[S8E19]: Reunion Part 2

Real Housewives of Beverly Beach
36 min readFeb 26, 2024
(From L to R: Monsè DeRosier, Jac Carter, Sheridan Campbell, Yvonne Langley, Marcie Maples, & Valentina Armani)

The Reunion picks right back up from Part 1, Heidi is now on the couch with the women.

Heidi, Jac, Sheridan, Valentina, Marcie, Monsè, & Yvonne

Petra: “Do you all feel like Heidi is held to a different standard ?”

Sheridan: “I think Heidi wanted to have fun on this show and cause mayhem and I think she was successful. I think she’s held to the same standard as I am.”

Yvonne: “I feel Heidi is held to the same standard. I felt the same way about Valentina having a side to take with the Mona situation as I do about all the chaos Heidi’s caused.”

Monsè: “Heidi was given chance after to chance to stop being a bitch to each and everyone of us and she couldn’t help herself. If anything, she had an easier time than the rest of us because at a certain point we just started ignoring her!”

Heidi: “You were mute all season worrying about your sister paying your bills. Hush it!”

Monsè: “Heidi, you are so fucking dumb! I pay my bills with my real job.”

Heidi: “Oh Lifetime specials — box office hit after hit. Congratulations — I guess…”

Yvonne: “The fact of the matter is, Heidi didn’t know how to pull off her prudish personality among this group of women so she resorted to pulling any and every trick she had to stay relevant.”

Heidi: “Me? Prudish? Says the older lady here. You’re aging out of this circle dear. They have social security for a reason.”

Valentina: “Petra, I think it’s clear that Heidi is not here for resolution and has announced her ‘departure’ from the show so why do we have to sit through this shit?”

Marcie: “Petra…” She turns to her. “Can you just give her her severence check and send her off now?”

Jac: “Stop it guys!” She waves her hands. “This is too much!”

Marcie: “No, Jac. It’s what she asked for.”

Jac: “But there’s nothing productive coming out of the 5 of you yelling at her.”

Sheridan: “Don’t say 5, Jac. I’m quiet.” She rolls her eyes.

Heidi: “Thank you Jac. They’re like bulls coming after the lonely sheep. It’s disgusting to me.” She shakes her head.

Yvonne: “Jac, shut up. You were getting your friends involved in pile-ons, allegedly. She’s started shit with everyone so it’s her fault that she has multiple people coming against her.” She glares at Heidi.

Heidi just shakes her head and rolls her eyes.

Petra: “Okay — Are we able to move onto our next segment?”

Sheridan: “Please.”

Heidi: “We’re ready.”

Petra: “Before we move on, I have a special message…”

Monsè: “Uh oh… What you’ve got up your sleeve Petra?”

Petra points to the screen.

Petra: “Look!”

A pre-recorded video of 8A ‘Friend’ Victoria Franklin appears on the screen.

Sheridan: “My sister!” She laughs.

Victoria: “Greetings and salutations beautiful ladies…and Jac. I hope you’ve have an amazing Reunion and I just wanted to congratulate Yvonne on her success with her crayola paintings, Hedi on her lip fillers and Val on her lipo suction, but to the queen of Beverly Beach — the beautiful Sheridan I love you dearly! And I send my condolences to the gremlin Jac birthed, it must suck to have a mother from Gullah Gullah island. And what’s that other girl? Immanuel?” She pauses. “Oh, yes. Her! I wish her the worst! Toodles!”

We see Yvonne looking the other way, not acknowledging the video as she files her nails.

Jac: “Really?” She looks at Petra, unimpressed.

Heidi: “Aw, that shady bitch!” She laughs.

Valentina: “Not sure why I was shaded by her, I’ve been nothing but kind!” She laughs.

Petra: “Does anyone wish miss Vicky V was here?”

Sheridan: “I do! Love her!”

Valentina: “I think her presence is missed on this show!”

Petra: “Okay, before we head into our next segment. Let’s take a break!”

Petra: “Welcome Imani Grimaldi and Serena Ames to the stage!”

Imani & Serena

The ‘Wives all clap as the ‘Friends’ come out.

Serena: “Hi honeys!” She does a little twirl.

Petra: “Imani, Serena, welcome!”

Imani: “Thank you for having me, Petra. I’m ready for today.” She grins and crosses her legs.

Petra: “Of course. Glad you could make it, now before we get into your drama, we need to cover something first!” She looks into the camera. “After starting the business back in Season 5, Sheridan Campbell has put her all in making sure her restaurant, Bell Camp, is a success. This year, the fruit of Sheridan’s labor is finally starting to pay off with an expansion into Twitter. Although Sheridan and Martin work together as co-owners like a well oiled machine, it quickly becomes apparent that working in such close proximity with an ex just might throw a wrench in Sheridan’s plans to commit to a serious relationship with Marcus.”

A package plays of Sheridan, Valentina, and Heidi visiting Twitter. We see Marcus getting angry on the phone about the way Martin talked to Sheridan. We see Marcus and Sheridan having conversations about her working so closely with Martin. There is a clip of Sheridan talking to the ‘Wives about their problems.

We get a shot of Yvonne glancing over at Sheridan. Sheridan just nods along as the package finishes, she bites her lip.

Petra: “Wow, that’s definitely a difficult dynamic. Before we hear from you, Sheridan…I want to hear from the other ladies. What would you guys do in this situation?” She looks around. “Would you take a step back from your business for love or would you jeopardize your relationship for business?”

Monsè: “I would buy the man out of his share of the business and avoid the whole thing! Working with an ex is bound to get messy.”

Heidi: “If it was me I would hope that my parter supported me and understood that that’s part of my life and my livelihood but I understand where Sheridan is coming from.” She nods at Sheirdan. “I also see why Marcus would be hesitant for his girlfriend to be working so closely with her ex.”

Valentina: “I’m such a lover, so I think for me I would take a step back and sacrifice my business for love. If I can build an empire the first time I have no problem doing it again, on my own.”

Jac: “I personally don’t care. I think it’s good that Sheridan has something to occupy her mind outside of this show.” She shrugs.

Sheridan: “You don’t care yet you stirred the pot in my relationship with your racist friend running to the blogs.” She chuckles and runs her hand through her hair.

Jac: “Shushhh!” She raises her fingers to her lip.

We get a shot of Sheridan looking disgusted at Jac before the camera flips back to Petra.

Petra: “Okay, Sheridan. Let’s go with a viewer question. Christina from New York wants to know; ‘What is the current relationship between Sheridan, Martin, and Marcus? Will you remain business partners with Martin?’.” She looks up at Sheridan. “I mean, that’s really the question on everyone’s mind. What did you end up deciding to do?”

There is a long shot of Sheridan nodding before she exhales and begins talking.

Sheridan: “Well…” She laughs. “I am still a co-owner of Bell Camp, however, I have made the decision to move to Green Bay.”

We get a shot of the ‘Wives shocked faces, Valentina covers her mouth.

Imani: “I can’t believe you’re leaving me…”

Serena: “Really Sheridan! Oh my.” Her face drops.

Sheridan: “Yes — Marcus and I bought a lovely home together, and have been living together for about a month now. I chose my relationship over living in Beverly Beach; and I won’t be continuing on this show moving forward.”

Heidi: “I’m happy to see you’re putting your happiness first.”

Marcie: “Awh gorgeous! I’m so sad to hear that, but congratulations on finding that happiness! I know some great stylists out there let me know if you wanna stay blonde!” She laughs and winks.

Monsè: “That’s huge, Sheridan. I know we’ve had our ups and downs but I wish you and Marcus the best.”

Valentina: “I am genuinely sad that you are leaving us! I was really looking forward to finding a path forward and building a relationship with you. I wish you the best in Wisconsin!”

Imani: “Sher, it’s what’s best for you. You’ll thrive wherever you go! I don’t know where Green Bay is but I’m sure she’ll post a lot of pictures with her cat sweater shirts and waist trainers.”

Sheridan: “Thank you, ladies.” She laughs.

Petra: “Sheridan, you have been a staple of Beverly Beach ever since you joined back in Season 4. You’ve shown your life and have given alot to the show. We wish you and Marcus nothing but the best in the next chapter of your lives!”

Sheridan holds her hands to her heart and smiles at Petra. Petra now is looking into the camera.

Petra: “Deciding what to do with Bell Camp wasn’t Sheridan’s only source of stress this year. This season is a testament to the saying ‘The tides are always turning in Beverly Beach’. In Season 7 — former Lady, Jac, came into the Beverly Beach scene as Sheridan’s close friend and confidant….”

Marcie: “Oh Jesus…” She mumbles and leans back. “Here we go.” She makes a face.

Petra: “But this year, a rumor gone wrong and an unassuming bathroom break ignites the flames that begin to destroy the duo’s close bond.”

There is a shot of Heidi doing the Sign of the Cross.

Monsè: “Uh oh.” She glances over at Valentina.

Valentina: “I feel safer closer to you.” She scoots closer to Monsè.

The package plays of Sheridan talking to Imani about the blog post that came out about her supposedly sexting her ex and business partner, Martin.

We now see Jac being kicked out of Sheridan’s home by the party planner. At the labor day party we see Sheridan and Jac going at it.

Petra: “Okay — Let’s start of with Imani and Sheridan’s conversation in the opening of 8B. You two talk about a night you went out and Jac was sending some sort of messages to Sheridan, or both of you?” She looks around. “Let’s clarify, what were these messages Jac was sending?”

Sheridan: “Jacqueline and her best friend Grace Whistle were upset that I was out with Imani.” She looks to Imani.

Imani: “Yes.” She shakes her head. “Sheridan and I go often; we were at the club and Jacqueline Carter was having one of her Annabelle moments on Twitter and then Sheridan got too excited tweeting while I was dancing alone; it was an embarrassing so I asked my followers to ask Jacqueline to leave Sher alone.”

Sheridan: “It honestly felt like Jac was insecure regarding my friendship with Imani as if she felt Imani was trying to take me from her. I’m sure Grace Whistle planted those seeds.”

Imani: “Which makes no sense because I’ve known you longer than her. We joined this show together; and yes we had a falling out, but what’s wrong with reconnecting again?”

Serena: “Oh my.” She chuckles.

Heidi: “May I ask who Grace Whistle is and why she is important?” She looks around, confused.

Sheridan: “Grace Whistle is the woman who leaks things on Jac’s behalf so that Jac’s hands are clean.”

Jac: “These women have assassinated my character on and off camera. The stories they have leaked. The lies they have made up. The nonstop bullying and harassment I faced, so yes I asked my friends to step in.” She looks around at the group. “I just want to clarify that Grace and I are not best friends. I worked with Grace on Legends of Twitter and we developed a friendship. This story that they’ve concocted about me sending out harassing text messages never happened.”

Imani waves her hand at Jac dismissively, Sheridan scoffs and tries to look uninterested.

Jac: “I’m sorry to ladies but I’m going to break the fourth wall here. We all found out that Imani was coming back to the show when Production informed us of this. She was added to the group chat for Season 8B and I made a snarky remark about her returning to the show for the purpose of destroying my relationship with Sheridan. Was that wrong? Absolutely. Was I feeling a little paranoid and sensitive about my relationship with Sheridan? Absolutely. But, that was all fueled by the fact that someone on this set told me that she was coming back to take one of us down and I assumed it was me.”

Imani: “Girl, calm down.” She rolls her eyes.

Petra: “Okay, got it.” She nods and then looks down at her cards. “Kaylee from Dallas writes in: ‘I wanna know why Sheridan and Jac really fell out? Also, do the ladies feel like they have to pick sides when it comes to Sheridan and Jac?’ Let’s start off with the latter question…” She looks around at the ‘Wives. “Through this whole fiasco did you all feel pressured to choose a side?”

Heidi: “I did.” She raises her hand. “I won’t speak for the others but I felt like I couldn’t be friends with Sheridan if I was friends with Jac and vice versa.”

Serena: “At first I didn’t. As you saw, I really tried to be friends with Jac even after all of the stuff I was told about her, It wasn’t until her bulldogs made it hard to even want to be friends with her.”

Monsè: “I definitely felt stuck in the middle. Sheridan and I had been getting along all season for once, but this kind of threw a wrench in our friendship when it became clear that I was being forced to choose sides.”

Sheridan: “I didn’t force you to do that Monsè, you did that yourself.”

Monsè: “Really Sheridan? I just stuck up for my pregnant friend and tried to get you two to make up. Apparently that was a betrayal to you.”

Sheridan: “The divisiveness in this group did not start from me. I never once refused to film with Jac or any of the girls who decided to have her back and talk about me on camera.” She looks to Petra.

Imani: “No offense…” She looks over at the other couch. “It feels like you girls wanted to ice Sheridan out. There’s no question you all tried be cordial with both Sherry and Jac when you would use the pregnant excuse everytime Jacqueline Carter was evil.”

Serena: “Yep. I agree.”

Sheridan: “She did disgusting things to me on camera and it was always dismissed by them because of her pregnancy.”

Petra looks at Sheridan and then Jac.

Petra: “Okay, I want you both to walk me through this. What was the exact moment your relationship kind of turned? You guys were fine the first 9 episodes. What was the cause?The leaked rumor about Sheridan sending nudes? Let’s go one at a time. Sheridan, you can start and Jac you can say your side right after.”

Sheridan: “I own that my jokes about her weight is where the wheels started turning. I thought she would take them as a joke but she didn’t — I apologized. She decided to break into my home and throw around plastic knowing I have a good relationship with SAVE THE SEA TURTLES Campaign. She wanted to ruin me. She took it far first.”

Jac: “Can you stop saying I broke into your home?” She glares at Sheridan. “If she says I broke into her home one more time, this reunion is going to take a real turn.”

Sheridan: “It’s what you did!”

Petra: “Sheridan. I mean, to me, it looks like Jac was just trying to use the restroom at her friend’s house.” She shrugs. “Why did you feel like Jac would break into your home, Sheridan? You did make a comment in your confessional about how somethings apparently went missing after you had the group over before the Beyoncè concert. Are you insinuating that Jac is stealing?”

Imani: “Oh that’s not — “

Heidi: “Lord have mercy.”

Yvonne: “Maybe Jac needed some furniture and decor for her rental.”

Jac: “What is there to steal? A couple of lamps and half used candles?” She laughs.

Imani: “I mean Jac, you live in an apartment, get serious.”

Petra: “Sheridan, did you really think Jac was stealing?”

Sheridan: “There were a string of break ins in our neighborhood. When I saw on my security footage that she entered into my home uninvited — I was triggered.” She shrugs.

Monsè: “Jac is not a thief, be so serious.” She rolls her eyes.

Marcie: “She was your friend at the time, Sheridan.” She looks confused. “I don’t think Jacqueline would steal from any of us.”

Sheridan: “She broke in and was vandalizing my home with those plastic cups. Her mental state is off.”

Jac: “Are you okay?” She cocks her head. “There is no footage whatsoever of me carrying this supposed bag of plastic cups.”

Sheridan: “Jacqueline I have security cameras and you were on the footage doing it.”

Jac: “I was given a solo cup with water from the bartender. I used the lavatory in your home because I needed to pee. These conspiracy theories that you’ve concocted are beyond ridiculous.”

Valentina: “Wouldn’t the cameras capture Jac coming into your house, no?” She looks to Sheridan.

Sheridan: “The cameras did see Jac entering my home, Val. That’s the point. SHE TRESPASSED IN MY HOME!”

Marcie: “But didn’t she just say she broke in — “ She turns to Monsè.

The camera goes back to Sheridan.


Marcie: “She was using the bathroom?”

Sheridan: “It’s trespassing you dumb bitches! TRESPESSING! It’s against the law.”

Jac: “There were producers, catering staff and wait staff all in her home.” She looks at Petra, frustrated. “My thing is, why not come up to me and say, ‘Hey babe, the party is outside’? Why threaten to have me arrested?”

Sheridan: “You’re lucky I don’t have your ass in a jail cell! You need a fucking straight jacket!”

Serena yelps and Petra’s eyes widen.

Jac: “Girl, you are becoming unhinged.” She laughs at Sheridan.

Monsè: “So goddamn dramatic, I can’t.” She rolls her eyes.

Jac: “She’s unravelling. It’s hysterical.” She mumbles to Monsè.

Petra: “Well — From the Labor Day party, things between Jac and Sheridan only got worse. When the two friends went to sit down to save their friendship tempers flared and the talk of demon seed…” She clears her throat. “I can’t believe I just said that…” She mumbles. “ severed the connection even more.”

We see a package of when Sheridan goes over to Jac’s penthouse to talk. We see them insulting each other and Sheridan making the demon seed comment, then Jac kicks her out. We see the aftermath conversations Sheridan and Jac have telling the other girls about what went down.

Petra: “Jac and Sheridan — That sit down post beach party was…alot. Let’s be clear. You both were hurling insults at the party, but it really seemed to take a turn when Sheridan made the demon seed comment at Jac’s penthouse. Sheridan, youve expressed that bringing up Annabelle and asking Jac if she had a ‘demon seed’ growing inside her was a joke. Even though it was a joke, do you feel like you took it to far in that moment?” She looks to Sheridan.

Valentina: “Dear God.” She sits back in her seat.

Sheridan: “Look, you know, there was a time when I regretted what I did — but the way she’s carried along on social media and such…no I don’t regret it. In fact….”

All of the women look to Sheridan as she reaches behind her couch. As she pulls something out, some of the women gasp. Serena puts her hands over her face and groans.

Sheridan: “I brought a gift to Annabelle.” She holds up a doll and laughs.

Yvonne: “Oh no.”

Monsè: “That disgusting!” She covers her mouth. “That’s exactly the low down shit I was talking about.”

Sheridan: “Oh lick my pussy, Monsè! Lorelei said the head is good!”

Serena: “Jesus!” She hollers.

Yvonne: “Oh, we’re going LOW.” She looks over at Sheridan.

Imani: “Can we please leave the kids out of this?”

Valentina: “I agree. Kids and husbands should be off limits.”

Petra: “Why bring the doll Sheridan, you’re clearly doubling down?”

Jac: “Because she’s a pathetic, nasty, no-child having bitch!” She glares at Sheridan. “That’s why.”

Sheridan just laughs.

Sheridan: “I brought the doll, because you know it’s a funny. A haha, you know, funny?”

Petra makes a ‘yikes’ face.

Sheridan: “You girls need to get a sense of humor!”

Jac: “Look around at your peers, Sheridan.” She motions around the couch. “Do any of them find it funny?”

We see Heidi shaking her head.

Heidi: “Sheridan, you’re not Kim Richards. Put the doll way and shut it please.”

Sheridan just smiles calmly and purses her lips.

Petra: “Valentina, when Jac told you what Sheridan had said, making a reference about her daughter Annabelle, you said it made you look at Sheridan a little differently. After watching the scene, do you still hold the same sentiment?”

Valentina: “It did rub me the wrong way and unfortunately made me see Sheridan in a different light and the light was dim. Honestly it terrified me that if I spoke up that my kids would find a way into the drama and that’s not what I wanted. I still think kids are off limits and should stay off limits.”

Jac: “Sheridan changed the rules. She made it okay for us to attack the most important things to each of us…our children.” She looks over at Sheridan, disgusted.

Sheridan: “The women have talked about Imani’s kids as well as the fact that I am infertile as insults for years. It’s only a problem because it’s me doing it to Jac.” She rolls her eyes. “I never attacked Annabelle, I love Annabelle — I made a joke about her name. I made a joke about a demon seed growing in your stomach because you’re acting demonic — the baby wasn’t born yet it was a fetus.”

Imani: “Also, lets not forget that Jacqueline Carter has mocked Sheridan for not having any kids.”

Valentina: “I also agree that the infertile comments are gross.” She nods.

Jac: “After. That was AFTER she called my child demon seed.”

Imani: “You’re not innocent, so shut up.” She waves at Jac dismissivly.

Jac: “You shut the fuck up.” She looks at Imani.

Petra: “I mean, that is fair. Jac, multiple times this season you used Sheridan’s infertility against her. Do you think that was too far?” She looks to Jac.

Jac: “Was that too far? Absolutely it was too far but she started it. I was 1000% wrong for making fun of her infertility. I did it as a did. I did it to get back at her for saying what she said about my child, my husband, about threatening to have me arrested, about my body…” She huffs out air. “Like what am I supposed to do? Sit there in silence as this woman attacks every fibre of my being?!”

Heidi: “It’s nice to see someone here can take accountability.” She nods at Jac.

Sheridan: “Your fetus wasn’t a child, but go off.” She shakes her head at Jac.

Imani: “Should I pull out the violin out or what? So many excuses for Jacqueline Carter!” She laughs a bit.

Jac: “It’s not an excuse Imani. I’m explaining why I said what I said. Im not saying it was right. It was dead wrong and I’m sorry for saying that to you Sheridan.” She looks over.

Sheridan: “Thank you, Jac.”

Petra: “Okay, we’re going to put a pin in Jac and Sheridan for now.” She looks at the camera. “Heidi Weltroth, an esteemed socialite and board member of the YMHF joined the mix this year. Never afraid to speak her mind, she rubbed some of the ladies the wrong way. But at an important charity event for the YMHF, the group returned the favor that may have sent her reputation down the shitter. A night at the Trunk Show turned into an absolute disaster. Take a look.”

A package plays of the Trunk Show event. We see the beautiful event, it then cuts to Jac and Sheridan fighting. We see party goers looking over at the ‘Wives table. We then get a clip of the women being kicked out of the party.

We see Monsè making a dramatic snoring sound, a la Vicki Gunvalson.

Petra: “Heidi, how did the Trunk Show fiasco affect your standing in the YMHF? Were other members of the board upset?”

Heidi: “They were very upset. It wasn’t a good look for the charity or the show. In the beginning my relationship was uncertain with them but they know who I am so ultimately we resolved the issue and moved on. I’ve just learned never to bring these women around a final event ever again. They clearly can’t handle it. Backyard barbecues are as good as it gets for some.” She crosses her legs and looks around.

Petra: “Who do you think contributed most to the event’s downfall?”

Heidi: “Jacqueline and Sheridan. Their behavior was unacceptable. It’s unfortunate they didn’t know how to act in a professional setting.”

Imani: “Girl, gone…” She rolls her eyes at Heidi.

Jac: “Look — I don’t think it a great that I called people cumdumps and used condoms. So I’ll take accountability for that.”

Heidi: “Thank you Jac. You also apologized after which I very much appreciated.”

Sheridan: “Nice to see Jac holding herself accountable since her friends give her passes.” She nods.

Jac: “Maybe you should try taking accountability for your actions as well.” She blows Sheridan a kiss.

Sheridan: “I did during the season; the door is closed — shush!”

Petra: “It wasn’t only the fighting that made the night memorable. The day after a salacious article hit Twitter…”

Serena begins laughing hysterically.

Imani: “These girls need some diapers, honey!”

Petra: “Now, Serena — You were accused of leaking the story. You did confirm that you talked to beauty outlets on the daily. What exactly did you say about Heidi’s dress?”

Heidi: “Go on, tell the truth. I know it might be hard for you but you can do it!” She looks to Serena.

Serena: “That it was dirty. And it looked like shit was on it. Baby, multiple people said it.” She shrugs.

Petra: “Girls, did you see the dress soiled at the event?” She raises an eyebrow.

Jac: “I didn’t.” She shakes her head.

Marcie: “Honestly I don’t even remember if I went to that event they literally fought at every event I went to so I don’t remember which fight this even was.”

Sheridan: “There was something brown on the dress. I’m not sure what it was — the gown dragged outdoors. Maybe it was just dirty? Surely she wouldn’t have shit herself. I don’t think her bowel is that irritable.” She glances over at Heidi.

Imani: “There was definitely something on the dress.”

Valentina: “There was an odor coming from Heidi but I didn’t know if it was a soiled dress or something else…” She makes a face.

Heidi: “The only odor from the night was the dried semen coming from between your legs darling!”

Sheridan: “Oh, God. Not the dried up semen!”

Valentina: “And I’m curious to know how does one work at CPS if she claims her husband is the director at CPS? Isn’t that a conflict of interest or did she sleep with her boss to get to the top?”

Heidi: “Go get a job before coming for mine. Being a hole for the Miami Heat locker room isn’t exactly something to be proud of.” She smiles at Valentina.

Valentina: “Thank God I never have to see you again after this.” She scoffs at Heidi.

Heidi: “Whatever! Either way looking back — I thought the story was funny. A story by an unverifiable blogger isn’t going to damage my reputation.” She smiles.

Serena: “Stop trying to deflect. You were so upset. You spent your whole evening tweeting me!”

Serena: “You was at Jac’s party veins popping out and all.” She chuckles.

Heidi: “Please!”

Petra: “Okay…we’ll move on.” She looks into the camera. “ Valentina and Serena both joined the group this year, becoming clear fan favorites….”

The camera pans to Jac on her couch.

Jac: “Serena? A favourite? Hmmm…interesting.” She makes a face.

Petra: “ Both beautiful and strong willed, what could have been a power duo turned into an intense feud. It’s Barbie vs Barbie! Watch!”

Serena: “Barbie vs Barbie? She’s a old rag doll now…” She mumbles.

A segment plays of Valentina and Serena meeting at the labor day party. We see Serena telling Yvonne she thinks Valentina is a mean girl since she blindly defends Jac. We then see Serena and Val in the Turkish bathhouses confronting one another. We see Serena call Valentina a mean girl and Valentina get up and forcefully splash water in Serena’s face.

Sheridan: “Serena is a very sweet and level headed woman. The women didn’t give her a chance and only invited her to their events to have someone to pick on since they iced Yvonne, Imani, and I out.”

Imani and Yvonne nod at Sheridan. Monsè and Valentina give eachother a look and roll their eyes.

Serena: “Exactly Sheridan! A bunch of mean girls!”

Petra: “Serena, what were your first impressions of Valentina?”

Serena: “I actually thought she was a fun woman! And then I realized she was just a pretty face with no depth. She’s just like her friends over there.” She points to Jac and Monsè.

Heidi: “I agree with Serena for once! Val has a very pretty face but once you get through the 10 layers of plastic the real Valentina reveals herself.”

Valentina: “Really?” She laughs. “Okay, Heidi.”

Petra: “Valentina, why do you think Serena called you a mean girl? Do you agree?”

Valentina: “I think Serena called me a mean girl because her puppet master Yvonne fed her with ammunition and got her riled up. She and I were great until she came out like a bulldog demanding me to take a side.” She flips her hair. “So no — I don’t agree that I’m a mean girl.”

Serena: “Ohhh! The projection!” She falls back into her hair dramatically and covers her face.

Yvonne: “All these narratives about Sheridan and I leading gang-ups have no substance. The show aired! There was no sign of any types of misleading or implanting things in people’s ears.”

We get a shot of Sheridan quietly watching.

Serena: “Val you are a liar! I simply asked you to give the same grace to Sheridan that you gave to Jac. You don’t like people being honest with you. You love living a lie! That’s your shtick.”

We get a shot of Valentina rolling her eyes, annoyed. The camera pans to Imani.

Imani: “Um..Valentina has mean girl tendencies. It’s like she hates on whoever is beneficial. It’s weird how her and Monsè didn’t give Serena a chance. I will say… I found it very comical how Valentina invited me out to tell me how to act when she was the one who ended up being trashy and aggressive.” She laughs to herself a bit.

Valentina: “Trashy and aggressive? Can we quit with all these dramatics like splashing water is that damaging.” She throws her hands up. “I mean I’m pretty sure ladies on this show have been more physical than I was and didn’t receive near as much backlash as I have.”

Serena: “Val, really?! Assault it okay?!” She turns to Petra and the group after giving Valentina a look. “We were both talking calmly and she decided to throw water on me.”

Petra: “What were everyones thoughts on Valentina splashing Serena? Was it called for?”

Serena: “No.” She scoffs.

Yvonne: “It was extremely uncalled for. Serena was not threatening Valentina in any way. Should we throw water or other objects at Valentina or Jac or Monsè or Heidi for their unfavorable comments? You can tell Valentina used to be a cheerleader…” She makes a face.

Heidi: “Valentina is a danger to society…”

Sheridan gasps and Monsè’s eyes widen. The camera pans to Valentina who begins laughing.

Valentina: “Oh, come on.”

Heidi: “Watching back the scene for myself, I’m 100% on Serena’s side. Valentina may have money but she doesn’t have class.” She shakes her head.

Valentina: “Again why are we acting like splashing water is so damn bad when you ladies have broken glasses, shoved each other, I mean give me a fucking break!” She looks frustrated. “You girls are trying to crucify me like Jesus Christ.”

The camera cuts to Jac nodding along to Valentina.

Jac: “I don’t ever think it is okay for anyone to throw anything at anyone or to physically attack anyone but I also understand Val’s position in this. It’s honestly such a shame that it devolved into the mess it devolved into.”

Yvonne: “The whole incident was just very sad. You all barely know Serena, so any type of ill feelings come from herd mentality or trying to get a moment.”

Marcie: “I like Serena. I have no issues with her.”

Monsè: “Exactly! I had no issues with her until she decided to paint me as this villain for standing up for Jac, the same as Sheridan did, same as Yvonne did. You don’t call that a pack mentality?”

Imani: “Really, a pack mentality?! You’re kidding! You and you…” She points to Monsè and Valentina. “Bully her!” She then points to Serena.

Valentina: “I’m not a fucking bully. Define bully, Imani!”

Monsè: “You bully, you bully!” She mocks Imani. “Shut the fuck up! We all argue, we’re all adults. Grow up!”

Serena: “This is sad. You guys really trying to justify that?!? That is so sad.” She looks at the other couch, disgusted.

Valentina: “Look, here’s the thing — I do not feel like I bullied Serena. If she feels like she’s being bullied she needs to go back to grade school.”

Serena: “I mean, I was assaulted. I was assaulted for standing up for my friend. These girls wanted everyone to be Team Dummy and leave Sheridan out to dry…”

Sheridan: “I treated all those women like I treated Serena — friendly and with respect.” She nods at Serena.

Serena: “I wasn’t about all of that. They don’t like strong women. We see they all are beards.” She glares over at the other couch.

Valentina: “Isn’t your husband the one that’s seen in gay strip clubs. Don’t even start about us being beards.”

Petra: “Okay, let’s settle down?”

Yvonne: “Can I say one thing?”

Petra: “Go ahead, Yvonne.”

Yvonne: “I just want to put a fine point on this because Serena is my friend, I recommended her to casting and I fought for her to be on this show.”

We see Serena nodding along and put her hand to her heart.

Yvonne: “Every year, we see the ladies plot and plan to go against Sheridan and I because we’re a little bitchy yet they accuse us of it. They went to great lengths this year to accommodate Jac, who Valentina barely knows, from Sheridan, Imani, and I, because of our quote unquote verbal assaults.”

Monsè and Valentina look at each other and roll their eyes. Sheridan and Imani are nodding in agreence.

Yvonne: “We are being REAL…” She motions to her couch. “While they were being strategic.” She points to the other women.

Serena: “It’s sad when you strategize and still lose! LOSERS!” She laughs.

Jac: “But Yvonne…” She looks confused. “You have a whole group chat where you plot and strategise on the rest of us.”

Yvonne makes a face.

Yvonne: “You’re a liar and a scoundrel, the scum of the earth never to be seen again. Everyone talks trash about others but I never scheme for the cameras.”

Marcie looks over at Jac.

Marcie: “This is the groupchat Heidi told you about?”

Jac: “No, actually Heidi didn’t tell me about it.” She shakes her head.

Heidi: “You’re talking out of your ass, weirdo.” She looks at Marcie.

Marcie: “That’s not what I heard.” She gingerly shrugs and smirks a bit.

Petra: “Wait, what’s this about a group chat?”

Jac: “ You don’t know what the group chat is about?”

Petra: “No!”

Heidi: “This is the first I’m hearing about a group chat.”

Yvonne: “Me too, Heidi”

Sheridan: “What are you even talking about?” She looks at Jac.

Jac: “Sheridan, do you care to elaborate on this group chat?” She raises an eyebrow.

Sheridan looks around confused before Valentina speaks up.

Valentina: “Okay, so, Heidi and Jac told us that Yvonne, Production and Sheridan all have a group chat together where they plot the feuds of the season.”

Heidi: “That’s not true Valentina! You’re a lying bitch! ”

Sheridan: “If that was the case, I wouldn’t be leaving the show.” She laughs.

Yvonne: “Okay, I see what this is about. You all are upset with your portrayal this season and mad about Production’s handling of matters, now you’re trying to come at two of the longest running cast members based on nonsense.”

Sheridan: “Yvonne and I are no production pets, okay!”

Jac: “I think we should continue on with the rest of the reunion.” She crosses her legs. “I don’t want to burn this whole house down as I leave.”

Petra: “Okay? We’ll keep it moving…It’s no doubt Jac went through a rough season.” She looks into the camera. “Sheridan wasn’t her only adversary. When Imani Grimaldi rejoined the group she had a bone to pick with Jac. Watch!”

We get a package of the lead up to Jac and Imani’s beef. We see Imani telling some of the women that Jac had reached out to Lorelei. We get a clip of the dinner in Turkey where Lorelei joins and tell her side of the story.

Petra: “So Jac, why did you reach out to Lorelei…and what did you say?”

Jac: “I can actually show you exactly what I said to Lorelei.” She takes out her phone.

We see Petra reading the texts on Jac’s phone.

Jac: “That was the extent of the conversation between Lorelei and I. She seemed eager to film a scene with me and discuss her sister on camera.” She shrugs. “On my mothers life, there were no other conversations regarding her coming back.”

Serena: “You reached out to her though. So I’m confused. You wanted her to come to go against her own sister?!? How low of a dirty bitch can you be?”

Imani: “There’s more messages that you won’t show because it’s not convenient for you.” She pulls out her phone. “Because this is what she said to me…” She hands her phone over to Petra.

Sheridan: “OH — Imani with the extra receipts!”

Imani: “You wanted to use my sister for a storyline.”

Jac: “Just because Lorelei is saying that doesn’t make it true. I showed you all the entirety of my conversation with her.” She shrugs.

Imani: “It’s just…weird! I don’t know this bitch!” She motions to Jac. “I never came for her, so for her to reach out to my sister to start something? Clearly, Jac was bothered by me coming back.”

Jac: “I openly said earlier tonight that I was sensitive and paranoid about Imani coming back to the show but that was because I had heard that she was coming back to take one of us down. Sheridan later clarified that she was coming for Monsè through her sister — and not me.”

Imani: “I don’t know where you heard that because after you got that thought in your head, you got all insecure questioning me about my friendship with Sheridan.”

Jac: “Because I thought you were coming for me but it was Monsè all along. I apologize for jumping the gun and think she was coming for me.”

Sheridan: “Imani never once said a bad thing about Jac until Jac started with her.”

Yvonne: “This is stupid. Jacqueline began the messages telling Lorelei that they need to film a scene in relation to Imani. I don’t think Jac is an easy person to get along with. Look at how she and Sheridan’s relationship has deteriorated once Jac decided she wanted to be a part of the main cast.”

Imani: “Thank you.”

Marcie: ‘Can I ask a question?”

Serena: “Ask it, girl…I’m getting sleepy!” She yawns.

Marcie: “Going off of all of this, Imani — I heard a rumor.” She looks to Imani. “Some girls were gossiping at the salon I was in at the time, they were saying you had plotted to come back to go for Jac? I I don’t know you well but it wasn’t a kind thing to say so I’m asking you directly.”

Yvonne: “Marcie, why just bring this up now?”

Marcie: “She mentioned it.”

Imani: “No one in Beverly Beach goes to your salon and mentions Imani Grimaldi. Please be serious.” She scoffs and fixes her hair.

Petra: “Clearly we’re not getting any resolve here. Shall we just move onto Turkey?”

Heidi: “Yes please!”

Valentina: “Yes let’s talk about Turkey, I’m ready to eat!”

Petra: “The ladies jetted off to Istabul this year on a trip to celebrate Jac. Unfortunately, it was a divided group. There was no lack of drama on this trip. Let’s take a look as the ladies get in trouble in Turkey…”

Clips play of the groups completely divided on the Turkey trip. We see Yvonne, Sheridan, and Imani complaining about celebrating Jac. We see Jac offended that the women didn’t show up to her dinner on the first night. We then see Sheridan and Jac fighting on the boat. We see the ambulance come after Jac faints.

Petra: “There was alot of talk this season. I believe Sheridan, Imani, and Yvonne…you three were upset because you felt like Jac was getting a pass just because she’s pregnant? Is that true?”

Imani: “Yes.” She nods.

Sheridan: “Yes, true. She did.”

Yvonne: “Correct!”

Serena: “I will say I was very light on Jac in the beginning. And I apologized to Sheridan for that. I didn’t want her to be stressed during her pregnancy but like I said earlier, once I saw patterns with her and the three stooges. I realized it was deeper than my perspective.”

Jac: “You aren’t important in this.” She waves Serena off.

Serena: “And after tonight, you won’t be important to anything. You should be glad someone is giving your last little bit of shine.” She flashes a smile at Jac.

Heidi: “I don’t think like Jac got a pass, but I don’t think being pregnant is an excuse for her behavior. Being pregnant is hard enough let alone having your children and marriage attacked — I couldn’t image the pain she felt.”

Valentina: “I think I’ve held Jac accountable just not to the standard of you women. I’ve held them both Jac and Sheridan to the same standard because I was new to this group and was building friendships with them both.”

Monsè: “If Jac got a pass, Sheridan got a pass. They both went below the belt as far as I’m concerned. We were in Istanbul to celebrate Jac and that’s what we all should’ve been doing.”

Imani: “Girl shut the fuck up! Your ass is mute everytime they go at it and when Sheridan has enough you suddenly have a voice.” She holds her hand up.

Monsè: “I’ve spoken up plenty, just because it’s not in your puppet master’s favor, doesn’t mean I havent.”

Sheridan: “I’m no one’s puppet master. Imani has said she was open to a friendship with you Monsè, and I don’t care. I’ll support that. We don’t police each others friendships like Jac does you all.”

Monsè: “And I was open to one with her! I still am actually. But it’s bullshit that I’m condemned for standing up for Jac while you have just as many cheerleaders supporting your bullshit at the same time. It’s hypocritical.”

Serena: “She does not have cheerleaders. She has friends. Y’all literally bullied this girl ALL fucking season. Like what the fuck.”

Monsè: “You’re still talking about bullies? Go grab a popsicle and cry about it, you’re acting like a child.”

Serena: “Well if y’all acted like real women it wouldn’t be a thing. You are so sad. Pathetic. Just like those low budget ass DVDs you produce. Shut up Monsé. Shut up!”

Monsè: “These low budget, low creativity ass reads. Be gone blowdry Barbie!”

We get a shot of Monsè readjusting in her seat and the camera pans to Yvonne.

Yvonne: “Why did we even need to go to Turkey in the first place to celebrate the baby of a woman we don’t like and doesn’t like us?”

Imani: “Right! Jac made fun of Yvonne’s appearance, everyone was quiet. But it’s women support women when a bitch is pregnant.” She looks around the group. “Jac mocked my domestic assault situation on Twitter and they all were quiet. Sheridan has been ridiculed for not being able to have kids, but yes, let’s excuse Jac! She’s pregnant! This woman is dangerous and evil. Everyone knows it but they hate Sheridan so much they would rather die than speak up especially Monsè”

Sheridan: “They hate me.” She nods.

Jac: “No one mocked your domestic violence situation, Imani. I didn’t know you had been in a domestic violence situation. I’m very sorry you went through that but you started with me talking about your attentive ex and making insinuations that I was evil whilst pregnant.”

Imani: “You did, and trust me, by the way you emotionally abuse us I wouldn’t be shocked if you do that to your husband or whatever he is.”

Petra: “Jac, you did make this Tweet.”

Jac: “Do you want to show the orginial Tweet, Petra?” She looks annoyed. “Where she said I was bitter and talked about her attentive ex. I didn’t know an attentive ex meant he was abusive.”


Jac: “So you’re saying that you allow your ex who was abusive to you be around your child?” She raises an eyebrow at Imani.

Imani: “You wanted to mock me and use that as a moment. Do you know how many women go through domestic assault? You as a woman are a joke!” She glares at Jac.

Jac: “I’m just going to say — If my ex was abusive to me, I would never allow him around my child but that’s just me.” She holds her hands up.

Imani: “NONE OF YOU BITCHES will ever understand the pain I went through that relationship!”

We see Serena reach over and grab Imani’s hand.

Sheridan: “Jacqueline please. Yyou know the state of your own marriage. I didn’t want to talk about it then and don’t want to talk about it today.”

Imani: “Jac, for you to try to use my domestic violence situation against me…you’re disgusting.” She grabs a tissue and dabs her eyes.

Petra: “Well, if nobody has anything else to say I think it’s best we move on. Sheridan and Jac — We had a nice moment where Sheridan went to the hospital with Jac in Turkey. It almost seemed like there was a glimmer of hope in restoring your friendship. Do you think this can ever be fixed?”

Imani: “The funny thing is only Sheridan and I cared about jac when she fainted. Her friends were standing there like the dumbasses they are…” She mumbles.

The camera pans to show Sheridan and Jac on either side of Petra. The camera zooms in on Jac.

Jac: “No.” She shakes her head. “This isn’t going to be fixed.”

Valentina: “Oh wow.”

Sheridan: “I had high hopes after the trip but the Twitter antics with that weird old white woman from Twitter ruined all the progress we made.” She shrugs.

Petra: “Wow.” She shakes her head. “Such a shame. I would think you guys could squash it since you both are leaving Beverly Beach…”

Jac: “There’s nothing to squash. I don’t have hatred for her but i just want her out of my life.”

Sheridan: “Feeling is certainly mutual. I wish her, the kids, and her marriage well. I hope they fix it.” She purses her lips.

Valentina: “I have hope after they both leave and have some time away from the show they can rekindle their friendship because I do believe it was genuine and a sisterhood.” She looks between Jac and Sheridan.

Petra: “It’s really shocking seeing how your friendship deteriorated. I’m hoping eventually time will heal this and you can find a path back to friendship because you two seemed to have a genuine friendship at one point.” She looks between Jac and Sheridan. “Okay, well Imani, Serena, and Heidi. Thank you so much for joining us tonight. It’s been quite the season.” She smiles.

As Imani, Serena, and Heidi are escorted off stage, we get a shot of the remaining Main Housewives.

Petra: “Okay to close out the season, shall we give our thorns and roses?”

Monsè: “My rose was getting to do this show with my sister Phoebe this season. It was nice reconnecting with her and getting to show her this crazy world. My thorn… the never-ending feuds with some of my co-stars.” She looks at Yvonne and Sheridan. “I really hope that one day we can all just find some peace.”

Marcie: “My thorn would probably be every fight I got into. I’m not a confrontational person so I do want to apologize to everyone I’ve had tense words with this season because I don’t want to continue that. My rose would be the opening of Beverly Blowout, and that the success of it continues to thrive.” She smiles.

Valentina: “My thorn was the rumors about my husband and the ladies gossiping about my marriage. My rose was Monsè bringing me onto this show and building relationships with most of these ladies.”

We see Monsè and Valentina smile at one another.

Yvonne: “My rose would be having the chance to go to Turkey. My thorn would be Heidi. Her presence. Thank goodness the gardeners coming to remove it though.”

Sheridan laughs out loud.

Jac: “For me, the rose was the birth of my child. That was a phenomenal moment for me. The thorn was returning to the show for Season 8. I definitely should’ve left after Season 7.” She looks off into the distance.

Sheridan: “My rose was being able to show the world how my friendship with Imani has grown over the last few years. Many years ago, we sat on this stage hitting each other so low and have came so far. My thorn was honestly losing relationships with women I thought were my friends. I have given Monsè so many passes and I have closed the door on her. Closed the door on Jac. I look forward to my future being a full on WAG!” She giggles. “Cheering on Marcus at all of his games!”

Monsè and Jac both roll their eyes as a Production Assistant brings out cocktails for the ladies.

Petra: “This was definitly a monumental year for Beverly Beach. You ladies fought hard and it got ugly at points, but at the end of the day you really excelled on promoting and establishing your brands and buisnesses! Let’s cheers to new beginnings!”

The Reunion comes to the end as all of the ‘Wives cheers.