the group!” She glares at Marcie.

Mona: “Because of the things Marcie.” She points. “Says you said, which you’ve told me already you didn’t say.”

Marcie: “Oh really, Mona?”

Marcie’s Confessional

“Is she even sure she’s in the mental state to know what she heard?”

Marcie: “Mona, you stirring shit up when you didn’t know your home from a rehabilitation center just last month is.. interesting.”

Mona: “Thats so rude!” She looks taken aback. “I’m not stirring shit up really I’m not! I just want Heidi and you two clear this up because you’re both friends of mine. You’re saying Heidi is saying all this bad shit about us…”

Yvonne: “Yeah, why were you disparaging us?” She turns to Heidi.

Heidi: “Yvonne, what you heard about me wasn’t true.”

Yvonne: “Okay, so what is true?” She crosses her arms.

Heidi: “The truth is, is that I had never talked bad about any of you. Most of us have always been social friends. We went to each others parties and so on. I had no reason to talk shit about people I had considered to be friendly with.” She looks at the women.

Yvonne: “So Marcie’s a liar and she made that all up?”

Marcie: “You see how stupid that sounds.” She rolls her eyes.

Heidi: “If someone not telling the truth is a liar, then sure.” She shrugs and sets her drink down.

Marcie: “Heidi you said it, stop deflecting, own it, apologize, and move on.”

Heidi: “Like why, really why would I talk negatively about any of you? It makes no sense.” She holds her finger up at Marcie. “I just find it a bit odd how after you’re not invited to my event do you start spreading this misinformation. The timing seems a little… off.”

Marcie: “No I just realized who you are, and that you’re nobody’s friend, not even mine. So yeah I told them what you said about them.” She makes a face and shrugs. “You should apologize.”

Marcie’s Confessional

“Heidi’s gonna play victim because that’s the only way for her squirrly ass to get by this.”

Heidi: “But Marcie! What you said wasn’t true! How can I apologize for something that you made up out of thin air! You were commenting on my weight and talking behind my back while I invited you to your my event space. I’m done!” She looks at Marcie, disgusted. “I’ve put up with your shenanigans for far too long!”

Yvonne: “I don’t really need an apology because what was allegedly said about me is laughable. I just want to know which one of you…” She points to Heidi and Marcie. “is lying.”

Marcie: “It’s Heidi, she used me as a pawn to help her get connections for her party, then dogged me out and disinvited me without saying anything. So why would she be any more loyal to you Yvonne? Or anyone else in this group….”

Heidi: “A pawn?!” She laughs. “Darling, you’re a middle of the road hairstylist. What connections do I need from you? I’ve been here for 20 years. I know the elite of the elite. You’re lucky I even invited you to begin with.”

Marcie: “Heidi.. get over yourself. I worked with supermodels when you were scrubbing the floor at McDonald’s. Relax.”

Heidi’s Confessional

“How can I move forward with a manipulator and a liar? Her saying that I need her connection is just laughable.”

We see Mona holding her head.

Mona: “Is there any way to resolve this?”

Marcie: “When she owns it and apologizes for disinviting me after using my connections sure.” She points at Heidi.

Yvonne: “You’ve dragged everyone else into this.” She looks between Marcie and Heidi. “I don’t think you all understand that you’ve created a bigger issue for yourselves by involving us in ‘she say, she say’ games.”

Mona nods at Yvonne.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I can honestly say that it is completely possible that both of them will have no room in this social circle, especially if they are both accusing each other of lying.”

Heidi: “Yvonne would you consider Marcie a close friend?”

Yvonne: “Yes, I would. I’ve known her for a LONG time.”

Marcie: “Twenty years.” She smiles.

Heidi: “Hm. Marcie do you consider Yvonne a close friend?”

Marcie: “You know I adore you!” She nods at Yvonne.

Yvonne: “What’s with these questions? Are you trying to insinuate that we aren’t really friends?” The girls look at Heidi.

Marcie: “That’s exactly what she’s doing, and she calls me manipulative.” She scoffs.

Heidi: “No. I’m not. I’m just curious why Yvonne would tell me you were talking about me when I went to Bell Camp a few weeks ago.” She looks at Yvonne. “If you consider Marcie such a close friend why would you basically… sell her out?”

Yvonne: “What are you talking about, Heidi?”

Heidi: “When we had brunch with Sheridan and Bell Camp before Hawaii, I came and collected the gift certificate from Sheridan and Yvonne, you were telling me what Marcie said about me.”

Heidi: “Well I heard Marcie was shit talking my party planning skills. A mutual friend also told me she is going around saying my house is dirty.”
Yvonne: “I did also hear from mutual friends that Marcie has said some harsh things about your parties…”
Sheridan: “You heard it too? Well hell, it must be true.”
Yvonne: “Yes, I did and i hate to throw Marcie under the bus but the truth is the truth!”

Yvonne: “Yes, I did say that she did talk about your parties.” She nods. “That’s true. And I also told her that you said she was in financial ruin.”

Marcie: “I’d say it to your face, Heidi. I don’t care that Yvonne told you. Hire a housekeeper, seriously, it’s not cute.”

Heidi: “You don’t think it’s weird for your best friend to just be telling me that?” She looks at Marcie.

Marcie: “Yvonne came back and told me what she said about me. So she had my back to an extent.”

Marcie’s Confessional

“See what Heidi just did, trying to spin it on Yvonne saying that Yvonne told her all the stuff I repeated to the girls. THATS manipulating, projection bitch? Actually no, just checkmate bitch.”

Yvonne: “It’s not like I volunteered the information, you asked me! I hope Marcie doesn’t expect for me to lie on her behalf.”

Heidi: “I mean you did say you were throwing her under the bus.”

Yvonne: “You’re disgusting, Heidi.” She glares at her.

Heidi: “If you say so, Yvonne.”

Heidi’s Confessional

“The only thing I’m saying is the truth. If Marcie wants to manipulate these girls so be it. I know the truth and people who really know me know I would never talk bad about my friends. You win Marcie you win!”

Yvonne: “I do say so because now you’re trying to use me to deflect from taking any accountability for your shit! You don’t even realize that you’re digging yourself deeper and deeper into the ground. There will be no light shining on you soon.” She shakes her head.

Marcie smokes the hookah and we get a shot of Mona looking around, confused.

Yvonne: “She’s” She points to Heidi. “never going to be one of my girls so keep your hangouts with her one on one.” She looks at Mona.

Mona: “Oh boy.”

Mona’s Confessional

“I’m utterly lost and have forgotten the point of this conversation. Get me out of here.”

Mona: “Okaaaay I think girls night’s over, thanks for coming out with me.”

Yvonne immediately gets up and leaves, she goes to get her microphone taken off and she talks to Producers.

Yvonne: “Fuck her, seriously. That was bullshit.”

Back at the table Heidi, Mona, and Marcie still remain. Heidi sips on her drink and smiles.

Heidi: “Thank you Miss Mona. You know the real me.” She sets her drink down and stands up to give Mona a hug. “I’ll see you later.” She walks out.

Mona: “Bye honey, I’ll call.”

Marcie: “Well Mona, this was.. interesting. We’ll talk soon…” She begins to walks off.

Before Marcie gets far, Mona grabs her arm.

Mona: “Hold on — you owe me an apology, girl.”

Marcie turns around, shocked.

Marcie: “For what? Calling you on stirring shit?” She chuckles. “I own that, because you did that. You had no reason to run to Heidi, Mona. You did it because you were bored.”

Mona: “No for what you said after that…”

Marcie: “Mona, you’re stirring shit up when you didn’t know your home from a rehabilitation center just last month!”

Mona: “C’mon that was a low blow and you know it. I confronted Heidi because you said she was saying negative things about me! That’s literally the only reason.”

Marcie: “Oh you confronted her? Congratulations you got your voice back.” She sarcastically claps. “I apologize for going low, but you went there first, takes two to tango if you’ve ever learned to dance.” ‘

Marcie’s Confessional

“Oh now Mona’s a victim? They should name this lounge The Victim’s Hangout.”

Mona: “Ok I don’t know what this energy is that you’re giving me but I don’t like it.” She holds her hands up, giving Marcie a look. “I thought we were friends but I guess not.” She turns to walk away.

Now Marcie grabs Mona’s arm.

Marcie: “Actually, I’m not done.”

Mona: “Oh really? How many more insults are you gonna throw at me until I can leave?” She shakes free of Marcie’s grasp.

Marcie: “None. Own your messy behavior, because you know your intentions weren’t good.” She looks angry. “We were friends but you ‘confronting’ Heidi without me when you knew it would cause problems FOR me.. is low. Own that.”

Mona: “Girl, let’s be real. When I was talking to Heidi I only cared about what she was saying about me. Not what she said about anyone else and definitely not who told me she was ‘talking shit’. I was not thinking about you…at all.” She glares. “Now I have nothing else to say on this, this is such a stupid issue.”

Marcie: “Oh so because you said it’s done it’s done. Okay!”

Mona: “No I’m tired and want to go home. I didn’t do anything to you, but I’m sorry that you’re hurt. Goodnight Marcie.” She turns around and walks out.

The scene fades with Marcie standing there in the middle of the hookah lounge, ending the episode.