[S8E17]: Beware The Splash Zone

Real Housewives of Beverly Beach
38 min readFeb 9, 2024
(From L to R: Monsè DeRosier, Jac Carter, Sheridan Campbell, Yvonne Langley, Marcie Maples, & Valentina Armani)

The episode begins as we see footage of Sheridan and Jac walking back into the hotel after being at the hospital all night. After Sheridan and Jac say their goodbye’s, the camera follows Jac into her room. Moments after she walks in, there is a knock on the door. Jac goes to open it and it is Valentina in a robe.

Valentina: “Jac, I’m so glad you’re okay!” She gives Jac a hug. “I won’t keep you up, I just wanted to make sure you had everything.” She nods.

Jac: “Thank you Miss Tina, thank you for packing my stuff. The doctor said I need to get back to Beverly Beach first thing tomorrow morning and chill.”

Valentina: “I think everyone’s leaving tomorrow morning. I don’t think anybody was opposed to cutting the trip short by a day…Especially with everything that happened today.” She makes a face.

Jac: “Oh yeah, how was the day after we left?”

Valentina: “Girl — “ Her eyes widen.

We see Monsè, Serena, Yvonne, Imani, Heidi, Marcie, and Valentina get off the Sprinter van in front of a traditional Turkish Bathhouse.

Heidi: “Any word on Jac?” She looks at Valentina, concerned.

Valentina: “Sheridan just texted me that they just got her in a room…” She holds up her phone. “Hopefully it’s nothing serious and God forbid it has any effect on the pregnancy…”

Inside, a polite woman shows the women around the ornate bathhouse. We see massage rooms, steam rooms, and rooms filled with several hot tubs. Finally, the women are lead to a changing area. Valentina and Serena are the first two out and are lead to a private room with some tables and lounges.

Serena & Valentina

Also in the room is a table filled with snacks, tea, and champagne. The camera pans to Serena and Valentina as an awkward silence comes over them. Serena sighs and grabs a bottle of champagne off the table and turns to Valentina.

Serena: “How about some champagne while we wait for the girls…” She holds up a bottle. “Why don’t we go sit on our own little bath because the cruise was alot, and I want to clarify some things with you.”

Valentina: “Well, you know a good way to get on my good side. Let’s sit.”

Serena’s Confessional

“Val is a beautiful lady. I do feel like she’s very mean though! She’s allowed these women to become a minion to her cult like friend group. I don’t like that. We’re grown women. Let’s act like it.”

Serena and Valentina head over to a side room where there is a tub.

Valentina: “So…how are you today?” She takes a sip of champagne.

Serena: “I’m good, how are you?”

Valentina: “I’m good, doll…” She shrugs.

Valentina: “I would have been marvelous if you wouldn’t have been down my throat earlier on the boat, but you were.” She narrows her eyes at Serena.

Serena: “I wasn’t down your throat. I was coming for your actions. I do believe…and let me finish.” She holds up her finger. “I believe the way you are handling this situation between Jac, Sheridan and Imani is very wrong.”

Valentina: “Where did this vendetta against me come from, Serena?”

Serena: “You are literally only holding one party accountable because you’re closer to the other person. Ya know? It’s not right.”

Valentina: “How am I closer to one person more than the other? I never met Jacqueline or Sheridan until a few months ago. I’m just as new to this group as you are, so for you to say I’m holding one party more accountable is hypocritical coming from you, because are you not only holding Jacqueline accountable?”

Serena: “I am not only holding Jac accountable. Actually, Jac and I are cool. From what I can see. So I’m not holding either party more accountable. Actually, I’m trying to stay out of it until you girls start the gang up madness. You have ganged up on Imani multiple times on this trip. That is not okay, sis.”

Serena’s Confessional

“Valentina is really not getting the point. If you are trying to be friends with anyone here, you would not be sitting here trying to make everybody except 2 or 3 people upset with you. That’s not the way to do it!”

Valentina’s Confessional

“Serena can take that opinion of hers and shove it up her ass. How dare she try to say I’m ganging up on Imani multiple times. I know she has to have an assistant help her with her hair colors and what not but I can handle myself and business on my own.”

Valentina: “Are you trying to imply I’m some kind of mean girl or something? You have no idea what my conversations have looked like with these ladies. I have only tried to express my feelings to all parties. I do not feel like Imani has been ganged up by me.” She shakes her head.

Serena: “You are definitely giving off mean girl energy! And it’s not becoming of a woman your age.”

Valentina: “You’re trying to paint me out to be this horrible person and friend when in reality I want to be Switzerland just like you!” She motions to herself.

Serena: “Alot of people want to emulate me.” She flips her hair and smirks. “So, I understand you wanting to be like me in that regard, but I’d rather you be you and get healed! You love having people around you who you feel cater to your mean girl agenda.”

We see Valentina’s jaw drop.

Valentina’s Confessional

“Emulate Serena? Some wannabe hairstylist?” She laughs. “She’s got to be joking, right?” She looks behind the camera. “She is joking, right?”

Serena: “Mean girls never prosper, baby girl.” She smirks.

As Serena reaches for her glass of champagne, Valentina stands up and forcefully splashes a huge wave of water in Serena’s face.

Valentina: “That was such a bitch comment to say! How dare you try and say I’m some kind of mean girl with an entourage of mean girls!” She begins to stand up.

Serena gathers herself and looks at Valentina in shock.

Serena: “Did you just assault me?!?”

Valentina: “Oh, please. I love how when I fit your guys agenda I wasn’t the mean spirited one but now that I don’t you are attacking me and calling me a mean girl. I’m over it.” She gets out of the tub and looks back at Serena. “One day my daughter will see this and that is not okay of you to say that about me! EVER!!”

Serena: “I hope your daughter has enough money in her college savings to pay for the legal expenses! You are too old for this!”

Valentina: “I’m too old for this, but we are the same age?”

Serena: “You are the bottom of the barrel! And you will only have lackeys wandering behind you because nobody else is checking for you! Hey her out of here!”

Valentina: “And checking for me, just google me. I’m everywhere and well you’re nowhere but here in Istanbul. We are done here Serena.”

As the rest of the women come out of the changing area as a group, Valentina storms over to them. We see Serena trying to fix her hair and get out of the tub.

Serena: “That bitch…”

Heidi, Monsè, Imani, Marcie, & Yvonne

The camera follows Valentina as she rushes over to Monsè, Yvonne, Imani, Heidi, and Marcie.

Valentina: “MONSÈ! Get me away from that stupid bitch right now!”

Imani: “What’s going on?!” She looks around, confused.

Monsè: “Which one? We’ve got a few.” She chuckles.

Valetnina: “Serena! That stupid hairstylist wannabe!”

The camera pans to show Serena approaching the group now. She is drying her hair with a towel.

Serena: “I am suing her for every last penny she has left in her retirement savings.” She doesn’t even look at Valentina.

Valentina: “You’re disgusting for what you said about me!” She points at Serena.

Monsè: “What happened? Oh my god.”

Serena: “You’re a mean girl? You can’t handle my words? You have to be violent? I would call you a bitch, but that would too nice and too low level for me. You’re scum. Scum!” She looks to the group. “That lady assaulted me! Threw water in my face. Because I told her she was a mean girl!”

Serena’s Confessional

“She really assaulted me! I have never seen a woman of her age act in such a way. I am so disheveled by this. Woah.”

Yvonne: “My question is why?”

Imani: “Val, why did you do this?” She raises and eyebrow.

Heidi: “Your Hollywood elite friends like Rihanna and JLO wouldn’t approve of this behavior…”

Valentina takes a deep breath to calm down.

Valentina: “Ladies, Serena said that I’m some kind of mean girl and that I am surrounded by women who are also mean girls.”

Yvonne: “I’m sorry, her saying that made you splash your bath water in her face?” She looks at Valentina. “That’s unbecoming.”

Monsè: “I don’t think anyone should be getting physical. That’s not what this group is about.”

We get a shot of Marcie wandering over to the table of food and picking at some pastries.

Marcie’s Confessional

“Such a FUN vacation! O-M-G guys!”

The camera switches back to the group.

Valentina: “I showed Serena real mean girl behavior.” She shrugs. “She said I was being a mean girl and I showed her exactly that.”

Serena looks at Valentina disgusted, before turning away.

Serena: “That woman attacks people. Verbally and now physically. Like I said earlier, go heal. My conversation with her is over. I will not. This just isn’t okay.” She shakes her head.

Monsè: “Who exactly do you think is a mean girl, Serena? Since you think Val is surrounded by them? Just curous.”

Imani: “Can we not question Serena right now?” She rubs her back. “Stop with the nonsense.”

Serena: “It’s pathetic, really! You’re the age of my moms younger sister acting this way. Are you crazy?!? I’m sorry ladies…” She holds up her hands. “I hate to ruin this bathhouse experience but I’m literally shaking.

Imani: “Stop with the nonsense. It’s clear Serena isn’t feeling good. I think we should call this a night.”

Monsè: “I mean if she wants to throw out accusations, I just wanna be clear on who she’s talking about.”

Valentina: “If she said it, why can’t she back it up Imani?”

Serena: “Heidi, Marcie, and sis…” She nods her head at Monsè. “I like you, but on the boat today you were also giving mean girl.”

Monsè: “Hold up — Me?! What did I do?!”

Monsè’s Confessional

“Val, hands me a glass of water. I don’t think she learned her lesson.” She laughs. “I’m just kidding! Don’t use that!”

Serena: “Y’all were ganging up on Imani and Sheridan! Literally. And nobody tried to even stop it until we thought Jac was dead!” She cocks her head at Monsè. “So stop pretending. Why are you questioning the VICTIM?! I got water splashed on ME! I rest my case…”

Serena’s Confessional

“These ladies just saw me in the aftermath of getting assaulted… and Val has her cult so in lock that they are STILL blaming someone else for what SHE is doing. It’s sad. I’m so shocked by the way these WOMEN with children and husbands act.”

Yvonne: “Serena, you don’t really owe them any explanations. At the end of the day, Valentina assaulted someone who was not antagonizing her physically. She is below the standard we should hold for this group.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Let’s be honest here. Valentina got physical with Serena because she feels she has more power in this group with her. She didn’t even pull this in Hawaii when Marcie and I questioned her about her husband, so what else could it be?”

Imani: “I believe there’s a double standard in this group.” She waves her finger around. “Getting physical with people is never the answered, if it was I would’ve beat Marcie and Heidi up, but this has gone too far.”

Serena: “Thank you Yvonne and Imani… I love you girls, but I think I’m going to head in for the night. I am just so disheartened by this whole situation.” She tears up.

Valentina: “Look, ladies — “ She sighs. “I was in the moment and I was heated and I just reacted. I’m sorry for splashing you with water…” She looks to Serena. “but right now I’m infuriated and just ready to go home.”

Monsè: “I think this group needs to stop painting people as mean girls just for sticking up for someone they don’t like.” She shrugs.

Monsè’s Confessional

“These girls love to throw out buzzwords and call us out, but they do the exact same shit. If they want to call us mean girls then they need to look in the mirror.”

Imani: “Once again you girls are invalidating her feelings. This is exactly her point.”

Serena: “You ladies have to do better. This is not a sisterhood.”

Monsè: “Walk away! Play the victim!”

As Serena walks out of the bathhouse, Imani follows her.

Monsè: “Ugh! It all just bothers me because I could say the same thing about Serena. Why is she coming for you…” She motions to Val. “When you’ve done nothing to her leading up to this.”

Valentina: “Monsè, it’s not worth it. Serena has been coached on how to act and what to say and to think so let her have her narrative and the truth will always reveal itself.”

Yvonne: “If anyone was coached, it was you Valentina. Your claim to fame coming into this group was renting jets and coming for Mona.” She looks to Valentina.

Valentina: “Yvonne, my claim to fame? I’ve always been famous. Google me. I’ve never been able to understand your hang up on me Yvonne.”

Yvonne: “My ‘hang up’ on you, Valentina, is that I feel like you haven’t worked for your position. You’re a kept woman. You had the nerve to look down upon me for my art gallery, my friendship with Mona, AND my age. Why wouldn’t I dislike you?”

Valentina: “What do you mean my position? Am I applying for a job and you’re the hiring manager? What do I have to prove to you. You have gave me old lady energy ever since I’ve met you and I’m sorry that’s not really been my cup of tea. You literally attack me the second you get a chance to.”

Yvonne: “I am the hiring manager, I’ve been in this circle of friends longer than anyone else. Bow down and respect the bitches who made it possible for you to be something worthwhile outside of your husband’s shadow!”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Valentina is like Bree Bailey. Your entry into this group was dependent on the man that afforded you the lifestyle. You can’t rent jets on a cheerleader’s salary, get real!”

Valentina: “Yvonne you’re not God. Congratulations for being the oldest lady on the block. What do you want for being one of the longest ladies in this group? Respect is earned and not just given. When you show me some respect maybe you’ll get some back.”

Yvonne: “I gave you plenty of respect and you showed me nothing. You were berating a woman for her mental health struggles when you just met her! And you’re talking to me about playing God! Who are you to have been involved in half the shit you’ve commented on since we met you? Hmm…stick to being a trophy on the red carpet. You did that job better.”

Heidi: “It’s probably best we leave. Val don’t forget the water. You never know who we’ll encounter on the way back!”

Valentina shoots Heidi a look. The women begin leaving and the scene comes to a close.

We get shots of Green Bay Wisconsin. We get shots of the city.

In a restaurant downtown, Sheridan and Marcus walk in holding hands. They are seated for dinner.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I flew into Green Bay straight from Istanbul to see Marcus. The Packers are in the play-offs and I’ve really missed him, so despite how rocky our relationship is currently, I wanted to come support him.”

The waiter brings the couple over a bottle of Chianti and pours it for them. Marcus holds his glass up for a cheers.

Marcus: “You know I’m thankful you’re here with me in Green Bay, Sheridan.”

Sheridan: “Yes, and you know I’m genuinely the most happy I’ve ever been when I’m with you, Marcus.” She smiles.

Marcus: “That’s what you say, but I don’t know, Sheridan the restaurant seems to make you just as happy.”

The camera stays on Sheridan as she takes a long sip of her wine.

Sheridan: “Two different types of happiness. You fill my heart with happiness and love. My restaurant satisfies me in knowing that I accomplished my goals and dreams.”

Marcus nods.

Marcus: “And I get that — and I really do love that about you. Hell, im a pro baller I know that feeling of accomplishing your goals and dreams.”

Sheridan: “So what’s the issue here, then?” She raises and eyebrow. “Why are we where we are in our relationship?”

Marcus: “Sheridan you know why we are where we are.” He scoffs a bit.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I never thought that I would find love again after Martin. Martin was my soul mate and in some ways still is, but as a friend. Martin is family. Marcus is everything that Martin was not and is my true love. I just wish he could see that.”

Sheridan: “I’m just going to say it, Marcus.” She tucks a piece of hair behind her ear. “You want me to give up my ties to the restaurant and relocate to Green Bay.”

Marcus swirls his glass of wine and then eventually looks up at Sheridan staring him down.

Marcus: “Sheridan, we’ve talked about this over and over again to the point where I had to stop talking to you because you pissed me off about it, girl.”

Sheridan: “Yeah I know, it sucks when the person you love the most in your life ghosts you because you don’t want to give up the company you built from scratch.”

Marcus: “It ain’t about that at all!” He does a motion with his hand. “ Fuck that bullshit it’s about you not being with me — do ya business calls virtual, let ole dude run the day to day. You need to be where I’m at if you truly want us to work out.”

Sheridan: “You want me to uproot my life and everything I’ve built in Beverly Beach to move with you here to Green Bay. Do you realize how risky that is?” She is getting visibly upset.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I truly do not know what to do. If I choose to not move with Marcus, I feel I’ll lose the love of my life.”

Marcus: “It is not a risk — I’m in love with you Sheridan Campbell. If you move here, into my home in Green Bay, I promise I’ll make you my wife and give you the world. I want to be with you all the time.”

We see Sheridan thinking for a moment.

Sheridan: “It won’t be all the time — you have away games.” She shoots him a look.

Marcus: “I’ll fly you out, it’s nothing, baby. I need you with me and if that’s not what you want, I need to know soon.”

Sheridan sighs and takes another sip of wine.

Sheridan: “I hear you, Marcus. Please, just give me a few weeks to figure it out. I love you and I want what’s best for us — both of us.”

Marcus: “I love you too, baby.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I don’t know what I’m going to do. It’s time for some soul searching and truly prioritizing what I want in my life right now.”

The scene ends as Sheridan and Marcus are brought out their entrees.

We now get shots of Beverly Beach. We see Sheridan at BellCamp catching up on work. Yvonne is seen unpacking her bags with her daughter, Asha. Marcie is seen walking through her salon space.

The scene settles on the Beverly Beach Cartier store. On the top private level, we see Valentina wandering around and admiring jewelry with a glass of champagne in hand.

Valentina’s Confessional

“After Istanbul I decided to treat some of the girls to a relaxing shopping day at Cartier. Thankfully I become really good friends with the store manager so it’s just a private shopping experience for us!”

We see Monsè’s car pull up in the parking lot. Monsè gets out of the drivers seat, Jac gets out of the passanger’s seat. She heads to the back and we see Jac getting her daughter Annabelle out of her car seat.

Jac, Annabelle, & Monsè

Jac: “Now sweetheart, you need to be a good girl for mummy, okay? We’re going to be with mummy’s friends looking at some diamonds!”

Annabelle: “Okay mummy!” She nods.

Jac’s Confessional

“It’s been a few days since we got home from Istanbul and I’m meeting up with the girlies for a little private shopping day at Cartier. Unfortunately, my baby sitter canceled, so my little peanut is joining us. If she’s good, maybe mummy will buy her a little something.”

Monsè, Jac, and Annabelle enter the Cartier store.

Valentina: “Jac and Monsè!”

Monsè: “Hi! Thanks for the invite Val. You know I love to get bathed in diamonds.” She winks.

Valentina: “Get in here girls we can’t let the other girls know we are closing the store down just for us!”

Monsè: “Don’t want that happening. They’ll probably call us mean girls again.” She rolls her eyes.

Jac: “Sorry girls but my nanny is out sick today so Annabelle is having her first Cartier private shopping experience.” She laughs. “Isn’t that right, baby? Say hi to the girls!”

Annabelle: “Hellllloooooo!”

Valentina holds up a huge ring.

Valentina: “Diamonds are a girls best friend! I couldn’t help myself, I already bought a piece!”

Jac: “Ohhh how fabulous!”

Monsè: “Damnn girl, what did you have to do for Brandon to get this one?”

Valentina: “Swipe the AmEx card!” She laughs. “He promised me when he made it big, he would treat me to any and everything I wanted.” She grins.

Monsè’s Confessional

“I know at least a dozen girls who would do unspeakable things with Brandon for free, but Valentina gets a big ass diamond to go along with it?! This girl knows how to play her cards.”

The camera pans to Heidi who walks in, looking flustered.

Mrs. Heidi Weltroth

Heidi: “Oh my goodness hello loves so sorry I’m late.”

Monsè: “Okay, skinnty!”

Jac: “Well hello, waist!” She hugs Heidi.

Valentina: “Oh, there’s Heidi! Let’s pop another bottle of champs and get the shopping started!”

As a sales associate brings out full glasses of champagne for the women, and a water for Jac, the ‘Wives begin walking around the sales floor examining jewelry.

Heidi: “Jac, honey, you look so radient.” She sips her champagne. “Are you feeling better? You scared us on that boat!”

Jac: “Girl, it’s been wild.” She shakes her head. “I’m definitely feeling better. The doctor said my blood pressure was through the roof and that the stress of you hoes didn’t help that.”

Heidi: “Good thing you weren’t at the bath house with us. Lord knows what kind of medical issues that would’ve caused…”

Jac holds Annabelle’s hand and looks to the ‘Wives.

Jac: “Wait, so what exactly happened at this bath house? It was late when Val checked in on me…I didn’t get the full story.”

Jac’s Confessional

“Bath house? The only bath house I know are the ones where my gays go to you know…” She pauses. “Fuck other gay guys.” She laughs and claps.

Valentina: “Serena called us all mean girls and I showed her mean girl behavior.” She smirks. “She asked for it and she most certainly got it from me. I splashed water on Serena. I don’t play these little games.” She crosses her arms.

Monsè: “I’m glad you threw that water on her, she was probably a little dirty anyway.” She giggles.

Jac: “Wait, but why was she calling you a mean girl?” She raises an eyebrow.

Valentina: “She said the way we all piled on Imani and Sheridan on the boat was mean girl behavior. I guess if we stick up for you, Jac, we are mean girls.” She rolls her eyes.

Jac: “Oh lord so you guys calling out bad behaviour means you’re mean girls…” She nods. “Okay. That makes sense.” She makes a face.

Monsè: “Exactly, somehow me sticking up for you, for Jac, for Marcie all makes me a mean girl? Yet all they do is pile on the same way they’re accusing us of doing.”

Jac’s Confessional

“Mean girls? Last I checked, Yvonne is the 65 year old wannabe Regina George and I guess Serena is that dumb blonde friend of hers.”

Monsè: “It’s getting tired honestly. It’s sad really that Yvonne and Imani are so bored with their lives that they have to stoop to that bullshit. And the way they’re dragging Serena into it?” She picks up a necklace. “Whew, let me buy something, chile…My heart rate is picking up.”

Jac: “They clearly must’ve forgotten that every event I’ve attended these last few months has resulted in a 3 on 1 gangbang against me AND not the gangbang I like.”

Monsè: “Oh! Do you and Beau — ?” She glances at Annabelle. “You know what, we’ll circle back to that.”

Heidi: “I guess we know why you’re pregnant!”

Heidi’s Confessional

“I don’t know what type of Polar Express Jac is running in her building but, honey, she must be real busy from dusk til dawn. Or dawn til dusk. Whatever the fuck we know that bitch is busy!”

We see Annabelle tugging at Jac’s hand.

Annabelle: “Mummy, what does gangbang mean?”

Jac makes a face.

Jac: “Oh, nothing honey. It’s when there’s a big loud noise!”

Valentina: “That Annabelle is something else!” She bursts out laughing. “I’m just exhausted by those girls and their antics. But I’m also inviested in how it went at the hospital with Sheridan.” She looks to Jac.

Jac: “Honestly, she was amazing. She was by my side the whole time. She slept in a chair by my bed and was just so loving and caring towards me. It really reminded both of us that we have this sisterhood. It was a turning point.”

Monsè: “Aww that’s good. We don’t need another broken friendship in this group.”

Valentina: “I knew there would come a point where you two heifers made up. I’m glad you two finally buried the hatchet and are moving onward and upward.”

Heidi looks shocked.

Heidi: “Well that’s surprising! Do you think there’s a way to move forward?”

Jac: “You know we both apologized and took accountability for our actions but we also agreed that there’s a lot more to talk about. We didn’t want to get into the nitty gritty at 2am in the morning but I think there’s hope.”

Jac’s Confessional

“Being hospitalised in a foreign country when pregnant is terrifying. There’s nothing that is more earth shattering than the thought of putting myself and my baby in harms way because of these girls. I do love them but they aren’t worth it. Never have been and never will be. Sorry but my babies and my man come first.”

Jac: “I don’t know. I’m just tired. I’m tired of all this fighting and all this nonsense. It’s draining!”

Heidi: “I’m happy to hear that. If you didn’t care about each other you wouldn’t have fought so hard.”

Valentina: “I’m glad you guys are wanting to stop the fighting. I feel like some of these girls have it in their blood to just fight all the time.”

Jac: “Tell me about it…”

The ‘Wives laugh and continue shopping, the scene fades as we see Jac having Annabelle try on a little bracelet.

The camera pans over a chic restaurant on the very end of the Beverly Beach Pier. The camera shows Sheridan sitting at a table set up for four people.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Since being back in Beverly Beach, something just feels…different.”

Sheridan looks over the menu. Imani is the first of the ladies to walk in.


As Sheridan gets up to hug her, Imani slaps her ass.

Imani: “BOOTAY!”

As the girls giggle, Serena walks in almost immediately after.


Serena: “Hello beautiful ladies! How are you two doing?” She hugs Sheridan and Imani.

Sheridan: “I am well. Counting down the days…” She laughs.

Imani: “Babe! How are you doing?”

Imani’s Confessional

“I feel bad for Serena. She got the same treatment we’ve been getting from the mean girl clique. I hope she’s doing better because with these girls you HAVE TO give them the same energy back.”

Serena: “I’m doing okay. I’m still just so shocked by all that transpired.”

Right after the ladies order drinks and appetizers, Yvonne walks in.


Yvonne: “Hey ladies.”

Serena: “Hello Yvonne! How are you?” She hugs her. “So pretty!”

Imani: “My fave is here!”

Yvonne: “Hey, thank you! Aren’t we all glad to be out of Istanbul?” She takes a seat.

Serena: “I’m so happy to be home. I have NEVER been so ready for a international vacation to be over.”

The server takes Yvonne’s drink order and we get a wide shot of Serena, Yvonne, Imani, and Sheridan at the table.

Yvonne: “So Serena, where are you with the group? I know the incident with Valentina really shook you.”

We see Serena sigh and make a face. The camera pans to Sheridan who just looks confused.

Sheridan: “Wait, what happened between Serena and Val?” She looks to Serena. “I went to Green Bay straight from Istanbul, I just got back to Beverly Beach yesterday. I haven’t heard a thing.”

Serena: “I was assaulted.”

Sheridan’s jaw drops.

Sheridan: “Assaulted? What? By who? How?”

Serena: “Val threw water on me. Because I called her a mean girl. Which is not far fetched.”

Yvonne: “If anything, she proved it by doing something so vicious.”

Sheridan: “Oh wow — that’s — “ She shakes her head. “Valentina has flipped a switch, for sure.”

The ‘Wives thank the servers as they present them with cocktails and appetizers.

Serena: “Sorry, just one more thing about this…” She covers her mouth as she finishes up chewing. “What is even worse is that the other mean girls proved my point by not holding Valentina accountable! They blamed me.” She chuckles and sips her margarita.

Sheridan: “Oh, that tracks when Monsè is around. She has a knack for siding with vile behavior and trying to jump into issues.”

Imani: “Girl, all of those girls confuse me. Val was apologizing but then was mocking the situation on Twitter.” She holds up her phone.

Serena squints as she tries to read the post, she ends up taking Imani’s phone from across the table.

Serena: “Wow.” She hands back Imani’s phone looking in disbelief. “I didn’t even see this post. She did it right after I posted that I was a woman of light…”

Serena: “Wheww. And she isn’t mean?!? She’s too old to be acting like this.”

Sheridan: “The bullying never stops with these girls. But, you know, they say we are the bad guys. It’s startling that they believe those things…”

Serena: “I guess the actual rich bitches offend the women who’s life is wrapped up in the deposits of their husbands.”

Imani: “It’s never a good conversation it’s always them trying to fight each other’s battles.”

Sheridan: “The hatred is just too much.”

Yvonne: “To me, the group is too divided and we’ve been here before. It doesn’t end well for anyone.”

We get a quick shot of the waves crashing at the end of the pier. The scene switches back to the table.

Serena: “Anyways, how is Jac? Is she okay?” She looks at Sheridan.

Sheridan: “She seemed to be in good spirits. The baby is fine.” She sips her mimosa.

Imani: “So what made you go to the hospital with her after everything that has happened?”

Sheridan: “Well I mean at the end of the day just like with me and you, and Lorelei and I — sisters have fights and disagreements.” She looks at Imani. “ I care about her genuinely. I’m not like these other women who just want fame and don’t want actual sisterhood.”

Imani: “Definitely. I actually told the girls I hoped that you two could get to a better place.” She dips her chip in some guac.

Yvonne: “So was this a fresh slate for the two of you?”

The camera pans to Sheridan who is shaking her head.

Sheridan: “No. This doesn’t mean I’ve fully moved on. A conversation will need to be had between her and I where she can answer my questions as to why she did the things she did. She apologized for everything, but I must know the why to fully move on.”

Serena: “I get that. An in depth convo must be had.”

Sheridan: “Right. Istanbul was not the place for that, especially after her spell.”

Imani: “How do you feel?” She raises an eyebrow. “I don’t want to put things in your head but the switch up was overnight.”

Imani’s Confessional

“I don’t trust Jac, yes, I feel compassion for her, but that doesn’t erase what she has done to me.”

Sheridan: “I feel at peace. Where relationships are in this group; I’m good.”

Imani: “Well, if it works for you…I found it strange Monsè, who organized the trip for her, didn’t stay at the hospital with Jac…”

Sheridan: “They don’t care about sisterhood. Most of them are in this group to be on reality television. Monsè isn’t loyal to anyone. Look how she did her best friend Mona.”

Imani’s Confessional

“While Jac was at the hospital, these girls were sipping on champagne, getting massages, and soaking in the bath. I mean, this just proves how Serena, Sheridan, Yvonne, and I have the most stable and real relationships in this group. No alliances, it’s a real sisterhood.”

Sheridan: “Heidi — hell she switched up every time the camera is around. No one is truly her friend because they don’t know who she’s going to be bitchy to that day.”

Serena: “They are very performative I fear. They LOVE to be in the spotlight. And they’ll do anything for it. I actually liked Monsé — but she’s aligning with the wrong people.”

Imani: “She makes me want to pull my extensions out.”

Serena: “Val And Monsé BOTH Will have to answer to their wrongdoings. Laughing at assault is just as bad as assaulting someone.”

As Serena shakes her head, we get one more shot of the women at happy hour on the pier. The scene fades out.

The scene opens up by panning over Marcie’s new salon space in downtown Beverly Beach, Beverly Blowout. Inside, an open bar is set up and servers walk around with handheld food. The camera follows Marcie as she talks to some of her staff members that are all dressed up for the party.


Marcie: “I’m so excited to be beginning this journey with you guys! Let’s make our mark in Beverly Beach as the best hair salon! Cheers!” She holds up her champagne flute.

As the staff all cheers and then goes into chatting, the camera zooms in on a smiling Marcie who is chatting with one of her stylists.

Marcie’s Confessional

“Tonight’s the night! I’m opening my salon Beverly Blowout and I’m so excited to be inviting all the girls! I’m so grateful they’re coming because even just the paparazzi exposure of them being here is wonderful for business!”

The camera pans to a big black Escalade pulling up to the valet out front. We see Valentina and Heidi get out of the back of the car together.

Heidi & Valentina
Valentina’s Confessional

“I am glad I am getting to see Marcie’s business come to life. She’s been talking about it since I’ve met her. This is also the first time we are all going to be together since Istanbul so that should be interesting, especially seeing Selena again!”

Valentina and Heidi pose together for a couple paparazzi pictures before heading inside.

Heidi: “Ooo, Val! Look!” She looks around.

Valentina: “I have to say I wasn’t expecting all this from Marcie, but this she is on point with!” She grins.

The women walk over to Marcie who is still conversing with her staff.

Valentina: “Marcie!” She hugs her. “Your salon looks fabulous. Makes me want to come here to get my hair blown out!”

Heidi: “Hunni, this is everything!”

Marcie: “Hi girls! You all look so gorgeous thank you for coming!”

A server brings Heidi and Valentina some champagne as they continue to look around.

Heidi: “When you were telling me about this last year I never imagined it would be like this!”

Heidi’s Confessional

“Marcie has gone through many ups and downs so to say I’m happy and proud of her would be an understatement. I wish her nothing but success I like to see all of my friends succeed.”

The camera pans to show Monsè who is walking over.


Monsè: “This place looks amazing, congrats babe!” She hugs Marcie then turns to Val and Heidi. “Hey ladies!”

Valentina: “Monsè! Is that you shining like a diamond!?”

Monsè: “The invite said ‘glitzy’! I couldn’t disappoint!”

Imani is the next to enter and come over to the group.


Imani: “Hey!”

Marcie: “Hi Imani, welcome in! Thanks for coming.”

Valentina: “There’s Imani, in her sparkles! I love this a dazzling event! You look gorgeous Imani!”

Imani: “Thank you babe! I had to show up!”

Out front, we see Sheridan and Yvonne have shown up. They walk into Beverly Blowout together.

Yvonne & Sheridan

Sheridan: “Let’s see what all of this is about.”

Yvonne: “Let’s see…”

Marcie turns around as Sheridan and Yvonne come over.

Marcie: “Oh my gosh hey girls!”

Yvonne: “Hey Marcie, I hope we’re still good enough to hug.”

Marcie: “Of course!” She hugs them.

Heidi: “Sheri The Don is pretty in pink tonight!” She hugs Sheridan.

Sheridan: “Thank you, Heidi! You look gorgeous.”

Jac rubs her belly as she walks into the salon.

Jac’s Confessional

“I’m so happy to be here today to celebrate my girl, Marcie and her new salon! It’s about time she shut these ladies and their belligerent tongues up! She’s a boss and she deserves that respect!”

Jac: “Oh wow! How stunning, Marcie!”

Marcie: “Hi my momma-to-be!” She hugs her.

Jac: “Look at how fabulous you look!”

Heidi: “Jac I love the pink!! Any indication on the gender?!”

Jac laughs.

Jac: “You’ll have to wait until next week at the baby shower, girlie!”

There are shots of more guests arriving to the party. We see Influencers and few past Real Housewives of Beverly Beach Housewives such as Grace Faroe and Bree Bailey. The scene settles on Valentina who is ordering at the open bar.

Valentina: “Can I please have a glass of Dom Perignon?”

Bartender: “I’m sorry, we don’t have that ma’am.”

Valentina furrows her brow.

Valentina: “Oh you don’t carry that here, well what about 1942 tequila?”

Bartender: “We don’t have any of that either.” He shrugs.

Valentina: “None of that either. Shit! I guess just give whatever at this point.” She laughs.

Bartender: “Well tequila?”

The camera pans to Marcie who has made her way to the middle of the salon with a microphone.

Marcie: “Ladies and gentlemen may I grab your attention!” She taps her glass.

One of her stylists helps her up so she can stand on a chair. We get a shot of some of the women sipping on their drinks and looking to Marcie.

Marcie: “Thank you all for coming! So as a lot of you know tonight is a very special night obviously! This is my ninth salon, nine that’s crazy, and I’m so happy to be bringing my New York experience to the Beverly Beach hair scene once again! However this is an even bigger night for my co-workers and stylists working alongside me! They are the heart of this place and will continue to work to make us a Beverly Beach staple! Thank you so much for coming out and let’s have a fun night!”

Marcie raises a glass and the crowd cheers, the DJ then turns up the music. Marcie gets down and walks over to the women nervously.

Jac: “YES for the mogul!” She hugs her.

Marcie: “Did I do okay?”

Monsè: “Yes! Congrats, Marcie. It turned out great.” She smiles.

Valentina: “You did fabulous, Marcie! That speech was well wrote and beautifully delivered!”

Marcie: “Thank you girls oh gosh!”

Jac’s Confessional

“I’m so proud of Marcie! She is such an amazing businesswoman and to see her in her element being celebrated is truly heartwarming.” She pauses. “And to my costars, a heart is a muscle in the body that people say omits feelings of love. Go get you one.”

We see Imani standing towards the back of the group, she looks bored as she sips on her vodka club soda. Marcie walks over to her.

Marcie: “Hey, Imani, may I speak with you?”

Imani looks confused and glances at Sheridan and Yvonne.

Imani: “Uh…sure.”

Marcie leads Imani over to the main salon area. They take a seat in adjacent chairs.

Marcie: “So…I am so grateful for you coming and the support but I am a bit — well — confused.” She looks at Imani. “I honestly didn’t think you liked me.”

Imani: “And what made you think that?” She crosses her legs.

Marcie: “I just got a vibe rather feeling. I mean you were always having Sheridan’s back when her and I were miscommunicating so it’s surprising to see you here.”

Imani laughs a bit and takes another sip of her drink before setting it down.

Imani: “Of course I’m going to have Sheridan’s back, I’ve known her longer, but when I first came around, you were crying about how no one gave you the time of the day… I recall being one of the 3 people who were willing to hear you out, then you suddenly did a 180 on me.”

Imani’s Confessional

“I have never said anything negatively about Marcie. I’ve heard she talks so much shit about me, and I’m always like, what did I even do to you?”

Marcie: “I felt like you sort of came for me when I was unable to film due to personal reasons you kinda weaponized them so it made me feel not safe around you untrustworthy of you and yeah I flipped a 180 but.. not uncalled for or randomly.”

Marcie’s Confessional

“I don’t want to have an issue with her I want to squash things but we’re going to be 100% if we’re going to do that because I’m done.”

Imani: “But you never communicated that to me…” She looks confused. “Just because I questioned you about where you were you decided to talk about me?”

Marcie: “Maybe I should’ve and I’m sorry I didn’t I just didn’t know you that well and I felt out of my element honestly. I felt embarrassed being unable to work and it made me uncomfortable to bring it up or mention it, and I was upset so no it wasn’t right but it felt.. targeted.”

Imani: “Well. I accept your apology. I don’t have anything against you and I want you to know that.” She nods.

Marcie: “Thank you, and I truly want us to be able to connect and have a friendship within this group, so thank you again for coming and being genuine with me because I know I’m a lot!”

Imani: “I apologize if I’ve done anything that has bothered you.”

Marcie: “I do the same honestly I think I’m a bit sensitive and I should laugh things off a bit more.”

Imani’s Confessional

“I don’t know if I trust Marcie enough to put all of this to rest, but I’ll forget everything she did to me. I think she’s a great woman and often just fades to the background but by choice; she’s still a fun girl who is harmless.”

Marcie and Imani get up and hug before heading back to the other ‘Wives. There is some casual talk as the ladies sit in a seating area, eventually Yvonne turns to Valentina.

Yvonne: “Valentina, I do want to talk to you.”

Valentina: “What’s going on, Yvonne?” She looks at her.

Yvonne: “I don’t know if Serena will come tonight, but I wouldn’t blame her since you assaulted her in Turkey.”

Valentina: “Oh we are still talking about what happened between Serena and I in Istanbul? She called me a mean girl so I showed her what one looked like… She should be a big enough woman to come here today to confront me. Not have you do it.”

We see Monsè nodding along to Valentina.

Yvonne: “She didn’t have me do it.”

We see Sheridan picking at her nails and sipping on her drink.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“These women are always gossiping or fighting about something.” She yawns. “Did I hear them mention Serena? Why are we talking about someone who didn’t even show up?”

Yvonne: “All I’m saying is you’re acting a bit hypocritical Valentina.”

Valentina: “Why is it hypocritical of me to do what I did? Please enlighten.” She rolls her eyes.

Heidi: “Are we seriously fighting over Valentina splashing the bitch? As if that’s the worst thing that’s every happened to her…”

Sheridan: “For once, I agree with Heidi. Serena didn’t even bother to show up tonight so why are we arguing about Serena?”

Valentina: “Yvonne is trying to say it was hypocritical of me to splash water on Serena. None of you ladies were there or heard her demeanor when she was speaking to me. She hit a button with me and I flipped out. I don’t know what I you want me to say.”

Monsè: “You don’t need to explain yourself, Val. The bitch got what she deserved, end of story. It’s a little water, so what?”

Yvonne: “All I’m saying is I just don’t understand why the situation escalated like that. I would expect that from someone who’s had issues with alcohol like Heidi but not Valentina.”

Sheridan: “Oh — “

Jac: “Wait, what?” She looks at Heidi.

Heidi: “Oh fuck off Yvonne. Go to AA. If Serena wanted to explain her side of the story she would’ve come. But she didn’t.” She claps. “It’s time to move on.”

Yvonne: “Well would you like to explain your side of the story why you aren’t working at CPS anymore?”

Marcie: “CPS?! Woah woah woah!”

Heidi: “No. I have an established career and the last thing I need to do is explain anything about myself to an illiterate fuck like you.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“You can’t call someone an unfit parent when your kids are hoping for you to come home sober every night.”

Yvonne: “Illiterate fuck? Well I expect that from a woman who defecate on herself instead of getting up to go to the bathroom. So much for a socialite.” She laughs condescendingly.

Heidi: “And what are you? The manager of a craft store in East Beverly Beach? Lady give me a break.”

Yvonne: “I run an art gallery and the family business that’s been in my family for generations. What do you do? Host events and leave without pay? You’re the town horse and a bum.”

Sheridan: “Ladies, there are important wig creators in the building and blow dryers let’s calm it down.”

Marcie: “Seriously. Heidi apologize for calling Yvonne an illiterate f it’s not ok and it’s especially not ok to swear there are people staring.”

Heidi: “I’m good.”

Heidi’s Confessional

“Yvonne can get fucked. I’m so over her low blows and insults. I have a very fulfilling life. An amazing husband, children who love me, and a happy life. Something that woman could only ever dream of.”

The camera focuses on Imani who is watching a hair tutorial a few feet away. Jac walks up to her.

Jac: “Oh wow, they’re really over there yelling aren’t they.” She laughs awkwardly. “Anyway, how are you?”

Imani: “I’m good… but confused as to why you wanna have a conversation.” She looks at Jac.

Jac flicks hair out of her face.

Jac: “You know, I know we haven’t had the best experience with each other these past few months but I wanted to thank you in person for how caring of me you were when we were in Istanbul. It was really big of you to check in on me when everything happened on the yacht, so I just wanted to say that to you in person.”

Jac’s Confessional

“ I don’t think Imani and I will ever be friends. A lot has happened between the two of us, however, she was there for me when I was really unwell and for that I want to thank her. Plain and simple.”

Imani: “You’re welcome. I know as mother, I would never want that to happen to me. I’m glad you were okay and were able to get whatever happened sorted out.”

Imani’s Confessional

“I don’t really know Jac like that but, I know she just goes into these moods out of nowhere I’m not really to have a full conversation because we’ve both have said things that are hurtful.”

Jac rubs Imani’s arm.

Jac: “Thank you for that. It was truly a scary scary experience and I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. So thank you again. Let’s go back and enjoy this party.”

Imani nods and walks over to Sheridan and Yvonne.

Imani: “Ladies, I’m ready to go.”

Yvonne: “Yes, let’s go. I’m ready for the rooftop vibe.”

Yvonne’s Final Confessional

“Tonight was a dysfunctional end to a dysfunctional era. This season has taken us on a rollercoaster but I’m happy to see my longtime friend relive her dream and establish herself as the force she is in Beverly Beach. Langley logging off.”

Yvonne’s Finale Card
Sheridan’s Final Confessional

“This year has been revealing to me. I finally see that my place in this group will always be threatened as long as Monsè is here to create division and ya know — I accept that. I am in love again, and I think Marcus is the one. Do I want to move to Green Bay? I’m not sure, but I am at peace with where my relationships stand in this group and maybe that will help me with my decision making.”

As Yvonne, Sheridan, and Imani walk out together. We see that Jac, Monsè, and Valentina have gathered.

Valentina: “I want to go get dinner before I have to go home. I’m starved, and in need of a good cocktail.” She laughs.

Monsè: “Yes, boo. Somewhere nice, a large bottle of 1942 is calling my name after this party.”

Jac: “I need food ASAP!”

Valentina: “Come on Jac, we got to feed the pregnant person!”

Valentina’s Finale Card
Monsè’s Final Confessional

“This year has been eye-opening when it comes to who really has my back. We’ve got fake bitches and boring bitches, but from now on, I’m sticking with the real bitches. Valentina and I have forged a great bond, my sister and I are in a good place, and Gil and I have never been happier. I couldn’t care less about what anyone has to say about me or my life, because Monsé always stays winning.”

Monsè’s Finale Card
Jac’s Final Confessional

“This past year has been an emotional roller coaster ride for me and my family. I have struggled balancing my marriage and career, experienced an unplanned pregnancy and fought with my best friend. It’s been such a draining experience but I truly wouldn’t have had it any other way. As I re-embark on this new mommy journey, I hold my family closer to my heart than ever before. As for the girls, some have disappointed me beyond belief but others have really stood by me and had my back. What does the future hold? Well, Beau and I will be welcoming our baby boy very soon and expanding the Van De Walde family. Now it’s time to sign off, Jacqueline Van de Walde out.”

We see the ladies saying goodbye to Marcie.

Marcie: “Thank you all!” She waves bye.

Marcie’s Final Confessional

“Tonight was.. a success! Nobody left screaming or crying all just.. peacefully. It wasn’t a total success as there’s still the Yvonne, Serena, Val, Monsè issue, but I think the love is there, and this group can find it again!”

Marcie’s Finale Card

The season ends as we get one final shot of Marcie’s salon party.