[S8E2]: Charity Case

Real Housewives of Beverly Beach
34 min readNov 7, 2023
(From L to R: Sheridan Campbell, Monsè DeRosier, Jac Carter, Mona Quinn, Yvonne Langley, Valentina Armani, & Marcie Maples)

The camera pans over Beverly Acres, a newly developed exclusive neighborhood reserved for the ultra wealthy adjacent to Beverly Bluffs.

The camera focuses in on Marcie’s house. In her kitchen, Marcie is shown trying to figure out how to use her high-tech Nespresso machine.

Marcie Maples

Marcie: “C’mon! This is so stupid!” She hits it.

Marcie begins pulling at a plastic part that eventually snaps off.

Marcie: “Oh shit! Did I just…?” She looks at the camera and laughs. “Oh shit.” She sighs and sets the piece on her counter.

Marcie’s Confessional

“Hi! My name is Marat Maples but you guys can call me Marcie!”

Marcie: “This is so annoying…” She takes out her phone and FaceTimes her son, Mikey.

Marcie: “Hi my angel!” She holds her phone up. “I broke the coffee machine what do I do this part came off!” She holds it up.

Mike: “Mom did you really just call me in the middle of an exam because you can’t figure out the coffee machine?”

Marcie: “Oh! How’s the exam going?!”

Mike: “Well it’s going, and here I am outside on the phone with YOU!”

Marcie: “Oh shit! Go take your test! I’ll figure it out.” She hangs up.

Marcie’s Confessional

“I was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico but I moved to New York at 5 years old to pursue modeling! I ended up hating it because I love pasta, not cotton balls for lunch! One thing I always loved was the glam behind the scenes though, so I went to school to do hair!”

Marcie is now trying to reattach the plastic part to the machine.

Marcie: “Okay! Well, that’s just not working.” She sets the part down.

Marcie makes her way over to the table in the kitchen and opens up her laptop.

Marcie: “Alright, time to look at leases!”

We see Marcie scrolling through buildings for rent.

Marcie: “I need to find one big enough for nine other elite stylists two nail girls, two aestheticians, and two nurse injectors so this shouldn’t be too hard!”

Marcie’s Confessional

“I studied at The Aveda Institute, trained under Horst Rechelbacher in the late eighties, apprenticed under Vidal Sassoon in the early nineties. By the mid nineties I had eight salons all around New York and California, and was the go to team for New York Fashion Week models and fashion houses. I’ve worked with Christy Turlington, Kate Moss, Naomi, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford.. I’ve had an illustrious career!” She pats herself on the back.

She pulls up a property that has caught her eye.

Marcie: “This looks promising! I’m not opposed to renting for that much either! Especially if I end up liking it enough to buy it!”

Marcie emails the link to her husband.

Marcie: “I hope he’s okay with it!” She giggles.

Marcie’s Confessional

“I moved to Beverly Beach with my husband Jonathon in 2003. I wasn’t really looking to settle down at the peak of my career, but he kind of swept me off my feet. He’s a real estate broker in New York and Beverly Beach.. a very successful one. He wanted a child and I didn’t want to sacrifice my sons childhood by having two working parents. So I sold all my salons.. for enough to never work again if I really didn’t want to.” She winks.

The camera follows Marcie as she goes to the fridge and pulls out a pitcher of homemade sangria and pours herself a glass. As she sips on it, her laptop dings with an email notification.

Marcie: “Oh that must be Jon!” She opens his email and begins reading it out loud. “ ‘Marcie…that’s 75 THOUSAND a month.. look in the 50K range.’ “ She rolls her eyes and shuts her laptop. “Ugh! That’s so annoying! I hate a budget! I’ll look at 60K!”

Marcie’s Confessional

“Now that Mike’s in college I’m bored god dammit! I want something to do! I am heavily involved in the Beverly Beach charity scene, but I’ve been trying to ease myself out of my responsibilities these past few months. Throwing parties and fundraising was fun while I had to be at home, but now I’m trying to follow my life passion. So I’m looking for a salon to lease with intent to purchase if I like the location and logistics.”

Over on the counter, Marcie’s Nespresso machine starts beeping loud and repeatedly.

Marcie: “Oh, what the fuck?!”

She rushes over and the camera pans out of her massive house. Audio from Marcie can be heard.

Marcie: “I HATE this thing!” There is a sound as she hits it.

The scene ends.

The scene begins and we see one of the main streets of Downtown Beverly Beach. The camera pans over Sheridan’s restaurant Bell Camp.

Inside at a high-top, Sheridan and Yvonne sit and chat whilist enjoying some champagne.

Yvonne & Sheridan

Sheridan: “It’s just so good to see you. I just know you had a fabulous vacation.”

Yvonne: “Yes, I did! It was really needed.” She sips her champagne. “You know, I wanted Victoria to tag along but she was unresponsive so I just took Horace with me.”

Sheridan laughs.

Sheridan: “I just was at her church a couple days ago with the other ladies. I tried my best not to laugh at all the hollering.”

A brief audio clips of Victoria singing praise from Episode 1.

Yvonne: “At least she’s keeping up with some of you…” She rolls her eyes.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Victoria and I really hit it off when we met, she’s a lot of fun but she’s very evasive and I don’t like that. It makes me feel like you’re hiding something or not being genuine.”


The camera turns and pans to show Heidi Weltroth walking through the Bell Camp doors. She quickly spots Sheridan and Yvonne and walks over.

Heidi: “Hey ladies! Long time no see!” She takes her sunglasses off.

Sheridan: “Heidi! Hello darling!”

Heidi gives Sheridan and Yvonne hugs.

Sheridan: “Thanks for stopping by to grab this gift certificate!”

Heidi: “Well thank you for donating to the silent auction! I really think an experience at Bell Camp will be a hit.”

Sheridan: “Wait, you know Yvonne right?”

Heidi smiles and takes a seat, nodding.

Heidi: “Yes I do! She’s come to a few of my fundraisers.”

Yvonne: “Yes, I’ve known Heidi for a while. When she started working with the children, I spotlighted her at one of my charity soirées.” She smiles.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I love the work Heidi does. I’ve known her pretty much since she moved to Beverly Beach, but we started seeing each other more when she started working with the Youth Mental Health Project. I believe very deeply that young people need all the support they need to keep their heads on their shoulders.”

Heidi: “It’s more of a social friendship but I hope to expand on that!”

Yvonne: “Absolutely and it just makes sense. We share friends so we might as well be friends!”

Sheridan pours Heidi a glass of champagne.

Sheridan: “Here you go. How are you doing though babe, are you ready for the event tomorrow?”

Heidi: “Ugh girl! I can’t lie it’s been a lot but it’s coming together. The venue I got is absolutely stunning. You both are going to die. Right along the coast. I mean so gorgeous.”

Heidi’s Confessional

“I love throwing these parties to raise money, I mean it’s what I do. But planning is only like 25% of it. The other 75% come from people who donate gifts and money, the people who show up and support. I didn’t ask Sheridan if she would like to donate anything but she reached out and offered. Its a testament to who she is.”

Heidi: “This is almost my 20th event I’ve done for the Youth Mental Health Project.” She sips her champagne and turns to Yvonne. “Yvonne, if I remember correctly you did some fundraising for the Youth Mental Health Project correct?”

Yvonne: “Yes! I fundraised at my Christmas parties three years in a row and also over in Beverly Pines, you know the retirees are sitting on money.”

Heidi: “Love The Pines! You can really get anything you want from the old and rich.” She giggles.

Sheridan: “Heidi, who all is on your guest list, I’m assuming we can bring our significant others, right?”

Heidi: “Of course significant others are invited!”

Yvonne: “Do I need to hire someone to accompany me?”

Heidi: “I don’t think you’ll be lonely if you don’t have a plus one! Actually, I invited some people you both might know.” She purses her lips. “Mona, Monsè, Victoria, and Jac. I’ve known most of them socially, but I thought they would bring some good donations.”

Sheridan: “Mona? She’s around?” She taps her acrylics on the table.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I haven’t seen or heard from Mona and from my meeting with the other ladies the other day…neither have they so I am quite surprised to hear her name mention by Heidi.”

Heidi: “What’s the deal with her? I’ve heard so many stories from so many people.”

Heidi’s Confessional

“Mona and I met briefly years ago. Listen, everyone in Beverly Beach talks. I heard she ran off and went fly fishing in Oklahoma and got lost in the water, I heard she married a billionaire and moved to Greece, umm apparently she’s now a nun?!” She laughs. “Who knows at this point! But I do know she’s back and will hopefully be bidding on some items.” She laughs.

Yvonne: “I did actually have dinner with Mona recently.”

Sheridan: “Mona talked to you?” She whips her head in Yvonne’s direction.

Yvonne: “Yes, we had a very thorough discussion. She is doing better and she even wants to talk one on one with you Sheridan. I can’t say she’ll really open up to the other girls.”

Sheridan: “Oh wow…Monsè seemed pretty hurt at the fact her best friend has ignored her for weeks. It’s bizarre that she reached out to you of all people, Yvonne.”

Yvonne: “To be fair, I reached out to her a couple of times.” She clears her throat.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Something seems….off. Is this damage control? Is this watching the show and pivoting due to viewer feedback. I’m not sure what the hell is going on but I smell fish and it’s not from the fish tacos Yvonne is currently munching on!”

Yvonne: “I wanted to make sure she was okay because going ghost in this town isn’t normal! Plus, I saw Adam at Neimans with his partner and he had the kids which seemed a bit odd because it was a Wednesday!”

Sheridan shrugs and pours herself a glass of water now.

Sheridan: “I guess Mona and I will see each other at your event Heidi, but I don’t know that’s the best place for me to converse with her one on one. We have a lot to unpack.”

We see Heidi nods.

Heidi: “Well at least you’ll be in a public setting so things can’t get too out of hand.”

Heidi’s Confessional

“From my point-of-view as an outsider looking in I do think these ladies have the right to have some reservations about Mona. I couldn’t imagine just ghosting my closest friends. The least she could’ve done is just send a text saying she’s going through it.”

The ladies thank the server as he brings out some roasted brussels and vegan meatballs.

Heidi: “Does anyone by chance know Marat Maples?” She glances around as she plops a meatball on her plate.

Yvonne: “You mean Marcie? Yes! I’ve known Marcie for decades. She’s in my age bracket. I love her.”

Sheridan: “Is she in your age bracket, Yvonne?” She laughs. “I do know of her, I don’t know her personally though.”

Heidi: “Yes, Marcie. Well I hard that she was shit talking my party planning skills. Someone told me she said my house was dirty.”

Sheridan: “Oh wow, you two not getting along?” She looks interested as she takes a brussel sprout.

Heidi: “We were friends but it seems like she’s kind of just been rude and shit talking me. She brought up my looks a couple times which was just icky.”

Sheridan: “Your looks? Oh wow that’s pretty low. I would hope she didn’t say anything like that and maybe it’s just a misunderstanding.”

Heidi: “She came to look at the event space with me and the vibes were for sure off.”

Yvonne: “I did also hear from mutual friends that Marcie has said some harsh things about your parties.” She sips her champagne. “I thought you two were having one of those socialite squabbles.”

Sheridan: “You heard it too? Well hell maybe it’s true!” She looks between Yvonne and Heidi.

Yvonne: “Yes, I did and I hate to throw Marcie under the bus but the truth is the truth!”

Heidi: “Oh really? It’s quite hurtful actually.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“If what these two are saying is true and Marcie has made comments about Heidi’s appearance, that’s low. I think Heidi is a beautiful and talented woman and although I don’t know her personally, I don’t think making fun of someone’s appearance is right.”

Yvonne: “Is it a deep thing between the two of you or can it be fixed?”

Sheridan and Yvonne both look to Heidi.

Heidi: “I don’t think it’s deep but I’m distancing myself from her.”

Sheridan: “Will she be in attendance at your event tomorrow?”

Heidi shrugs.

Heidi: “I extended an invite but to be honest I don’t really care if she comes. It might be best for her to save the money on hair and makeup. It’s not like she can afford it anyways.”

Sheridan and Yvonne both look at one another.

Sheridan: “Oh my goodness not the jab at her finances.” She giggles.

Heidi’s Confessional

“I love Marcie. I think she may be intimidated by me even if it’s just a little bit. I mean her children left for college, she’s trying to get her salon off the ground, and she has to fuck an old man at night. I could see why she might be a bit bitter.”

Yvonne: “I’m sorry, are you insinuating that Marcie is experiencing financial troubles?” She blinks at Heidi.

Heidi: “Oops I let that slip! I did hear that her and her husband are struggling. I guess he invested a ton in stocks and didn’t get the return he was expecting.”

Yvonne: “Yikes!” She shakes her head.

Sheridan: “Oh my goodness well that is all alleged. I don’t like talking about people’s finances, especially after the lies spread about my own a couple years ago.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“If Heidi felt there was distance between them now, there will be a continent between them once Marcie hears what Heidi is saying about her.”

Heidi: “If she wants to shit talk my fabulous life then we’ll this is what happens. Again, I’m not sure if this is true this is just what the palm trees are saying.” She pulls out lipgloss and reapplies.

Yvonne: “This palm tree will say: I’m excited for your fundraiser and I hope there’s more money than drama spreading around the room.”

The scene dramatically fades out as the ladies look at each other while sipping their champagne.

The scene opens to show Monsè in her kitchen, chopping vegetables for dinner.

At the big, granite island, Monsè’s six year old son, Bastien, sits and works on homework.

Monsè: “Hey Bas, need any help with that?” She glances up.

Bastien: “Mommy, you’re not even good at math!”

Monsè: Boy, I know you didn’t just — “ She stops and begins to laugh. “Well, I’m glad you got the hang of it, munchkin.”

Bastien: “Yep! That’s why the teacher always calls on me in class. She says I’m the best!” He smiles widely.

Monsè: “I believe it, smarty pants. Mommy’s proud of you.”

Monsè pours the vegetables in a pot on the stove, then goes over and gives Bastien a hug and kiss, then begins looking at this homework with him.

Monsè’s Confessional

“Life as a stay-at-home actually isn’t as different from my job at the production company as I thought. I’m still running around like a chicken with its head cut off, but instead of business meetings, it’s always cleaning up a mess or keeping tabs on Bastien or cooking dinner. Your girl is still exhausted, that’s for sure. But the plus side is I get to spend a lot more time with Bastien and even with Gil, so all in all, I’m pretty happy.”

The camera pans to show a women coming down the stairs. It’s Phoebe, Monsè’s sister.

Phoebe: “Hellooooo!” She smiles. “How’s my favorite sister and nephew?”

Bastien: “Auntie Phoebe!” He jumps down from his seat to go give Phoebe a hug.

Monsè watches and smiles.

Monsè: “We’ve been good, the usual. Mom duties — cook, clean, and repeat. It’s all very exciting.”

Phoebe: “Yeah, sounds pretty lit to me.” She says sarcastically. “You’re really living the dream, huh?”

The girls laugh and Phoebe goes and opens the fridge.

Monsè’s Confessional

“So, I have four siblings — I’m the oldest and Phoebe’s the youngest. Even though we’re a few years apart, we’re the only girls in the family, so we always had a close bond growing up. We lost touch for a while when I moved away with Gil, but we reconnected when Phoebe moved to Beverly Beach a couple years ago after graduating from college. Now that Phoebe’s around and trying to pursue a career in entertainment, we’re even closer than we were as kids. It’s nothing but love between us.”

The camera pans to show Phoebe pulling out two water bottles, Monsè raises an eyebrow.

Monsè: “Where did you end up last night?”

Phoebe: “Oh, we just went to TAO. A DJ we know was playing, it was really fun!” She grins. “You know, you should come out with us sometime…You know Zakiyah and Maddie! They love you!”

Monsè: “My clubbing days are over…” She laughs a bit.

Monsè: “Besides, I’m too busy on mom duty! You know, some of us have responsibilities other than partying every night.” She gives Phoebe a look before going to stir the stew on the stove.

Phoebe: “Whatever, shady.” She rolls her eyes and sits next to Bastien. “My agent actually did book me for a couple of commercials that I’m gonna go film this week, if you must know. But I’m still waiting for that big break.”

Monsè turns and leans on the counter, facing Bastien and Phoebe.

Monsè: “You just gotta put yourself out there, you know? Submit yourself for auditions and gigs. Your agent’s there to open the door, but you gotta kick it in yourself sometimes.”

The camera pans to show Phoebe nodding, she gets up and begins helping her sister cook.

Phoebe’s Confessional

“I consider myself a triple threat — I’m an actress, an influencer, and a model, but it’s been hard to break into the industry. My ultimate goal is to become my own brand some day. I honestly don’t really know what that means yet, but it sounds cool, right?”

Phoebe: “Okay, stage mom. Relax…” She moves behind her as she checks on the stew.

Monsè: “Okay, okay!” She throws her hands up. “Gil and I just want you to succeed. It’s not easy out there, especially if you’re partying 24/7.”

Phoebe: “Work hard, play hard, bitch!” She laughs. “I can do both.”

Bastien goes a dramatic gasp and covers his mouth.

Bastien: “Auntie Phoebe said a bad word!”

Monsè and Phoebe laugh.

Monsè’s Confessional

“Phoebe’s young and wants to have fun, I get it. I think she’s relying on Gil and I to get here there but we’re not just going to put her in movies or exhaust our connections for her when she has no experience. I’m supporting her financially through her little journey to help her out so she can focus on going to auditions and getting work. So, I need her to step up. Like, even just a little bit.”

Phoebe: “All right, all right, enough of the serious talk. C’mon, Bastien, let’s go play some video games so I can kick your butt again.”

Bastien: “Uh uh! You cheated last time. I’ll beat you any day!”

Phoebe: “Prove it then!”

Bastien closes his workbook and jumps down from his seat.

Monsè: “Only thirty minutes, okay? It’s a school night and we’re eating soon!”

Phoebe: “Boo, no fun. Don’t listen to her Bas, Auntie will let you play as long as you want.”

Bastien giggles and runs off, Phoebe follows. The scene ends with Monsè chuckling.

The camera pans over Sheridan’s home on the beach. Inside, she sits on her couch and works on her laptop.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“These past few months have been fairly calm. With Bree Bailey out of my orbit and Mona Quinn’s disappearance, I’ve had a lot of time to spend on myself. My focus has been on getting to know Marcus more and on Bell Camp.”

The camera shows Sheridan’s boyfriend, Marcus, walking into the living room and sitting next to Sheridan on the couch.


Marcus: “Whats good, baby girl?” He kisses her.

Sheridan: “Just checking these emails that Martin has sent over regarding potential cities and locations that we could expand to.”

Marcus lets out a sigh and puts his feet up.

Marcus: “Man, that’s wild y’all are thinking about expanding.” He looks over at her.

Sheridan: “Yeah, it was never the plan but with how well Bell Camp does, Martin is taking the lead on the expansion project.” She shrugs and closes her laptop.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“As you all know, Martin and I co-own Bell Camp. It’s been — interesting working with my ex husband on the expansion and while Marcus is a very secure man, I can tell that he isn’t the most comfortable with the amount of time I spend with my ex husband.”

Marcus plays with something in his hand and raises an eyebrow.

Marcus: “Right, well just be careful and read over whatever you may sign. Martin is your ex husband so I don’t want any grimy shit to happen to you because you trusted him to create contracts and shit for your business.”

Sheridan laughs a bit.

Sheridan: “Martin wouldn’t do me dirty, but after the Vanessa situation, my lawyer reviews all contracts I have to sign.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“While I appreciate Marcus advice, I don’t believe Martin would ever hurt me.”

Marcus: “You know with the season starting up soon, I’m going to be flying out to play and won’t be around as much. You going to miss me?”

Sheridan: “Duh fat head!” She giggles and throws a pillow at him. “I don’t want you to go!”

Marcus: “Gotta get the money.” He smirks. “You’ll be straight. I want you at all my home games.”

Sheridan: “I wouldn’t miss them, babe.” She smiles.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Dating an NFL player was not something I had in the cards for me at this age. When I met Martin all those years ago and he was still in the NBA, I lived that life of a pro athletes wife. Starting over and now dating someone in the NFL, it’s also getting to me a bit. There are groupies everywhere and I just want Marcus to remember what he has here.”

Marcus: “We’ll be solid, baby.”

Sheridan: “Of course we will.” She nods.

The scene fades as Sheridan crawls ontop of Marcus and starts kissing him.

The camera flies over Downtown Beverly Beach. At the top of a rooftop, Heidi stands and greets some guests as they stream into her party. She turns around and admires the party so far.


Heidi: “Ahh, everything looks so perfect!” She grins.

Jac is the first ‘Wife to arrive, she steps out of the elevator.


Jac: “Oh, this is cute!” She approaches Heidi.

Jac’s Confessional

“So tonight, the girls have been invited to Heidi Weltroth’s rooftop charity soirée to support Mental Health for the Youth. I think…” She pauses. “I’ve only met Heidi a few times around time and she seems like a lovely lady, so sure. The Jacqueline will show up and help her raise the money.”

Heidi: “Oh Jac darling you look beautiful!” She hugs her.

Jac: “So do you!! You’ve lost so much weight! What 25? 30 pounds?”

The takes Jac and Heidi talking out of focus, and zooms in behind them as Sheridan and Yvonne get off the elevator with two other women.

Yvonne & Sheridan

Sheridan: “Tonight will be great, girl.” She looks at Yvonne.

Yvonne: “I’m hoping so! Marcie and Heidi will need to put their knives away though.”

Sheridan: “Yeah, Heidi told me all about some of their drama…” She chuckles.

Yvonne and Sheridan approach Jac and Heidi.

Jac: “Girlies! Don’t you both look stunning!” She kisses them both on the cheeks. “I’m still getting used to this hair Sher Bear.”

Sheridan: “Blondes have more fun, baby!” She winks at Jac.

Heidi: “Oh wouldn’t you know it you ladies look bomb — real life Barbie’s!”

Yvonne: “Hello Lady of the Hour!” She kisses Heidi.

Jac’s Confessional

“It’s so nice seeing Yvonne out and about. That Morgan Sullivan has kept her locked away these last few months. I wonder what he’s been doing to her?”

The girls now have drinks, after she gets done greeting a couple coming in; Heidi walks back over to join Jac, Sheridan, and Yvonne.

Heidi: “So you know that Mona was invited tonight…” She sips her drink and looks around.

Heidi: “That’s not to say she’ll show up but are are you ladies a feeling about seeing her?”

Jac: “I think we’re all good with Mona at this point, right?” She looks at Yvonne and Sheridan. “Especially with everything she’s been going through.”

Yvonne: “I spoke with her before I met you and Sheridan at Bell Camp. I think she’s ready to face this situation head on, at least if she still wants a place in this group.”

Sheridan: “I can’t wait to hear how she spins everything.” She rolls her eyes. “I really don’t know what’s going on, but I know her best friend Monsè seems to be very hurt by all of this.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I’m not sure why Jacqueline has forgotten that Monsè was upset with Mona, but I’ll just drop it.”

Yvonne: “How does Monsè feel? You know I don’t talk to her.” She looks between the girls.

Sheridan: “Maybe Jacqueline can answer that, Yvonne, her and Monsè are really close.” She looks to Jac.

Jac: “Look, Monsè is upset. I think Monsè put a bit more into that friendship then Mona did, so she’s definitely hurt. But I don’t know whether tonight’s the night to bring that all up.” She shrugs.

The elevator ‘dings’, and Valentina gets out. She looks around.


Valentina: “I don’t even know where to go… my friend left me alone to the wolves i’m afraid.” She mumbles.

As Valentina is talking to security, Heidi breaks away from the group and approaches.

Heidi: “Hi, is these something wrong?” She pats the security’s back and then looks at Valentina.

Valentina: “Hi, I am Valentina Armani.” She looks confused. “Am I at the right event?”

Heidi: “Oh yes! So nice to meet you, Valentina.” She pulls her in. “She’s good — “ She tells security. “You’re Monsè’s friend right? It’s so nice to meet you. Thank you for coming.”

Valentina: “Yes — Monsè texted me and told me she wouldn’t be able to make it tonight.”

Heidi’s Confessional

“I find it quite… I don’t know — rude — for Monsè to bail on her friend. Poor girlie doesn’t even know anyone she must be so scared!”

Heidi leads Valentina over to the group of women.

Heidi: “Everyone this is Valentine, Monsè’s friend!”

Valentina: “Hi ladies, I’m Valentína Armani. It’s so nice to meet you all!”

Jac: “Valentina!! You made it!” She hugs her.

Valentina: “Jac!”

Jac turns to the group.

Jac: “Ladies, you guys are going to love Valentina. I met her the other day with Monsè!”

As Sheridan greets her, Yvonne gives Valentina a thorough up-and-down.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I’m not sure who this new young girl is but she’s already striking me as the stereotype for blondes. Ass inflated, brain deflated.”

Victoria enters the party, she finds the group of girls.


Victoria: “Forgive me for being late! My driver had the wrong address.”

Victoria’s Confessional

“I really was at church, but I can’t let these demons know that.”

Yvonne stays away from Victoria, just glaring at her.

Heidi: “Oh, do is see a lady in red?! So gorg thank you for coming!” She hugs Victoria.

As Victoria catches up with the women, the camera angle switches to show Marcie walking up to the security checkpoint with a pie in hand.


Marcie: “Marcie Maples.”

Marcie’s Confessional

“Tonight Heidi’s hosting a charity event for youth with struggling mental health! As someone who grew up with severe anxiety and awkwardness this is something I feel passionately about..”

The security guard takes a second to check his list on the iPad. He keeps scrolling over one section. He calls over his colleague and he nods.

Security: “I’m sorry Mrs. Maples, you’re not on the guest list. In fact, we were sepcfically told to not let you in.”

Marcie’s jaw drops, her pie also slips out of her hand.

Marcie: “OH NO! MY PEACH PECAN PIE!” She looks down. “Not on the list?!” She glances at the cameras and walks away from the entrance, feverishly texting on her phone.

The camera angle switches back to show Sheridan, Yvonne, Valentina, Heidi, Jac, and Victoria talking. Yvonne picks her wine glass up off of a table and walks over to Victoria.

Yvonne: “Victoria, can I speak to you one on one?”

Victoria: “Absolutely!”

Yvonne and Victoria walk over to the edge of the rooftop, where not many people are. Yvonne sets her glass on the ledge.

Yvonne: “Listen, I just want to understand where we fell off. We were building a friendship, I was inviting you places including to Costa Rica and you always had an excuse or just didn’t respond. What’s up?”

Victoria: “There’s nothing up, I’ve just been busy with going back to law school and things of that nature. I really do apologize for accidentally ignoring you.” She nods.

Victoria’s Confessional

“I love Ms. Langley but I don’t wanna go to Costa Rica, I wanna go to Jamaica! Let me shake this donkey booty, I don’t just want wine and cocktails and pina colada’s!”

Yvonne: “How do you accidentally ignore someone then text them about not getting your text?”

Victoria: “Because I screened your text and I preferred to get back at you a later time…..when you returned.” She smiles wide and fixes her hair.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I don’t believe that Victoria’s too busy with going to a law school, or maybe she is. It doesn’t seem she was bothered to cut the price tag off her rented dress for this event.”

The camera quickly pans to the price tag on the back of Victoria’s dress.

Yvonne: “So, you admit you ignored me purposely and avoided my texts until I returned?” She narrows her eyes. “That’s really fake of you, Ms. Victoria. I thought better of you.”

Victoria: “I’m sure you’d know all about fakeness! But to each his own.” She snickers.

Yvonne shakes her head in disgust.

Yvonne: “You know what…you’re clueless and clearly not intelligent enough for a friendship or a conversation. Perhaps you can donate the price of this rented dress you’re adorning tonight to Heidi’s charity. Have a great night Victoria.” She walks back to the group.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I’m telling you this group has had its share of silly bitches. We’ve added another name to the roster.”

We get a shot of Victoria standing there alone and sipping her drink. The camera changes to show Yvonne re-entering the group.

Sheridan: “Everything okay?”

Yvonne: “I never thought I’d see the day where Victoria was someone I’d be okay never speaking to again.”

Sheridan’s eyes widen and she stirs her drink.

Heidi: “Can I get everyone’s attention for a quick second?”

Heidi is now by the bar with a microphone.

Heidi: “Well I would first like to thank everyone for coming. The Youth Mental Health Foundation is something I’ve always admired for the work that they do. I feel so fortunate to be able to raise money for such a charity so near and dear to my heart. Maxwell and I will never stop fighting for the children…Being a board member is truly the honor of a lifetime.” She smiles and the crowd claps. “Now go get yourself some champagne and open those wallets! Come on, don’t be cheap!” She giggles.

After Heidi’s speech there is a montage of drinks being poured and people enjoying themselves. The girls all crowd around a cluster of tables, all of a sudden yelling can be heard.


The camera pans to show Marcie who has showed up again; she is yelling at the security guard. Shocked party-goers near security are staring at her. Back at the tables inside the party, Sheridan looks around.

Sheridan: “What is that noise?!”


Jac: “What in the hell?!”

Yvonne: “Oh my goodness, Marcie!” She points to Marcie making a scene at the security point.

Valentina looks over, shocked — covering her mouth.

Valentina’s Confessional

“Look I’m new to this group of girls and I haven’t even been here 15 minutes and two women are getting into it over there in the corner. Then we have some crazy lady at security demanding to be let in! Where’s my friend Monsè and why did she do this to me?!”

Heidi storms over, two other security guards are now engaging with Marcie. People around have their phones out and are taking videos.


Heidi: “MARCIE! What are you doing here? Your name was taken of the list!” She looks around.STOP yelling! You’re causing an unecessary scene!”

Heidi’s Confessional

“I’m in disbelief. This woman attempts to break into my event after being taken off the list? This person truly has no dignity. After Yvonne confirmed she had been going around town and smearing my name, I was so hurt that I decided she shouldn’t be here.” She shrugs. “Why would she want to show up to such a ‘cheap’ party anyways.”

Yvonne: “What the — “ She walks over and smiles at the security guard. “Luther, is it? Let her in, she’s with me and I’m on the list. Yvonne Langley.”

Marcie: “Thank you, Yvonne!”

Heidi: “No! No, do not let this woman in.” She shakes her head. “No Yvonne, I removed her from the list. I do not want her here tonight.” She glares at Marcie.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I’m not sure if Heidi disinvited Marcie because of what Marcie has said about her or because Heidi believes Marcie is poor…but what I do know is that this type of behavior is unbecoming on both sides.”

Marcie gasps and Yvonne rubs her temples.


Marcie’s Confessional

“What a bitch! To invite me then rescind the invitation as I’m coming? Wow! It’s charity! She’s not very charismatic clearly!”

Victoria, Sheridan, Valentina, and Jac all watch form the tables.

Valentina: “Oh my god, what is going on?” She looks to Sheridan. “Is this how they behave at a charity event?!”

Sheridan: “Valentina, this is whackadoodle behavior…”

Jac: “Truly.”

Jac’s Confessional

“I’ve been to many a charity event in my day. Fundraisers for the gays, the lesbians, the transgender, the youth and the elderly and this is by far the most outrageous thing I’ve ever attended in my life. There’s a woman at the front screaming…and I mean SCREAMING to be let in. Girl, it’s a rooftop bar. It ain’t that fabulous.”

Back at the security point, Marcie finally stomps off. Heidi turns to her security.

Heidi: “I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. I should’ve known that woman would cause a scene.”

The music changes as the camera pans to the elevator. Mona gets off, she looks around and struts to the security point.

Mona’s Confessional

“I’m coming in tonight really nervous, like my anxiety is through the roof. But I’m also ready to face my friends and clear everything up.”

Mona: “Wow, this is a really nice event.” She talks to herself.

Mona makes her way up to security where Heidi and Yvonne are still at, talking to the guards.

Yvonne: “Mona.” She hugs her. “I love this white dress. Is this a symbol of you being a new and pure woman?”

Mona just laughs.

Heidi: “Oh hi Mona! So nice to see you!”

Mona: “Hey Heidi! You look so good.” She hugs her.

Heidi: “Why thank you darling. You as well. I know a few — or should I say all — of the ladies have reservations about seeing you tonight.”

Mona: “I understand but hopefully that’ll change by the end of the night.”

Back at the table, the other ‘Wives have noticed Mona’s arrival.

Sheridan: “ Oh, Mona is here…” She finishes her drink.

Jac: “This is going to be interesting.”

Valentina: “Who is Mona?”

Valentina’s Confessional

“No, like… Was she apart of this group? Is she some music pop star I’m confused, and why is it all a big deal?”

Yvonne and Heidi come back to the group, with Mona.

Mona: “Hi girls…”

Jac: “Hi!”

Sheridan nods, there is obvious tension.

Mona: “I know this is a bit awkward, but it’s actually nice to see you all. We all have some unfinished business because I had to take a step back from everything. I want you all to know that going to rehab and essentially disappearing from the group was not an excuse to get away from all the drama going on. So whatever unfinished business anyone has with me from before I’m here to clear it up.”

Mona’s Confessional

“I’m here, I’m ready to answer the hard questions, I’m ready to be vulnerable. Let’s go.”

Victoria: “Mona, I’m just glad you’re doing better.”

Mona: “Thank you, Victoria. I apperciate it.”

Sheridan: “It’s a start, I don’t know. I feel like you and me specifically have some things to talk about.” She motions between herself and Mona.

Yvonne: “I think Mona wants a one on one with you, Sheridan.”

Sheridan: “A charity event, even one that has been fairly chaotic, is not the place for the two of us to chat. I’d love to go to coffee with you soon and have a chat.”

Mona: “Sure, Sheridan. We can do that.”

Sheridan: “Well then it sounds like Mona and I are on the same page, for once.”

Yvonne: “Maybe we need to make this one-on-one a two-on-one since Jac said Monsè isn’t fond of her right now either.”

Mona: “Hold on Yvonne, Jac said what?” She looks to Yvonne, then Jac.

Yvonne: “Yeah, Jac told me tonight that Monsè feels a way about you right now.”

Jac: “Yes.” She nods. “Monsè, isn’t happy with you Mona. I think she feels let down and disappointed that you kind of ghosted her.” She shrugs.

Valentina: “Jac, was this the Mona that Monsè was talking about on my boat? That she had abandoned her?”

Jac: “Yes, yes it was.”

Valentina’s Confessional

“NOW I know who Mona is. She was the one who hurt my friend. How could someone do that to their best friend?”

Mona looks at Valentina and and Jac annoyed.

Mona: “Now this all pisses me off.”

Jac: “What pisses you off?” She raises her eyebrow.

Mona: “My relationship with Monsè is not a talking point of piece of gossip for all of you.” She motions between Jac and Valentina.

Valentina clutches her chest, looking taken aback. Jac’s eyes widen.

Heidi: “I would say it is…” She mumbles.

Yvonne: “I agree with you Mona but maybe you should talk to Monsè about why she brought it to the group.”

Jac: “There was nothing malicious or gossipy about it, Mona. Monsè and I have become very close and she was just expressing how she felt abandoned by you as a friend.”

Mona looks a little surprised.

Mona: “Well, I feel abandoned because she didn’t show up for me when I needed her the most.”

Sheridan: “Are you sure? She said you ignored her texts and calls, Mona.”

Monsè: “I know as much as you guys do. Mona’s been completely off the grid.”
Monsè’s Confessional: “It’s been radio silent from Mona for the last few months. Of course I’m hurt that my best friend isn’t confiding in me…”
Monsè: “Listen, I’ve tried calling and texting non-stop but if she doesn’t want to be reached…”

Mona shakes her head.

Mona: “Monsè and I will have to have a conversation because she wasn’t there for me when she should’ve been.”

Sheridan and Yvonne both glance at one another.

Mona: “My mom even texted her about me going to the mental health facility, and she never responded.”

Jac: “Intresting because she claims that she would text and call and there was no response and honestly Mona, I had the same experience with you. I’ve been trying to reach out and connect and…” She snaps her fingers. “You disappeared.”

Mona: “Guys, I just got home 5 days ago from my facility. I’ve had no phone for 3 months.”

Heidi’s Confessional

“As an outsider I’m able to see both sides. From Mona’s point-of-view her relationship with Monsè isn’t anyone’s business but you have to remember, you can’t just ghost your ‘friends’. While I do agree with them, I do feel a few of the girls are going hard on her. Give for poor woman some time to breathe. Wasn’t she just in a facility for mental health?”

Mona: “I’m not making this up. It hurt me alot that Monsè didn’t reach back out to my mother and I thought Monsè and I would get to talk about it tonight. But I guess all the talking she’s doing is behind my back.”

Jac: “Wait, so did you come to this event with the intention of calling Monsè out or to reconnect with your friends?”

Yvonne: “Are you her friend, Jac?”

Jac: “I am both of their friends, Yvonne.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Someone help me, you know the ladies love to call me old. I don’t recall Jacqueline being very friendly to Mona last year…”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Do you?”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I think Jac is getting a bit caught up here. She was quick to talk about Monsè having an issue with Mona which kind of fueled Mona’s anger here and is now taking up for the same girl she kind of threw under the bus who isn’t even here…love ya Jac, but yikes!”

Mona: “I came to reconnect with all of you and have separate conversations with Sheridan and Monsè because we have more discuss than I do with the rest of you.”

Jac looks annoyed and lets out a little snort.

Jac: “Oh wow.” She raises an eyebrow. “Okay. Enough said, Mona. Go off and have your conversation with the girl who tried to choke you out last year.”

Mona looks at Jac, confused.

Mona: “Jac, what is this tone? I’ll have whatever conversation I want when I want. Thank you.”

Jac: “There’s no tone Mona. It’s been a long night.”

Sheridan: “Yeah, Jac. Jac, what’s the issue with Mona and I having a conversation? No need for the dramatics.”

Jac: “No, I’m fine with you guys having a conversation.” She abruptly turns away. “No, seriously I’m fine. I’m fine.” She is tearing up. “I’m okay, I’m fine.” She walks off.

Sheridan: “What in the world?” She sighs. “Let me go check on Jac.” She walks off towards Jac. “Jacqueline? Are you crying?”

Heidi: “Ladies, ladies I think it’s best we take it down a notch. I think this was a good starting point and yes there are many conversations that still need to be had slowly.” She looks to Mona. “I am very grateful you could make it tonight. Regardless of what happened with your friends, your mental health is that takes precedence.”

Mona: “Thank you Heidi, I’m glad to be back with you girls.” She looks to the group. “And I appreciate you acknowledging that mental health comes first because it really does.” She smiles at Heidi.

Mona’s Confessional

“Tonight felt really…weird to be honest. It seems like everyone was in their feelings and something must’ve happened before I came. I thought they’d be much tougher on me tonight.”

The scene switches to the lobby of the building where Sheridan has now caught up to Jac, they are hugging.

Sheridan: “Jac, girl!”

Jac: “I don’t know what’s going on with me Sheridan. I just…” She sobs. “I just can’t!”

Jac’s Confessional

“Honest to god, I don’t know what the hell is going on with me right now. I’m so emotional and the whole conversation caught me off guard.” She shakes her head. “I don’t know. I felt suffocated and I just needed to leave.”

The elevator ‘dings’ and Valentina gets off, spotting Jac and Sheridan.

Valentina: “There you guys are!” She quickly trots over and puts her arm around Jac. “Oh my god. Jac, what happened? I must’ve missed it when I went to the bar.”

Jac wipes a tear.

Jac: “I’m fine. I’m just having a moment.” She laughs a bit and sniffles. “I think I just need to go home.”

Sheridan and Valentina both nod, Sheridan gives Jac another hug.

Sheridan: “Babe, don’t cry. Everything will work out. Go home and get some rest.” She smiles and grabs her hands. “Everything will be okay.”

Valentina: “Yes! Now lets get you in a car, babe. I just need to go get my purse and write a check from Brandon and I.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I’m not sure what is going on with our friend group. We have new faces in the group and friendships are in weird places. The tides seem to be turning in Beverly Beach.”

The scene fades as Sheridan and Valentina lead Jac outfront to the valet service.