[S8E16]: A Turkish-Not-So-Delight

Real Housewives of Beverly Beach
36 min readFeb 2, 2024
(From L to R: Monsè DeRosier, Jac Carter, Sheridan Campbell, Yvonne Langley, Marcie Maples, & Valentina Armani)

As the episode begins, we see the sun setting over Istanbul.

The camera now pans over the hotel that the ‘Wives are staying at.

We get a shot of Sheridan and Yvonne being done up by their glam teams. Marcie is doing her own hair in her bathroom. Valentina is still in a robe, talking to her stylist, trying to still decide on an outfit.

The scene changes to show outfront the hotel. A sprinter van waits for the women. Monsè and Jac are the first to walk out, they hold hands and Monsè helps Jac into the Sprinter.

Monsè’s Confessional

“There’s been a lot of tension on this trip already, but I’m hoping just for one night we can all come together to celebrate Jac and her new baby.”

5 Minutes later, Marcie and Heidi walk out together and get in the van.

Heidi: “Oh hi besties!” She smiles and waves, then looks to Jac. “Well doesn’t the woman of the house just look stunning!”

Jac: “Awww, thanks gorg!”

As Marcie and Heidi sit, we see Monsè checking the time on her phone and then going to send out a text to the other women. 10 minutes later, Valentina rushes onto the Sprinter.

Valentina: “Hello ladies! So sorry I’m so late, makeup and hair took forever to do!”

Monsè: “Hello gorgeous! At least you made it!”

Valentina looks around at the half empty van with her eye brow raises as she takes a seat.

Valentina: “Is it just us? None of the other girls are coming?”

Monsè throws her hands up in frustration.

Monsè: “I don’t know where the rest of these girls are. No text or anything!”

Jac: “They’re probably waiting for Yvonne. You know her and that hip aren’t what they used to be.” She shrugs.

Monsè checks her phone one more time.

Monsè: “Well, I guess the rest of these bitches are gonna starve because we got to go! Driver, let’s get a move on!”

The Sprinter van pulls off for dinner with only Monsè, Jac, Valentina, Heidi, and Marcie. The shot switches to inside as the ‘Wives ride along.

Valentina: “I’m ready to party!” She holds up a champagne bottle. “Who else wants to take a champs shot?”

Monsè: “Okay classy! Hand me one of those!”

Marcie: “A champs shot?”

Valentina: “It’s just a shot of tequila and champs mixed!” She hands one to Marcie.

Jac: “Not tequila and champs?! What in the hell is that mess?” She scrunches up her nose.

The camera pans to Marcie as she takes the shot. Immediately after she winces, looking like she is in serious pain.

Marcie: “How…interesting!”

We get a montage as the van pulls up to the restaurant. Once inside, the ladies are led up to the private rooftop venue that has a breathtaking view of all of Istanbul at night.

A large table is set of for the women, along with a fully stocked bar with two bartenders.

Monsè: “Here we are! Jac, what do you think of the set up?”

Jac: “OH MY GOD!! MONSITA?! This is stunning!” She gives Monsè a big hug. “How beautiful is this?!” She looks around in awe.

Valentina: “This set up is everything…” She walks over to the edge for a better view. “Monsè, you outdid yourself with this!”

Marcie: “Gorgeous!”

Heidi: “Beautiful, Monsè!” She raises her glass.

Monsè: “I had to go all out for my bestie boo! And my little god baby to be.” She grins and winks at Jac.

Jac: “See even though your bank account is in overdraft, you still managed to pull it out of the bag.” She laughs.

Valentina: “Jac!” She chokes on an appetizer.

Monsè: “Girl, you better shut up and eat some food before I hurt you!” She playfully nudges Jac.

As the ‘Wives all get their drinks, Monsè instructs them to sit at the table.

Monsè: “So, ladies I want to start off with a toast…”

Marcie: “Yes! More drinking!”

We see Heidi raise her glass. Jac holds up her glass of sparkling water.

Monsè: “To Jac — May you enjoy the blessing of a second child.” She smiles at Jac. “I know you’re already a wonderful mother to Annabelle and this child is going to be just as lucky to you have you as their mama forever. Congrats boo!”

Marcie: “To Jac!”

Jac: “Awwww…Monsè!” She begins to tear up. “Thank you so much! That was so beautiful and really thank you to all of you.” She holds her hand near her heart and looks around the table. “You ladies have been so supportive of me during this time and I don’t know what I’d do without you all. Your love and friendship is worth more than gold.”

Valentina: “Cheers to motherhood! And may it be everything and more for you! It’s true when they say one child is one child and two children are 20!” She smiles at Jac. “It has been such a pleasure to get to know you and see you on your motherhood journey. I knew from the second that I met you that we would instantly hit it off and we definitely have you have been nothing but a great friend to me!”

Jac: “Thank you, Val! I’m glad we became friends, because apparently I have a few enemies…” She looks to the empty seats at the end of the table. “So did the other girls really not message you?”

Monsè: “Not a single text! Can you believe it?”

Jac: “I’m shocked by that.” She clears her throat and sets down her water. “I know they have their issues with me but you’ve gone to such an effort to put this dinner in it ether and it’s just rude.” She shakes her head.

Heidi: “Ya know, it’s not only disrespectful to Jac…but to you too!” She motions to Monsè. “You planned this trip just for them to flat out rude and disrespectful.”

Monsè: “Thank you Heidi! It’s a new low, really. At least in the past, they’ve showed up to yell at us!”

Heidi: “It’s so unfortunate that these ‘cliques’ have formed.”

Valentina: “I am really disappointed in the other ladies for not showing up tonight to support Jac it makes me feel brokenhearted for the group because we should all be rallying around you right now to welcome this beautiful baby into the world and instead we’re arguing over petty ass bullshit that won’t even matter next month…”

Monsè: “I agree, this is supposed to be a sisterhood, and the way they’re turning this into drama and taking sides… it’s disgusting. But what else should we expect from those three?” She shrugs and begins unwrapping her utensils.”

We get a shot as Marcie puts a napkin on her lap and begins picking at her salad.

Marcie’s Confessional

“Sheridan’s nice and popular and loved by all.. but she’s like, kinda rude, to everyone she deems beneath her. Imani’s a dumb puppet…” She rolls her eyes. “Yvonne I’m surprised by. She has more class than to no call no show but she doesn’t really like Monsé so I guess that makes sense.” She laughs a little bit.

Jac: “Honestly, I’m not that upset about it. Every time I’ve been around the others, they just jump on me for no reason. There hasn’t a single event in the last month where they haven’t swarmed me with their bullshit.” She sighs. “And now they’re saying that you three…” She points to Marcie, Heidi, and Val. “Have been playing both sides. Which I don’t believe at all.” She shakes her head.

Marcie: “I don’t care what people say about me. You’ll see it if I said it.” She shrugs.

Monsè: “They came after me for ‘playing both sides’ too! They are so desperate to paint Jac as this villain and Imani as this saint when it seems like there’s been wrong on both sides.”

Valentina: “Girls, I have to be honest — I really expected more from Sheridan. I mean, she has been a really good friend to me, but lately this new Sheridan I’m seeing surface has me guarded on her because of her taking such a strong stance against Jac who she claims is a sister to her.” She sets her utensils down and looks around the table. “If I call you my sister, I’m going to go to the damn end of the earth to defend you and have her back. She’s really not exhibiting that behavior right now.”

Jac: “That girl doesn’t know sisterhood if it smacked her in her overworked face.”

Jac’s Confessional

“Has Sheridan had too much work done? Yes. That nose is starting to look a little Michael Jackson-esque.”

Jac: “Look you can’t blame Sheridan. She knows how to make a good taco but her comprehension skills are pretty subpar.”

Heidi: “I’m still getting to know Sheridan but I feel like she puts on a strong front. Part of me feels like we’re missing the vulnerable, authentic side to her.”

Heidi’s Confessional

“Sheridan has always been super supportive of me and my charities so I’m not going to sit here and bash her but part of me can’t help but wonder if we’re missing a side to the real Sheridan.”

The camera pans to Heidi who looks to Valentina inquisitively.

Heidi: “Do you think there’s been a change in Sheridan since Imani rejoined the group?

Marcie: “Sheridan never screamed at me before, she used to just be snarky so…”

Valentina: “I wouldn’t say she has changed, but I would say that she definitely has someone pushing a narrative in her brain.”

Monsè: “Who’s pushing a narrative? Imani?

Valentina: “Yes.” She nods. “Imani is pushing this narrative. She called me before my masquerade event, asking me to bring up on camera how Jac went behind her back to reach out to her sister and talk trash on her”

Jac: “She what?!”

Monsè gasps.

Monsè: “Girl, I know you lying! That’s insane.”

Valentina: “She wants to take you down, Jac. She tried to rally the troops and get us to paint you out in this bad light.” She bites her lip.

Jac: “Oh that’s beyond clear. She can try but…” She shrugs and takes a bite of her salad. “It’s not going to work.” She narrows her eyes.

Monsè: “Not only is she trying to hype you up, Val, but she’s enlisting Sheridan and Yvonne to help her with this shit too. Be careful, ladies. Those two have a history in this group and any one of you could be next…”

Monsè’s Confessional

“We have seen this pattern time and time again with Sheridan and Yvonne. We’ve seen it with Bree, we’ve seen it with Mona, and now Jac is their latest victim. These bitches won’t be happy until they’re the only ones left in this group.”

Jac: “Well it looks like Imani succeeded with Yvonne. but Yvonne struggles with 2 plus 2 so I’m not surprised with that one.” She shrugs.

Valentina: “Poor thing, her demntia is kicking in. She’s just hanging with who looks familiar to her.” She fakes pouts a bit.

Marcie: “Yvonne is my friend she wouldn’t do that to me, if that were to change however…”

Server’s bring out an assortment of kabobs and other small dishes for the women’s main courses. As everyone begins to dig in, Monsè looks up.

Monsè: “I just think it’s ridiculous that suddenly it’s taboo to support a pregnant woman. Like, give me a break! We should all be rallying around you tonight Jac, not using some petty feud to tear you down.” She cuts into her meat.

Jac: “It’s a coordinated effort to make me feel uncomfortable and isolated during one of the most vulnerable times in my life…” She sighs.

Heidi: “There seems to be a long history with gang ups in this group.” She puts food onto her plate. “Yvonne hasn’t been pregnant in 30 years and Sheridan has never been pregnant. If anything it’s the time to rally around Jac and I don’t know just be HAPPY for her!”

Jac: “They’re not capable of that. They aren’t capable of being happy for the people around them.” She makes a face and shrugs.

The camera zooms out from Jac, Heidi, Monsè, Marcie, and Valentina on the rooftop.

The scene settles back at the hotel. In the hotel’s nice restaurant, Imani sits in a private room at a table alone.


Imani: “Thank you.” She nods as the server pours her some water.

Imani’s Confessional

“At this very moment, I am done with Jac. The nastiness she spews about me and my friends has gotten out of control. Monsè can continue smelling her horse shit, but I refuse to fly across the world to celebrate one evil woman which is why I decided to book us a chill dinner at the hotel with the fun crew…. With a very very good twist!” She winks. “Jac, catch that BITCH!

The camera follows Sheridan as she struts off of the elevator.


Once at the restaurant, she is lead into the private room by the hostess.

Imani: “Hey girl!”

Sheridan: “Hey Imani!”

Imani gets up and gives Sheridan a hug.

Imani: “You must be hungry, girl.”

Sheridan: “I am!” She sits down and looks around. “Is anyone else joining us or are they celebrating the narcissist?”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Jacqueline is definitely a narcissist. She was lifting weights and took a 10 hour plus flight just to be on camera while endangering the child in her belly. It’s just not okay, but these bitches are stupid so it doesn’t surprise me they are licking Fat Ma aka Jac’s four-meat-treat coochie.”

Imani: “Well — I invited Yvonne and Serena as well. I also have a surprise coming soon…”

The camera pans to the fifth table setting.

Imani: “I think you might like it!” She grins.

Yvonne: “Hey ladies! Kisses! Kissses!”

The camera pans to show Yvonne who has been escorted into the private dining room.


Imani: “Hey my love!”

Sheridan: “Hey Yvonne! Where is your bestie? Did she pass out? There was a lot of noise coming from her room I think she was gassy…” She makes a face.

Yvonne: “Serena was struggling to do her hair so I left her behind, I hope she’ll make it.” She takes her seat.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I’m so happy Imani decided to make other plans. I am not interested in taking it with Jac and Monsè…this group does not center around the pregnant lady, sorry.”

The waiter brings out a bottle of wine Imani had previously ordered. He pours a glass for the three women and sets the bottle in the chiller. We see Imani swirling her win around in her glass.

Imani: “The relief I feel right now that I am not around the rest of those girl… whew hunni!” She wipes her forehead for dramatic affect.

Sheridan: “It’s a shame all the other women hate us now that we don’t condone unborn child abuse.” She her wine.

Yvonne jumps.

Yvonne: “Unborn child abuse?”

Sheridan: “That’s what I said, didn’t I?” She nods.

Yvonne: “We are very divided and it’s feeling like familiar territory. Will we ever have consistent fun with this group?” She lets out a long sigh.

Sheridan: “It’s nothing new. We always end up in a minority. I blame Monsè at this point.”

Imani: “Monsè definitely knows what she’s doing. She knew that making this about Jac would alienate us.” She nods.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“We always have pockets of fun in all of the configurations but it’s never sustained because someone’s always drawing a line in the sand, whether it be necessary like last years events or this year with Jacqueline’s sudden grasp over ladies she just met.”

The ‘Wives conversation drowns out as music begins playing. We get a shot of a woman strutting through the dining room. The hostess opens the door to the private room and the camera pans to reveal former Beverly Beach Housewife, and Imani’s sister, Lorelei Sullivan.

Lorelei Sullivan

Lorelei: “Hello, bitchessss!” She smirks. “Did you miss me?” She winks.

Imani: “There she is!” She gets up and gives Lorelei a hug. “My sissy is here!”

Lorelei: “Hey baby!”

Yvonne: “Oh, a monster is here.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Didn’t she say she was overwhelmed with the show…why is she here? Will Ren be next?”

Sheridan remains seated, and looks confused.

Sheridan: “Oh wow. Lorelei, what are you doing in Istanbul?”

Imani: “Ladies! Be nice! Aren’t we happy to see Lorelei?”

Sheridan: “I love Lorelei!”

Lorelei smiles at Sheridan and Yvonne as she takes a seat.

Lorelei: “I was actually here on business and I thought… Why not crash you guys’s party!”

Yvonne: “I wish you hadn’t.” She finishes her glass or wine and grabs the bottle for a refill.

Lorelei: “Pleasent as always, you old bitty.” She smiles at Yvonne. “Be nice now. I’m here on positive vibes!”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I’m not sure what Lorelei’s business in Istanbul is, maybe another surgery, or maybe production brought her in to send Jacqueline into labor so that they don’t risk Jacqueline traveling in a plane at 35 weeks.”

Imani: “Lorelei is here for business. I thought it be a good idea to invite her to dinner before she leaves.” She hands Lorelei a glass of wine.

Yvonne looks at Lorelei unimpressed.

Yvonne: “You left this group, I’m just not sure why you’re here. It seems you should’ve texted Jac yet again…”

Lorelei: “Texted Jac again?” She raises an eyebrow. “Wait…I’m confused.”

Yvonne: “Yes, your texts colluding with Jac…allegedly.”

Lorelei: “Where’s the proof?” She crosses her legs and chuckles. “Why would I text Jac about my own flesh and blood and say I hate her? I’m sitting right here beside my sister.” She looks over at Imani. “Jac and I don’t really talk like that. I haven’t talked to Jac since I left this group of women.”

Imani: “But she reached out to you about me, right? She claims you and her are great friends.”

Sheridan: “She also claimed that you hate your sister.”

Lorelei: “She reached out to me once like back when news broke I wasn’t returning to the show but that was all. She had a lot of negative things to say about Imani and some of the other women as well…” She shrugs. “But, I mean I never said I hated my sister, that’s a reach.”

Imani: “Did you defend me?”

Lorelei: “Of course.” She makes a face at Imani.

Imani: “It saddens me how Jac tried to destroy our relationship after it took so long to get to this place.” She grabs Lorelei’s hand.

Imani’s Confessional

“Jac says that I’m Sheridan’s lap dog, but Sheridan and I came together on this show at the same time and I independently made a new for myself. Jac isn’t known for anything and the reason why she’s here is due to Sheridan. She played Sheridan’s bestie as a golden ticket to get on this show, and when she saw I was coming back, she desperately started with the nonsense because she was threatened. The Hall of Fame nonsense is invalid in Beverly Beach because we know Sheridan is iconic, but anyone no one can tell you who Jacqueline Carter is aside from the people she’s worked with.”

The ‘Wives thank the waiter as he brings out the tasting menu for them.

Sheridan: “Jac’s been lying a lot lately. She also broke into my home and spread a lie to the blogs about me, yet the women are upset with Imani and I for defending ourselves against the unhinged behavior.”

Yvonne: “Oh, here we go…”

Lorelei: “Not she broke into your home?!” She giggles but regains composure. “Sher! Whew…What does miss Jac have going on? What has happened to her?”

Sheridan: “Yes girl, I was throwing a party on the beach behind my home and she was discovered in my house throwing red solo cups all over my floor out of her purse trying to set me up…”

Imani: “She’s unhinged. We believe there’s something going on at home the way she spews lies like it’s nothing…. She accused Sheridan of sending nudes to her ex, I was like, what?”

Lorelei shakes her head in shock.

Lorelei: “Wow… That is shocking to me. I thought you and Jac were besties, Sher?”

Sheridan: “We were great friends until I started making jokes about her pregnancy weight. It was a joke! Instead of her saying she had an issue and was insecure, she went the unhinged route of leaking false stories and trying to make me look bad by breaking into my home.”

Lorelei: “Mmm. That’s sad, you guys. Maybe her hormones are all over the place and that’s why she’s been acting out of character lately, who knows. Lying on everybody and breaking into homes and whatnot is very wild to me.”

Imani: “Well ladies I don’t wanna lose my appetite talking about that monster, I’m ready to eat.”

The scene fades out as Sheridan, Imani, Lorelei, and Yvonne begin eating.

The scene begins with shots of the sunrising by the ‘Wives hotel in Istanbul. Out by the pool, a big table is set up for brunch with quiches, shakshuka, and an assortment of Turkish pastries.

There is a montage as most of the women come out for breakfast, we see; Serena, Yvonne, Sheridan, Imani, Marcie, and Valentina.

Sheridan, Serena, Imani, Heidi(?), Yvonne, Valentina, & Marcie

All of the Housewives take a seat at the table, there is noticeable tension between the two groups resulting in awkward silence as the girls begin digging in.

Imani’s Confessional

“This is the most awkward trip I’ve ever been to. The host is nowhere to be found, I’m here to celebrate someone who often plots on me and my family, and it feels like I’m on an island with just my girls. Whew. Get me back to The Beach.”

Marcie: “So, uh…Is Jac coming?” She looks around.

Valentina: “Actually, she’s not. She texted me this morning that she’s just going to order room service. Monsè is up there keeping her company.

The scene switches to show Monsè and Jac in Jac’s suite. They talk as they sit on Jac’s bed, sipping on juice.

Jac: “You know, Beau and I have been getting back on the right track after everything that happened a few months ago. I want to surprise him with something…” She takes a deep breath. “I think I want to legally change my name from Jac Carter to Jac Van de Walde.” She grins.

Monsè: “Oh my gosh, Jac! That’s huge!” She hugs her.

Jac: “I know! I know!”

The scene switches back to the ‘Wives outside by the pool for breakfast.

Serena: “So what happened while I was down?” She looks around the table. “I missed the tea last night!”

Serena’s Confessional

“Because of all of the stuff happening, my stomach was in knots. There was a lot of stuff happening and I needed a moment to just relax. Catch me up while I eat my hot cakes!”

Serena: “How did dinner go?” She sips her mimosa and looks at Imani.

Imani: “It was interesting. Lorelei was here in Istanbul for work and she popped in to say hello.” She tucks hair behind her ear. “I’m sad you didn’t get to meet her.”

It goes back to more awkward silence as the women pick at their food. Sheridan looks around the table.

Sheridan: “This trip has been a bit boring, I must say. We haven’t done anything fun. Kind of ready to head back to the states.” She shrugs.

Valentina makes a face and turns to Sheridan.

Valentina: “Well, last night would’ve been fun if you ladies would’ve showed up!” She puts her fork down.

The camera pans to show Sheridan, Imani, and Yvonne.

Valentina: “I feel like my experience with Istanbul has been much different than yours or Imani’s or Yvonne’s.”

Yvonne: “Please, we haven’t had fun with you other ladies since…” She thinks. “Hawaii?”

Valentina: “But last night you ladies had the opportunity to have fun with us and didn’t show up.” She starts to get heated. “No text. No call. No nothing.”

We get a shot of Marcie as she just looks down. The camera then pans back to Sheridan.

Sheridan: “Oh?” She laughs at Valentina. “Yeah, I’m not celebrating someone who broke into my home and exposed nasty rumors about me to blogs.”

Imani: “Right, Sheridan.” She nods eagerly. “ I’m not celebrating someone who reaches out to my family to get dirt on me.”

Yvonne: “I don’t feel that the dinner would’ve been fun. Let’s get real here, the group is divided and Jac and Monsè are at fault.” She bites into a pastry as she shrugs nonchalantly.

Heidi: “It’s not about any of that, though.” She looks over to Sheridan, Imani, and Yvonne. “You all had the opportunity to show up for your friend. Why can’t you just be happy for her? She’s in her prime and the last thing she wants to do is to fight with any of you.”

Yvonne: “Heidi, shut up! Show up to your AA meetings.” She rolls her eyes.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I’ve really had it with Heidi’s incessant need to butt into conversations that have nothing to do with her. Does she even have friends in this group, or just shit on her dress again?”

Sheridan gives Heidi a nasty look as she wipes her mouth with a napkin.

Sheridan: “Again, I won’t support someone who broke into my home and leaked nasty rumors about me sending nudes to my ex husband which has caused issues in my relationship.”

Valentina: “But you girls couldn’t even come together for the sake of the other girls and have a good time? Isn’t it sad to you girls that we are so divided?” She frowns.

Sheridan: “What’s not clicking?” She looks over at Valentina, pissed off. “WHAT IS NOT CLICKING FOR YOU DUMB ASS BITCHES?!” She points to her head.

We get a shot of Marcie looking startled as she eats her pancake.


Valentina: “First of all, who are you yelling at?” She looks around and back at Sheridan. “Because…you look stupid. Let’s sit down and talk like rational adults.”

Sheridan: “I am yelling at all you dumb ass girls who give bitches a pass for their foul ass shit!”

Yvonne: “Valentina, you’re talking in circles. Monsè decided to have a trip centered around someone who has said that she doesn’t want a relationship with myself, Imani, or Sheridan. Should we be miserable on a trip?”

As the fighting continues, we now get a shot of Marcie FaceTiming her son at the end of the table.

Marcie’s Confessional

“I’m so checked out of the Jac vs. the world stuff. Let me just go to the hotel spa and ignore all of this!”

We get a shot of Serena as she watches the exchange nervously.

Serena: “One more of these, please.” She taps her fingers on her champagne flute as she looks over at one of the staff members.

The camera pans back to the fight.

Sheridan: “None of you bitches want to hold Jac accountable for the foul behavior she has exhibited but expect us to sweep it under the rug. Get a grip and brain!”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I’m furious. These women are doing the same ass shit that idiots before them have done. The women of Beverly Beach are blind and deaf.”

Imani is frustrated and turns to Sheridan.

Imani: “I feel like they’re never going to see our side because they’re deep in with Jac. It’s clear that their loyalty lies with them, but don’t gaslight us for not being there for someone who hates us.”

We get a shot of Heidi rolling her eyes.

Heidi’s Confessional

“Why did they even come? They knew this trip was about Jac. I know they can’t afford many vacations on their own but this is on another level of disrespect, cattiness, and cruelty.”

As the girls continue to bicker, Yvonne holds up her hands.

Yvonne: “Ladies! LADIES! Enough!” She looks around as the table gets silent. “At this point, we just need to cut the trip short. Since the trip is about Jac, all of the women who aren’t friends with her can return to The Beach.” She shrugs. “We’re not having fun, this…” She points to Val and Heidi. “lecturing isn’t fun, let’s pull the plug.”

Serena: “It’s definitely not fun.” She shakes her head. “When my body started reacting to the stress, I had to take a moment away from the group. This is not how a out of the country trip is suppose to be.”

Serena’s Confessional

“Why aren’t we yachting? Dancing to Break My Soul by Beyoncé and drunk off of tequila and champagne?! This is definitely not a Serena Dianne Ames approved trip.” She gives a thumbs down.

Valentina: “Before we all go, I do want to ask one question — and this will prove my point…”

We see Yvonne roll her eyes and get up from her eat.

Yvonne: “I’ve lost my appetite, and Heidi’s new face and new breath isn’t helping.” She walks off.

The camera pans back to Valentina who just shakes her head and looks to Imani.

Valentina: “My question is this, Imani — Why did you call me before my masquerade event to tell me to bring up that information you told me about Jac digging dirt up on you? And that I needed to call her out on it?”

Imani: “I thought we were friends? That’s why I told you! I’m not spreading lies about Jac, everything I told you about Jac contacting Lorelei happened and I have Sheridan and Yvonne to back it up!”

Valentina’s Confessional

“These girls are wanting to do a smear campaign against Jac and I’m not going to consign that.”

Sheridan: “This is all some bullshit.” She points to Valentina, Heidi, and Marcie. “I don’t know what you all have drank in Istanbul but the flip flopping isn’t cute.”

Valentina: “But why are you wanting me to talk about it?” She looks at Imani and then Sheridan. “It feels like you guys want to punish Jac far worse than the crime she committed.”

Sheridan gets up.

Sheridan: “I’m over this bullshit. It’s always the same thing with this group.” She walks off.

The camera pans back to Valentina, Imani, Marcie, Heidi, and Serena who remain at the table.

Imani: “So you’re saying that Jac contacting my sister to get dirt on me is normal?”

Valentina: “I don’t think it’s normal but I also do not know the full context of the conversation.”

Serena: “Val, remember when I said that if you hold one accountable, all parties have to be held accountable? That’s the real issue.” She cocks her head. “It’s like you are holding up everybody who’s not your friend feet to the fire. It’s time you started thinking logically, Babygirl. This shit ain’t cool right here, sis.” She frowns at Valentina.

Valentina: “What do you think I should do, Serena? You are only sitting on one side of the group so do you really have a leg to stand on?”

Heidi: “Val don’t engage. Don’t waste your good glam on these girls.”

Serena: “I’m saying, you should be sitting at the table getting your friend together for all that she’s done to these ladies. I don’t know you that well to be arguing with you. I’m just saying what I have experienced.”

Imani: “Exactly that, Serena!” She turns to Valentina. “I just wanted support from you because I thought you were my friend. I never wanted to turn on Jac because I don’t know y’all’s history but if you are going to hold me accountable, you need to hold her accountable.”

We see Valentina processing what Imani is saying.

Imani: “I don’t wanna fight with you Valentina. I think you’re a fun girl and not fake like Marcie.”

We see Marcie gasp a little before regaining her composure and crossing her arms.

Marcie: “I’m as real as they come.”

The camera pans to Valentina for her response to Imani.

Valentina: “Imani if you felt like I haven’t shown you support I want to move past that because I have and Deep down you know it. If you want me to tell Jac it wasn’t cool for her to reach out to Lorelei with you present I will do that, but I’m not turning on Jac.”

Imani: “I never asked you to turn on her, babe. I just wanted you to be solid and not play both sides with her and I.”

Imani’s Confessional

“I enjoy Val’s company because she’s fun. I never said I wanted her to end her friendship with Jac, I just wanted her to tell Jac that she was wrong for what she did because she’s always telling us we’re attacking Jac.”

Valentina: “Okay…I hear you.” She nods. “Imani, let’s just wave the white flags and call it over!”

Imani: “Yes, let’s move on! I’m ready to have some fun!”

Valentina: “I really do enjoy you.” She gets up and goes around the table to give Imani a hug. “Let’s go get ready for the day!”

Imani: “Let’s do it, ladies!”

As the remaining women get up and start heading inside, the scene ends.

We get cool shots of Istanbul. The shot settles on the Bosporous straight, the body of water that runs through the center of Istanbul.

We get slow-mo shots of the ‘Wives as they board a private ship for a day cruise down the straight.

Monsè’s Confessional

“Today, I’m taking the ladies out on a little day cruise. I’m hoping the calm breeze and the gentle waves will keep the bitches at bay. But if not, they can always swim with the fish.”

Heidi, Imani, Valentina, Jac, Serena, Monsè, Marcie & Heidi

Jac: “Oh lord. If my big ass falls in this water, one of you hoes better jump in and save me.”

Valentina chuckles as she helps Jac on along with a crew member. On the deck, there is a table set up for the women with refreshments. Adter the captain comes and introduces himself, the women get to talking.

Monsè: “Are we all ready for a day at sea?”

The camera pans to Sheridan who crosses her arms and puts her sunglasses on as she sits inbetween Imani and Yvonne.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Counting the hours until I can go back to the states and not have to see some of these women ever again.”

Valentina: “Excuse me, I need to use the ladies room.” She gets up and walks off into the boat.

At the table, everyone is fairly quiet as they look around.

Monsè: “Marcie, how are you doing babe? Enjoying the trip so far?”

Marcie: “It’s been lovely honestly I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve been spending with the women here!” She smiles. “Hopefully you’re enjoying it a little!”

Monsè: “I am having a good time despite some of the bad attitudes we’ve got onboard…” She glances at Sheridan.

The camera pans to Valentina who is walking out with two tequila bottles in hand.

Valentina: “Alright, girls! Today we are turning the vibes up!” She raises the bottles in the air.

Jac: “Ooop not the bottle of 1942! You better take a big ass sip right this second Miss Tina!”

Marcie: “Well why don’t we all take shots together!?”

Monsè: “Yessss that’s the spirit, Val! Hand one over here!”

Valentina’s Confessional

“Look, I’m trying to save my friends trip reputation. The girls are saying it’s boring and I know Monsè is capable of fun. She just needs a little bit of liquid courage.”

Heidi: “Shots Tina yesss! Let me guess…these are on Brandon Armani?” She laughs.

Valentina: “This is on Monse DeRoiser today, Heidi!” She giggles.

We get a cool aerial shot of the boat in the water.

Back on the boat, we see Jac taking videos of the women as they take shots. The camera pans back by the table where only Serena, Imani, and Sheridan remain. Serena scoots over to sit next to a stoic Sheridan.

Serena: “Are you okay, sis? I poured you some champagne.” She hands Sheridan a glass.

Sheridan: “Thank you, Serena.” She takes the champagne. “I’m just hurt. I thought some of these girls were different and I let my guard down with them this year and it’s just the same old same old. I’m tired and just want my boyfriend.” She sighs and takes off her sunglasses.

Imani: “I’m sorry, boo. At least we get to go home soon.”

Sheridan: “I honestly think I’m done when we get home girls. Im tired of this.”

Serena and Imani both hold her hands, looking at her sympathetically.

Serena: “I understand. Let’s just make this a good time. You know at least we girls know how to party. Don’t let the outside forces steal your joy.”

Imani: “It’s been a very draining trip, but don’t say that. You know we’re bad bitches and we can’t let this get to us.”

We now see that Valentina and Jac are walking over to Sheridan, Serena, and Imani.

Valentina: “Let’s take a shot like old times, Sheridan! Come dance!”

Jac: “Hey girls…” She looks at Sheridan. “Is everything okay?” She takes a seat.

Sheridan: “Jac, with all due respect…please move around.” She glares at Jac.

Jac: “Excuse me? I’m coming over to check on you.” She raises an eyebrow.

Monsè and Marcie are now looking over, they decide to walk over.

Marcie’s Confessional

“All of a sudden I see Jac go sit by Sheridan and my body just tenses up.”

Monsè: “Okay, ladies what’s with the sour faces? We’re here to take shots and have fun, no more pouting.”

Sheridan ignores Monsè and the other ladies, she keeps her focus on Jac.

Sheridan: “Jacqueline, you’re the reason why I am miserable. Please leave me alone.”

Jac looks shocked.

Jac: “I’m the reason you’re miserable? What have I done to make you so miserable?” She rubs her belly.

Sheridan: “Do you seriously want me to bring this up everyday? Why do I have to remind you of the evil things you’ve done to me? I have to remind you everytime I see you and remind the other idiots too!” She holds her hand up. “I really need you all to stop the drinking and play the memory game to flex those muscles in the brain.”

Jac: “I just don’t understand what I have done to you that is so egregious and soul crushing that has resulted in a permanent pout smacked across that mug of yours!”

Sheridan: “You have tried to ruin my relationship and have single handedly poisoned half of the women in this group against me — women who were my friends days ago all of a sudden are talking shit about me on your behalf.”

Jac: “I’ve single handedly turned these women against you? No my love, I think your actions have single handedly turned these girls against you. It’s you.” She points to Sheridan.

Jac’s Confessional

“Sheridan loves to play the victim. It’s like a default position for her. I’m telling you if she was an actress, she’d play the bitch in the horror film that gets chased around. Like that Jamie Lee Curtis lady in the Halloween films.”

Sheridan: “What did I do? Make a joke about your pregnancy weight that I apologized for when you told me it hurt you?” She scoffs. “Made a joke about the movie Annabelle and your daughter having that name? Again, apologized when I heard it hurt you.” She shrugs. “Referred to your unborn child as a demon, again — bad joke. I apologized.”

Jac: “Talking about me! That’s all you do!” She throws her hands up. “All you FUCKING DO IS TALK ABOUT ME!”

Sheridan:YOU — leaked a rumor about me to a blog that harmed my relationship you cunt!”

Some of the women gasp, including Jac.

Monsè: “Oh lord, not the C-word, hunni…” She shakes her head.

Sheridan: “YOU!” She forcefully points both fingers in Jac’s direction.


Sheridan: “You’ve continued to play victim…” She holds a finger up. “You’ve turned my friends against me.” She holds one more finger up. “Hell, you even tried to run off my boyfriend!” She holds up a final finger.

Jac: “Girl, that’s not the reason your boyfriend almost ran off. It’s because of your mouth.” She glares at Sheridan.

Serena: “Okayyy now, wait a minute! You’re with child, Jacqueline.”

Sheridan: “You are a nasty bitch and that’s why the women in Twitter can’t stand to be around you.”

Jac: “And it seems no one here can stand to be around you either!”

Marcie: “This is TOO much, Oh my God! Jesus, Mary, and fucking Joseph!” She sits next to Heidi and sips her drink.

Marcie’s Confessional

“There’s so much hate here it’s actually unbearable. You can feel it in the air it’s intolerable actually.”

Sheridan: “The gag is — none of these women have a true issue with me. Their issue with me stems from you.” She points to Jac.

Jac: “I’ve only ever supported you Sheridan and you know that! I had your back when none of these girls had your fucking back! I stood by you and almost got in a fight for you! That was me! ME!” She clenches her fist on the table, she tears up. “Then Monsè throws a dinner to honour my pregnancy and you don’t even have the decency to tell her you’re not going to make it!” She shakes her head. “How fucking rude are you?”


Jac: “You apologized for not showing up last night? When?! I must’ve missed that fucking memo! Where were you last night?”

Sheridan: “I didn’t come to the dinner because dspite my previous apologies — I have not received a genuine apology for the things you’ve done to me.” She looks at Jac.

Heidi: “Can I say…” She looks to Sheridan. “Sheridan, I think you try so hard to make yourself the villain and when you get the energy back that you give, you cry about it. There’s a world where I can agree with Jac while still maintaining a relationship with you. You need to let your guard down for once.”

Sheridan: “I am not trying to make myself the villain. I owned that my jokes did not land with Jacqueline. I owned up to it and apologized. I mean, how many times do we need to go over this? I didn’t come last night to support Jacqueline because Jacqueline has hurt me. I absolved myself from my part in the friendship break up. I apologized for my part. What more can I do?”

Jac begins to stand up from the table, she holds her stomach.

Jac: “This shit isn’t worth it.” She shakes her head. “Honestly, the girl can’t take accountability for a single thing she does.”

Sheridan: “I’m so confused. I’ve taken accountability for everything I’ve said.” She looks around the table.

Imani: “This has come to a point of no return and I think some of you made it this way.”

Heidi: “But don’t you think Jac has a right to be upset? If you didn’t care about each other you both wouldn’t be fighting like this. Sheridan let me just ask you, do you see a path forward with Jac?”

Marcie: “She just said no. She absolved herself, Heidi…”

Sheridan: “What am I suppose to do? What more can I do? Do you want me to jump off the fucking boat shouting I am sorry Jacqueline? Do you want me to eat your fucking coochie?”

Jac: “Before I go get some peace inside, I know why Sheridan wasn’t there last night. What about you?” She points to Imani.

Imani: “Girl, who are you talking to that way? Why do you care where I was?”

Jac: “I’ll talk to you any fucking way I care too.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Jacqueline is yelling at us and the women are giving her a pass. I don’t understand. Her and Imani were never friends so why would Imani come to her dinner. These women have her on a pedestal.”

Imani: “But if you must know, Lorelei was here in Istanbul.”

We see Jac’s face drop and she looks confused.

Jac: “Sorry, what?”

Imani: “We had an interesting dinner and now I know to never trust Jacqueline again.” She smirks a little.

Sheridan: “She told us about the conversation and how Jac reached out to her. Again, it’s just not okay. But somehow that will not be Jac’s fault. Right girls?”

Valentina: ‘Wait, why was Lorelei here?”

Jac: “And what did I reach out to Lorelei about?”

Imani: “Jac, you know what you did, save the act.”

Sheridan: “She said you reached out to her to collect dirt on Imani. You wanted to bring her on the show to talk shit, but you didn’t realize they were on speaking terms again.”

Jac’s mouth drops.

Jac: “Are you fucking kidding me? I reached out to Lorelei to bring you down? Who the fuck are — “ She pauses. “Who the — “ She takes a longer pause and scrunches up her face.

The women begin looking at Jac strangely.

Valentina: “Hold on, Jac — Are you okay?”

Jac let’s out a sharp, deep breath and grabs onto her stomach.

Serena: “What’s happening?”

Imani: “Is she okay?”

All of a sudden, Jac crumples to the ground.

Imani: “SOMEONE HELP!” She runs to grab Jac from the ground.

The camera is frantic as crew members come out from behind the scenes. Medic’s on board surround Jac.

Valentina: “CAPTAIN CALL 911 RIGHT NOW WE NEED A MEDIC!” She runs up to tell him.

Sheridan: “WATER!” She runs to the bar and back to Jac with a few bottles of water. “Make yourself fucking useful, Heidi!! She needs WATER!!!”

In the corner, Marcie begins crying. We get more shots of the onboard medics around Jac who they are now trying to sit up, her head keeps slouching over since she is unconscious.

Medic: “Jac, Jac! Can you hear us?”

A female medic is opening her eyelids and shining a light in her eyes.

Medic: “Jac!”

Marcie: “Oh my God — “

The Housewives on board pace around nervously.

Valentina’s Confessional

“We are out in the middle of the damn turkey sea and Jac decided she wants to go down. Well if this isn’t a trip for the books I don’t know what is.”

We get an aerial shot of the boat docking at shore. Medical sirens play as we see an emergency vehicle waiting at the dock with a stretcher. The scene fades.

The scene opens with sirens.

It is late into the night. We get footage of Jacqueline being released from the hospital, and Sheridan is with her. We see Jac being wheeled out and put into a Production van.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“What a crazy last couple of hours. I’ve gone from screaming at Jacqueline to being the only woman who came to the hospital with her. I am glad she is okay though.”

Sheridan and a Producer help Jac out of the chair and into the van. The van begins driving. We get footage of Sheridan and Jac sitting next to one another in the back.

Sheridan: “Well, I’m glad you’re not dead.”

Jac: “Dying in Istanbul is not on my bingo card for this trip.”

Sheridan lets out a little laugh.

Sheridan: “What a terrible place to die. The hospital was just dreadful.” She scrunches up her nose.

Jac: “Nothing like the beautiful facilities of Beverly Beach Private.”

Jac’s Confessional

“That was honestly the scariest experience of my life. One second I’m fighting with Sheridan and Imani and the next thing I know I’m waking up on the floor looking into Sheridan’s eyes. It was…” She takes a deep breath and starts to tear up. “It was truly one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me.”

Jac turns to Sheridan.

Jac: “I do want to thank you for coming with me.” She grabs Sheridan’s hand. “Despite everything we’ve been through, you were there for me when it truly mattered and I’ll never forget that.”

Sheridan nods.

Sheridan: “I mean at the end of the day, despite out disagreements we are like sisters. I care about you deeply — I’m just also deeply disappointed in how far we’ve veered off course — but I don’t want to talk about that tonight — or really at all on this trip moving forward. You need to relax and keep the stress levels down so we can get you back to Beau.” She laughs.

Jac: “We truly are. I know I’ve hurt you and you know you’ve hurt me but I don’t want to go backwards and dig all of this nonsense up again. I’m sitting here in the back of this 1994 black SUV looking you in the eyes and apologising for any and everything that I’ve done to hurt you.”

Sheridan’s Confesisonal

“Jacqueline is apologizing to me, and I can accept the apology and give her one as well…but…I want to know why she did what she did but I know for now, I need to table it.”

Sheridan: “Thank you for the apology, and again I really did not mean to hurt your feelings with the unfunny jokes I made about you and your family…I apologize, truly, for hurting you.”

Jac holds Sheridan’s hand and nods.

Jac: “Thank you, Miss Deen.”

Jac’s Confessional

“Sheridan and I have been through the ringer these last few months and honestly I’m sick and tired of this back and forth. She was there for me during a time when I truly needed her so I’m ready to let bygones be bygones and just move on. We have a sisterhood at the end of the day and that’s what matters.”

Jac: “So what now? Do you think we can get back on track? Annabelle’s been asking about her Aunt Sheridan.”

Sheridan: “I want us to just enjoy the rest of our time in Turkey. When we get back to Beverly Beach, I’d like to really talk through some of the things but I don’t see us going backwards — but I don’t want us to talk about it here — we both are tired and need a break from drama.”

Jac: “I agree.” She nods. “ I just want a peaceful end to this disaster of a trip. 24 hours where we aren’t cussing each other out would be bliss.” She laughs.

Sheridan: “I need some damn sleep. You need your rest as well after the hell you went through.”

Jac’s Confessional

“Do I have hope for this friendship? Of course I do but I think we need to have a deeper conversation at a later date. Tonight, I need to get out of this car, wash my ass and crawl into a bed.”

We see the van pulling up the the hotel.

Sheridan: “Oh, looks like we are here!” She yawns.

Jac: “Let’s go get a good nights rest.”

The camera follows Jac and Sheridan as they walk into the hotel together. It zooms in on them holding hands as they shuffle through the lobby. The episode ends.