[S8E6]: This Barbie Bites Back

Real Housewives of Beverly Beach
27 min readNov 17, 2023
(From L to R: Sheridan Campbell, Monsè DeRosier, Jac Carter, Mona Quinn, Yvonne Langley, Valentina Armani, & Marcie Maples)

The episode opens with beautiful nature shots. It is still the first full day in Hawaii.

There is footage of Marcie, Sheridan, Yvonne, and Jac going back to their rooms to get ready after breakfast. We see Monsè and Valentina arrive back at the resort in the jeep. Out on the resort’s docks we see a man standing next to a glass bottom snorkeling boat.

Marcie & Sheridan

Marcie and Sheridan are the first to make it to the dock.

Sheridan: “Hi hun! What’s your name?”

Captain: “I’m Kai, I’ll be your captain today!”

Monsè & Valentina

Monsè and Valentina are the next pair to come down the dock.

Valentina: “Hiiii girlies!” She gives Sheridan and Marcie a hug.

Monsè: “Is everyone in a good mood today?”

Valentina’s Confessional

“Now that Mona is gone I feel like this group actually has a chance of getting along! I don’t usually swim with the fish, but I guess I’ll do it for these ladies.”

Yvonne & Jac

Yvonne and Jac finally arrive at the boat.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“After breakfast, it’s time for some fun in the sun! I’m ready to let my hair down and just enjoy what Hawaii has to offer.”

Yvonne: “Ladies, are we ready to snorkel?”

Valentina: “I’m ready to snorkel! I’ve never done it before!”

Marcie: “You know I love a good morning swim!”

As the women load onto the boat, they introduce themselves to the crew. We get a shot of Jac rubbing her stomach.

Jac’s Confessional

“The Jacqueline won’t be snorkeling due to her little bun in the oven but that might be for the best. Lord knows I don’t want to be drowned with Nemo and Dory! Although, I fear for Yvonne swimming in this ocean. One should always wait an hour after a meal before swimming and after seeing what Yvonne scoffed down at breakfast, she should maybe sit this activity out”

The ‘Wives make it out to the stingray sandbar.

The instructors get the ‘Wives all geared up in masks, snorkels, and fins.

Monsè: “Yesss let’s go check out the fish!” She jumps in the water and starts swimming around.

Yvonne: “Legs don’t fail me now!” She jumps in now too.

Valentina is talking to a guide as she’s getting off the back of the boat.

Valentina: “These won’t sting me, right?”

The camera pans to show Marcie watching.

Marcie’s Confessional

“I hope Valentina checked with her plastic surgeon to make sure submerging her new inflatable chest life vest is okay. I hope that her plastic could handle the gear over her head, but I imagine she couldn’t scuba dive or go any deeper with the pressure. Don’t want anything shifting or popping!”

There is a montage of Marcie, Yvonne, Sheridan, Valentina, and Monsè swimming with the guides an the stingrays. Jac sits on the boat and takes pictures and videos. Eventually, the girls get out and start drying off.

Guide: “Why don’t you ladies take a breather, have a beer. Enjoy the beautiful scenery before we head back to shore!”

Marcie: “That was pretty!” She grabs a beer and sits, smiling.

Monsè: “I know, right? I love to get up close with the animals.”

Valentina: “So how was everyone’s morning? I feel refreshed after last nights luau!”

Yvonne: “The four of us had a great breakfast.”

Jac: “Great? Girl, I didn’t eat.” She shoots Yvonne a look.

Marcie: “The food was amazing and the service was.. well they made me good coffee!”

Monsè: “Well I’m glad we’re all in good spirits this morning. We could use a nice moment in this group every once in a while.”

The camera pans to Yvonne who is on her phone, giggling like a little school girl. Jac notices and looks over curiously.

Jac: “What’s making you chuckle Miss Langley?”

Yvonne: “Oh nothing!”

Valentina’s Confessional

“Yvonne is over there laughing and giggling like she just seen a nude for the first time in 20 years! Who am I kidding? That’s probably the case!”

Sheridan: “Put that phone away Yvonne! Enjoy the girls trip mama!”

Yvonne rolls her eyes and puts her phone in her bag.

Marcie: “Yeah, but who were you texting?” She giggles. “Morgan?”

Monsè: “It seems like you two were going strong.”

Yvonne: “Oh, that’s over Marcie.” She looks to Monsè. “I’ve not gone strong with Morgan since Father’s Day.”

Marcie: “Oh? Is it.. your other friend? The former?”

Monsè: “Wait former? As in your ex-husband?” She looks to Yvonne.

Yvonne: “Maybe…” She grins a little.

Sheridan is ringing our her wet hair.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“You know, I love Yvonne but It’s a bit convenient for her to be suddenly over Morgan now that Lorelei is not on the show. Perhaps the girls were right when they said she was only pursuing him for a storyline.”

Marcie: “No! Not Horace!” She shakes her head.

Yvonne: “Marcie….”

Marcie: “I’m just saying.. you know how things were with him Yvonne.”

Marcie’s Confessional

“Yvonne.. Ex for a reason girl! Get it together come on! You’re going to age more if you go back there he was such a stresser for her.”

Yvonne: “Look, I’ll let you girls in on something…” The ‘Wives look to Yvonne. “My ex-husband and I have enjoyed dinner together because we have a great relationship. I am also working out some kinks with Morgan, I’m really living the single life and figuring out what makes sense for me romantically.”

Jac: “So…you’re sleeping with both of them?”

Valentina: “You got two on the line.” She looks at Yvonne and laughs. “Damn, girl!”

Monsè: “Ooo Yvonne is on the prowl. I see you girl!”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I saw Morgan on Father’s Day to celebrate him and for us to talk honestly about where things were going between us. To be honest, I left last season uncomfortable with the allegations against him so I withdrew, he’s noticed, and we’re working on it.”

Yvonne: “Horace, bless his soul, is not a match for me sexually anymore! So no, I am not sleeping with him.”

Marcie: “Thank God.”

Sheridan: “Horace is limp, poor thing!” She plays with her mask.

Jac: “Not a limp penis!” Her mouth drops.

Marcie: “Limp penises?” She looks to Jac and laughs.

Monsè: “Whewww not limp old man penis, that’s enough of that for me!”

Sheridan holds up a limp finger.

Sheridan: “Is this Horace’s dick?’ She bursts out laughing.

Yvonne: “I will respect him enough as the father of my children to not comment further.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“That man is close to 70, his libido is low and if I see one blue pill I’ll throw a fit!”

Yvonne: “Let’s get back to shore and onto the next thing!”

The women get seated as the boat starts heading toward shore. The women are all just talking on the boat ride. The camera focuses in on Yvonne and Marcie who are sitting next to eachother.

Yvonne: “Let’s chat for a second.”

Marcie: “Sure!” She nods and crosses her legs. “What’s up?”

Yvonne: “I don’t appreciate your insinuations, don’t do that in front of these girls.” She gives Marcie a stern look before turning away from her.

Marcie looks taken aback, and sad. She watches as Yvonne chats to the other women now.

Marcie’s Confessional

“I tease her how she jokes with me and now I’m insinuating bad things. Horace wasn’t a good choice, I said that to Yvonne when they were together and I will continue to say it because it’s true.”

The scene ends as the boat pulls back up to the resort’s dock.

The scene begins as we hear the blades of helicopters. All of a sudden a fleet of three helicopters turn the corner of a mountain.

The first one we visit is Monsè and Jac’s.

Jac & Monsè

Monsè: “Wow, look at these views!” She gawks out the cockpit view and turns to Jac in the back. “Wait — you’re not gonna get sick on me in this helicopter are you?”

Jac reaches up from the back and clutches Monsè’s hand.

Jac: “No but, oh Lord this is high!” She shuts her eyes. “Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Oh Lord!”

The pilot laughs. The next helicopter it goes to is Yvonne and Sheridan.

Yvonne & Sheridan

Sheridan sits in the cockpit upfront with the pilot while Yvonne is in the back.

Yvonne: “This is just marvelous!”

Sheridan: “It is!” She turns to the pilot. “You’re lucky to have this group, sir!” She motions between her and Yvonne. “We’re here for a good tour while the other ladies are her to gossip.”

As the ladies descent on the volcano, the scene switches to Valentina and Marcie who are in a helicopter together.

Marcie & Valentina

Marcie: “Oh my gosh, is the volcano going to erupt?” She looks out the window nervously and adjusts her headset.

Valentina: “The volcano isn’t active anymore, Marcie! We’ll be fine!”

As the helicopters begin to land, we hear Monsè and Jac.

Jac’s Voice: “Oh no! Monsè” She dry heaves. “I think I’m going to be sick!”

Monsè: “Uh uhhh! Pilot man, get her a bag! QUICKLY!”

The three helicopters land. The pilots get out and help the ‘Wives. They set up a blanket and set out baskets of food and drink for the ladies to eat lunch while they overlook the volcano crater.

Monsè: “Glad everyone made it safe! That plane ride was something else.” She turns to Jac. “You good? You look green babe.”

Yvonne: “Yeah Jac, you don’t look so good…”

Jac: “I’m good. I’m good.” She holds onto Monsè as she sits. “You bitches keep dragging me on boats and in planes. How do you expect me to look?”

Valentina: “Jac you are a real one for doing all this, pregnant and all!”

Yvonne: “I’m ready to eat, I’m famished!”

The girls begin opening the food, we see Marcie keep her eyes locked on the crater.

Marcie’s Confessional

“When I think volcano, I don’t think lunch….I think ‘run!’.”

Sheridan: “Valentina, how are you holding up? Did you talk to Brandon about everything?” She bites into her sandwich.

The ‘Wives look to Valentina who looks disappointed.

Valentina: “Sheridan, I’m very upset after last night. I couldn’t believe Mona felt so strongly about me and I didn’t know she felt so strong about my husband. Needless to say Brandon is LIVID.”

Marcie eats and nods.

Jac: “Brendan is such a nice man. Mona’s remarks were uncalled for.” She drinks some water.

Marcie: “Brendan.” She chuckles.

Sheridan: “It’s Brandon, Jacqueline.”

Monsè: “Girl stop playing, you know Brandon Armani.”

Jac: ‘Wait, are you sure it’s not Brendan?” She looks to Valentina.

Yvonne: “Maybe that’s how they say it in Twitter…”

Jac’s Confessional

“Who is Brendan then?” She thinks. “I definitely know a Brendan.

Valentina: “It’s Brandon, not Brendan.” She looks at the women. “How would you ladies feel if someone was accusing your husband of sexual misconduct.”

Yvonne: “I mean, was your husband friends with Harvey Weinstein?”

Marcie: “Or Jeffrey Epstein?”

Sheridan: “That’s an outlandish lie — “ Her mouth drops open. “Yvonne don’t do th — Marcie please stop it!”

Jac’s Confessional

“Yvonne trying to liken Brendan Armani to Harvey Weinstein is pitiful. Especially when she was dating Morgan the abuser.”

Producer: “Jac, it’s Brandon.”
Jac’s Confessional

“Oh shit! Brandon. Brandon. Brandon. Brandon.”

Valentina looks to Marcie and Yvonne in confusion.

Valentina: “Are you kidding me? That’s low Yvonne and Marcie. My husband is not affiliated with either one of those horrific men.”

Yvonne: “You can’t be too safe with these Hollywood men, there are LAYERS of hidden stories.” She shrugs. “I don’t think it’s low, I’m trying to see where this came from.”

Marcie: “It’s not low they were questions. He’s super famous.” She nods.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Lets keep it real. There is no shortage of abuse of power in Hollywood so I think it’s a fair question. Besides, look at her and look at him. It wasn’t creepy to see someone her father’s age try to court her? I’m just saying.”

Monsè looks to Marcie and Yvonne, shocked.

Monsè: “No, this isn’t right, girls. Y’all don’t believe Mona do you?”

Monsè’s Confessional

“I’m not calling her a liar, but the truth got lost somewhere between the source and Mona’s mouth. Let’s just leave the husbands okay?”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“All Mona does is lie.”

Sheridan: “It’s not cool to come for her husband, you’ve said yourselves you don’t know Valentina.” She motions to Valentina. “It’s not fair to sit and co-sign a woman who can’t hold it together for an hour and is so skittish she has to run back home after saying some outlandish lie.”

Yvonne: “Well did Mona just pull it out of thin air?” She shoots a look at Valentina.

Valentina: “Yvonne she absolutely did pull it out of thin air!”

Sheridan: “Yvonne you’re giving me whiplash. Just last year you were saying Mona would say literally anything and insinuating she was a liar and now your pedaling back her talking points in her absence? I’m disappointed in you.”

Yvonne shakes her head and looks to Valentina.

Yvonne: “Look, I’m not trying to offend you…” She glances at Sheridan. “Because if Sheridan saw past her hatred for Mona, she’d know I am a survivor of sexual assault so I take it seriously when alleged.”

Sheridan: “ Yvonne, we will talk later.” She huffs.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I’m not trying to be insensitive to Yvonne’s past abuse but I do feel that she is being harsh on Valentina and just blindly believing everything Mona says when Mona has a history of not being honest.”

Valentina: “It is a serious matter so we can’t have someone alleging it just to get at me. It could ruin Brandon’s career!” She looks upset. “We actually called our lawyers first thing this morning to go ahead and send Mona a cease and desist letter.” She cocks her head.

Monsè: “These accusations are so gross. We can’t just drag this man’s name through the mud.” She nods.

Valentina: “I don’t play around with liars, especially low down D-List actresses looking for a come up!” She holds her finger up.

Jac and Sheridan look at one another.

Jac’s Confessional

“Between her ongoing divorce, the legal ramifications for being in breach of her contract by not showing up to the reunion last year and this cease and desist, Mona’s legal bills must be astronomical. Poor thing.”

Yvonne sighs and takes a bite of food. Marcie raises an eyebrow.

Marcie: “With a letter from your lawyer? Or like a warning?”

Jac: “You’re actually serving her?”

Valentina: “Yes, now that I know she’s back in Beverly Beach I’m going to be serving her. It will be an official letter from our attorneys.” She nods. “This is my REAL life we are messing around with. It’s not okay, to just throw things out there and then run like a pussy when it gets hot in the kitchen.”

Marcie: “I mean this with no ill intentions, but do you know for sure it’s not true Valentina?”

Valentina: “I’m 100% sure it’s not true. I trust my husband.”

Marcie: “Well, I wish you both my best.”

Marcie’s Confessional

“I’m going to trust her. I’m just meeting her so I’m just going to hope everything she tells me is genuine.”

Yvonne: “Don’t you think handing Mona a cease and desist is a nail in the coffin for you two ever building a friendship?” She leans on her arm. “When things go legal, you can almost never recover!”

Valentina: “I think we were doomed before it ever began, honestly Yvonne. I owe her nothing and she’s fixing to learn that she has consequences to her actions. No running this time.”

Jac is seen rolling her eyes before turning to Yvonne.

Jac: “Yvonne, why do you dislike Valentina so much? You’re hammering her.”

Yvonne looks taken aback.

Yvonne: “Dislike is a strong word. I don’t know her and unlike you, I’m not searching to befriend anyone that flashes their AmEx in my eye.” She casually shrugs.

Jac: “I’m just saying — at first you didn’t want her on the trip, then you bombard her yesterday with countless remarks about her private jet and now you’re jumping on Mona’s accusatory bandwagon. It’s a lot for someone you’ve just met.”

Valentina: “You seem to have something against me that’s for sure Yvonne.” She crosses her arms looking to Yvonne. “You haven’t really given me a chance either.”

Yvonne: “I don’t feel you have given me a chance either.” She looks to the other ‘Wives. “She’s taken every opportunity to insult me about my age, throw shade toward my business. I don’t know her!”

Sheridan: “You don’t know her but are quick to make outlandish claims on her husband that a woman who is hardly your friend told you.” She nods.

Yvonne: “I didn’t make an outlandish claim, I asked a question.” She gives a nasty look to Sheridan. “Last time I checked, this should be between Valentina and I. I didn’t know she was the President with Secret Service agents to protect her.”

Sheridan: “Well if I’m a secret service agent at least my president is on the island. Yours runs away when the going gets tough, Yvonne.” She laughs.

Valentina: “They’re called real friends. Maybe if you weren’t such a bitch, Yvonne, you would have some.” She scowls.

Monsè: “Whew not bitch, Valentina! Come on now, we don’t have to go that far. I think what Valentina is trying to say is that it’d be nice if everyone were a little more welcoming.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Real friends? They’re just smitten by the fillers and fabricated cheekbones.”

Marcie: “I’m her friend Valentina, don’t say that.”

Valentina: “Marcie shut up, you just talk when Yvonne says speak!”

Marcie: “I actually don’t I just don’t believe in being as volatile as you!”

Yvonne: “It’s fine, she’s saying how she really feels but this is the woman I’m supposedly so mean to.”

Valentina: “I’m honestly done with this conversation.” She holds her hand up.

Yvonne: “You’ve been done for a while, sweetie.” She smiles sarcastically and turns away. “Whatever, we’ll see what the truth is.” She starts to get up. “I’m glad we’re done here.”

Marcie gets up at well, the two of them head back to a helicopter.

Marcie: “She has to be nice to us for us to want to get to know her, that’s the third time since I’ve met her which wasn’t that long ago she’s told me to shut up.” She shrugs.

The scene ends as we get footage of Monsè, Sheridan, Jac, and Valentina packing up the picnic and heading back to their helicopters.

It is now evening in Hawaii. The ‘Wives are all glammed up and riding down a luscious rural road. Inside, some of the women are on their phone and some are chatting.

Yvonne, Valentina, Monsè, Jac, Marcie, & Sheridan

Yvonne: “I’m glad you could set this up for us, Sheridan.”

Sheridan: “Yesss! It’ll be so fun! Everyone will love her.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Linda Murphy, the OG of the CT, the GOAT, the only relevant OG of CT Wives is a great friend of mine and when I told her we were going to be in Hawaii for a couple days, she invited us over to her home for dinner. Not too long ago, I was at her fabulous wedding so it’s great to catch up with her!”

Sheridan: “We’re hereee!”

The shot changes to outside. Linda stands outside her courtyard and waves, with servers behind her holding glasses of champagne for the women.

Linda Murphy, Former CT Wife

Sheridan claps with excitement, the women begin unloading when the van comes to a stop. The camera focuses on Jac who clambers out of the Sprinter.

Jac’s Confessional

“I don’t really know Linda but Alexis Benton is one of my dearest friends on planet earth, so I’m a little trepidatious about going to her dinner tonight. I’m hoping we have a great night but with these ladies, it’s likely to turn into fight night.”

The shot changes and Linda is greeting all of the women as they get off.

Sheridan: “Linda! Hi babe!” She hugs her.

Linda: “Sheridan! It’s lovely to see you!”

Monsè: “Okay Linda, I see you haven’t lost your style!”

Jac: “Hello Linda, lovely to see you again.” She smiles and gives Linda a kiss on the cheek.

Linda: “Hello Jac.”

Yvonne: “A pleasure to see you once again.”

Linda: “Miss Langley!” She smiles.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I met Linda once during the Connecticut Wives premiere party and we’ve seen each other here and there at fashion and beauty event, but we aren’t friends. But I think she’s so grand and an invitation to her home in Hawaii is the perfect finish to this trip.”

Marcie: “Hi! I’m Marcie! Marcie Maples!” She extends her hands to Linda.

Linda: “Nice to meet you, Marcie.” She looks at the group. “It’s really great to see all of you again! Come inside, I’ll show you around! Grab some champagne on the way in.”

The girls follow Linda inside her Hawaii home. We get flashes of the different rooms.

Yvonne: “Wow, this house is amazing. Though, you could use a few of my art pieces in here, Linda.”

Linda: “Absolutely, I’d love to come to your gallery. Shall we continue, ladies?”

Linda leads the ‘Wives through the grand foyer.

Linda: “It’s over 12,000 square feet overlooking the breathtaking Ahihi Bay.”

Sheridan: “This is everything!”

Marcie: “So pretty!” She looks around.

Monsè: “This is gorgeous Linda! How long have you owned this place?” She sips her champagne.

Linda: “I’ve had this place for almost 6 years now, it’s become my official residence in the last few months actually.”

Monsè: “That sounds amazing, I’m gonna have to convince Gil to get us one of these.”

Valentina: “It’s stunning.” She smiles. “I would die to live here full time.”

We get a montage of Linda walking the women through the rest of her house and they gawk.

Linda: “Let’s go out onto the patio for dinner!” She smiles and raises her champagne glass.

The camera pans to Marcie who taps Valentina’s arm.

Marcie: “Before we go out there, can I talk to you really quickly?”

Valentina: “Ummm sure, I guess.” She clears her throat.

While Marcie and Valentina stay behind in the study; Monsè, Sheridan, Yvonne, and Jac all follow Linda outside where they all take a seat at a fabulous table that overlooks the bay.

Linda: “Did we lose some people on the way?” She looks around.

Jac: “I think Valentina and Marcie were having a chat.”

Yvonne: “Let’s see how that goes.” She widens her eyes and puts her napkin on her lap. “I’m so sorry that your lover and life Mona Quinn couldn’t be here. She unfortunately had to depart from the trip. I’m sure she’s here in spirit!”

Monsè: “Hopefully it’s good spirits she left behind…” She mumbles and sips her drink.

Linda: “Oh Mona, she messaged me to apologize. Nice girl but has too much going on in that mind of hers.”

Jac: “Mona? Nice? You mustn’t know her too well.” She laughs to herself.

Sheridan: “Babe, what have you been up to in Hawaii?” She looks to Linda.

Linda: “I needed a new place of scenery after everything fell out with the show, so I sold my shares in Murray Insurance. Jason sold his company for 8 figures and now we’re retiring peacefully down here.” She smiles.

Sheridan: “That is wonderful, Linda. I’m so happy for you!”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Linda has the life we all aspire for when we reach her age.”

The chef starts bringing out the food.

Jac: “So what happened with the show? One moment you were on then you weren’t.” She raises and eyebrow at Linda.

Linda: “It became too much for me to take after the last season. Very toxic for me and my loved ones.”

We see Sheridan nodding.

Jac: “Was this before or after Andy replaced you with Alexis?” She flicks her hair out of her eyes.

Sheridan: “Who?” She rolls her eyes.

Linda darts her eyes at Jac and cuts into her steak, ignoring her.

Jac’s Confessional

“I guess I hit a nerve. Let me and my baby just sit back and enjoy this meal.”

Linda: “Enough about me, how has your ladies’ trip been?” She looks around.

Yvonne: “It’s been stressful, probably for Monsè the most.” She looks over at her.

Linda: “Monsè, what’s been going on?” She looks concerned.

Monsè: “It’s been okay, actually. After we got rid of the bad juju on the first night, I’ve had a great time.”

Sheridan: “Not the bad juju!” She laughs.

Linda: “The bad juju’s Mona I’m assuming, what happened with her?”

Monsè: “There’s just been some tension with Mona being back. But I just want to enjoy the trip and hash it out when we get back.”

Linda: “Well that’s good, I know she holds you in very high regard. Every time I’ve spoken to Mona she’s said nothing but nice things. Of course that was before her psychotic break…” She wipes her mouth.

Sheridan: “I’m sure you two will work it out. You two are so hot and cold.”

Monsè: “Yeah, I hope so.” She forces a smiles.

Monsè’s Confessional

“I don’t want to make things worse with Mona by involving everyone in our drama, so I’m just going to keep things vague and enjoy my free and delicious meal.”

Yvonne flips her hair then flicks her eyes at Monsè.

Yvonne: “Are you going to address the gulf you’ve created between your two friends though?”

Monsè: “The gulf that I’ve created? What world are you living in girl?”

Yvonne: “Yes, the gulf that you created. I’m living in a world where Gil has a mustache two times in a row when I see him.” She snickers.

Jac: “Wait, isn’t gulf a sport?” She looks around, confused.

Yvonne: “I think there’s blame on all sides when it comes to you and Mona….” She shrugs. “Not only that but you’re playing the middle.”

Monsè: “I’m not playing the middle, I’m stuck in the middle! Don’t put the blame on me that two of my friends are fighting.” She shakes her head.

Yvonne: “They’re only fighting because you’re too weak to set a boundary with Valentina, presumably because she’s your meal ticket and you aren’t just getting everything out with Mona. It’s almost like you want to torture her and feel the way you felt when she disappeared.”

Monsè: “Yvonne shut up! The only person making a mess here is you.”

Sheridan: “I disagree and don’t think you believe the mess that is coming out of your mouth, Yvonne.” She looks at Yvonne, disappointed.

Monsè: “You’re trying to stir me into a mess that’s not mine and for what reason? Is your dismal love life leaving you bored and miserable?” She points to Yvonne.

Yvonne: “My love life may be simmering on low but at least I’m working. What was your last project that broke even?”

Monsè: “We don’t break even babe, we profit, and big time. Sell a painting by someone with actual clout in the industry and then you can talk to me.”

Yvonne: “My family has made more money than you’ll see in a lifetime with way less in-law issues and way more spousal support.” She grins.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I guess being on Forbes 30 under 30 doesn’t translate to business opportunities, that’s very unfortunate for her because she does have talent.”

Sheridan: “Girls, stop! Yvonne, I’m just looking at you right now…why are you sticking up for Mona?”

Yvonne: “Sheridan, I’m not sure how you don’t see that Monsè and Valentina are also wrong.”

Sheridan: “Mona ignored Monsè for months while cameras weren’t rolling and is suddenly back when cameras are up and Monsè is just suppose to forgive and forget?”

Yvonne glares at Sheridan.

Yvonne: “You were mad at Monsè, Mona, and Lorelei for being accomplices to Bree’s crimes so what gets Monsè and her bobblehead off the hook?”

Jac: “Monsè has a perfectly sized head, thank you very much!”

Sheridan: “What has Valentina done to Mona? What has Monsè actually done to Mona? Mona ghosted us all…you caping for Mona is weird. You were pissy at her last year too.”

Linda’s eyes widen.

Yvonne: “Okay Sheridan, you have your opinion and I have mine…You just don’t like Mona.”

Sheridan: “I have no personal issue with Mona currently and we are working on our friendship but in the situation with Valentina and Monsè — she’s in the wrong.

Yvonne: “We’re just going to agree to disagree.” She nods.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I’m not sure where these ladies heard me say that Mona is completely innocent and a victim, I guess they’re all blinded by their disdain for Mona and can’t see the forest for the trees.”

Sheridan: “Let’s just table this conversation for now — “

Linda: “Did the other ladies get lost? Should I go inside and check on them? Their food is getting cold!”

Monsè: “Oh yeah! Where are Valentina and Marcie?”

The scene now changes.

Inside of Linda’s house, Marcie and Valentina are now seated in the study.

Valentina: “So, what’s going on Marcie?” She sips her champagne and leans back into the big chair.

Marcie: “Listen I am sorry for how things went down on the mountain, but I need to say that you constantly demoralizing me is not okay. Telling me to ‘shut up’ when I’m adding my opinion is not okay, and it’s not how you treat people.” She shakes her head.

Marcie’s Confessional

“Valentina has this air about her. We get it your husband is an actor, but you’re not. You’re just his plus one don’t get that twisted!”

Valentina: “Well to be honest with you Marcie, I don’t really know you, so don’t take it personally.” She shrugs then locks eyes with Marcie. “However, at the dinner and on several occasions that I’ve been around you, your opinion has been negative towards me. I don’t know if you’re coming for me for a come up, but I’m better as a friend and not an enemy.” She cocks her head, smiling.

Marcie raises an eyebrow.

Valentina’s Confessional

“Look, I don’t really know why Marcie started with me. Maybe she is bored because she cuts hair all day, but I’m not going to argue with someone that I don’t even know about my life.”

Marcie: “I’m sorry if you’ve felt like I’ve been negative, but we should be able to differ in opinions without you being hateful towards me! I’m very polite how I go about addressing you…I don’t know why you’re so hostile when we disagree.” She makes a face.

Valentina: “You can have different in opinions. Like, I hate your outfit tonight but I think you got a beautiful face. I know opinions are like assholes and everyone has one, but when it comes to my husband or my life that’s off limits. You are having opinions about my husbands alleged misconduct. And that’s not okay!”

Marcie: “Everyone has opinions about your husbands misconduct, why be so hostile with me about it? Especially when I haven’t even said the worst about him! Have you heard what Mona’s said, or half of these girls?” She snorts.

Valentina: “Marcie see that’s why I’m having a hard time liking you! You don’t own your shit.” She motions to her. “I’m hostile because you have said things too, you came to me with an issue and I’m trying to resolve it but instead of owning it you’re deflecting it onto the other ladies. You wanted to us to talk and I’m trying to explain why I’m guarded when it comes to you — Yvonne and Mona have another thing coming. But who else is talking about me?!”

Marcie crosses her arms.

Marcie: “I’m not going to say because that’s not my place, but I just owned that I speak about your husband. I just said it’s not as bad as what I’ve heard others say! Which is why I get confused at your hostility towards me. I haven’t heard what Yvonne’s said honestly being her friend but I understand and I’m sorry for what I’ve said I shouldn’t have said anything I was just talking like everyone else.”

Valentina looks taken off guard but then nods.

Valentina: “Well I appreciate you apologizing Marcie. I’d like for us to try and move on from this…” She begins to stand.

Valentina’s Confessional

“Look, I appreciate Marcie for apologizing but now she’s opened Pandora’s box and told me that some of the girls are talking about my family. I have all the resources and all the means to destroy anyone who rises against the Armani name.”

Valentina turns around to face Marcie before she leaves the room.

Valentina: “But — if I hear you talk about my family or my name again. It’ll be the last thing you ever do in Beverly Beach.”

Marcie looks shocked and taken aback, Valentina just smiles.

Valentina: “So, we’re good, right?”

Marcie: “You wanna be my friend but you want to start it with a threat?” She huffs out air and looks at Valentina in disbelif. “That’s not kind.”

Valentina: “Well, it’s not a threat it’s a promise, Marcie.” She shrugs. “I’m sorry but I don’t play when it comes to my family. I’m harsh, because this is my life. Just like you don’t play about your business, I’m sure.” She purses her lips. “But let’s make our way back to the group. I’m honestly starving.”

Valentina walks, Marcie follows.

Marcie’s Confessional

“That’s not a threat it’s a promise? Who the fuck does this girl think she is? The mafia?” She laughs. “ Girl get a mani pedi, a massage and calm down!”

The cameras follow Valentina and Marcie as they join Linda, Monsè, Sheridan, Jac, and Yvonne at the table.

Linda: “Yay! Girls, you’re here. Eat up, your food is getting cold.”

Sheridan: “How did your chat go?”

The women all look to Valentina and Marcie for an answer.

Valentina: “It was great!”

Marcie: “It…went.”

Sheridan raises and eyebrow, but then turns back to the group.

Sheridan: “Now, I have something to tell you girls!”

The ‘Wives all look to Sheridan now for her announcement.

Sheridan: “Martin is my ex-husband but more importantly my business partner.” She laughs. “Martin and I are currently scouting locations to expand Bell Camp into other cities. As you all know, the NFL season is starting so Marcus will be away a bit but Marcus is in full support and is even going to help check out some cities he’s playing in for us!”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“It’s been interesting working with my ex husband on the Bell Camp expansion — it’s been even more interesting navigating Marcus’s feelings about the business venture — especially since Marcus has a lot of away games.”

Monsè: “Congrats girl! I’m glad you two are still going strong too!”

Linda: “You’re confusing me Sheridan, who’s the ex and who is the new boo.”

Sheridan: “Martin is my ex husband and Marcus is my current boyfriend.” She laughs.

Linda: “Got it! Well im happy to hear you’re doing so well after all the turmoil you went through!”

Yvonne: “Is Marcus secure with you traveling around with an ex?”

Sheridan: “I mean — he says he is.” She shrugs and sips her champagne. “Honestly, his body language and some of the things he texts and such…I think it bothers him a bit.”

Yvonne: “If he says he isn’t comfortable and gives an ultimatum, what — or maybe who — will you choose?”

Sheridan: “That would never happen, Yvonne. Marcus understands that my business is my business and it’s strictly business.”

Monsè: “I don’t think you need to worry, Sher. Some of us can stick to one man at a time.” She winks.

Sheridan: “Cheers to that, babe!” She laughs and holds up her bubbly.

Yvonne: “Cheers to our mothers in law liking us!” She smiles and clinks glasses with Linda.

Linda: “I’m so glad you came to visit while you were here!”

Monsè: “Thanks for having us Linda!”

The scenes fades out as we get one more shot of Linda’s estate all lit up, overlooking the bay.