[S8E18]: Reunion Part 1

Real Housewives of Beverly Beach
31 min readFeb 21, 2024
(From L to R: Monsè DeRosier, Jac Carter, Sheridan Campbell, Yvonne Langley, Marcie Maples, & Valentina Armani)

The episode begins with shots of New York City.

Petra Voice Over: “Tonight — We begin the explosive 2 part Reunion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Beach Season 8…”

We now get shots of the women arriving to the studio and getting out of their cars. We get a couple shots of Marcie arriving.

Marcie: “My God, New York is so cold….”

Valentina is the next to show up.

The cameras follow her as she is escorted through the halls to her dressing room.

Valentina: “Today is going to be a bloodbath, I can already tell.” She talks to a Production Assistant as she is led into her room.

An engine revs; we now see a car pulling up infront of the studio.

Sheridan gets out with her assistant, she has sun glasses on and her assistant follows her with a garment bag.

Sheridan: “Let’s get this over with.”

They walk through the halls and towards her dressing room. The scene switches to Marcie who is now in her dressing room as she talks to the camera.

Marcie: “The way Sheridan and Jac have been going at eachother on Twitter, this is going to be bad. Real bad.”

The scene switches. Jac is already in her dressing room with Beau, she picks up a bottle of wine and begins chugging it.

Jac: “Mama didn’t drink all season, I definitely deserve — and need — this tonight.”

Beau: “Liquid courage!”

We see Beau chuckling in his seat. There is a transition as a door closes, then opens to reveal Monsè in her dressing room chatting with her makeup artist as she gets her makeup done.

Makeup Artist: “Are you scared for tonight at all?”

Monsè: “Honestly, not really. I don’t think I’ll be too much in the hot seat. I think the girls will come for me due to my friendship with Valentina and obviously, Jac.”

The shot switches to Valentina getting done up in her dressing room. Her gay friend stands next to her as the makeup artist does her work.

Valentina’s Friend: “So, who do you think is in the most trouble tonight?” He raises an eyebrow.

Valentina: “Unfortunatly, I think Jac is definitly going to be the focus tonight. It’s no secret our group is divided…I just hope she stands her ground.”

Valentina’s Friend: “Jac became your good friend, though.”

Valentina: “Yes, so I’m going to support her when I can. I know the women hate when anybody ever defends Jac. At the end of the day it’s her battle to fight.”

Valentina’s Friend: “Fuck those other girls.”

All three of them giggle. The shot switches to show Petra knocking on Yvonne’s dressing room door.

Yvonne: “Come innnn!”

Petra: “Yvonne! Our last remaining BB OG.” She gives Yvonne a hug.

Yvonne: “Hi, honey!”

Petra: “So how are you feeling tonight? What are you hoping will happen this Reunion?’

Yvonne: “Well, I’m hoping some of the other women take responsiblity. Monsè, Valentina, and most of all — Jac. But I doubt that’ll happen?”

Yvonne rolls her eyes and Petra laughs.

Petra: “We’ll see!”

The shot switches back to Jac who is talking to Beau in her dressing room.

An assistant opens the door.

Assistant: “Jac, 10 minutes until call time. Change into your dress.”

Jac turns and looks into Beau.

Jac: “Here we go.”

Beau: “You got this, babe.” He gives her a kiss.

Jac: “It’s going to be war tonight. But I’m ready.” She smirks.

We hear a final call for the women. The shot changes to the Reunion stage as the crew gets ready and Petra walks out and sits in the host seat.

Producer Petra

Now, one by one, the ‘Wives begin coming out on the stage. Yvonne is the first to walk out.


Yvonne: “Oh my goodness, I guess we cancelled too many times that Andy doesn’t bother with us! How are you, Petra?” She takes a seat.

Petra: “I’m doing amazing Yvonne! How are you?” She smiles.

Yvonne: “I’m good, honey. Ready to tell the truth and shame the devils you hired.”

Petra giggles a bit and then Monsè walks out.


Monsè: “Ooh look at you Miss Petra! Looks like the pretty girls are in red tonight.” She winks.

Petra: “You look stunning as always Monsè! Take a seat!”

Yvonne: “I hope I can hear you from way down there, Monsè.” She smiles and looks at Monsè at the end of her couch.

Monsè: “I’ll make sure to yell so your senile ears can hear me.” She rolls her eyes a bit and then crosses her legs.

Marcie Maples is the next Housewife to join the stage.


Marcie: “This is so pretty! Hi Yvonne! Monsè! Miss Petra oh wow! I see you took a break from daytime TV!” She smiles at everyone and takes a seat.

Yvonne: “I love this ensemble, very wealthy!” She points to Marcie up and down, impressed.

Monsè: “You look stunning in gold!”

Marcie: “Thank you, thank you! I blew it myself!” She laughs.

The camera pans to Valentina who is strutting out onto the stage.


Valentina: “Well, hello ladies!” She waves to everyone. “Don’t you all look lovely!”

Marcie: “Oh, Barbie’s here!”

Valentina: “ Petra, I see the queens are in Red tonight. Hopefully that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a blood bath.” She laughs and takes her seat.

Petra: “Oh, I may take a wild guess and say it just might be a blood bath tonight.” She giggles. “Welcome, Val!”

Monsè: “You already know it will be, girl.” She giggles and looks over at Valentina.

Sheridan is the next to walk out.


She keeps her eyes on her seat and doesn’t look to any of her castmate and sits.

Monsè: “The wicked witch has arrived…” She whispers to Valentina.

Valentina: “She looks like she came here to kill us bitches.” She whispers back and makes a face.

Sheridan takes a deep breathe once seated and glances over at Yvonne and gives her a wink before she turns to Petra.

Sheridan: “Petra, Petra, Petra!”

Petra: “Hey Sher!”

Marcie: “That dress is…wow. I need a better stylist.” She giggles.

Yvonne: “Sheridan, this dress is immaculate! You came to bury a few women.”

Sheridan: “The girls said it was a funeral, right? Well, it won’t be me getting buried tonight.” She looks at Monsè and smirks.

The camera pans to Jac who is walking on the stage escorted my Beau.


The camera switches to show Yvonne and Sheridan giving one another a look. Jac finally sits.

Beau: “Give ’em hell, babe.” He kisses her.

Jac: “ Will do, honey. Now go and get our cocaine ready for lunch then we can go and beat each other up.” She chuckles as Beau walks off.

We see Marcie turning to Yvonne.

Marcie: “The queen bees in black. Whew this is going to get rough..”

The camera pans back to Jac.

Jac: “Hi girls. Hi Petra.”

Petra: “Hello Jac, looks like you’re ready!”

Jac: “Sure am, lovey!” She crosses her legs.

Petra: “Well then, let’s get started girls!”

We get a wide shot of all of the women. We now see Petra look into the camera.

Petra: “Hello Everyone, I am Producer Petra and welcome to the Season 8 Reunion of the Real Housewives of Beverly Beach! This is our first Reunion since Season 6! We are on a beautiful stage that is meant to remind you of your dramatic trip to Turkey…”

The camera pans to show the Reunion stage.

Reunion Stage Inspo Pics

Petra: “ I know the ‘Wives are all chomping at the bit to discuss all things Season 8A & 8B…Well, whatever they already haven’t fought about on Twitter to nauseam, that is! Jac, honey, you had a rough season.” She frowns a bit. “How are you? How are Beau, Annabelle, and your newest addition — Ashton?”

Jac: “I did, Andy. I did. We’re all doing well though. We’re just basking in the joy of our latest addition. Our family is finally complete!” She smiles.

Marcie: “He’s so cute by the way!”

Sheridan: “Very.”

Petra: “I love that!” She smiles and turns to Sheridan. “Sheridan, you look amazing! This is your fifth season! But only your third Reunion, what are your intentions coming into today?”

Sheridan: “My intention is to wrap up this experience with a bow.”

Petra: “I think that’s a pretty good intention.” She nods.

Sheridan: “No pun intended.” She winks at Jac.

The camera pans to Jac who doesn’t aknowledge Sheridan but instead turns to Valentina.

Jac: “Is her eye twitching?” She whispers.

The camera goes back to Petra.

Petra: “Yvonne! Our resident OG! You are never afraid to tell it how it is…After watching the season, who here — In your opinion — has the most to answer for today?”

Yvonne looks around at all of the women but then dramatically points to Jac.

Yvonne: “Her.”

Jac: “I sure do. I’ve been on the tip of your tongue these past few months, haven’t I Yvonne?”

Yvonne: “You haven’t.” She looks to Jac. “You should be on the roster of a mental health facility, Jacqueline.”

Jac just rolls her eyes.

Monsè: “Everyone’s on her tongue these days…” She mumbles.

Sheridan: “You would know about women on ya tongue now wouldn’t you, Monsè.”

Petra’s eyes widen before she looks to Valentina.

Petra: “Valentina Armani, I’m loving this look!” She motions. “You turned out a couple looks this season.” She snaps. “Who here, besides you, is the best dressed?”

Valentina: “Oh god Petra, I would have to say it’s a toss up between Sheridan and Monsè. I mean the details of both are super elegant and a nice Turkish touch!”

Monsè: “Thank you, doll!” She squeezes Val’s hand.

Sheridan: “Thanks, girl.” She smiles.

Petra: “Marcie Maples! Another one of our newbies. It seemed like you became really over the drama by the end of the season…Have you seen any of the women since filming?”

Yvonne: “By the end? More like midseason…” She murmers to Sheridan.

Marcie: “Yes I’ve actually gotten lunch with Yvonne. I’ve seen Jac here and there but she hasn’t been out much, Valentina and I have talked, Monse and I have talked, Sheridan and I have texted but not a lot but I consider them all my friends I just get overwhelmed.” She smiles nervously.

Yvonne: “So you haven’t seen Heidi? Interesting.” She runs her hands through her long ponytail.

Marcie: “I’m dodging her stalking texts.” She shrugs. “She’s like.. obsessed with me I don’t know.” She shakes her head.

Jac: “That’s sad…”

Monsè: “Has anyone seen Heidi? Off the timeline obviously.”

Yvonne: “You can’t miss her!”

Petra: “Last but not least, Monsè — How’s it going babe? I want to know, is there anything here you’re not looking forward to discuss today?”

Monsè: “Hey Petra! I’m doing good and I’m ready to face it all, even the lies and twisted truths I’m sure these ladies are ready to throw at me.” She smiles.

Petra: “Okay, before we get started…” She looks around. “It’s clear we had a very rough, tumultuous, and frankly toxic season by the end. Everybody has fought while filming, then again on Twitter, and what the public doesn’t know — In our group chat, at some points daily — for the past few months. * Some of you all can’t stand to even be in the same group chat as one another. We’ve been fighting and escalating things for the past month. Can we all agree to at least be OPEN to hearing people out, and resolving things today?”

Monsè: “We need to come back together as a group. I hope today helps us get to that point.” She nods.

Sheridan: “Oh, absolutely. I’m a mature woman, Petra. I hope the other ladies can act accordingly. I lead by example as the woman on the cast with the most seasons under her belt.” She flips her hair.

Yvonne: “I think we’re very clear where we stand with each other today. I plan to hear from all the girls but they won’t get away with lies.”

Jac: “As long as we all come in today with TRUTH and not spewing LIES.” She looks over at Sheridan and Yvonne. “I’m more than willing to hear everyone out.”

Valentina: “I think it’s time we get to the bottom of some things and get some resolution for the ones that are willing to. That’s the thing is the girls have to be open hearted to one another.”

Sheridan: “I agree, Val!”

Yvonne: “Let’s get into it, Petra!”

Petra: “Let’s do it!” She looks at the camera. “After disappearing right after Season 7 wrapped filming, Mona Quinn came back for Season 8 to tell her side of the story. But things didn’t exactly go how she planned…beef with her former B.F.F and a cease and desist led to the former actress running for hills — yet again!”

A package plays of Mona explaining her rehab and how her divorce from Adam has really impacted her family. We see Yvonne prepping Mona coming back into the group. We get the fight between Mona and Monsè at Yvonne gallery dinner. We then see Mona talking about Brandon Armani. The package ends on Valentina and Mona going head to head in Hawaii and the Armani’s telling Monsè about the cease and desist next day.

Yvonne: “Wow! No wonder she fled again.”

Petra: “We aren’t going to spend a lot of time on Mona because, well — she’s not here. But I do want to ask a few things. Yvonne…” She looks at her cards. “Chandler from Dubuque, Iowa says: ‘Yvonne, why the sudden change of energy and the switch up to be Team Mona this season? I thought you didn’t like her…’.”

Monsè: “Good question, Chandler.” She scoffs.

Yvonne: “Thank you Chandler for this question. Let’s be clear, I do not hate Mona. I’ve only hated one woman I’ve been on the cast with and it is not Mona. I feel that it would be irresponsible for me to know about the trials and tribulations Mona faced and not at least hear her out. I mean, she already had her best friend ready to fire at her and even recruited a lapdog to support her!”

Sheridan nods along to Yvonne.

Monsè: “Yvonne, don’t start twisting things already. You know the relationship between me and Mona was rocky after her first disappearance. Of course I had some questions for her!”

Yvonne: “Great, Monsè. I didn’t twist anything. You were ready to pounce and it shows because Valentina was also!”

Petra: “We’ll get into Monsè and Mona in a bit! But, I’m curious, who is the one cast member you hated?”

Yvonne: “We’ll talk about her when she comes on stage today.” She smiles widely.

Petra: “Who here was sad when they found out Mona left after filming the first 9 episodes?” She looks around the group.

Yvonne immediately raises her hand. Sheridan then raises her hand.

Sheridan: “I hate that Mona left. We had a rocky friendship but I felt we were on the up. I had hoped to bring her and Monsè back together.”

Marcie’s hand now shoots up.

Marcie: “I never got closure with her and this is really real if she’s ever watching this. We were getting to be close friends, I don’t know where you went or where you’ve ended up but just remember the people who genuinely tried.”

Yvonne: “Didn’t you assualt her?” She looks at Marcie funny.

Marcie: “No I gently pulled her arm, but thanks, friend?”

Yvonne: “I’m just asking! It was nice what you did In Hawaii though.” She rolls her eyes at Marcie.

Jac: “I think it was sad that Mona left the way she did. She’s been apart of this group for a while but her mental health comes first and I don’t think the show was healthy for Mona anymore.”

Petra: “Valentina, did you come in with a preconceived vendetta against Mona based on what Monsè had told you about their friendship?”

Clips play of Mona v Valentina in Hawaii, we see Mona accusing Brandon of being creep and Valentina and Brandon organizing the cease and desist in Hawaii. The camera then pans at Valentina.

Valentina: “Is it okay if I tell them what you told me?” She looks at Monsè.

Monsè: “Go for it, babe.” She nods.

Valentina: “So about a week before I actually met Mona, Monsè got wind that Mona had been going around town talking about my husband because she heard that I got casted for the show by someone. She was telling people pretty much what she said on the show — that he was a creep and had touched some girls inappropriately.” She lets out a deep sigh. “So I did come in there with a chip on my shoulder because how dare she go around town spreading these vicious rumors before even officially meeting me?”

Yvonne: “Bullshit!”

Petra: “Oh wow!”

Valentina: “Yvonne, you are a load of bullshit! You knew about this and tried to cover up for her! I heard you were at the luncheon that she was talking about my husband at!”

Petra: “Did anyone else hear about this?”

Jac: “I personally hadn’t heard that but I also didn’t know Val before she joined the show.” She looks at Valentina.

Sheridan is shaking her head.

Sheridan: “ I didn’t, but Mona and I weren’t friendly at the start of the season so she wouldn’t have shared this with me.”

Monsè: “It’s true! Mona was jealous the second she heard about her friendship and she wanted to ruin it. I think we saw that pretty clearly with how she acted this season.”

Petra: “Monsè, you and Mona clearly had a very close relationship. You both work in the film industry, Adam and Gil were friends, she brought you onto the show. What was it like for you watching Season 8A back? Did you feel like you and Mona maybe didn’t have as solid of a friendship as you thought?”

Monsè: “I’ve spoken about this several times since the season has aired and honestly it hurts to see such a long friendship go down the drain like that. But the ways that she acted towards me when all I tried to do was be there for her… I guess no, I don’t feel like there was a real friendhsip there after all.”

Petra: “No real friendship?! Oh wow! You two were ride or dies…”

Valentina: “I’m so sorry, I know how much you did and cared for her.” She grabs Monsè’s hand.

Marcie: “I’m sorry, Monsè.” She frowns.

Yvonne: “Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit! This is so fake! I can’t even entertain it!” She throws her hands up.

Jac: “Does she have Tourettes or something? Why does she keep yelling out Bullshit?”

Monsè: “Yvonne are you constipated? Why do you keep talking about shit? Shut up!”

Petra: “Why do you think it’s fake, Yvonne?”

Sheridan: “Monsè has a track record of this behavior that Yvonne is describing. Be careful, Val.”

Yvonne: “Monsè admitted in the episodes that she did not return Mona’s mom’s phone calls and SHE was the one egging on Mona’s feud with Valentina. The only person not being a good friend was Monsè.” She nods. “End of story.”

Monsè: “Nope, not true! That was another lie concocted by Mona to get you all on her side.”

Petra: “Well what really happened then, Monsè? Did you get a text from Mona’s mom?”

Monsè: “I texted Mona, I called Mona, I sent emails to her assistant, everyone. And no one would tell me a thing! I was in the dark as much as the rest of the ladies. Everything I heard was from the blogs just like everyone else.” She looks at Petra, annoyed. “So no, I did not get a text from Mona’s mom.”

Petra nods along.

Petra: “Valentina — Cherry from Miami, Florida would like to know; ‘If Mona wouldn’t have ran and shown up for that meeting with you at the end of Episode 9, would you have actually tried to move on with her and drop the cease and desist?’.”

Valentina: “I actually came that day to hear her out, so yes I would’ve IF the conversation was productive dropped the cease and desist.”

Jac nods at what Valentina is saying.

Yvonne: “Who goes through all that trouble to just drop a legal matter?”

Monsè: “Would you blame her if she didn’t though? Who makes up accusations like that these days?”

Jac: “In a post Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and Jeffrey Epstein era, it’s very dangerous to accuse someone of sexual misconduct without receipts, proof, timelines or screenshots.”

Petra: “Well let’s get into it — In a recent episode we saw some of the other women bring up rumors about Brandon. Has anyone else heard of any rumors pertaining to Valentina and Brandon Armani in Beverly Beach? What Mona brought up in Hawaii.”

Valentina: “And I want them all out there. So if you have heard something than speak now or just admit you’re liars.”

Monsè: “Never.” She shakes her head.

Jac: “Absolutely not. The only sexual stuff I’ve heard about Brandon pertains to a former relationship he had with that lady from the Devil Wears Prada.”

Sheridan: “Look, I know I mentioned it and Valentina was upset on Twitter about it. I wasn’t mentioning it to say that I had heard it — I never had. I wasn’t bringing it up in a malicious way.

Valentina: “Than what way did you mean when you brought it up Sheridan? I’m just genuinely curious.” She cocks her head.

Sheridan: “I brought it up to say it would be messy of you to stir the pot when you had your own skeletons in the closet.”

Yvonne: “I’ve definitly heard talk of all of this. Is it hard to believe when you see that he went and got a trophy wife?”

Valentina: “Yvonne, in your famous words — BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT, FUCKING BULLSHIT!”

Yvonne: “”Let’s all pretend that the age gap between Brandon and Valentina doesn’t exist! I’m willing to play delusional!”

Jac: “Listen, Valentina is a trophy. A gold medal. I can’t imagine how Horace felt with his participation ribbon…” She gestures to Yvonne. “For all those years.”

Valentna: “You are exactly right!” She high-fives Jac. “ He might been lucky enough to get a participation ribbon! And is my age gap affecting anyone here?” She looks around. “Anyone?”

Yvonne: “Don’t turn it around, Valentina. The point is that he likes younger women and you are proof of that.”

Valentina: “We are not that much difference in age. I’ve heard around town you like them 20 years younger than you. But do you see me making a ruckus?”

Yvonne: “Don’t tell me what you heard, tell me what you’ve seen.” She rolles her eyes and turns away from Valentina.

Petra: “Okay! Okay!” She looks around, concerned. “ It’s unfortunate how things left off. I know Mona had alot going on, I think they just reached the point where their time on RP Twitter was up! Let’s move onto the next topic now.”

Sheridan: “Thank God. We wasted an hour talking about a bitch who isn’t even here. My God.” She rolls her eyes and adjusts her dres.

Petra: “With the departure of Lorelei, Bree, and Grace after Season 7 three newbies stepped up to the plate and were thrown to the ‘Wives of BB to fend for themselves. Armed with wealth, an extensive wardrobe, and an A-List husband; Valentina Armani had all eyes on her as soon as she joined the group. The veterans were quick to find out the new resident Barbie of Beverly Beach brought the Miami heat with her fiery personality.”

We get a package of Valentina introducing herself, her husband, and her family dynamic. We see her being introduced to the group through Monsè. Valentina talks about her dance background and we see footage of her soft launch of the dance studio. We see some tension between Valentina and Yvonne at the art gallery dinner. Some clips of the private jet storyline to Hawaii.

Petra: “Valentina, what did Brandon think of you on the show?”

Valentina: “I mean he loves it for me but he could do with or without the show. I think he would be more receptive to it if he didn’t have to deal with the nastiness of rumors that came with being on this show…” She laughs nervously.

Marcie: “Valentina, can I ask a question?”

Valentina: ‘Sure.”

Marcie: “I hope you take this with humor.. I need a private jet who in Beverly Beach do I have to blow?” She chuckles.

Valentina: “I may have a few connections…” She laughs.

Yvonne: “Is your husband going to like that?” She raises and eyebrow at Marcie.

Petra: “Give us an update on your dance studio!” She looks at Valentina.

Valentina: “The dance studio is done, and we actually just held our first cheer school! I’ve got 4 choreographers and 4 assistants on payroll there. We are slowly but surely getting the studio up and going.”

Jac: “That’s amazing, Val!” She claps.

Sheridan: “Love that for you!”

Petra: “Amazing to hear!”

Monsè: “I’ve taken some classes. They’re really great!”

Valentina: “And some of the proceeds of the schools I’m using to put back inti a foundation that are supporting an orphanage in South Africa!”

Petra: “Okay, so — we saw you and Yvonne get into spats throughout the season…” She looks at Val then Yvonne. “Where do you two stand as of now?”

Yvonne: ‘Where do we stand?” She looks at Valentina.

Valentina: “I don’t know where the issue really came from other than I didn’t take to her Queen Bee attitude too well. She came in here like she was demanded respect from day one and didn’t show me an ounce of it. So I was guarded right then because she made me feel like I was less intelligent than her and pretty much just a pretty face.”

Petra: “Pamela from San Francisco, California writes in; ‘It seemed to me Yvonne may have been threatened by Valentina. It is a pattern at this point when young successful women join the group. First Monsè, now Valentina.’.” She looks at Yvonne. “Are you threatened by Valentina?”

Yvonne: “That’s cute.” She looks unamused.

We see Monsè giggling.

Yvonne: “I have no reason to be threatened by Valentina. She has nothing I couldn’t have at her age or now.”

Valentina: “So what do we do to move forward Yvonne?”

Yvonne: “I think there is a little hope to move forward.” She nods. “But, I believe we need to have a conversation away from her entourage.”

Petra: “I agree, Yvonne. That’s the best way to go.” She looks at the camera. “Alright, we’re going to move on. Valentina wasn’t the only newbie to make a wave. Former hair stylist to the stars, Marcie Maples, joined in on the fun. Having worked with Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, and Naomi Campbell — Marcie is no stranger to being around divas. But she soon found out the ‘Wives of Beverly Beach are the ultimate divas…”

Marcie: “Oh Jesus, this is me.” She does a sign of the cross.

A package plays of Marcie introducing herself. We see some of her personal storyline about opening a salon in Beverly Beach. We get multiple clips of Sheridan trashing Marcie’s career. We get a clip of Marcie when she tries to stand up to Sheridan at the Labor Day party.

Petra: “Let’s start off with, congratulations on your new salon space in Beverly Beach!” She smiles at Marcie. “How has business been so far?”

Marcie: “It’s actually booming, obviously me being on this show has helped a lot and I’m so grateful but my stylists also had their own rolodex’s of clients that fill my place so all I can do is be grateful and say, visit Beverly Blowout for your haircare needs b’s!” She laughs.

Petra: “Marcie…You definitely had a rough season. I mean, your career was really downplayed. By the end of the season we really see you withdrawal and steer clear of the drama, you were not having a good time. How do you feel now that you have watched the season back and know everything that has been said about you? Are you hurt at all?”

We get a shot of Marcie nodding along and she takes a deep breath.

Marcie: “Yeah.. I felt belittled a lot. I wasn’t expecting to feel as like.. I thought I was a stronger person if that makes sense? I wanted to be at least.” She tucks a piece of hair behind her ear. “Watching it back, it was upsetting. I don’t remember specifics but I just think to myself.. why make so much of an effort in friendships with people who seem to not respect me or my expansive career.”

Monsè: “Can I say something really quick?” She bites her lip.

Petra: “Go ahead.”

The ‘Wives all look over to Monsè as she turns to Marcie.

Monsè: “I just want to apologize to Marcie for the things I said about her throughout the season. I think I was influenced by some of the other women’s opinions, but its been great getting to know her since the season aired.”

Marcie: “Thank you, Monsè.” She smiles.

Sheridan now raises her hand.

Sheridan: “I would also like to apologize to Marcie for my condescending comments all season.” She now looks to Marcie.

Marcie: “I…Oh.” She raises an eyebrow at Sheridan.

Sheridan: “My comments throughout the season were not nice, actually they were downright mean. Marcie, I appreciate our friendship now, diva.”

Marcie: “Well, thank you very much.” She looks caught off guard, but smiles. “I really appreciate this more than you know and it means a lot to hear it. I appreciate it, sincerely.”

Valentina: “I’ve had my own conversations with Marcie away from the ladies and I think our problems stemmed from a misunderstanding, but I’m also sorry my behavior and tweets towards you this season.”

Marcie: “Thank you, Val.” She mouths to her.

Valentina smiles as the camera goes back to Petra.

Petra: “Kaylee from Dallas has a question for all you ‘Wives! Kaylee would like to know; ‘Who here felt like Marcie was belittled by the group?’.”

Monsè: “She definitely was.” She raises a hand.

Valentina: “I think all of us — with maybe the exception of Jac and Yvonne — all belittled Marcie’s career this season.” She nods.

Yvonne: “I felt like she was belittled by Sheridan.” She glances over at Sheridan.

We see Jac nodding along.

Jac: “I do agree with Yvonne.” She looks to Petra. “I really do think it’s fabulous that Sheridan has had a change of heart after seeing how disgusting and vile she was all season but I’m just curious, why? Why were you so demeaning and dismissive of Marcie’s career?”

The camera pans to Sheridan who is rolling her eyes.

Jac: “Sheridan, you own a glorified taco stand. You aren’t serving Michelin star cuisine at your eatery, so why belittle her? Like you were relentless…” She looks over at Sheridan. “You were constantly saying ‘Who is Marcie? Why is she here?’ Like — It was nonstop.”

Sheridan smiles, ignoring Jac. She looks at the camera then to Petra.

Sheridan: “Did you ask something else, Petra?”

We see the ‘Wives looking around, Marcie clears her throat.

Marcie: “In regards to Sheridan, I think she was trying to be funny and it just came out like a mean girl move.” She looks at Jac.

Petra: “Marcie- You came into the group as Yvonne’s long-time friend. Did you feel like she had your back this year?”

The camera pans to Monsè and Valentina as they sit next to one another.

Monsè: “I wanna hear this one.”

Valentina: “I bet I can guess the answer to this…” She whispers to Monsè and laughs.

The camera pans back to Marcie for her response to Petra’s question.

Marcie: “Um no, I don’t think Yvonne had my back this year.” She shakes her head.

The camera pans to Yvonne who looks shocked.

Yvonne: “Are you serious?”

Marcie: “Yes — Did I stutter or soemthing?”

We get a shot of Monsè laughing before it goes back to Marcie talking to Yvonne.

Marcie: “In the beginning I was thrown to the dogs with the Heidi thing. You know, I wouldn’t speak on you like that behind your back I have more integrity to me to do that.” She narrows her eyes at Yvonne. “I don’t hold a grudge but I do ask you consider me and my feelings and our friendship next time.”

Yvonne: “Alright, Marcie.” She scoffs. “Get the moment with the people who hated you, not me.”

Marcie: “Oh, stop. I answered honestly what Petra asked me.”

Yvonne: “You were irresponsible with your words and who you trusted and it bit you in the ass. That’s not my fault.”

Marcie: “But you could’ve said ‘Hey — that’s my girl. She wouldn’t do that.’ I’m simply just asking you to be considerate of me…”

Yvonne: “If I remember correctly, I was the one saying Heidi shouldn’t come to Hawaii and I told Sheridan to consider you while the other ladies laughed and snickered.”

Marcie: “But in the group settings, you were silent.”

Yvonne: “So were you!”

Marcie: “I wanted to say stuff but I was scared I don’t know dynamics I’m new here Yvonne I only knew you closely and I was uncomfortable! I needed a friend in the moment that’s all.”

Jac: “Look, Marcie I agree that Yvonne is a terrible friend but you also let these girls treat you the way they did…”

The camera pans to Yvonne who snickers.

Yvonne: “Now I’m a terrible friend according to the alleged home invader.”

Jac: “You never really stood up for yourself. You never told these girls to back the fuck off!” She looks to Marcie.

Marcie: “I don’t like getting out of wack like that. Why should I have to teach people to show genuine kindness and compassion when interacting with new people?”

Yvonne: “Whatever.” She holds her hands up and turns to Marcie. :Let’s just squash this — I’m sorry you felt I fed you to the wolves with raw meat on your back. Next time someone betrays you, I’ll stick up for you more.”

Marcie nods and the camera pans to Petra.

Petra: “The group wasn’t the only source of conflict for Marcie this season. Tensions seemed to be a little high with Marcie and her husband, Jon.” She looks into the camera.

A package plays of Marcie and Jon disagreeing about her starting a new salon because Jon wants to retire. We see them visiting the salon space right after Marcie began renting it, Jon says negative things. We some tension between them at Jac’s Couples dinner.

We see Marcie look uncomfortable.

Petra: “How are you and Jon right now?”

Marcie: “We’re…married.”

We see Monsè raise an eyebrow as she turns to Valentina. Sheridan makes a face, we see Yvonne shaking her head.

Petra: “Did he change his mind at all once you opened Beverly Blowout? Does he support your business?”

Marcie: “Not.. really. He’s very set on the fact it’s a money pit until the first year goes by and it’s making profit. So it’s.. contentious.” She frowns a bit. \

Jac: “The two of you didn’t seem to be in the best place at my couples dinner. Was that all fueled by the business?”

Marcie: “I mean…Yes, not really…” She sighs. “I don’t know. Yes.”

Petra: “Ladies, how did you all feel after seeing the way Jon talked to Marcie?”

Sheridan: “It wasn’t okay at all. I felt empathy for her. It was awful.”

Valentina: “I think she needs a divorce lawyer.”

Monsè: “I didn’t like it all. Men shouldn’t talk to their wives like that, especially when all they want is to branch out and do something for themselves.” She shakes her head.

Jac: “I don’t think we can pass judgement on other people’s marriages. None of us live in their home or know the state of their relationship.”

The camera pans to Yvonne as she turns to Marcie.

Yvonne: “Marcie, you are too good of a woman to endure such vitriol from your partner. When I saw that, I was disgusted and the way you cowered reminds me of the way you maneuvered the group.”

Marcie keeps a straight face as she clenches her jaw.

Yvonne: “You should speak up for yourself and value your own voice.”

Sheridan: “At least we all agree on one thing…” She chuckles and looks around the group.

Petra: “Marcie, do you have anything else to say in regards to Jon and your marriage?”

The camera zooms in on Marcie who looks clearly upset, her eyes tear up.

Marcie: “I….” Tears starts streaming down her face. “I need a break. Please. I need to use the bathroom.”

Petra: “We’ll break in — “

All of a sudden Marcie gets up and covers her face as she exits the stage. The ‘Wives look confused and look at Petra on what to do. Petra raises an eyebrow.

Petra: “Okay? I guess we’re going to take a quick break.”

We see the ‘Wives talking as they get up to head backstage for a break and retouches. The camera follows Yvonne as she walks to Marcie’s dressing room as they fix her eye makeup.

Yvonne: “How are you doing?”

Marcie: “It’s just alot.”

Yvonne: “I know.” She walks over and grabs Marcie’s hand. “It’s okay to be honest.”

The camera just gets a shot of Marcie remaining silent as she gets her makeup touched up.

There are shots of the Reunion stage as Production brings out another chair. Eventually all the women come back out and they are all in place, Heidi is now on the Reunion stage.

Petra: “And…we’re back! Let’s welcome Heidi Weltroth to the stage!” The camera pans to Heidi. “Heidi, how are ya? Ready for the Reunion?”

Heidi Weltroth

Heidi: “Hi Petra, hi girls. I’m ready let’s do this!”

Petra looks into the camera.

Petra: “The girls questioning her career and a selfish husband weren’t the only of Marcie’s concerns. Marcie came into the group with her friend and fellow socialite, Heidi. A misunderstanding, a disinvite, and some heated exchanges turned the two friends against one another resulting in some high-class warfare…”

Jac: “This is going to be bad.” She mumbles.

We get a package of Marcie and Heidi’s first scene together and the backstory of them being friends. We hear Heidi talk about how Marcie has supposedly been talking trash about her around town. We see Marcie make a scene at Heidi’s charity event after she is taken off the list.

Petra: “So you guys had a history before the show…what was the moment that made your guys’ friendship turn sour? Christina from New York writes in; ‘What is the truth of the she-said, she-said between Marcie and Heidi at the beginning of the season?’.”

Marcie: “Heidi just talks a lot and when I’d do her hair she’d talk shit about these women. I’m a stylist I’m people’s therapists AND beautician.” She laughs.

Heidi: “I think where we went wrong was Marcie day dreaming and living in a world of her own delusions.”

Yvonne: “Oh my God, now she’s going to bring the bullshit.”

Petra: “What did the rest of you think when Heidi and Marcie came in with their feud?” She looks around at the ‘Wives.

Sheridan: “Initially, I was team Heidi. I thought Marcie was crazy as hell screaming outside with a pie in hand like an obsessed fan.”

Valentina: “It was ridiculous to me. Charity women as they call themselves acting like that? That says a lot.”

Monsè: “I think Heidi was messy from the start and at every opportunity to redeem herself. There wasn’t much to think of to be honest.”

Heidi: “I don’t think Marcie told the whole truth. And what upsets me is how many of these women were so quick to believe a poor hairstylist.”

Marcie: “I’m literally more well off than you and that’s without Jon’s money but go off.” She rolls her eyes.

Heidi: “It’s beyond clear Marcie has never been around a group of high class women. The truth is…” She looks at Sheridan. “I did trash Bell Camp. I didn’t call the health department like Marcie claimed I did but did I talk shit about you and the business? Absolutely.”

We get a shot of Jac smirking.

Sheridan: “Disappointing but I think in the end you saw that BellCamp was a lovely establishment.”

Marcie: “What’d I say? She just shits on y’all.”

Monsè: “Literally.” She gags a little.

Yvonne: “What about the rest of us? Did you say everything she said you did or not?”

Heidi: “I talked shit about all of you — as did Marcie. We promised not to keep it between us but clearly she doesn’t value trust as much as I do.” She glares at Marcie.

Marcie: “She’s owning she’s a fat stupid bitch so that’s wonderful.” She grins.

Jac: “Let’s not go there with peoples weight, Marcie.”

Heidi: “I’m a fat stupid bitch? Worry about the bitches your husband is fucking dumb cunt!”

Sheridan: “Not cunt!” She gasps. “Even I haven’t said that yet…”

Marcie: “Keep on yelling maybe a casting couch will call, Heidi!”

Valentina: “I mean when does the lies end Heidi? You’ve literally sat in most of our faces trying to be our friends when you’re a horrible person to us on and off of Twitter.”

Heidi just rolls her eyes befoe the camera pans back to Petra.

Petra: “Heidi, you have been a very controversial character this season. You definitely speak your mind and throw some shade bombs that nobody is safe from!” She looks at Heidi. “Do you have any regrets at all after watching the season back?”

Heidi: “Regrets? Listen Petra, of course I have regrets. I have regrets about what I said about Sheridan and all of the ladies really but I’m here to have fun and gossip. I think the ladies hold me to an unfair standard”

Valentina: “Every day I live in FEAR not knowing what you are going to say about me or any of us on this stage on your social media accounts Heidi. You’re a loose cannon and really not here to be any of our friends just profit off of talking about us.”

Heidi: “Valentina!” She chuckles and rolls her eyes. “You should live in fear about the Feds nocking down your door. Give me a break!”

Petra: “The Feds?!” She makes a face.

Valentina: “We pay our taxes Heidi. We don’t need to talk about your bankruptcies and the several letters you’ve received from the IRS needing to pay back taxes.”

Yvonne: “I think we can all agree that there’s no place for Heidi in our social circle.”

Monsè: “Finally me and Yvonne agree on something.”

Yvonne: “I hope she hasn’t ruined her relationships in the charity circles.”

Heidi: “You had no relationship in the charity scene. Stick to your bootleg Michael’s craft store, bitch!”

Petra: “Do you all feel like Heidi is held to a different standard ?”

Sheridan: “I think Heidi wanted to have fun on this show and cause mayhem and I think she was successful. I think she’s held to the same standard as I am.”

Yvonne: “I feel Heidi is held to the same standard. I felt the same way about Valentina having a side to take with the Mona situation as I do about all the chaos Heidi’s caused.”

Monsè: “Heidi was given chance after to chance to stop being a bitch to each and everyone of us and she couldn’t help herself. If anything, she had an easier time than the rest of us because at a certain point we just started ignoring her!”

Heidi: “You were mute all season worrying about your sister paying your bills. Hush it.”

Monsè: “Heidi, you are so fucking dumb! I pay my bills with my real job.”

Yvonne: “The fact of the matter is, Heidi didn’t know how to pull off her prudish personality among this group of women so she resorted to pulling any and every trick she had to stay relevant.”

Heidi: “Me? Prudish? Says the older lady here. You’re aging out of this circle dear. They have social security for a reason.”

Valentina: “Petra, I think it’s clear that Heidi is not here for resolution and has announced her ‘departure’ from the show so why do we have to sit through this shit?”

The music picks up as we get a shot of Heidi shaking her head. The episode comes to a close.