[S8E5]: Jetsetters

Real Housewives of Beverly Beach
31 min readNov 14, 2023
(From L to R: Sheridan Campbell, Monsè DeRosier, Jac Carter, Mona Quinn, Yvonne Langley, Valentina Armani, & Marcie Maples)

The episode begins as we get a cool cinematic shot of a beautiful Bentley Bacalar driving out on an airport runway. The top is down, Brandon Armani drives and Valentina Armani sits in the passengers seat. Two black SUVs follow closely behind.

Valentina & Brandon

Brandon pulls up to a beautiful private jet parked on the runway, the stairs already down. We get a shot of Brandon opening his door and putting on sunglasses. He walks around and opens Valentina’s and the couple walks hand in hand to the jet.

Valentina: “Brandon, you’re going to have to push my ass up these stairs. I didn’t wear the right shoes!” She giggles and looks at the metal stairs with holes in them.

Brandon: “Of course, princess.” He chuckles a bit and rolls his eyes.

The camera pans. As we see staff members unloading Valentina’s bags from the SUV and putting them on the private jet, another group of two SUVs is pulling up the the jet.

Valentina: “Oh! That must be the girls! Let’s wait for them to board.”

Monsè, Sheridan, and Jac get out of one of the SUVs. The driver of the other one opens the back and begins unloading their luggage for the trip.

Jac, Sheridan, & Monsè

Jac: “Oh, how fabulous is this!”

The ‘Wives walk over to Brandon and Valentina.

Valentina: “Hi ladies, sorry I was trying to figure out how I was going to get up these stairs!” She waves.

Sheridan: “Hey babe! I’m so excited for Hawaii!” She gives Valentina a hug .

Jac: “Hi stunning girl! How are you?” She hugs Valentina as well.

Valentina: “How rude of me, ladies this is Brandon, my husband!” She turns around and motions for Brandon to come forward.

Monsè: “Brandon, so good to see you! Handsome as ever.”

Brandon: “Great to see you again, Monsè.” He grins and then turns to Jac and Sheridan. “Hi ladies.” He reaches out and shakes their hands. “It’s so nice to meet you both. When Valentína asked for me to fly you guys there, it worked out perfectly because im going there to shoot some scenes for a movie!”

Mid-shake, Jac stops and looks up at Brandon.

Jac: “Sorry? Did you say you are flying the plane?” She makes a face.

Brandon: “Yep! Me and my copilot are. I got my pilot licenses back about 5–6 years ago! You can trust me, I’ve flew to Greece and back almost every summer!”

Valentina: “It’s true, Jacqueline! He’s a jack of all trades.” She stands by his side and holds his arm.

Jac: “Oh okay! I guess you’re flying us to Maui.” She laughs awkwardly.

Sheridan: “Oh goodness, I need some champagne if we are going to let the star of Snakes on a Plane 7 pilot our plane!” She puts her sunglasses on as she chomps on her gum and looks around.

Jac: “I will say that I’m a mother and a wife so please try not to kill us.”

Monsè: “As long as we make it there alive, I’m good!”

Jac’s Confessional

“First of all, I’m gagged that the Brandon Armani is on this plane right now. I’ve been such a fan of his but this isn’t a Marvel movie and this most certainly isn’t a prop plane. Please lord Jesus don’t kill me in these skies.”

Brandon and the ‘Wives all board the plane.

As the women get situated in the main seating area, Brandon comes back with a headset on.

Brandon: “Ladies as soon as we get to cruising altitude I will come back here and check on you girls! You guys don’t have too much fun back here!” He chuckles.

Sheridan: “Oh Brandon, please don’t come back here! Both hands on the pilot stick thing please!”

Jac: “Not the pilot stick!” She laughs. “I’m sure Valentina has her hands on the pilot’s stick from time to time.”

Valentina: “I do know how to work the pilot’s stick if I need to!” She laughs and rolls her eyes. “We are in good hands ladies. I wouldn’t risk our lives if I didn’t know we wouldn’t get there safely. Love you babe!”

Brandon waves at the girls as he heads back up to the cockpit. Valentina turns to the girls.

Valentina: “I don’t know if I have told you ladies this before or not but this is my first girls trip in almost 10 years. What can I expect to happen?”

Sheridan: “What?! 10 years! Girl, you’ll have a lot of fun.”

Monsè: “I’m honestly surprised. I’d figure you’d be jet setting all over the world with in this fancy plane.”

Valentina: “I mean we jet all over the world together but I haven’t ever done a girls trip only before.”

Jac: “No way. Well let’s warn you. At least one of the girls will cry, many of the girls will fight and all of the girls will be drunk.”

Valentina nods along at Jac.

Valentina: “Brandon told me I would be okay, and I just needed to open up more! So I might cry, and get drunk!”

Sheridan: “Yes! Just have fun.”

Monsè: “I’m leaving that fighting to all the other girls this year though. I don’t want a repeat of Bali…I just want to enjoy my Mai Tais in peace!”

Brandon’s voice comes on over the intercome.

Brandon: “We are clear for takeoff!”

We get a montage of Brandon and his co-pilot taking off and another shot from the outside of the plane. The shot goes back to the ‘Wives in the cabin.

Valentina: “I got champagne and snacks for us all!”

She gets up and pulls two bottles of Veuve out of the wine cooler. She then opens up a hatch and pulls out a basket of fruits and snacks.

Jac: “Oh I love that! Did you pack plenty of sandwiches for Sheridan? We know she likes to eat.” She snickers.

Sheridan: “Jacqueline you’re the one who’s been eating everything lately! Like a hungry hippo!”

Jac: “Fuck you bitch!” She laughs. “It turns out there’s actually a reason why I’ve been stuffing my face…You know how I said I was going to the doctor to get it checked out.”

The women all look to Jac.

Sheridan: “Early menopause?”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Jac has been eating a lot, having hot flashes, crying, and wearing large flowy dresses to hide her swollen stomach. Definitely early menopause.”

Jac: “Well ladies…” She pauses and grins at them all. “It turns out that I’m 13 weeks pregnant!”

Sheridan: “WHAT?!”

Valentina: “SAY WHAT?” Her jaw drops.

Monsè: “OH MY GOD, JAC! That’s amazing!” She claps then raises and eyebrow. “Wait, that is good news, right?”

Sheridan: “Oh my goodness, congratulations! That makes so much sense.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“ Jac being pregnant makes a lot of sense with her weight gain and crying. I’m so happy for her!”

Jac: “I know!” She starts to tear up and takes Sheridan’s hand, placing it on her stomach. “You’re the father, Sheridan!”

Valentina: “Was it an accident or have you been trying?”

Jac: “It was a complete accident.” She dabs a tear. “I genuinely thought that Beau and I were done after Annabelle was born. Beau has another son with his ex and we kind of thought our family was complete but clearly his little swimmers had other plans.”

Valentina: “Girl, that’s why I made Brandon go get a vasectomy! Isn’t that right babe?!” She yells.

We get a quick shot of Brandon just piloting the plan.

Monsè: “Awww I’m so happy for you babe! I’m sure Annabelle is going to love having another sibling around.” She holds Jac’s hand.

Jac: “We haven’t told her yet. Beau and I literally found this out a couple of days ago. I’m hoping the other girls are as supportive as you all are.” She grabs Sheridan’s hand now as well. “This is a real sisterhood on this private jet right here!”

Sheridan: “Yes my love, a true sisterhood and a great start to our girls trip!”

Monsè: “We’re here for you girl! Now we have a real reason to celebrate this trip.”

Valentina: “This is a beginning to a great trip! Thank you Jac for trusting us with the news! We can host the baby shower at my house, I’d be happy to!”

Jac: “Ohhh Val! I’d love that!! You’re so sweet.” She gives Valentina a hug.

Jac’s Confessional

“I’m so happy I was able to share this news with my girls. They’ve been so supportive of me and I’m blessed to have them in my life. I’ll tell the rest of the bitches when we get to the big island.”

Jac: “So I’m assuming you girls are all going to take a vow of sobriety for the duration of my pregnancy?”

The women look around and burst out laughing.

Valentina: “I won’t be staying sober, but I do love you!” She holds up her champagne flute.

Monsè: “Same, sorry girl! You know we’ll need drinks to survive this group that long.”

Jac: “I want you hoes silly and drunk. I hear Sheridan has a pregnancy fetish, so let’s get her liquored up!”

Sheridan: “Yes, I co-sign any and everything that starts with ‘get Sheridan liquored up!’.”

The scene ends as the girls continue to chat in the jet.

We get spectacular shots of Hawaii. We see the resort the women are staying in while they are in Maui.

There are different shots of Sheridan, Jac, Monsè, Valentina, Mona, Yvonne, and Marcie getting ready for dinner in their rooms.

We get beautiful footage of the sun beginning to set over the beach. On the beach of the resort, we see a long dinner table set up for 8 women right on the water.

Mona & Yvonne

The camera pans to show Yvonne and Mona walking onto the beach together. In one hand Yvonne holds her shoes, she uses the other to hold onto Mona as they trudge through the sand.

Yvonne: “Girl, I don’t know why i wore this to a beach dinner. What was I thinking?”

Mona: “Girl, you should’ve told me to wear flats!” She struggles though the sand as well.

Yvonne and Mona make it to the table.

Yvonne: “Here, you sit next to me. I have little name tags.” She motions to the seat beside her. “Myself, you, and Marcie on this side. The other ladies sitting on the opposite side.”

Mona: “Oh, perf.”

The camera lingers on Mona as she takes a seat an begins typing away on her phone as her and Yvonne wait for the other ladies to arrive.

Mona’s Confessional

“I’m just not feeling it right now. I’m not in the mood for the girls and the drama…all I wanna do is stay in the hotel room by myself honestly.”

The camera pans from Mona to show Sheridan walking up to the table behind her.


Sheridan carries a cup and does a little dance as she approaches.

Sheridan: “Hey bitches!’ She gives Yvonne and Mona a hug. “I had a couple cocktails and I’ve been sitting on my ass listening to the waves!”

Mona: “You look great!”

Yvonne: “Hey Sheridan, I hope no sand got in your hooha!”

Sheridan: “Oh, don’t worry! Where is my seat?” She looks around.

Yvonne: “You’ll be sitting on that side.” She points opposite of her. “Right across from me; Next to Jac, Monsè, and the other one!”

Marcie is next to come to the table.


Marcie: “Hey ladies!” She waves. “You all look so pretty!” She gives kisses and then goes and sits next to Mona.

The shot switches. The camera follows Valentina and Monsè as they walk arm and arm together down the resort stairs and onto the beach.

Valentina & Monsè

Valentina: “How mad do you think these girls are at me? Did anyone tell them we weren’t flying with them?” She raises an eyebrow at Monsè.

Monsè: “ I didn’t say a word, but I’m sure they figured it out by now. Just smile and wave, maybe they’ll play nice.”

Valentina and Monsè arrive at the table.

Monsè: “Hey girlsss! Glad to see you all got her safely. I’m happy we’re all together finally!”

Valentina: “Hello ladies, this looks fabulous! You guys look rested after the flight!” She smiles and looks around.

The camera focuses on Yvonne, Marcie, and Mona who stay seated on their side of the table.

Yvonne: “I’m sorry, what’s the girl’s name again?” She whispers to Mona and Marcie.

Marcie: “Valen-tina!”

Mona: “No, no. Her names not relevant.” She sips her water.

Yvonne: “You’re right. I probably still won’t be addressing her.”

Valentina: “Where are we sitting? I looked for place cards!” She looks around.

Valentina’s Confessional

“I didn’t tell some of the girls that I was flying some of us private and the rest of them had to take commercial so it will be interesting to see how they react when they see us girls who traveled in luxury!” She laughs. “Maybe they should try harder to be my friend!”

As the girls mingle, Jac is the last to join the group.


Jac: “Hello lovlies!”

Yvonne: “Jacqueline, thanks for joining us!”

Mona: “Better late than never I guess.”

Marcie: “Sexy lady!”

Jac: “Don’t you all look fabulous!” She finishes greeting everyone and takes a seat.

Jac’s Confessional

“After landing in Maui, I’ve been absolutely exhausted so I’m running a little late to dinner. Im hopeful that this will be a peaceful affair because I want to share with these other bitches that I’m pregnant!” She takes a deep breath. “Fuck knows how it’s going to go. These girls are hard work.”

Yvonne: “Ladies, can we all sit? I’d like to have a moment of silence in honor of our missing guest — Victoria. She couldn’t be bothered to arrive for our flight so let’s hope she’s not locked in a church basement somewhere.” She shakes her head.

As the women are seated and ordering drinks now, music and drumming can be heard in the distance. All of a sudden traditional Hawaiian hula dancers come out with people playing instruments.

The women turn and start taking videos as they perform right on the beach for the ‘Wives.

Marcie: “Oh wow!”

Sheridan: “Love this!” She stands and claps.

Monsè claps and records, all of a sudden Yvonne gets up and starts dancing with them.

Jac: “Oh get it Miss Langley!”

Monsè: “So cute! Yasss, get down Yvonne!” She records and cat calls.

Jac’s Confessional

“Oh lord not Yvonne out here dancing with the Hawaiianese. She’s going to break a hip!”

Sheridan now gets up and starts dancing with Yvonne.

Valentina: “This is fun!! I like this energy!”

Women come over and present each of the ‘Wives with a lei.

Dancer: “Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii!”

Marcie: “Aloha!”

Jac: “Thank you for having us!”

Dancer: “Come! Come join us and we’ll show you some moves!”

Dancers now come and get the women, getting them up from the table and bringing them out to the sandbar to dance.

Mona: “Oh okaaaay!”

Yvonne: “I’m old, don’t do anything crazy!” She laughs as a young women moves her hips to show Yvonne.

The camera pans to Monsè who awkwardly shakes her hips.

Monsè: “Damn, how do you girls shake it like that?!” She asks her dance partner.

Jac: “Like this, Monsè!” She scurries over and moves Monsè’s hips from side to side, the girls laugh.

Monsè’s Confessional

“I don’t have a lot to shake but hey, if it works for Gil it works for me.”

We now see Marcie who is dancing with a large man, a bit off beat.

Marcie: “This is fun!”

We get some more footage of the women dancing with the dancers until the sun sets. The Housewives say goodbye to the dancers and make their way back over to the table where their meal is waiting for them.

Jac: “Phew that was exhausting!” She plops down in her seat.

Mona: “This is really good Yvonne, thanks for setting this all up.”

Yvonne: “Of course!” She takes a bite of her food.

Monsè: “This really is a great first night of the trip so far!”

Jac: “So ladies.” She looks around the table. “I was hoping I could say a few words before we get to the usual cussing and fussing that occurs during these group outings.”

The girls all turn their attention to Jac.

Jac: “I wanted to start off by thanking Yvonne for organising this lovely vacation and to Val for her generous offer to fly us out on her private jet. With that said, I know my behaviour has been a bit erratic lately and it became so concerning that I went to the doctor who informed me that I’m pregnant!”

Mona: “Congrats, Jac.” She smiles.

Marcie: “Oh congratulations!”

Mona’s Confessional

“Good for her I’m glad she’s pregnant. Doesn’t excuse her shitty behavior these past few weeks.”

Yvonne: “Wow, you’re that far along that you’re cranky?”

Sheridan: “Can’t you tell by her stomach that she’s that far along, Yvonne?” She giggles.

Jac: “Im 13 weeks, Yvonne but thank you for your congratulatory words.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Congratulations to Jac and Beau, first off. So, is she on maternity leave from Reality of Roleplay or did she just quit?”

Monsè: “You deserve nothing but happiness!” She smiles at Jac.

Valentina: “We are so excited for you Jacqueline! Pregnancy looks good on you! You carry it well.”

Jac: “Thank you lovey! And thank you to my girls Val, Monsè, and Sheridan who have all been so supportive of me during this time.” She smiles at her side of the table. “A true sisterhood.”

Valentina: “We love you Jacqueline!”

Sheridan: “I’ve always wanted a sisterhood in this circle, and we finally got it girls!”

Monsè: “Agreed! Glad we can finally have a nice, calm dinner for once!” She eats her fish.

We get a shot of Mona shaking her head as she turns to Yvonne.

Yvonne: “Yes, sisterhood.” She laughs condescendingly and scoffs.

Valentina: “So ladies, since we’re sharing good news I wanted to share something with you all!” She looks at the ladies excited, she clutches her wine glass. “Since I’ve moved to Beverly Beach I’ve been dying to find a project I can do that I’m passionate about. So I thought about several things but the one that stood out to me the most was a dance studio. Since I was a professional dancer for the Miami Heat I thought this would be a fun project! My husband has been helping me look for a space and I just got the call that the location I was wanting for the studio has came available and we are going to purchase it and fully renovate it to make it a Valentína experience!”

Marcie: “Wait that’s a great idea Val! Sign me up, I need all the lessons as you ladies just saw.”

Sheridan: “That is just wonderful, Valentina! I love to dance so I can’t wait to come dance at your studio!”

Jac: “Yay Val!! Im so happy for you. What’s the size of the studio? Is it bigger than Yvonne’s art gallery?”

Yvonne: “It’s definitely not bigger than your ego…” She mumbles.

Valentina: “I think it’s about 3500 square feet of studio. Maybe 5000 I can’t remember. But it is bigger.” She laughs.

The camera pans to Yvonne and Mona who just continue to eat quietly.

Marcie: “I can’t dance so I’ll definitely need some classes, Yvonne will you be going?!”

Some of the women look to Yvonne.

Valentina: “I’d love to have you all there when we do the grand opening! Even Mona and Yvonne!”

Mona and Yvonne glance at one another.

Mona: “Now — theres the problem.” She looks at Valentina. “Why do you say ‘even Mona’? I’ve never done anything to you.” She narrows her eyes.

Valentina: “You haven’t talked about me?” She sips her wine.

Mona: “I don’t even know you enough to talk about you, girl.” She rolls her eyes. “You’re a non factor in my life, baby.”

Valentina: “That’s not whats been brought back to me.”

Yvonne: “Brought back by whom?”

Mona: “There’s no reason for you to say that, and there’s no reason I shouldn’t…we…” She looks to Yvonne. “shouldn’t have been excluded from traveling with you guys here.”

Mona’s Confessional

“I’m angry, mad, pissed, all of the above. Don’t leave me out of shit that’s not cool.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I think it’s childish that Mona is upset that she was not invited onto the plane. She hasn’t been nice to Valentina, and neither has Yvonne.”

Monsè: “Mona, I don’t think Valentina meant to exclude you guys. She just hasn’t gotten to know you as well.”

Marcie: “But it is rude to like…not invite the host on a jet though.” She shrugs. “I don’t know I just want this frozen margarita.” She sips it.

Valentina: “Well then sip on the frozen margarita Marcie and shut up.” She gives Marcie a look.

Marcie: “Okay! Just be unlikeable then.” She glares at Valentina.

Sheridan: “Oop! She got you girl” She giggles at Marcie.

Marcie’s Confessional

“I’m not fighting with some bimbo. I’ll eat my dinner.”

Monsè: “I just think you could be taking this a little personal, don’t you think?” She looks to Mona.

Mona: “Yes I’m taking it personal Monsè wouldn’t you? And don’t you dare…don’t you dare start defending her or I will lose it.”

Yvonne’s jaw drops and Marcie watches, scared.

Monsè: “Whoa, don’t turn it on me. I’m just saying! Didn’t you say you had an issue with her when we were planning this trip? Why would you want to go on her plane in the first place?”

Jac: “That’s a good point, Monsè.” She nods while chewing.

Monsè’s Confessional

“Mona doesn’t even like Valentina that much. She’s just pissy that she had to ride six hours in coach. Sip on that.”

Mona: “I don’t have an issue with her she’s just been talking out of her big fat mouth giving her unwanted opinion every time I see her and it’s annoying!”

Valentina lets out a laugh.

Jac: “Girl, take a deep breath.” She taps Mona.

Jac’s Confessional

“This is what happens when you hire women who’ve never flown on a private jet. I blame production for this.”

Sheridan: “Ladies, relax. Where are the hula dancers?! ALOHA! Come back dancers!”

Valentina: “This is all so ridiculous. Mona, let it go.”

Mona turns to face Valentina.

Mona: “I really don’t know what your problem with me is, Valentina. But you need to figure it out.” She points at her.

Valentina: “Oh I need to figure it out?” She laughs. “I just met you, wannabe actress. I don’t even know you to hate on you.” She flicks her eyes.

Mona: “Wannabe actress? Oh really so we’re going there.”

Valentina: “Yeah, we’re going there.” She nods. “Check my husbands IMDB and then let’s look at yours! Actually I already looked…your movies never left blockbuster!”

Mona: “Does it really look like I care about your creep of a husband?”

The camera pans to show the reactions of Sheridan, Jac, Monsè, and Valentina. Sheridan cringes, Jac puts her face in her hands, Monsè turns to Valentina, Valentina just glares at Mona.

Mona: “Yeah everyone knows about his shady reputation in the business.”

Sheridan: “Mona — no! The allegations — no! Stop it right there.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Mona has a way of throwing out allegations that are extremely hurtful. She’s done it to me for years and now she is doing it to Valentina. It’s not okay!”

Valentina: “What shady business reputation? I’d love to hear what you straight-to-DVD actress and actors talk about.” She cocks her head and puts her elbows on the table.

Mona: “I’m not making an allegation I’m just saying what people have said. I don’t know your husband and from the sound…and looks of it I don’t want to.”

Mona’s Confessional

“I’ve heard of her husband before and someone reminded me a few days ago who he was. He’s been very flirty before with a few of my friends in the business…”

The camera is now on Marcie who chokes on her margarita. She continues eating her food while watching the fight.

Marcie: “This is amazing. Wow.”

Marcie’s Confessional

“This has NOTHING to do with me.. so I’m gonna enjoy it!”

Monsè: “Mona! You really want to talk about husbands? You know more than anyone how damaging that can be. I just think we should be bonding as a group right now, not getting into a petty argument about who rode on a private jet and who slummed it on a commercial flight. It’s irrelevant!”

Sheridan: “I agree with Monsè!”

Jac: “As do I. I stand with Monsè.”

Jac’s Confessional

“At this point, I don’t even know what these girls are arguing about but I know that if I agree with Monsè, Mona will get pissed off. So…” She shrugs. “I’m agreeing with Monsè.”

Mona: “Monsè, shut up!” She points at her. “I can say what I want!”

Yvonne: “So, maybe Mona should be upset that you’ve kicked her to the curb for this cheerleader. Is that a more substantive issue?” She motions to Monsè.

Monsè: “Yvonne that’s not true. I love Mona, everyone knows that. I’m just trying to help Valentina get comfortable with the group, and she apparently needs it with the cold welcome she’s getting from you two!” She points at Yvonne then Mona.

Valentina: “Thank you, Monsè!”

Yvonne: “Let’s not act like she’s an innocent puppy who’s paw got stepped on. She’s given nasty energy to me as well, Monsè.” She crosses her arms.

Valentina looks across the table at Mona, leaning in.

Valentina: “I don’t even know you and you’re bringing up my husband? You haven’t even met him Mona! And I’m sure he don’t care to know you either Mona. I get YOURE mad that Monsè has found a better friend than you were to her but that’s not a me problem. It’s a YOU problem!”

Mona: “Don’t even try it sister you’ll never have the friendship Monsè and I have.” She snarls at Valentina.

Jac: Had.” She sips her water. “The friendship you and Monsè had.”

Valentina: “I don’t want a friendship where you ghost your so called best friend for months. You don’t know the mess I had to clean up that you caused!”

Valentina’s Confessional

“Look Monsè has told me some things about Mona’s situation that makes me look at her differently. Let’s just say don’t believe everything you read of Mona’s.”

Monsè holds her hands up.

Monsè: “Whoa whoa whoa! I can be friends with both of you okay. That’s not the issue here. I love you both and I just want everyone to get along.”

Monsè’s Confessional

“Valentina’s right, she did help me through a lot of the tough times while Mona was MIA. Our friendship is still pretty new, but she’s definitely been there for me recently. I can’t honestly say the same about Mona.”

Valentina glares across the table as she fixes her hair.

Valentina: “If you want to go there Mona we can go there. You just might not like the truth of the matter.”

Mona: “Valentina, you didn’t do shit for Monsè! I know the truth and the truth is you’re a bratty, filled up with plastic bitch that’s not from Beverly Beach!” She throws her napkin at the table and stands up, knocking her chair over. “See, you don’t defend me Monsè!”

Monsè: “I don’t defend you. Are you serious?! I have gotten so much shit for doing nothing but defending you the last couple of years. Don’t do that to me, Mona.”

Mona: “I can’t do this Monsè! This is too much for me!”

Monsè: “Fine, walk off like you always do! I’m done, DONE!”

Mona begins sniffling as she walks away.

Yvonne: “Wait, Mona, where are you going?”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Monsè started this problem for herself. You don’t talk trash to one friend about another and then try to mesh them into the same friend group while issues are unresolved. That’s sloppy and that’s not true friendship. At least give Mona the heads up!”

Valentina: “Did she just throw a napkin and stand up like a six year old that doesn’t get her way!” She laughs and looks around.

The camera follows Marcie as she gets up and goes after Mona who is now walking away.

Marcie: “Mona stop! Think about your friendships here.”

Marcie catches up with Mona at the stairs up to the resort.

Mona: “Im done! I’ve had it with Barbie over here. Im sick of Jac stirring things up with Monsè and I. And I’m really fucking tired of Monsè defending everyone else EXCEPT ME.”

Marcie: “Don’t let one rude miserable bitch ruin it!”

Mona: “Im just — I just. I can’t — “ She struggles to get the words out and leans on the railing.

Marcie: “Just breathe and talk, Mona!” She rushes over and rubs her back. “It’s okay!” She looks horrified.

Marcie’s Confessional

“This is so sad. All that was needed was an apology for excluding us from Valentina, and nobody meddling in between Mona and Monsé. What we got was none of the above.”

Mona: “I can’t — I can’t do this. Im having a breakdown. I need to go home. I want to be home.” She starts breathing heavy and Producers rush over.

Back at the table Jac, Yvonne, Monsè, Valentina, and Sheridan sit.

They are all looking over trying to figure what’ss going on with Mona and Marcie at the stairs.

Jac: “Do you think she’s going to finish her chicken?”

The camera zooms in on Mona’s half eaten chicken breast.

Yvonne: “You can have it Jac, we know you’re eating for two now.”

Jac: “Hey, at least I have a reason for my weight gain.” She reaches across the table and grabs Mona’s plate.

Yvonne: “Yes, this time!”

Jac: “What’s your excuse, my darling?” She smiles.

Yvonne: “I haven’t gained any weight darling. Take the cheap digs and hurl them at your former cohosts.”

We see Yvonne looking over at Mona, Marcie, and Production.

Yvonne: “Why is Marcie over there?” She glances over at the stairs, confused.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Marcie was silent this entire dinner, munching on her meal but as soon as Mona starts running, she blasted off like Sanya Richards Ross!”

Valentina: “Are you okay Monsè?”

Monsè: “I’m fine.” She is fanning herself. “I’m good, let’s just get back to dinner yeah?”

Jac’s Confessional

“The ladies were trash. The chicken was great. Night 1 in Maui, that’s a wrap!”

The scene fades as we get a wide shot of the lit up beach.

The sun rises over Hawaii. It is now the first full day in Maui.

We see the sunrise over the beautiful beach. The camera follows Marcie as she walks out of her room, in full glam.


She makes her way down stairs and into the lobby.

Marcie’s Confessional

“Last night was crazy! Jac instigating a whole fight between Mona and Monsè, Valentina screaming her lungs out at Mona, Mona having a panic attack. It’s too much. I hope today’s more peaceful.

We get different shots of Jac, Yvonne, and Sheridan making their way down and meeting Marcie in the open air lobby.

Jac, Yvonne, & Sheridan

Yvonne: “Hey Sheridan, glad you could join us!” She hugs Sheridan. “Do you still have sand between the breasts?”

Sheridan laughs.

Sheridan: “I showered, but I could use another. Unlike you all I got my ass up early and went for a run!”

The ladies all make their way outside and walk along the path to the resort’s restaurant that is right by the beach.

A hostess sits them at a table for four; they order food and drinks in a montage then we get a wide shot of the table.

Yvonne: “Well, did everyone have a good sleep last night? I could use more. Between the fighting and Mona leaving the trip, it was a morning for rest!”

Jac: “What do you mean Mona left?” She sips her juice and looks around confused.

Yvonne: “She had a panic attack after the drama and everyone felt it was best if she went home to be with herself.”

Marcie: “She couldn’t take it.” She shrugs.

Jac: “What drama?”

Marcie: “Valentina and her…”

Jac: “So she just left? Because she made disparaging comments about someone’s husband, she bounced?”

Jac’s Confessional

“Oh here we go. Mona and her infamous disappearing act. Someone give her a Vegas residency.”

Yvonne: “No, I don’t think that’s it. I think she’s already dealing with a lot on top of how Monsè’s treated her.” She digs into her eggs.

Sheridan: “Yvonne, give it a test. She’s always running from her issues.” She rolls her eyes.

Yvonne: “I don’t disagree with you Sheridan but if you saw what Marcie and I saw, she was not in a good space to be on this fun trip.”

We get a shot of Marcie nodding in agreement.

Marcie’s Confessional

“Mona had a breakdown. Screaming, crying, at producers, crew.” She waves her arms around. “Crazy. She couldn’t be here any longer. It’s not a healthy environment so I hope home she gets better.”

Sheridan: “Well she isn’t in a good space to be on this show, then.” She shrugs. “I feel like she prefers to not be around the group at this point.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Mona caused our Reunion to be cancelled because she didn’t want to film. Here she is again, doing the same thing. I’m tired of showing up and showing my life with a cast member who is constantly on the run.” She looks into the camera. “I do feel for Mona, but if you aren’t mentally well, take a step back from the cameras.”

The camera pans to Jac.

Jac: “Can we call a spade a spade here? Last year Sheridan almost choked Mona out and she stayed in Vegas. Why? Because she had her little posse by her side. This year she throws out harmful and damaging allegations about Brandon Armani and she leaves. Why? Because she’s all alone.”

Sheridan: “Exactly.” She nods.

Jac’s Confessional

“Mona is on my shit list. She’s been trying to manipulate the situation between Monsè and I. She’s making harmful remarks to my new friend Val and now she’s disappeared again. Be a woman and stand in your truth. Enough is enough.”

Marcie sighs, sipping her coffee.

Marcie: “Valentina was really getting herself inserted in Mona and Monsè’s problem though.” She turns. “Jac, don’t you agree?”

Yvonne: “Jac’s done the same thing!” She giggles.

Jac: “No, I don’t agree.” She shakes her head. “Not at all or in the slightest do I agree.”

Marcie: “Well, Jac, you started the whole thing so…” She makes a face. “I mean.”

Jac rolls her eyes.

Jac: “We’ve all done it. We all…” She gestures around the table. “get in each others business. That’s the nature of the beast.”

Sheridan: “Plus, Valentina is a friend of Monsè. Marcie, you having an opinion on the situation is a bit of an insertion, don’t you think?” She raises an eyebrow. “After all, you’re here as Yvonne’s hairdresser. Right?”

Jac smirks, Yvonne yelps, and Marcie just scoffs.

Jac’s Confessional

“Yvonne brought glam on this trip? It doesn’t look like it.”

Marcie: “No Sheridan — I’m not inserting myself.” She flips her hair. “I’m pointing out the hypocritical statements.” She looks around.

Marcie’s Confessional

“I don’t why Sheridan with her burnt bleach job is trying me this morning but I’m not up. Leave me be!”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“It’s hypocritical for Marcie to be commenting on any of this. She’s here because she does our hair and hooks us up with extensions.”

Marcie: “I’m just saying there was a lot of energy last night and it was not positive and we need to like redirect that into supporting one another and not tearing one another down.”

Sheridan: “That I can agree on, Marcie but Mona can’t continue to run her mouth, say malicious things, and then run when she gets a bit of push back.”

Jac: “You know what we should do? We should just sit in silence when we’re in each others company because clearly if we say one thing out of line, Mona’s going to flee. So I’ll be mute in her presence moving forward.” She smiles and eats some fruit.

We see Yvonne raise and eyebrow.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I’m not sure if Jac knows herself well, but she’s never quiet let alone silent. If her wide screen mouth is closed, it’ll be because she’s chewing her meal for two.”

The scene ends dramatically as the shot zooms out from the resort.

We are now seeing footage of Valentina and Brandon Armani’s impressive Maui estate.

A large tricked out jeep pulls through the gates to the house. Monsè gets out of the passanger side and goes up to ring the doorbell; Valentina opens to door with a smile a few moments later.


Valentina: “Girl, it’s so good to see you!”

Monsè: “Hey girl! How’d you sleep?”

Valentina: “Well…” She makes a face and laughs a little. “We’ll talk about it in a sec! Get in here I have us some coffee before we start the day?”

Monsè: “Please! Coffee sounds great, I’m exhausted after last night. You had the right idea running away to your own house.”

Valentina’s confessional plays as we get footage of Monsè and Valentina walking through the home to the kitchen.

Valentina’s Confessional

“After how tense last nights dinner was I figured it would be best I stayed at my house the first night. I didn’t really feel comfortable staying at the resort given how angry Mona and Yvonne were.”

As Valentina pours the coffee she looks up at Monsè.

Valentina: “We have plenty of extra beds here, you know. If it gets too bad today…” She laughs a bit and hands Monsè her coffee.

Monsè: “Thanks for the offer girl! I think today will be a little calmer, though.”

Monsè and Valentina walk out and sit in the outdoor seating area where you get a magnificent view of the shore.

Monsè: “Apparently Mona basically had a meltdown and fully left Hawaii after dinner.” She shakes her head. “Maybe it’s for the best. It seems like she might not be ready yet to hang out with the group again.”

Valentina: “Oh she left?” She rolls her eyes. “I wonder why, did she not like that I called her ass out?”

Monsè: “I guess not.” She throws her hands up. “I know she’s got a lot going on in her life, but at the same time she can’t treat people like that.”

The camera pans to show Brandon who is now strolling outside towards the women, he is on the phone.

Valentina & Brandon

Brandon: “Okay, thank you for getting that cleared up for me.” He hangs up the phone. “Morning, ladies!” He gives Valentina a kiss and Monsè a hug; then sits on an adjacent couch. “Monsè, how are you? What are you ladies chatting about?”

Monsè: “Brandon! Good to see you. This place is gorgous. I’m doing great. We’re just talking about last night….Has Val given you all the updates?”

Brandon: “Oh, I’ve heard ALL about it.” He laughs. “Something about my inappropriate behavior?”

The camera pans to Valentina who is shaking her head, pissed off.

Valentina: “How she talked about my husband was DISGUSTING. Monsè, that wasn’t right of her! I don’t care if she has mental health issues, she’s trash for her behavior last night.”

Monsè sighs.

Monsè: “You’re right.” She turns to address Brandon. “I think we all know you’re one of the few stand up guys in the industry, and it’s not right of her to spread something like that.”

Brandon: “It’s a bunch of bullshit. I mean I’ve been in the industry for almost 30 years. I’ve never had any sort of scandal, allegation, law suit…”

Valentina: “It’s ridiculous and low.” She looks to Brandon. “Should we tell her?”

Monsè: “Oh?” She glances between the couple. “What happened?”

Brandon: “Before we tell her, I want to hear from you, Monsè, because my wife can be a little bit over the top with her stories. Did Mona really say my name and associate it with inappropriate behavior?”

Valentina shakes her head slightly and Brandon looks to Monsè.

Monsè: “I mean, she’s not wrong. It was pretty disgusting what she said. You know us girls, we love to bicker. But out of nowhere, Mona all of a sudden wanted to bring up your name and say she‘s heard stories about you behaving inappropriately from her friends? It was ridiculous, and trust that we shut that down immediately. We just have to hope those rumors don’t go further than the group now.”

Brandon: “Thank you, I appreciate that.”

Monsè’s Confessional

“I’m not an actress, but I’m in the industry, so I know most of these friends that Mona has heard these so-called stories from. These girls would die for a chance to even be in the same room as Brandon Armani, so to suddenly have these crazy, dark stories to tell? I’m calling bullshit, I don’t buy it.”

Valentina looks to Brandon, validated. He nods and turns back to Monsè.

Brandon: “Monsè, you know from working in this industry, reputation is everything. I have a huge reputation to uphold. I’m here filming a movie, that’s the whole reason I am here.” He motions to himself. “That’s why I just got off the phone with our lawyers, and I’m having my lawyers send Mona a cease and desist. In this day in age, inappropriate or unwanted sexual behavior is something that is career ruining to be accused of. I just want to make it know, this is not okay and 100% a lie.”

Valentina: “She should get the cease and desist when she lands back in Beverly Beach.” She nods. “I’m sure it will spread like wildfire in this group when she receives it.”

Monsè looks a bit sad, but nods.

Monsè: “You know, as much as I’d hate to see Mona get in any hot water, I think you guys have to do what necessary to protect yourselves. I totally support it.”

Valentina: “I’m fixing to play checkers with that bitch!” She purses her lips. “She asked for it; Speaking about my husband and we ALL have the money and ALL have the resources to shut her up.”

Monsè: “Do what you gotta do, girl.”

Valentina’s Confessional

“Look I don’t play when it comes to my kids or my husband so Mona is fucking with one of the two. You asked for it bitch and you are fixing to receive it.” She blows a kiss. “Now check THAT!”

Valentina and Brandon look at one another, Monsè shrugs and bites her lip. We get a shot of the Armani house then the episode ends.