[S8E15]: A Masquerade to Remember: Part 2

Real Housewives of Beverly Beach
41 min readJan 19, 2024
(From L to R: Monsè DeRosier, Jac Carter, Sheridan Campbell, Yvonne Langley, Marcie Maples, & Valentina Armani)

Dramatic music plays as the episode opens up at the Armani’s Masquerade Ball.

Inside, as celebrities eat and dance the cameras pan to our ‘Wives seated in ornate red velvet chairs and sofas. Valentina, Marcie, Heidi, and Imani watch as Sheridan and Jac engage in an argument.

Sheridan: “My party was on the beach 100 yards from my home and you entered without an invitation or a knock on the door with a bag of cups in that purse that you threw around while vocally shouting about the place being trashed with plastic cups. You were trying to embarrass me!”

Jac: “Oh wow. It must’ve been a really large clutch purse for me to fit all these countless solo cups you speak of. Humongous clutch purse! Astronomically large clutch purse, huh?”

Imani: “I think it’s safe to say Jacqueline started this issue with Sheridan out of nowhere.”

Jac: “Imani, please. This doesn’t involve you.” She holds her hand up.

Valentina looks concerned as she takes her mask off and places it in her lap.

Valentina’s Confessional

“I am steering clear of Jac and Sheridan‘s issues tonight because they are both my friends and I feel like they both have played apart in the demise of their relationship so hopefully they can talk it out and find some resolution because I love them two as friends.”

Jac turns back to Sheridan.

Jac: “Sheridan, I think we’re beyond the point of callous jokes about my weight. I think where you crossed the line is when you threatened to have me arrested, referred to my unborn child as a ‘demonic seed’ and told me I don’t love my husband. That’s unforgivable.”

The women all look to Sheridan as she sips her cocktail.

Sheridan: “Well yes, you could be arrested for entering my home without permission.” She cocks her head. “That’s true.”

Imani: “Oof.”

The music picks up, we get shots of the other ‘Wives. Jac looks shocked.

Jac: “Excuse me?”

Sheridan: “As for the demon seed, that was a joke and I apologize that you took it to heart. And we won’t talk about your husband.” She winks.

We get a shot of Marcie who eyes widen as she sips on her drink. Valentina covers her mouth and Jac narrows her eyes at Sheridan.

Jac: “You think it’s funny to liken my child to a satanic doll?

Sheridan laughs out loud.

Sheridan: “I mean the movie Annabelle was out when your daughter was born — you could have chose another name, Jac.”

Jac: “Let me try and put this in terms you can understand because I know this whole motherhood thing is foreign to you…”

Sheridan just stares at Jac, Imani raises an eyebrow.

Jac: “When you birth a child, the last thing you expect is for your friend to liken them to a demon. It’s like me saying something about your…” She pauses and acts like she’s thinking. “Wait, you don’t have anything in your life that comes close to my child.” She glares at Sheridan.

Imani: “That’s really low.” She looks to Sheridan.

Sheridan just laughs.

Sheridan: “Oh my goodness you hit me so low! No one’s ever thought to shade me for not being able to carry a baby!” She does a big dramatic gasp and laughs again. “It doesn’t bother me, babe. You are trying to sting me by going below the belt when I’m sitting here owning everything I’ve said and did to you.” She motions to herself. “I’m taking accountability and I have also apologized.”

Jac: “I’m not shading you. I’m speaking facts. You don’t have children. You don’t know what that maternal instinct is like.” She shakes her head.

Sheridan: “You’re very mad.” She schrunches up her nose. “Your ankles are very swollen and your blood pressure is very high.”

The camera pans to show Yvonne and Monsè who are rejoing the group after their side argument.

Monsè: “Oh hell, what’s going on in here?” She holds her champagne looking flustered as she sits next to Valentina.

Valentina: “I guess I’m just a little bit lost.” She looks to Sheridan. “You don’t mean that her child is actually demonic, right?”

Sheridan: “Val, I’ve already discussed this with you.” She looks a bit agitated. “It was a damn joke for me to explain why she’s being such a fucking cunt lately!”

On one of the outer couches, the camera zooms in on Heidi and Marcie as they watch the arguments. Heidi shakes her head and pulls out a small package from her purse.

Heidi: “Bitch, I need a brownie.” She takes a bite.

Marcie: “Can I get a bite if it’s…well, you know…”

Heidi: “You know it, honey.” She smiles and hands Marcie the brownie.

The camera focuses back on Jac, Sheridan, and the group as chaos continues to transpire.

Jac: “Sheridan, can I just say….It’s so laughable that you talk about my husband so much as well. I don’t think you, that one…” She points to Imani. “or Yvonne have any legs to stand on.”

We see Yvonne give a dramatic look.

Jac: “I don’t think any of you should be speaking about my marriage when none of you can keep a man let alone convince him to walk down an aisle and stick with it.”

Yvonne: “My marriage lasted longer than yours has so far, love. And from what I hear, you’re headed toward being a statistic soon.” She crosses her legs. “Jac, you need to stop it. You’re talking about our marriages. You were just making fun of Sheridan’s infertility….”

Jac: “Oh please, like I said. They are all facts.”

Yvonne: “While you’re making derogatory comments about fertility, I hope no harm comes to your baby or you during this pregnancy.”

Jac: “Is that a threat?” She looks at Yvonne like she’s lost her mind. “Are you threatening my health and safety?”

Yvonne: “It’s not a threat, it’s a reality Jacqueline. Karma is a bitch, honey!”

Jac: “I guess Morgan Sullivan was your karma, huh?”

Yvonne: “And a divorce will be yours.” She shrugs.

Jac flashes her wedding band at Yvonne.

Jac: “Do you miss it? I can let you try it on if you’d like.”

Yvonne: “Looks fake.” She stares at it. “Did you dig that up at Jurassic Park?”

Jac: “No but weren’t you born in that era? You look like you used to hang out with dinosaurs.”

Yvonne: “Yes, I did hang out with your mother!”

Monsè: “Ladies, why are we fighting? Don’t you see Jac’s about to pop?! I don’t think Valentina wants her water to break all over this expensive carpet.”

Valentina: “I do not! That’s right, Monsè!”

Jac: “Don’t worry, no more fighting.” She gets up. “I’m going to go. You three can continue to talk about me as I know your lives are empty and lack substance.” She motions to Imani, Sheridan, and Yvonne.

Sheridan: “My life has more substance then that marriage does…”

Imani: “I think everyone’s life is more put together than hers.”

Jac: “What life sweetheart? You stumble around that shack of yours drinking a bottle of Chardonnay before noon.”

Imani: “Girl, shut up.”

As Valentina, Monsè, Marcie, and Heidi finish hugging Jac and saying their goodbyes; We get a shot of Imani rolling her eyes as they all sit donw.

Imani: “Okay, I have to say something because this is bothering me. This is to everyone as a group…” She glances at Monsè. “At what point do we draw the line with Jacqueline?” She looks around. “It seems like many women here let her behavior slide because she’s pregnant but would you want to be treated like she’s treating Sheridan, Yvonne and I? It’s disgusting.”

Monsè: “I mean, Imani. She is pregnant.”

Imani: “I know that. And you’ve been very clear on your stance Monsè.” She looks to the other couches. “Val and Marcie I feel like you two play both sides of the fence with the situation. Jac is disgusting and you both have questioned her behavior to me.”

Valentina gives Imani a look and Marcie just shrugs.

Marcie: “Ok.. that’s how you feel? Cool.”

Marcie’s Confessional

“I’ve literally never seen Imani outside of group settings or filming so I don’t really know why she’s lying on me but like…okay.”

Valentina: “Imani, I don’t know if you’re looking for a moment trying to drag me into it but I’m perfectly capable of speaking up for myself and telling Jac how I feel. I would rather us not all pile on Jac. It’s just not productive. I think everyone is valid in feeling the way they do but tonight was not the night for everyone to pile on her and attack her.”

Monsè: “Why are we attacking a pregnant woman in the first place? We should have all just left Jac alone! She’s clearly going through a lot.”

Sheridan: “Jacqueline is on edge due to her marital issues and I think she needs a break.”

Monsè: “Honestly, I think we ALL could use a little break…” She looks around the group. “I’d love to celebrate our pregnant mama Jac, so I want to take us all on a trip to… Istanbul!”

We see Imani make a stank face.

Imani’s Confessional

“Celebrate? The biggest bitch in Beverly Beach?”

Sheridan: “I’d love that! Though…pregnant women shouldn’t fly out of the country that’s so not safe?”

Imani: “Right…?”

Sheridan and Imani exchange looks.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Jac will be on the plane just like she was lifting 50 pound weights with the baby in her belly and drinking martinis at happy hour. She don’t give a damn.”

Heidi: “Ooo this is exciting!! Max and I were just in the Middle East for our anniversary!”

Marcie: “I’m so excited this sounds lovely, Monsè!”

Yvonne: “If Jac’s there, I’m not.”

Monsè: “And you won’t be missed, boo!” She smiles at Yvonne. “Have fun at home. Everyone else, I can’t wait to see you in Turkey!”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Despite the drama I have with the ladies…from this current issue with Monsè to what I’ve held in about Heidi…I think there’s room to have fun. That potential just isn’t there with Jac.” She shakes her head.

Imani: “I’m joining you Monse but I’m not celebrating that woman.” She laughs.

Monsè: “You’ll celebrate her and you’ll like it! Or no trip for you!” She laughs.

Imani: “If that’s the case, Sheridan, Yvonne, and I will get an Airbnb! Yvonne is paying for it though!” She giggles.

Yvonne: “Gladly. I have the money for it.” She shoots a look at Monsè.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Monsè can kiss all of our asses because no one is celebrating Jacqueline in Istanbul.”

Sheridan: “I’m sure Beau will be happy to get some time away from his wife.”

Heidi: “Oh Lord! Well on that note I need to leave. Val, thank you for having us I had a nice time.” She begins to get up. “Turkey is going to be so fun!”

As Heidi gets up, some of the others do as well. We get some footage of Valentina, Monsè, and Marcie going to dance with some guests while the other ladies head out. The scene ends.

We get shots of the Beverly Beach International Airport.

We get iPhone footage of the women traveling. Valentina, Monsè, and Marcie have mimosas at the bar before the flight. We see Sheridan and Yvonne sleeping in the lounge.

On the plane, we get footage of Monsè vlogging on the plane. She turns the camera to show Jac knocked out in her first class pod with a movie on. Serena waves from the next pod over as she has her glasses on and is working on her laptop.

We get footage of the women pulling up to the hotel they are staying at and checking in. We see the women each going to their rooms and reacting to their suites.

The scene settles on Monsé who is in her suite, putting her clothes in the closet before there is a knock on the door. Monsè opens the door for room service as they bring in a breakfast spread and a couple bottles of champagne.


Monsè: “Thank you so much.” She nods as they leave.

Monsè’s Confessional

“It was a long ass flight but we finally made it to Istanbul! It’s only a matter of time before these girls act up, but before now I’m gonna enjoy a little champagne and snacks before we explore the city!”

There is a montage of some of the other ‘Wives arriving to Monsè’s suite. We see Valentina, Marcie, Heidi, and finally Jac. Monsè sets out all of the food and drinks as the women settle in.

Heidi, Valentina, Marcie, & Jac

Jac: “Girl’s I am exhausted…” She leans back into the couch and rubs her belly.

Valentina: “Yeah, Monsè — That was a long flight, girl!” She nods along. “I didn’t realize how far away we were from Turkey.”

Monsè: “I know right! 16 hours feels a lot longer when you’re stuck on a plane, even in first class.” She shrugs. “What do you ladies want? Wine, champagne, sparkling water? We’ve got options hunni!” She looks around the group.

Valentina: “I’ll take some champagne, Monsè!”

Jac: “I’ll take a sparkling water girlie. If you have any grapes or strawberries you want to feed me, I’d be okay with that as well.” She laughs.

Monsè: “The grapes are the table, boo. Maybe the butler can do something about feeding you.” She smirks.

Monsè hands out refreshments and we get a wide shot of the group. Jac is playing with a strand of hair.

Jac: “So girls, how are we all feeling about being in Istanbul?”

Marcie: “I’m loving it! It’s really interesting here!” She smiles and sips her champagne.

Monsè: “I’m excited! I think this trip is just what we need to fix some of the tensions that have been going on this group.”

Valentina: “I feel glad to be away from my kids!” She laughs. “But yes, I agree with Monsè — the divide between us and the other woman are obvious.”

Monsè: “Catch me up, what was going on at the Masquerade Ball? I stepped out for two minutes and all of a sudden I came back to World War III…” She raises and eyebrow as she eats some fruit.

Jac: “Who wants to fill her in?” She laughs.

Marcie: “Imani just tried starting a problem between Jac and I and I’m over her.” She looks annoyed.

Valentina: “Imani really decided to show her ass.” She nods. “When Jac left she pretty much questioned why Marcie and I were playing both sides.” She snorts.

Marcie’s Confessional

“I don’t know anything about Imani — aside from what Lorelei, amongst other Beverly Beach clients I have, had say about her. It’s apparent she’s under the impression that her opinion of me is so valuable it needs to be stated readily.

Valentina: “She caused an absolute scene at my event.”

Monsè: “It was definitely a scene. I can’t believe Imani would do that though, I thought she was excited to bond with the group.”

Valentina: “Imani has came into this group wanting to be the IT girl. I really am put off by her after her behavior at my masquerade ball.”

Jac: “Imani has been back in this group for like 12 seconds and she’s had an issue with me, with Marcie, with Heidi, with Val and with Phoebe.”

Monsè: “Well it seems like Imani’s at the root of all this, maybe we just need an intervention or something at dinner. Let her know how you guys are feeling.” She shrugs as she cuts into her pancake. “But, I do want Imani to have just as much fun as you guys while we’re here in Turkey. So nothing nasty. A conversation!”

Monsè’s Confessional

“I think Imani’s just trying to make herself known in this new group of girls and she’s going about it the wrong way. These girls just need to kiss and make up, there’s no real issue here.”

Marcie: “I just want her to leave me alone…”

Jac: “Of course. Imani’s happiness is of the utmost importance to me.” She rolls her eyes.

Valentina: “Well I think Imani is going to get what she gives on this trip.”

Jac: “She’s getting an STI?” She sips her cup of tea.

Heidi: “JAC!” She bursts out laughing.

Monsè: “Jac, that’s not — “ She stifles a laughs.

Valentina: “Well I hope not!”

Jac: “Did I just say that?” She playfully hits her head. “Bad Jac! In all seriousness, jokes aside — I do want to say this…” She pauses and looks around the room.

Jac: “When I’m around Imani, Sheridan, and Yvonne; I don’t always feel the support from you guys…”

Valentina looks a bit taken aback, Marcie keeps a straight face, we see Heidi bite her lip.

Jac’s Confessional

“Despite my absolute disdain for Imani Grimaldi, she does have a point. It feels like these girls don’t have my back. Every single time I’m around, I’m pummeled by Yvonne, Imani and Sheridan with nobody having my back and it’s getting to the place where I just don’t want to engage with this group of girls, period. It’s Jac vs the world at this point.”

Jac: “I am curious about where you guys all stand with this situation.” She turns to Val and Marcie. “Do you guys condone what they’ve been saying and doing to me?” She looks at them with genuine curosity.

Monsè: “Hell no, obviously not babe! I feel like I’ve had your back with the other girls, no?” She looks at the others.

Jac: “Monsè, you’ve been great.” She holds a hands up. “It’s more so the other ladies…”

We get a shot of Monsè looking tense at what’s going go happen. Marcie clears her throat.

Marcie: “Jac, I’m trying to survive. They don’t exactly LOVE me either.” She crosses her arms.

Valentina: “I really have been trying to play Switzerland but I guess this group makes you pick sides. I don’t really like the behavior I’ve seen from them three lately. I will work on speaking up more Jac. I didn’t realize it bothered you this much.”

Jac: “Thank you, my friend.” She smiles and reaches over to grab Valentina’s hand.

Marcie watches the exchange and scoffs, laughing a bit.

Marcie: “I don’t like the fact that I feel like I’m being chastised for minding my business, Jac.”

Jac looks at Marcie speaking up, a bit surprised.

Marcie: “I gotta say, I’m not a fighter I don’t like to argue let’s just resolve and respect one another. I don’t see how I can be beneficial to you in that situation Jac.” She shakes her head.

Jac: “I get it Marcie. I just hope you understand that when Sheridan was treating you poorly, I was there for you. I was building you up and helping you find your voice.”

Marcie: “I’ll say something if Imani hounds you again, but Sheridan and I just reached resolve, and Yvonne’s my friend. I want to support you but I’m not trying to exactly shake the table.” She sighs.

Jac: “I get it.” She nods.

Marcie: “I just want to find a mutual level of respect amongst everyone.” She motions around. “Hopefully this trip helps that.”

We see Valentina looking down, uncomfortably. Monsè side eyes Marcie and Jac just remains calm, nodding at her.

Marcie’s Confessional

“Let them feel how they wish — I don’t care. I do what makes me and my life the happiest and most peaceful.”

Valentina begins to get up.

Valentina: “I’ve got to go get ready for the day girls! Monsè, thanks for having us over for drinks and snacks!” She waves a bit.

Monsè: “Yes! Let’s get a move on to what we’re actually here to do — live it up in Turkey!”

Marcie: “Yas!”

As the ‘Wives begin to dispurse, the camera zooms out from the suite.

The scene changes and we are now outside by the hotel’s luxe rooftop pool.

There is a private, large cabana set up with two day beds and plenty of seating areas. Next to the cabana there is a nice spread of food set up. We see Sheridan grabbing a plate of food and going to sit in the cabana next to Imani who is laying out.

Imani & Sheridan
Sheridan’s Confessional

“There has been some…off…energy on this trip so far. Istanbul is not somewhere I would have ever thought we’d be, but we are here. I’m hoping to have fun and hope that the pregnant woman doesn’t cause any further issues.”

Yvonne is seen getting out of the pool, as she makes her way over to the cabana she grabs a waiter who is just leaving.


Yvonne: “Please fix me a plate and bring it to me there. I don’t wish to fall on my great heels.” She walks back over to Sheridan and Imani. “Sheridan, oh Sheridan!”

Sheridan: “Hello ma’am, is the food out here not good enough for you?” She takes a bite of potatoes and looks up at Yvonne.

Imani: “Hey! Fix me one as well.” She looks over at Sheridan as she applies sunscreen to her chest. “Please and thank you!” She winks.

Sheridan: “You girls are ridiculous!” She laughs.

Yvonne: “I guess she doesn’t like our lifestyle.” She smiles at Imani.

The camera pans to show Serena as she walks over to the cabana from the hotel.


Serena: “Hello Hello to the new queens of Turkey!” She hugs each lady and then goes to fix a plate. “How are you guys doing?” She sits with Sheridan.

Imani: “I’m good, just so incredibly tired after that long flight!”

Sheridan: “It was a long flight! I think there was a moose behind me snoring.”

We now get iPhone footage that Sheridan took of Heidi snoring in the pod behind her on the plane.

Serena: “The flight was terribly long. I was so worried about Jac and that baby and that God awful snore! It was atrocious. I just took a little nap between time.”

Serena’s Confessional

“I think Heidi may have that… sleep apnea! She snores like a middle aged man who works in a factory! It was awful. I don’t even know how she got into first class anyway.”

Yvonne thanks a staff member as he brings her out whole grain, avacado toast. Imani takes a big swig from her Stanley cup.

Imani: “Well, I’m just happy we’re here! It just feels a little odd that were here ‘celebrating’ Jac after the disrespect we have witnessed from her…” She looks at the other ‘Wives.

We see Sheridan nodding along, Yvonne shrugs, Serena just puts on her sunglasses.

Yvonne: “I’m surprised she wants to be around us. I thought it was a little weird for Monsè to make this trip about celebrating Jac, when did that friendship grow so strong?”

Sheridan: “It’s all so confusing to me!” She laughs. “Jacqueline has been pretty foul to many of us in the group and now we are suppose to be celebrating her? Sorry, not doing that. It doesn’t make any sense — not sure why Monsè is trying to involve herself. This is where she always going wrong.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Monsè and I have been great — but her hosting a trip in honor of a pregnant woman in a country over 10 hours away who I’m not in a good place with — is odd. Why not throw a party for yourself to celebrate the fact the writers strike is over and you can finally pay a bill?”

Imani: “I feel like some of these girls are scared to call out Jac’s behavior because she’s pregnant… “ She sits up in the day bed. “I love Monsè don’t get me wrong, but this trip being about her when she’s attacked us is quite strange. I don’t think she has said anything about her behavior.”

Sheridan: “The Writers Strike is over so the bitch should be able to pay her bills — well she will have to pay this bill first. Imagine the first thing you do when you receive your first check since the strike being hosting a trip for a kleptomaniac evil woman.”

We get a shot of Imani holding in a laugh.

Serena: “I think this could be a really good time. I don’t believe Jac would come all the way over here pregnant, just to to be negative. Maybe you girls should talk to her…”

Serena’s Confessional

“I have nothing but respect for Jac. I just met her, and she’s been nothing but kind to me. And the lady is pregnant for God’s sake.”

Sheridan: “Serena maybe you should talk to Heidi then — after all you did leak that story about her to the press.” She picks at her nail and giggles.

Serena: “Sheridan, I thought she’d like the press!”

Imani: “About that…” She looks to Serena. “I met up with Heidi and she was talking alot about you.” She raises an eyebrow.

Serena: “She did, huh? What did Fiona have to say?”

Sheridan: “I heard she was furious about you leaking it.”

Imani nods at Sheridan.

Imani: “Yup, she’s furious. She said she is going to confront you for leaking stories. Did you actually leak the story?”

Imani, Sheridan, and Yvonne all sit under the cabana and looks to Serena who takes a long sip from her drink.

Serena: “Let’s be honest, I am a stylist. I talk to fashion bloggers literally daily! It wasn’t anything malicious. I just simply said I was disappointed with her fashion choice at an event she was hosting. Also, she tried to confront me once before and she was sent home with her tail between her cankles. I don’t think she wants to do that again.” She smiles smugly.

Sheridan: “Wait — she confronted you about the shitty dress story? I missed that!”

Serena: “She tried to at Jac’s couples’ dinner. She was very upset about it. I found out she was full of shit. Just a shitty lady. I’m confused why she’s upset though. Everybody saw the smut on her dress.”

Yvonne: “Serena, calm down.” She laughs. “I promise she’s not worth this much energy.”

Imani: “She’s an odd woman. I truly don’t know where she stands in this group.”

Sheridan: “It’s really sad how far she’s fallen. When she arrived in our circle, she was well respected. Now she’s just a joke.”

Serena: “Yeah, I won’t allow her to get anything from me. It’s just very weird. She has an uncredited organization. I’ll let her be the queen of that. She has no substance…” She walks around to lay out next to Imani after eating.

Yvonne: “Maybe Heidi is headed back down the wrong road again.” She shrugs. “You know, I have it under hood authority that alcohol was why she’s no longer at Child Protective Services.”

Serena: “Oh wow — “

Sheridan: “Well girl, I’m not going to get into all that.”

Yvonne: “All alleged of course, I don’t want to go back to California with a lawsuit.”

Imani: “Not to change the subject but, you all are the only girls I trust at the moment. I was a little disappointed at how Marcie and Valentina were quiet during Sheridan and Jac’s back and forth the other day.”

Yvonne: “I think you should talk with them, they both may be willing to hear you out about how you feel.”

Imani’s Confessional

“It’s crystal clear that some of these ladies are all about playing it safe, staying quiet to stay in everyone’s good graces. But let me tell you, I’ve had my share of lessons from the past in this group, and one thing’s for sure: a friend to all is a friend to none!”

Sheridan: “ I did feel some type of way. Yvonne told me Marcie was one of the main girls talking about Jacqueline’s marital issues so I’m a bit lost why she’s so quiet.” She gives the girls a look. “ Val too, she’s suppose to be a good friend of mine but I low key felt she was more supportive to Jac all because she’s pregnant.”

Sheirdan’s Confessional

“Yes, Jac is pregnant but the way she has behaved while pregnant breaking into my home, vandalizing my home with trash cups, insulting my relationship, leaking stories about me that are untrue, lifting weights while pregnant and flying all these hours too. She’s the one having a mental break in front of out eyes.”

Imani: “Well, how do you ladies feel about them?” She looks to Yvonne and Serena.

Yvonne: “Yeah, Valentina is…well. I hope she opens that dance studio. As for Marcie, she is my longtime friend but maybe that needs to get re-evaluated.”

Sheridan: “Yvonne, is Marcie really your long time friend? You never have mentioned her in the past or brought her around.” She laughs and shields her eyes from the sun.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“By friend, does she mean her wig stylist?”

Yvonne: “Marcie and I are actually friends. I don’t think I need to bring every friend of mine around this group.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Sheridan has a close cousin living in the area but do we see her around? No! So, don’t worry about which of my friends I choose to bring around this toxic group.”

Imani: “Miss Serena?” She looks over.

Serena: “Valentina seems very bone collector-ish. So I’m watching her from my Louis Vuitton shades.”

Imani: “I’ve noticed that Val seems to support Jacqueline more than anyone else. It almost feels like she has this loyalty to Jacqueline just because she’s pregnant. But when does that loyalty expire? Jacqueline’s behavior is consistently nasty, and it seems like she’s always given a pass.”

Sheridan: “Right.” She takes a bite of food. “With Valentina, I hope she’s not a bone collector. I mean, Mona mentioned she had marital issues as well but with Jac’s issues with Beau I think we all kind of forgot Val was allegedly going through the same thing…”

Yvonne: “Is Valentina’s marriage on the brink?”

Imani: “You think? I mean she always keeps to herself; I know zero about her.”

Serena: “I’ve heard a few things in the salon with a couple women, but I’m going to hush until I have solid evidence.” She chuckles and eats her food.

Imani’s Confessional

“Perhaps that’s why Valentina prefers to keep a low profile within this circle. You know, some women in this area are cautious about their skeletons in the closet, especially when they’re known for flaunting their lavish lifestyle and connections.”

Sheridan: “Valentina told me there is no issue with Brandon. I’m going to believe her, but the bone collecting and silence about Jacqueline in the larger group setting…makes me feel some type of way.” She shrugs and takes off her swim cover.

Imani: “I totally get where you’re coming from! It’s always a bit concerning when someone appears secretive or low-key, especially if there might be underlying issues like marital problems. She’s been supportive of me and my daughter and her support is appreciated, but sometimes actions can speak louder than words.”

Yvonne: “I don’t really care one way or another, but he is her lifeline in this group. If she’s broke tomorrow after the divorce, I’m sure she won’t have Monsè’s shoulder to cry on anymore.”

Sheridan just giggles and stands up.

Sheridan: “Can we take a dip into the pool ladies?”

Yvonne: “I thought you’d never ask! I need to get back in!”

Imani: “Let’s go ladies I’m ready to swim and show off this booty!”

The ladies all walk to the edge of the pool. They hold hands as they scream and jump into the water together. The camera zooms in on Serena’s wig floating in the water as they all come up. The scene ends.

A sprinter van drives up in front of the magnificent Domabache Palace in Istanbul.

Serena, Imani, Heidi, Marcie, and Valentina get off the van.

Heidi, Marcie, Valentina, Serena, & Imani

The shot focuses on Imani who gazes up in awe.

Imani: “Oh wow! Ladies! How wonderful is this?”

Imani’s Confessional

“Domabahce Palace is truly… just wow! The elegance and the history, just iconic — it’s like I’m living my princess fairytale.”

Serena: “This is absolutely beautiful! Imani, let’s take a picture!”


Imani and Serena pose as Mehmet, their tour guide, takes a photo of them.

Imani: “What a stunning backdrop friend!”

The camera pans to Valentina who is staying to herself, taking selfies.

Valentina’s Confessional

“The Domabahce Palace is breath taking palace! However, I don’t know if I’m thrilled about the company.” She rolls her eyes.

We get another shot of Imani and Serena posing together before the camera pans to show Marcie and Heidi walking in.

Marcie: “This is so pretty!”

Heidi: “This is stunning! I wish we had this kind or architecture back home.” She takes pictures.

Mehmet: “How about we go inside, ladies?”

Imani: “That sounds like a great idea, Mehmet!” She giggles.

The tour guide leads the ladies through the Domabahce Palace, sharing interesting pieces about its history and architecture.

For the final part of the tour, Mehmet leads them outside to the breathtaking garden. There is a table set up with traditional Turkish food for the women.

Heidi: “Oh wow, this really is such an experience!”

Valentina: “I can’t wait to try Turkish food!”

The women all take a seat at the table in the garden. There is a spread of kebabs, piyaz, saksuka, kisir, and much more. The ‘Wives begin serving themselves.

Serena: “How are you guys over there?” She looks over at Marcie, Valentina, and Imani who are sitting across from her.

Valentina: “I’m doing great now!” She holds up a piece of bread and grins.

Marcie: “I’m good, Serena. How are you?”

Serena: “I feel great! Very replenished.”

Imani: “The flight was long but I’m happy we made it. I got a long night of sleep and I’m feeling like myself again!” She smiles and digs into some of her food.

The camera pans to Valentina who is adjusting her napkin on her lap.

Valentina: “I was wondering if you were ever going to talk Imani! I figured you were giving us the cold shoulder!”

Imani: “I just saw you ladies on the plane this morning?” She laughs and looks around while looking confused.

Valentina: “Well…yeah.” She flips her hair. “You just have been very distant since the masquerade ball. I tried to call you and you ignored it.

Imani: “Well, yes.” She shrugs. “ feel like I needed my space from you — I feel like your energy has shifted with me after I thought we were building a friendship.”

Valentina makes a dramatic face, indicating she’s caught off guard.

Valentina: “You needed space from me? For what…” She makes another face. “You came to my event after you promised you were not going to cause a scene and you did just that. And then the cherry on the top you then decided to double down on me and question my loyalty to you and my loyal to Jac.”

Imani: “Valentina, I needed space because things got heated at the event, and I needed time to cool off. I didn’t want our friendship to be strained by a single incident. Did I do the opposite of what I told? Yes, but you don’t see my side which is why I question your loyalty. You wouldn’t want me to reach out to your family to get dirt on you right? if you’re feeling some type of way because I did that, I can only imagine how you would act if I did what Jac did to me…” She sips her water.

We get a quick shot of Marcie, Heidi, and Serena silently eating and watching.

Imani’s Confessional

“Valentina has selective memory. Yes, I did say I wasn’t going cause a scene, but I’m not one of Jac’s minions and I am going to call her out when she acts unhinged.”

Valentina: “I told you at my lunch that I understood where you are coming from do you have pretend amnesia? You acted like an asshole at my event where all my friends from Hollywood were there. My family has been brought up in this group so don’t do that, because if anyone knows about trying to hurt families. I do.”

Imani: “Girl first of all, change your tone because I’m not disrespecting you.” She glares at her. “You’re mad at me when other people were arguing at my event, I just happened to call out the bullshit. I wasn’t lying, Valentina. You tend to excuse Jac’s behavior. You say that to me, but when she’s around you get all quiet and step back.”


Heidi jumps, startled at Valentina yelling. Serena just looks down.

Imani: “Lower your voice.” She holds her hand up at Valentina and motions down.

Valentina tucks a piece of hair behind her ear and her eyes dart around the table as she reigns it in.

Valentina: “You and Jac both have been assholes to each other. I’m sick of this pick one side. Why can’t you both be wrong and both just own up to it?”

Imani: “I never asked you to get involved, I called you out for playing both sides of the fence. You get involved the minute you give an opinion on what’s happening; it doesn’t matter if it’s between me and Jac. Be real and speak your mind!” She looks frustrated.

Imani now looks to Serena.

Imani: “I’m not the only one who thinks this. Back me up, Serena.”

Serena: “It’s definitely a group consensus. It feels like you play both sides a lot, Val.” She nods.

Valentina gives Serena a nasty look.

Valentina: “Serena you’re new here. I think you should take a step back and sit this one out.” She rolls her eyes.

Imani: “It’s not fair for you talk to her that way.” She points to Serena. “She has observed how you act and there’s many people who think this way.”

Serena: “Yes. Instead of just holding each lady accountable for whatever. If you say this is a friend group, hold everyone accountable.” She shrugs. “It’s not about longevity. It’s about experience. And my experience will not be diminished, sweetheart.” She purses her lip.

Valentina: “Okay, Serena.” She turns back to Imani. “Listen — I give an opinion because I’m asked! It’s like playing a game of ping pong with you and Jac. You will tell me something and then she will tell me something that cancels what you said so I really don’t know what to believe anymore when it comes to you two.”

Imani: “But the thing is you give Jac a pass for all her behavior. I feel like you’re attacking me for no reason. Let’s keep in mind I wasn’t the only one who caused a scene at your event with all your famous ‘friends’.” She throws her hands up.

Marcie’s Confessional

“Imani is trying to flip it like she didn’t directly say

Imani: “Val and Marcie I feel like you two play both sides of the fence with the situation. Jac is disgusting and you both have questioned her behavior to me”
Marcie’s Confessional

Which is instigating. She’s weaponizing untrue information to try throwing Val and I into her feud with Jac. I said one thing and it was to Yvonne and she asked Jac in the moment then called me out in front of Jac. If Jac had a problem she’d teol me. Imani’s calculated and gaslighty, and plays an amazing victim, but I don’t play with manipulators.”

Imani: “Right now you’re holding me to a ridiculous standard but I bet you will not call out the rest who caused a scene.”

Valentina: “You’re right I am holding you to a higher standard because I thought you were a high standard woman but you’ve proven me wrong of that.” She clenches her jaw.

We get a shot of Imani just narrowing her eyes, she slowly sips her drink.

Valentina’s Confessional

“Imani is seriously mad at me because I won’t blindly defend her. I grew up in cheerleading. I am not going to blindly defend any of these girls because the second you do, they prove you wrong.”

Imani: “You’re insulting me because I called out someone who is trying to destroy my relationship with my sister after you agreed with me? What a good friend you are!” She begins clapping.

Valentina: “And what a good friend you are for causing a scene at my event. Who does that, especially after you promised? It just showed me what kind of friend you seen me as.”

Imani: “Girl, I didn’t even start the argument? It was between Sheridan and Jac and I jumped in.”

Valentina: “So why are you doing that? That pisses me off even more. So you tell me you won’t make a scene and then jump into a fight that doesn’t have anything to do with you, for what? Extra camera time?”

There is a shot of Heidi as she groans and takes another bite of her meal, she begins scrolling on her phone.

Heidi’s Confessional

“I thought we came here to enjoy this gorgeous Palace. Instead we’re here listening to Imani and Val yell at each other about Imani being an awful party guest. Can we please move on to something else for crying out loud! Let’s talk about why Marcie is wearing leggings to a fucking palace!”

After zooming out from Marcie’s legs under the table, the camera focuses back on Imani and Valentina’s argument.

Imani: “GIRL… Everyone was involved! Everyone had an opinion on it? Be honest you’re just mad I called you out.”

Valentina: “Hell yeah I’m mad you called me, at my event in front of my guest. If you felt a way pick up the phone and call me, because I would’ve called you. These were not feelings you developed at my event. You have been feeling this way.”

Imani: “I obviously have been feeling this way if I called you out on it. Should I be fake? Like, what in the world?” She looks around the table in disbelif before going back to Valentina. “You know what Valentina? If this is how you act as a friend, I don’t need your friendship. I’m putting this behind me and I thank you for showing me who you really are. I’m good on you and this situation.”

Imani’s Confessional

“The energy Valentina is displaying is disgusting. Since we arrived she started being snarky with me over me jumping into a fight? Sorry girl, I thought we had a friendship; friends like you come and go, but my life goes on.”

Valentina: “I love how you’ve twisted this into me hurting you when you were the one that was shitty at my event.” She laughs.

Imani: “You didn’t hurt me. I’m actually glad to know the real you now.”

Valentina: “Imani, you’re no one’s friend and I thank YOU for showing me what a friend you are.”

Serena: “Imani, I think we should go back to the hotel. This is definitely a bust. I don’t want to display this type of behavior at the palace.”

Imani: “I think so too.” She nods and gets up.

Valentina: “I’m not going back with then.” She motions to Serena and Imani with disgust and looks to Marcie and Heidi.

Serena and Imani walk off. Back at the table, we see Heidi frown.

Valentina: “I can’t believe she really tried to turn this back on me you guys. What the hell? Am I in the wrong with her?”

Marcie: “No. Valentina don’t acknowledge it. Don’t give the devil gasoline it’ll make more fire.”

Heidi: “No Val. She’s a professional victim. What did you think would happen?”

Heidi’s Confessional

“I completely see Val’s side. She’s upset that Imani caused a scene at her party. She’s even more upset that she jumped in to a conversation that didn’t involve her in the beginning. If anything this is only further dividing the group. Ugh!”

Valentina: “She really has me pissed off because I thought she and I were developing a friendship. She likes to throw the knifes but hide her hands. I think I’ve really seen Imani for who she is today.” She sighs.

The scene switches to Imani and Serena who are still walking through the garden to get back to the front so they can exit.

Imani: “Was I wrong?”

Serena: “Girl, please!”

Imani: “I think I was pretty calm. I’m shaking, but it’s triggering me how she’s holding me to a different standard when I didn’t start the fight.”

Serena nods along as they walk.

Serena: “The way she tried to gloss over the fact that she literally only held you accountable for everything was all the answer you needed. I don’t believe in pushing my friends into being mean girls, but at some point you have to put your foot down.” She shakes her head.

Imani: “Right. They’re so cliquish, it’s quite disgusting. I wanna thank you for defending me…” She stops and hugs Serena. “It really means a lot. I’m used to only Yvonne and Sheridan seeing my side.”

Serena: “Real recognize real.” She grins at Imani. “I will never let anyone be ganged up on. That’s so middle school behavior. Let’s go get some drinks. We’re too pretty to be going to the hotel right now.”

The girls giggle as they walk off. The scene ends.

Music plays as we get shots of an expansive bazaar market in the heart of Istanbul.

We see a variety of vendors selling carpets, clothes, food, and art. We see some of the ‘Wives shopping around.

Jac, Yvonne, Monsè, & Sheridan

The camera pans to show Monsè admiring a hand crafted bag.

Monsè: “Everything here is so cute! Gil is going to kill me when he sees this credit card bill after this!”

Sheridan: “At least the strike is over, girl!” She giggles and nods.

Monsè: “True girl! Let me get two bags in that case.”

The camera pans from Monsè and Sheridan shopping to show Yvonne walking over.

Yvonne: “What do we have here?” She picks up a bag near Monsè. “Do you have deals in the pipeline Monsè or is Phoebe paying for the bags?” She raises an eyebrow at Monsè and the bag she is admiring.

Monsè sets the bag down and rolls her eyes.

Monsè: “Worry less about me and more about finding some art for your gallery instead babe. The selection was stale last I checked…”

Sheridan: “Hush ladies! No fighting.”

Monsè turns to look around the bazaar.

Monsè: “Now where is Jac? Did that girl get lost again?”

As Sheridan and Yvonne continue shopping, the camera follows Monsè who finally finds Jac at a nearby vendor. Jac is by herself, looking at some traditional Turkish dress.

Monsè: “There you are! Come shop with us!”

Jac: “Ugh! Do I have to?” She groans.

Monsè grabs Jac’s arm and begins leading her over to Sheridan and Yvonne.

Jac’s Confessional

“Apparently Monsè thinks a bazaar in Turkey is the perfect arena for a tag team knock down drag out between she and I and Sheridan and Yvonne. I’ll take Yvonne…” She pauses. “You know, give her bad hip, scoliosis and poor vision.” She laughs.

Monsè leads Jac into a clothing store where Sheridan and Yvonne are browsing.

Jac: “Hello.”

Sheridan and Yvonne glance up.

Yvonne: “Hi.”

They go back to shopping, a few moments later Sheridan pulls a children’s outfit from the rack and holds it up. She turns around to show Jac.

Sheridan: “Perfect for Annabelle!”

Jac makes a face and looks around at the hanging shirts before grabbing one.

Jac: “Sheridan! What do you think of this? It looks to be your size!”

Sheridan grabs another shirt and waves it in the air.

Sheridan: “Found another one for you too!”

Yvonne: “Ladies, we are above these antics.” She looks at Jac and Sheridan, unamused.

Monsè: “Are graphic tees even still in…?” She looks at them sideways.

Jac: “Well you know what they say Monsway, if the shirt fits!” She holds the shirt up to Sheridan’s torso.

There is another shot of Yvonne rolling her eyes.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I did not come to Istanbul to play teenager or shop for short sleeved shirts. We could’ve done that in Inglewood!”

Monsè: “ Can we find somewhere to sit ladies? This shit is heavy!” She holds up the bags of items she has gotten.

The four women walk out of the shop. A few sections over, there is a sitting area with dining vendors around.

The women take a seat at a table close to the perimeter.

Jac: “So I know the four of us have our issues and I’m not suggesting we sort those out in this very moment because we’ve clearly tried and tried that’s not going to happen…” She looks around. “I think we should discuss Imani and her outlandish — and at times dangerous — behaviour towards this group.”

Sheridan: “Oh? No.” She makes a face.

Jac: “I’m looking to answer the question on Imani’s volatile ways.” She looks to Yvonne and Monsè.

Yvonne: “I don’t think you’ve tried to solve any issues, Jac. Just escalate them!”

Sheridan: “What I would like to know, Jac is why you would send threatening text messages to my friend Imani when we were out in a club?”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Jacqueline sent very odd messages to Imani one night when Imani and I were out in a club having a good night. It’s the same night she leaked the false story about me and my ex husband and the nude photos. She clearly was on something that night.”

Jac: “I don’t think I’ve ever threatened anyone in my life but I think what’s more important is why you felt the need to bring Imani back into this group of friends when you knew she was wanting to take Monsè down.”

There is a shot of Monsè looking surprised.

Jac: “Why would you do that, Sheridan?!” She looks to Sheridan.

Sheridan: “Firstly. there’s never been a ‘Bring Imani Back Into the Group’ campaign, she’s always been here.” She flips her hair. “Imani was never out of the group. She’s been here longer than you have, sweetheart.” She shoots Jac a look and gives her a fake smile. “Don’t Monsè and Imani get along? They are cool.” She looks to Monsè.

Monsè: “I don’t want to go backwards now. I don’t think Imani came in trying to take me down.” She holds up her hands.

Sheridan: “See.” She shrugs.

Monsè: “I do think Imani is starting problems in this group where there aren’t really issues, though.”

Sheridan: “Wait, what?” She looks at Monsè, shocked. “Imani thinks you’re her friend…Wow, the girls are right.” She shakes her head and chuckles to herself.

Monsè: “I’m just going off what several ladies have told me. If everyone is saying Imani’s the issue, there’s gotta be something worth discussing there.”

Yvonne: “Monsè, I don’t think that’s your place. You brought Valentina around to have a bulldog to push Mona out of our group.”

Monsè: “Oh Yvonne…” She rolls her eyes. “That’s just straight up not true.”

Jac: “You don’t think its our place to call out the fact that Imani has harassed me, Marcie, Val, Heidi and Phoebe?” She looks at Yvonne, upset. “You don’t think that’s our place?!”

Yvonne: “Harassed? That’s a strong word.”

Jac: “Yes — and I’m using it.”

Sheridan: “Okay, we get it!” She looks annoyed. “Yvonne, Sheridan, and whoever is friends with them are always the issue.” She laughs. “This big bitch messaged Imani out of nowhere going off on her!” She motions to Jac. “THEN had the nerve to hit up her sister to try and film with her! Lorelei told Imani everything!”

Jac: “Did Lorelei tell Imani about a voice memo she sent me telling me to be weary of her?” She cocks her head. “Telling me that she has a history of isolating Sheridan from her friends?” She holds up two fingers. “Telling me that the woman is practically deranged and concocts stories in her warped mind?!”

Yvonne: “I’m confused, really.”

Sheridan: “Jac attacked Imani. Yes, Imani can be abrasive but she came for her first.”

Jac: “Personally, I don’t have an issue with her. I’m just refusing to acknowledge her existence.”

Jac’s Confessional

“Imani is getting absolutely NOTHING from me. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.”

Sheridan begins laughing.

Sheridan: “You acknowledged her existence by contacting her going off on her and then contacting her sister to try and get her to co-sign you in a disagreement that you are going to all these lengths to come out as a winner in. This isn’t a game.”

Yvonne: “You brought Imani up to say that you had an issue now you backpedal. That’s rich.”

Jac ignores Sheridan and Yvonne and calmly turns to Monsè.

Jac: “I think we should go. I don’t think these two dingbats are capable of having a harmonious or respectful conversation.”

Monsè: “Jac, no — “ She turns to Sheridan and Yvonne. “I think Jac is feeling attacked herself, and we should support her while she’s pregnant. Imani’s a big girl, I’m sure she can find something else to do other than terrorize Jac while we’re here.”

Jac: “No, no I don’t need their support.” She shakes her head.

Yvonne: “We don’t intend to give you the support either, Jac. You have never been supportive of me so you get what you give.”

Jac: “It’s okay. There is absolutely nothing I need from either one of them. Let them keeping hanging out with Imani because Imani is clearly very important and adds a lot to their lives.” She begins getting up.

Yvonne: “She does and you’ve added nothing to mine. So, see yourself out and go check your blood pressure in case we have to take you to a doctor.” She waves a little.

We hear Jac sniffle a little. She grabs her bag and begins walking away from the table.

Sheridan: “Running away per usual!”

Jac’s Confessional

“I’m not doing this with them. If imani is so important to them, let them have her.”

The camera follows Jac as she talks to a Producer right around the corner.

Jac: “I want you guys to book me a flight home now.”

Back at the table; Sheridan and Yvonne sit, Monsè is looking over her shoulder for Jac, concerned.

Sheridan: “I don’t know why she’s upset. Seems she has everyone wrapped around her finger, although you all say something different when she isn’t in the room.”

Monsè now stands up, Yvonne flicks her eyes at her.

Yvonne: “Monsè, don’t run after her. Stay here and finish the conversation that the absent party started. Why do you all think it’s wise to talk about people behind their back?”

Monsè: “Sheridan’s the one who brought Imani up in the first place!”

Sheridan: “Monsè, don’t do that.” She shakes her head. “I brought her up because I wanted to know why Jacqueline has been so cruel to her and going to great lengths to ice her out.”

Monsè: “That’s Jac’s problem, not mine. I’m just trying to help Jac express her thoughts. Look at her, she’s not rational right now.”

The camera pans to show Jac barely visible, crying with a Producer.

Monsè: “I’m not trying to ride the fence but who does Jac have in her corner?! I wouldn’t want to be alone and pregnant in this group. Would you?” She looks at Sheridan and Yvonne.

Sheridan: “Baby, you just named every woman on this trip as being in Jac’s corner besides us two. Do you hear yourself talk?”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“The Monsè who lived in Mona’s ass and said anything to defend her for seasons is suddenly back and Jac is the new Mona. What the hell is in the Turkey water?”

Yvonne: “You’re always running to someone’s corner, how about you run to someone’s studio and secure a deal. That’s a better use of your time than playing Captain Save-A-Tramp.” She shrugs at Monsè.

Monsè: “Well if that’s how you guys feel then I give up.” She throws her hands up. “All I do is try to hold this group together and every single time I get torn down for it. When is enough enough?” She starts getting up from the table.

Yvonne: “Now. Now, it’s enough but unfortunately it won’t end in pancake breakfast and mimosa hour.”

Sheridan: “You hold it together by taking sides. hat girl y’all are trying to make out to be a villain thinks you and her are good — yet you came here today saying she’s the problem.”

Yvonne: “There is a line in the sand and you helped to put it there.”

Monsè: “Where there’s smoke there’s fire, bitch. I don’t think four girls are ganging up on Imani for no reason.”

Sheridan: “So you’re turning on someone you have no issues with because 4 girls told you to? The same pack mentality bullshit.” She scoffs.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“She’s just proving to be the follower that America has said she is since her first dabble into our group.”

Monsè: “Imani’s been making waves clearly, I don’t think that’s turning on her. I actually defended her to the rest of the girls saying it was probably a misunderstanding. But at the end of the day, conflict is two-sided. They’re not pulling it out of thin air…” She stands at the table.

Sheridan: “I agree with that Monsè but you came at us today as if you chose sides — putting blame on Imani and not holding Jac accountable for her part.”

Yvonne points to Monsè.

Yvonne: “Maybe you should spend time healing the group instead of dividing it by putting an aggressor at the center of a girl’s trip. Just a thought.”

Monsè: “I’m done talking to you.” She puts her hand up and then walks away.

Dramatic music plays as we get a final shot of Sheridan and Yvonne being the only two left at the table. The episode ends.