[S8E14]: A Masquerade to Remember: Part 1

Real Housewives of Beverly Beach
35 min readJan 12, 2024
(From L to R: Monsè DeRosier, Jac Carter, Sheridan Campbell, Yvonne Langley, Marcie Maples, & Valentina Armani)

The episode begins with shots of Sheridan’s restaurant, Bell Camp.

The patio and inside is absolutely packed. Parties of people sit and socialize with friends for brunch. Servers buzz around the floor. The scene settles on Sheridan who is on the phone in the back office.

Sheridan: “Okay, okay! That’s perfect! We can’t wait. Uh huh, thank you so much, Jud!” She smiles and hangs up the phone.

As Sheridan goes back to working on a spreadsheet, the camera pans to show her ex husband Martin as he walks into the back office.

Martin: “What’s good, Sher?”

Sheridan stops typing and looks up, she turns to Martin.

Sheridan: “I just got off a call with our contractor in Twitter.”

Martin: “Oh yeah? How was that?” He sits in the other chair.

Sheridan: “Everything is great. We are looking to open in just a couple months!”

Martin: “Nice.” He nods.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Martin and I have worked hard to expand BellCamp, and it feels great to know we are so close to have our second location open — even if Marcus is not a fan of us working together.”

Martin: “Last time I saw you in Twitter, your man was tripping? He still mad?”

Sheridan rolls her eyes and chomps on her gum.

Sheridan: “Don’t do that.”

Martin: “What?” He looks slightly amused. “Was I lying?”

Sheridan: “You would feel the same way if you were on the other side of this.” She leans forward in her chair, holding up a finger. “Marcus isn’t comfortable with us spending as much time together as we have been with the expansion.” She shakes her head.

Martin: “He got to realize I ain’t going nowhere.” He looks straight at Sheridan.

Sheridan: “Oh, stop it.” She waves a hand dismissively.

Martin: “I ain’t playing around. It’s facts. Bellcamp is as much mine as it is yours.”

Sheridan just looks at Martin for a minute, chewing on her lip.

Sheridan: “I know, I know…it’s just really driving a wedge in between my relationship right now.”

Martin: “Well I don’t know what to tell you, Sheridan. I am not the one with the issue.”

Sheridan huffs.

Sheridan: “We will figure it out. I don’t want to lose Marcus because of our business dealings.”

Martin: “You want my opinion?”

Sheridan: “No.” She turns back to her computer.

Martin laughs.

Martin: “I’m going to give it anyways — Why he so insecure?” He raises an eyebrow.

Sheridan: “You know what — “ She continues just looking at her computer screen.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“This whole ordeal is just becoming too much. Something has to give, because I do want to be with Marcus but I do not want to give up my business that I have worked so hard for. I don’t know where we go from here.”

The scene ends as Sheridan and Martin remain in the back office.

For the next scene, we see shots of Downtown Beverly Beach. The shot settles on the upscale Beverly Beach Athletic Club in the heart of Downtown. Inside, we see the pool.

We hear an instructor teaching a water aerobics class to a bunch of pregnant women. Right in the middle of the group, the camera pans to Monsè and Jac.

Monsè & Jac
Jac’s Confessional

“Today, I’ve invited my girl Monse to a little pregnancy water aerobics class I’ve been doing lately. Nothing better for mummy and Bub then getting in the water and flailing about.” She laughs.

We see Jac clutch onto Monsè as she almost falls over doing a kick.

Instructor: “Alright ladies, let’s take break before the next circuit!”

As the soon-to-be mothers disburse, Monsè and Jac wade over to the edge of the pool to talk.

Monsè: “You look so cute with this belly! I can’t get over it!” She grins and rubs Jac’s stomach.

Jac: “Oh stop! I feel like I’m the size of a whale.” She laughs and looks to Monsè. “Look at this bod! Can we agree moving forward that you only wear one pieces around me for the rest of this pregnancy?”

Monsè: “I think I’ll have to go shopping for one of those, but for you, I’ll see what I can do.” She laughs. “But seriously, thank you for inviting me along, girl.”

Jac: “Of course, girlie!”

Monsè’s Confessional

“Jac inviting me along to events throughout this pregnancy journey has been a really great boding experience, and I truly love her like a sister at this point.” She looks at the camera. “So you better make me godmother, bitch!”

Monsè: “ I really feel like you’re one of my closest friends in this group. And not just because the hoes are dropping like flies!” She leans on the ledge of the pool.

Jac: “You know I adore me some Monsè and Jac time! I love how far we’ve come from last year…how the times have changed.” She laughs. “So, how have you been, girl?” She begins stretching in the pool. “What did you think of the Couples’ Dinner?”

Monsè: “I actually had a really good time at couples’ night! Well…until the end.” She rolls her eyes. “I can’t believe after all the progress we’ve made Yvonne is still talking about me behind my back! Like what is her issue with me now?”

Monsè’s Confessional

“Yvonne talking her shit about me is nothing new, but I really felt like our friendship was progressing this time. I guess you really can’t teach an old bitch new tricks.”

Jac: “Oh Lord what’s she saying now? She’s had a bee in her bonnet for a few weeks now. Our resident elder needs to go get an epipen and calm her ass down.” She shrugs.

Monsè: “Something about my finances?” She raises an eyebrow. “Like me and Gil are struggling with all the strikes going on. It’s ridiculous! It’s like she just can’t stand that I’m actually successful…What ever happened to women supporting women, you know?”

Jac: “Here’s the thing with Yvonne. Despite all her own personal ‘success’, she can’t stomach the fact that those around her are also thriving. We have the one thing that all her success can’t buy…” She pauses. “Youth.” She smirks.

Monsè: “Now I try not to go there, since she’s so easily triggered by her age…” She scoffs. “But, if the shoe fits…”

Jac’s Confessional

“Yvonne is a late in life star and she can’t stand that her time in the spotlight is fleeting. Our darling girl is very much over the hill and she hates that.

Monsè: “Anyway, I don’t want to make this a huge thing. My bank account is just fine, I’m not crying hunni.”

Jac: “I hope it is. You’re paying for this class.” She laughs.

Monsè: “Chile, just send me the child support contract at this point.”

Jac stops stretching and stands closer to Monsè.

Jac: “I’m nervous about seeing Sheridan. I know Valentina and Brandon’s Masquerade is coming up next week…”

Monsè: “Wow, you guys are still going at it?”

Jac nods.

Jac: “Monsè, the things she said I wouldn’t say to an enemy let alone a friend.”

Monsè: “What all has she been saying?!”

Jac: “Girl she said that my unborn child is demonic…”

Sheridan: “If I didn’t already know you had a daughter named Annabelle, I’d tell you to name this baby Annabelle because maybe it’s a demon seed making you act this way.”

Jac: She said that I should stop procreating with my husband as I don’t love him…” She is very upset now.

Sheridan: “Maybe you should stop having children with a man you don’t even love!”

Jac: “She went as far as to threaten to have me arrested if I ever enter her home!”

Sheridan: “You do know when you came into my house it’s trespassing without my permission. You could be arrested for that!”

Monsè: “Demonic?! Who says that about an unborn child?! This getting crazy girl.” She holds her hands up in disbelief.

Jac: “Monsè, it’s crazy how she’s treated me when I’ve only ever had her back. To say I’m with in her words, ‘demon seed’ is just vile!”

Monsè: “What do we need to do to fix this? I can get Iyanla on the phone in a couple minutes if you want.”

Jac: “I don’t know if this is repairable. I just want her and her little bobble head bestie to leave me alone.”

We get a shot of Monsè just looking shocked.

Monsè’s Confessional

“I know Sheridan likes to get low down and dirty but I never expected her to turn on Jac of all people. Whatever’s going on between them, I don’t know if there’s a way back after this.”

Jac: “What’s even more upsetting is that no one has stood up and said to her that she’s wrong! I keep going to these events where I’m bombarded by these women and no one defends me…” She begins to tear up.

Monsè: “I know girl. I’ll be there for you, even if the other girls won’t.” She hugs her. “I did want to talk to you about something else today, but considering what we just talked about…I dunno…” She looks at Jac cautiously.

Jac: “What is it, Monsè? You’re scaring me!”

Monsè: “I know the tension is still pretty raw, but I was thinking of taking all the girls on a trip to Istanbul…”

Jac raises an eyebrow.

Monsè: “Do you think you and Sheridan could get along for the sake of the group? Or even just be cordial?”

Jac: “Istanbul?” She pauses. “Turkey? With these girls..?” She laughs and then thinks. “For you? I’ll be there.”

Monsè: “Yay!”

Jac: “But don’t expect me to speak to her. I’m just going to keep my distance.”

Monsè: “Understood — After the year we’ve had, I think we ALL need to unwind. Besides, we could celebrate you and the little one! I’ll make sure to keep you two separated, the less drama the better for you.”

Jac: “Are you inviting Imani?”

Monsè: “Yeah! I’ve been getting to know her more in the group and she seems like a cool girl! You know, other than exposing my sister for being a man stealer.”

Monsè’s Confessional

“Look, if Phoebe wants to be a hoe on her own time, that’s her business. Imani’s a girl’s girl and I have no problem inviting her on the girls trip.”

Jac: “Put the bitch in a motel down the road and I’ll be there.” She laughs.

Monsè: “Girl, you better get all that out your system before we all get stuck on a plane together for hours. I’m glad you’re coming though, sis. It’ll be fun, and it can’t get any worse than Bali!”

Jac: “Oh nothing can be worse than Bali.”

Monsè: “Alright, can we skip the rest of the class and go get lunch or something?” She looks back at the class starting up again. “A bitch is hungry after all this moving around.”

Jac: “Yes, let;s go get some food. I’m starving. What can you afford given your depleted funds? Wendy’s?”

Monsè: “Bitch, keep it up and all you’re getting is a small fries from McDonald’s” She laughs.

The scene ends as Monsè and Jac joke around and get out of the pool together.

As the scene opens, we get multiple shots of a stunning vegan restaurant.


We get shots of Valentina as she is dropped off and walks into the restraunt. She approaches the host stand.

Valentina: “I have a table of three for Armani!.”

We see Valentina being led out to the patio to be seated.

Valentina’s Confessional

“Today im inviting Imani and Heidi out to brunch to invite them to Brandon and I’s annual masquerade ball! I wanted to invite them in person because I need them to know this is a classy event and good behavior is required. Hopefully these girls will know how to act!”

The waiter comes over to Valentina.

Valentina: “Can we please have a bottle of Don Perdigón for the table? These girls need some expensive champagne!” She laughs a bit.

We get shots of Imani as she is the next to arrive. She is lead to the table.


Imani: “There she is!”

Valentina smiles and gets up, hugging Imani.

Imani: “My babe! Don’t you look amazing?”

Valentina: “So good to see you, gorgeous! Thanks for meeting up with me!” She sits back down.

Imani: “Anytime babe! I had the best weekend with Natalia, but I’m ready for some girl friend time.” She begins looking over the menu. “How was your weekend?”

Valentina: “It was great, Brandon and I escaped away to Malibu for the weekend! We just had us a baecation! Now we are gearing up for our annual masquerade ball now!”

Imani: “Oh, I bet you’re so stressed!”

As Valentina nods, the camera pans to show Heidi who is now walking out on the patio.


Heidi: “Hello honeys! Sorry I’m late — my meeting ran over.”

Imani: “Oh, hey girl.” Her face drops and she remains seated.

Valentina gets up to give Heidi a hug.

Valentina: “I almost forgot I invited you! You took so long!” She chuckles.

Heidi: “Oh, you’re so scatter brained all the time!” She laughs and takes a seat.

There is a shot of Imani watching Heidi but staying silent.

Imani’s Confessional

“I don’t really trust Heidi. I think she’s shown me enough with her being around my presence and how she behaves on the media. I think I’m good on her.”

Heidi’s Confessional

“ Imani seems cute. I don’t really have an opinion about her to be quite honest. She runs in the new money circle. Max and I are from well you know… old money.”

The waiter brings out a bottle of champagne for the ladies and pours it, the ‘Wives thank him.

Valentina: “So ladies thank you both for coming! I wanted to invite you both to lunch to invite you to our annual masquerade ball!” She does a little clap and takes a quick swig of champagne. “We are excited to host it, as it’s an annual thing! We will have some A-listers there along with all the girls.”

Imani: “Oof, I’ll be there. I don’t think I’ve met your family yet so I’m excited.”

Valentina: “I think you will love them Imani! I’m excited to host my first annual masquerade ball being in Beverly Beach!”

Heidi: “Oh, this sounds so fun, Val.” She smiles. “I wonder if I know anyone that’s going.”

Valentina: “Oh, you’ll know the people there…that brings me to the next point.” She looks at the women. “I just want to make sure you two can stay on your best behaviors. I know there’s been some craziness in the group lately.”

Imani: “I’m always on my best behavior babes? now let’s hope miss Heidi behaves this time…” She glances over at Heidi.

Imani’s Confessional

“I hope Valentina has some pampers ready for Heidi, we know after a couple drinks that woman lets it all out.”

Valentina: “Heidi are you going to be okay being around Serena since Jac’s annual couples dinner…”

Heidi: “You’re worried about me?” She looks at Valentina, offended. “Did we forget how everyone acted at my charity event.” She laughs.

Imani: “Girl, yes, you got kicked out at your own event…”

Valentina nods along.

Valentina: “I know you apparently shit yourself. So I hope that doesn’t happen. But my behavior wasn’t the one that was unacceptable.”

Imani: “Oop!” She grins a bit.

Heidi rolls her eyes.

Heidi’s Confessional

“I hope Val included an etiquette guide in the invitation that went out to everyone else. And let’s be honest, since when did Only Fan’s models become ‘A list’ celebrities?! Kids these days.”

The waiter brings out the ‘Wives lunches. Imani takes a bite of her taco and covers her mouth.

Imani: “So what’s been going on with you ladies?” She makes a face as she chews. “VAL, this tofu is nasty.”

Heidi: “Val and I attended Jac’s coupled dinner. I had quite a nice time. Didn’t you, Val?”

Valentina: “You definitely had you a time at Jac’s dinner.” She laughs and looks at Heidi.

Imani: “I didn’t know she was having a couples dinner and am shocked she had one considering the rumors about her husband or whatever that is…”

Valentina: “Well they addressed the rumors and said they were false.” She shrugs and looks at Heidi. “But you and Serena…Wow.”

Heidi: “Oh where do I begin?! Someone told me that Serena was the one who leaked the story of my defecating in my dress to Taylor Thompson. So I obviously confronted her.”

Imani: “And what did Serena say?” She sips her water. “I like her, I don’t think she’s the type of person to lie.”

Heidi: “She just said that she didn’t leak it. I mean it’s not like she’s going to admit to it. We then went back and forth and ya know things got heated.”

Imani: “Wow.” She shakes her head. “I’m curious what happened when Jac confronted the ‘rumors’ though. The way Jac acted when Yvonne brought what’s being said out there — I don’t think those are rumors…” She flips her hair.

Heidi’s Confessional

“ I’ve really come to like Jac. Being on the other end of slanderous rumors from Grandma I understand the feeling. I couldn’t imagine being on the other end of those rumors — especially being pregnant.”

Imani: “She’s acting miserable and off the chain lately. The way she reached out to my sister after she made fun of my domestic abuse is disgusting.”

Valentina and Heidi both look to Imani, shocked.

Valentina: “Wait what? Jac reached out to your sister?”

Imani: “Yes.”

Valentina: “Oh that’s not cool. Even if she’s upset with you.” She shakes her head.

Imani: “Lorelei and I had lunch with our kids this weekend and it was nice. She took a break from Beverly Beach after all the drama that happened last year…She reached out to my fucking sister to film about me thinking she wouldn’t t tell me.”

Imani: “She wants to destroy my fucking life!” She shows her phone to Valentina and Heidi.

Imani: “This shit isn’t fun anymore.”

Valentina hands Imani back her phone.

Valentina: “I’m shocked. What the hell am I reading? Are you sure it was Jac, Imani?”

Imani: “This is coming from Lorelei herself. I cannot believe she’s gone out of her way to want to come in between me and my sister.”

Valentina: “How do they even know each other? I don’t understand the correlation!?”

Heidi: “Wait, so Jac is reaching out to Lorelei in an attempt to start something behind your back?”

Imani: “They met last year… and yes, she heard that Lorelei was back in town and the first thing she did was reach out to her to talk shit about me.” She looks agitated. “Everyone always excuse her behavior, when do we draw the line?”

Valentina takes a bite of her salad and nods, thinking.

Valentina: “I’m in just such shock. I really thought Jac was a good person? But this definitely paints a different picture.”

Heidi: “I’m really shocked. Jac has been nothing but kind to me so to hear this is… I don’t know very conflicting.”

Imani: “I won’t mention this at your event, Val, but I want to slap her right now and it’s taking everything in me to not go there.” She clenches her jaw. “I know how important this event is but my patience is being tested…”

Valentina: “Thank you for that Imani. I think you two need to talk one on one…” She shakes her head and looks down at her unfinished salad. “Well ladies, I am now sick to my stomach. I don’t know if it’s the vegan food or the news I just heard about Jac. But I’ll pick up the tab.”

Imani: “Well you better get going before you shit yourself like Heidi!”

As Imani laughs we see Heidi give her a death glare.

Imani: “Joking!”

The scene ends as the three women get up and walk out of the restaurant.

The camera pans to show a venue. Inside, we see tables set up for a luncheon.

In the center of the tables, a large runway runs through the room. Attendees of the fashion show stand around and chat. The camera pans to Yvonne talking to a friend.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I’ve invited a few of the girls out for a fashion show lunch. It’s promised to be super fabulous, super fun, and the food super yummy. With all the mess going on in this group, we need to spend sisterly time together.”

We see Sheridan, with a drink in hand, walk over to Yvonne and tap her on the shoulder.


Sheridan: “Hey girl! I was early and had a cocktail!” She smiles and gives Yvonne a hug.

Yvonne: “Hey Sheridan! Smooch, I hope you’re hungry. They’re feeding us lunch at the table.”

Sheridan: “Yes, love. Very hungry!”

We get some shots of Marcie walking into the venue.


She walks in and looks around.

Marcie: “Oh this is pretty! Okayyy!” She walks over to the ‘Wives. “Hi girls!”

Sheridan: “Hello Marcie.” She smiles.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“You know, a lot of these women have became friends with Marcie. I’m trying to be more open minded.

Marcie: “Hey Sher! Hey Yvonne!” She goes and gives Yvonne a hug.

Yvonne: “So happy you could make it!” She looks at her phone. “I hope Serena makes it before we start…”

We see a car pull up outside. Serena steps out.


We see her taking pictures at the step and repeat on the way into the fashion show.

Serena’s Confessional

“You can’t talk fashion and NOT include the Princess of fashion! I’m super excited to be here amongst the real elites of Beverly Beach! Let’s spill some tea… and look cute doing it.”

Serena walks in and over to Sheridan, Marcie, and Yvonne.

Serena: “Hello hello ladies. How’s everyone?” She first hugs Yvonne. “You look so pretty!”

Yvonne: “Thank you, you look good too as always.”

Serena: “Hello beautiful!” She hugs Marcie and then looks to Sheridan. “Sheridan, I love this grey on you.” She gestures up and down with her finger. “Okay!”

Sheridan: “Thank you Serena. You are serving high fashion!”

Yvonne: “Let’s take our seats at the table…” She points to a table. “I think we’re there. The show is about to start.”

Serena, Yvonne, Marcie, and Sheridan all sit, along with the other fashion show attendees. Get get a montage of the models walking and the complete show. The designer comes out and thanks the crowd.

After the lights come back on, a team of servers begin bringing lunch out to the tables. Towers of finger sandwiches, salads, scones, tea, champagne. In the background we can see some models continuously walking the runway as everyone eats. The ‘Wives dig into their lunch spread.

Marcie: “How are you Serena?” She looks across the table as she puts jam on a scone. “It’s been a little since I’ve seen you. I think Jac’s?”

Serena: “Yes…” She sips her champagne. “I’ve been good. Still trying to process everything that happened.”

Marcie: “It was certainly… a dinner.”

Yvonne and Sheridan give each other a look across the table.

Sheridan: “Oh Jacqueline’s facade of a couples dinner?” She laughs. “Smoke and mirrors.”

We get a shot of Marcie’s eyes darting back and forth as she takes a bite of her scone.

Marcie’s Confessional

“I’m so uncomfortable with what Jac and Beau said about Yvonne and Sheridan.

Beau: “Cheers, and hopefully Sheridan will be at the next Couples’ Night we host. If she’s still in a couple by then.”
Jac: “Babe, don’t say that! Sheridan will probably be on pro-athlete number 62 by this time next year!”
Valentina: “I think I’ve seen all of Yvonne that I need to see.”
Jac: “I’m going to keep my comments to myself as I was taught to always respect my elders.”
Marcie’s Confessional

It’s eating me alive but I don’t want to cause problems between them, and I especially want nothing to do with the Sheridan Jac situation.”

Yvonne: “Okay, well why should we care? Did she have something to say about us?” She looks at Marcie, then Serena.

Sheridan: “Of course she did!” She shrugs and munches on a finger sandwich.

Serena: “To be honest I was confused that I didn’t see you two there…” She motions between Sheridan and Yvonne. “Um….She definitely had a few things to say. But I don’t want to be messy.” She chuckles.

Sheridan: “It’s messy to say she said some things without saying what things she said, Serena.”

We get a shot of Marcie sipping her champagne and looking to Serena.

Serena: “I do remember Valentina saying that Yvonne was telling people that Phoebe was helping out with Monsé and Gil’s bills…” She nods.

Yvonne: “Well, I did say that about Phoebe. I do believe she’s helping her sister and brother in law while times are tough for the entertainment industry.”

Serena: “She also said said you lived a old sad life.”

Yvonne: “Well I go to sleep at night happy with the choice of who I’ve laid down with knowing I make more money and wouldn’t be destitute if they left. Program that in your brain in case you see her before I do.”

Sheridan: “What about Jac?”

Serena: “Jac felt that you ladies have not been supportive of her in anyway regarding her pregnancy or marital issues.”

Sheridan rolls her eyes and Yvonne shakes her head, laughing.

Yvonne: “ I don’t remember any type of support coming from her, ever. So that’s a moot point.” She purses her lips. “What was said about Sheridan?”

Serena: “Oddly enough, not much was said about you, Sheridan.” She shrugs at Sheridan. “Momma Yvonne was catching bullets that whole evening. Which I did defend your name, but I think you need to have a conversation with Monsé.”

Yvonne: “About what?” She looks confused. “The things I said regarding Phoebe and her bills?”

Serena: “I love the both of you and I don’t think anything should be left unturned and be liable to fester. Monsé felt disrespected by you because she really loves you. You know? And what you allegedly said really hurt her. That’s all I know. I can only relay the message.” She throws her hands up.

Sheridan nods and then turns to Yvonne.

Sheridan: “Yvonne, you just need to have a conversation with Monsè.”

Yvonne nods.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I will have a conversation with Monsè but I’m very saddened by Marcie’s lack of defense…”

We get a shot of Marcie being silent at the table.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“After 20 years of friendship, business, and numerous nights on the phone crying with her about her relationship or various other problems. I’ve defended you amongst the women so where was the reciprocity, Marcie?”

Sheridan: “Marcie — “

Marcie turns to Sheridan, startled and caught off guard.

Sheridan: “What were your thoughts on all of this, ma’am?”

Marcie: “Sorry, I was distracted…” She lets out a big sigh. “Honestly, I was fighting so much with my husband I didn’t have time to really process or react.”

Sheridan: “What’s going on with you and your husband, hun?” She looks concerned.

Marcie: “He’s upset I bought a new salon. He feels like it takes away from him in some way and he’s masking it with “spending unnecessary money.”” She shakes her head. “It’s all stupid and annoying honestly.”

Sheridan: “I’m sorry to hear that, Marcie. You know I can somewhat relate. Ever since Jacqueline started the rumor that I sent nude photos to my ex husband who’s my business partner, my current boyfriend has been very upset with me and demanding.”

Marcie: “I’m sorry to hear that, Sher. Do you think he believes it and that’s why he’s acting so.. like that?”

Sheridan: “I think with him being away in Green Bay playing football and me spending time with Martin to expand Bell Camp, he’s kind of feeling some type of way and Jac’s rumors really made him paranoid. He wants me to sell my shares of Bell Camp.”

Yvonne: “If you do that, I’ll kill you. The nerve of that man.” She scoffs.

Serena: “Damn Sheridan… I’m sorry to hear that.”

Marcie’s Confessional

“I’d sell the man before I sold my business for him. Sorry.”

Sheridan: “I’m not an idiot. Marcus will be okay. Im just being intentional about spending more time traveling and goinxg to his games. But it would be alot less stress on our relationship if we were based out of the same city.”

Serena: “Sheridan, on a serious note. Do you think there’s anything that could happen to fix whatever’s going on with you Jacqueline? Because now it’s messing with your business and your reputation. And that’s never a good thing.” She furrows her brow.

Sheridan: “Serena, Jacqueline has been quite malicious and a bit unhinged towards me. Yes, I made jokes about her pregnancy weight and even a joke about the baby making her be devilish but im honestly just — shocked she would enter my home and try to set me up to be embarrassed.” She rubs her temple. “I have video footage of her pulling red solo cups from her purse and trashing my home. She was trying to embarrass me!”

Yvonne: “Dear Lord Jesus, this is not going to end well…Onto repairable relationships.” She motions between Sheridan and Marcie. “You two seem to be getting along today. Have you guys had that one on one conversation yet?”

Sheridan: “We haven’t, actually.”

Marcie: “I don’t mind having it now.” She gulps and nods. “If you’re open to it.”

Sheridan: “Of course.” She sips her champagne.

Marcie: “Sheridan, my thing with you is do you think maybe your jokes are a little cutting and that’s why people find it hard to let them slide off? Like I remember a few times you’ve made slights at my career and such and I didn’t say anything because I thought you were being cheeky then I hear you’re actually putting me down in this group so it’s like…How much of it is joking, you know?”

Sheridan: “Yes, I definitely see that they are cutting.” She nods. “I apologize. I’d rather dig, then cut.”

Marcie: “Thank you.” She smiles.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“It’s like a cute little funny dig ya know? I’m not trying to slice a bitch.”

Serena: “See! I love this.” She claps. “Grown women stuff!”

Sheridan: “I will say Marcie, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings with my blunt nature.” She motions to herself. “Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth, and I would like to say sorry for being judgmental and not really giving you a shot based on preconceived notions.”

Marcie: “I’m so appreciative of that, and I am sorry for coming into this group so hecticly. I hope as you get to know me more we can be friends.” She smiles.

Sheridan: “I’d like that!”

We see Yvonne smiling a bit and Serena doing a little clap.

Marcie’s Confessional

“I actually really like Sheridan. I just didn’t think she liked me very much.”

The scene ends as the ladies finish up their lunch at the table.

The scene opens up with shots of the grandiose Beverly Beach Historic Ballroom.

Outside, a large step and repeat is set up. Multiple media outlets stand on the other side and snap pictures of the attendees, we see representatives from People and PageSix on the step-and-repeat interviewing celebrities.

Valentina & Brandon Armani

The camera pans to Valentina and Brandon Armani as they pose and get their pictures taken. Photographers yell for Brandon and Val. After a few moments, they step off the carpet and get ready to head inside.

Valentina: “Damn we are one fine ass couple babe!” She smiles and then kisses him. “Can you believe this is our first event being in Beverly Beach?”

Brandon: “Hopefully your friends are on their best behavior tonight at our event. Some of our good friends in the industry are here tonight and I don’t want the ladies leaving a bad impression on them.”

Valentina: “There’s no guarantee on that!” She laughs and Brandon gives her a look. “But, I’ll try my best to make sure they don’t go crazy.”

The Armani’s A-list Guests

A car pulls up to the valet and Imani Grimaldi and Sheridan Campbell get out.

Sheridan & Imani

Imani: “Whew, hunni. Here we go again…” She mutters and carries her mask.

Imani and Sheridan get in line for the step and repeat. We see them posing together for photos before they both eventually walk in.

In a bar station set up nearby the entrance, we see Brandon and Valentina chatting with Brie Larson.

Valentina: “Sheridan! Imani! Come over here!” She grins and ushers the girls in. “Meet Brie!”

Sheridan: “Hi it’s lovely to meet you!”

Imani: “Hi honey, I just loved Captain Marvel!”

Brie: “Nice to meet you ladies as well.” She smiles and shakes their hands. “Brandon, Valentina, we’ll catch up later!”

As Brie walks off, the couple turns their attention to Sheridan and Imani.

Brandon: “Thank you so much for coming…” He readjusts his mask. “I hope you all have a fun time tonight.”

Valentina: “We have an open bar, of course. So let’s get some shots!”

Sheridan: “You know we love the shots babe!”

Valentina, Sheridan, and Imani make their way up to the bartender.

Valentina: “I hope everyone is on their best behavior tonight.”

Sheridan: “Oh of course, best behavior.” She laughs.

Right outside of the event, Monsè and Jac are now on the step and repeat getting their photo taken.

Jac & Monsè

Monsè: “Damn, I think we’re killing it tonight, girl.” She manages in between poses.

Jac: “Baby, do we ever not look good?” She laughs.

As Monsè and Jac make their way towards the end of the press area, a journalist stops them and asks for an interview.

Journalist: “Hello, this is Amy Kim with Entertainment Tonight. We’re here at Brandon Armani’s Masquerade Ball in Beverly Beach. We just had to catch up with some of the B.B. Girls to see how their latest season is going so far. So I have Monsè De Rosier and former Lady of Twitter, Jac Carter with me!”

Monsè: “Hi Amy!”

Amy: “So, you’re still filming Season 8. There has been alot of activity and social media and rumblings that Jac, maybe you aren’t in the best place with your B.F.F Sheridan right now…What can you tell us about that?”

Monsè and Jac exchange a look.

Jac: “We’ll…yeah. We aren’t in the best place right now. You’ll see it all, just stay tuned…”

Jac’s Confessional

“I’m a little nervous about attending Val’s event tonight. I haven’t seen Yvonne, Sheridan or Imani since Heidi’s event where they bombarded me with accusations of marital turmoil. Marital turmoil?!” She rolls her eyes. “Anyway, I’m here to rub shoulders with the elite, drink a virgin cocktail and have a little boogie.”

The cameras follow Jac and Monsè as they put their masks on and enter the masquerade. They quickly spot Sheridan, Valentina, and Imani who are still standing by the entrance.

Monsè: “Hey, you girls look cute!”

Sheridan: “Hey Monsè!” She hugs her. “Doll!”

Monsè: “ Val, thanks for the invite. This party is amazing!” She grins and looks around.

Valentina: “Thank you girls for coming! I’m so excited to have everyone here tonight for our first event in Beverly Beach!”

Monsè’s Confessional

“I don’t know what kind of parties you’ve been to, but Valentina and Brandon host EVENTS! I’d say they’re unforgettable but I don’t think anyone remembers a thing by the morning.”

Monsè, Imani, and Sheridan begin chatting. Valentina joins Jac who is standing off to the side.

Valentina: “Are you okay?” She puts her arm around Jac.

Jac: “I’m a little uncomfortable being around certain people but it’s okay. I’m here for you and Brandon. I’ll be okay.” She laughs awkwardly.

Valentina: “Well thank you for coming! I really appreciate it.”

Jac nods a bit and grabs a plate from a server who passes by.

Jac: “Keep these coming, sir.” She points at the plate. “Mama needs as many Peking duck pancakes as possible!”

The camera pans to show Imani who is chatting with Jennifer Aniston. The scene switches to Sheridan and Monsè who are chatting a few feet away.

Monsè: “So, how are you doing boo?” She sips her margarita.

Sheridan: “I’m doing great, thriving!” She smiles.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I am not going to say my relationship is in an unhealthy place at a party due to Jacqueline Carter. Let me fake the funk.”

Sheridan: “How are you?”

Monsè: “I’m good! I’ve got a little beef to squash with our dear Yvonne, but otherwise I think it’s gonna be a good night…”

Sheridan: “Oh no, don’t let it get too crazy. Keep it cute.” She laughs.

Valentina now comes back over.

Valentina: “Yeah, Monsè. Make sure to not leave a bad taste in our friends mouth a lot of our mutual friends are here tonight.”

Monsè: “Don’t worry babe, I’ll take it outside. This is a classy event…” She looks up as a topeless acrobat swings over their head. “Sort of.”

The next ‘Wives to enter the party are Marcie and Yvonne.

Marcie & Yvonne

They walk in together.

Yvonne: “Oh wow, actual celebrities.” She looks around. “Maybe the husband is who he says he is!”

Yvonne and Marcie immediatly run into Jac.

Yvonne: “Oh, you’re here.” She looks at Jac and crosses her arms.

Jac: “Hi Marcie!” She hands her a duck pancake, ignoring Yvonne. “Here, girl. Try one of these! They’re amazing!”

Marcie: “Oh, thank you.” She tries it, wincing but ends up swallowing it. “Mmm! Delicious!”

Yvonne: “Where are the women I like- — yoohoo?! Imani and Sheridan. Are you here?” She looks around before stopping. “Beyonce! Do you remember me? I was at your tour date here! I love this outfit!”

Yvonne walks off. Outside Heidi is finishing the step and repeat.

Heidi’s Confessional

“ I just left court and I am exhausted but I wouldn’t miss Miss Valentina’s masquerade ball for anything. There’s nothing a little ‘brownie’ can’t fix!” She giggles.

As Heidi comes in, Jac waves.

Jac: “CHICA!” She hugs her. “Look at you!”

Marcie: “Oh, hi Heidi! You look great!”

Valentina now comes up to the group of Heidi, Marcie, and Jac.

Valentina: “Marcie and Heidi!” She hugs them. “So good to see you both.”

Heidi: “Thank you for the invite Val! Talk about body!”

Marcie: “Yesss Val I love this look it’s so.. sexy!”

Valentina: “That’s what I was going for!”

Marcie’s Confessional

“I come to a charity masquerade ball and Valentina’s panties are on full display and hey…I guess this is how the elite do charity!”

Valentina: “Let’s sit around and catch up before the dancing, girls! I got a table with all of our names on it!”

Valentina, Sheridan, Jac, Marcie, Heidi, and Imani all start walking towards a table. Monsè catches Yvonne before they walk off with the rest of the group.

Monsè: “Hey girl, you look fashionable tonight!”

Yvonne: “Well thank you.”

Monsè: “Mind if I pull you for a chat real quick? I don’t want to disturb the party.”

Yvonne: “Oh am I in trouble, Monsè?” She looks taken aback.

Monsè: “To be determined.” She smiles.

The camera follows Monsè and Yvonne as they walk out onto a nearby balcony. They get a nice, lit up view of the area of Downtown Beverly Beach they are in. Monsè tucks a piece of hair behind her ear before letting out a sigh.

Monsè: “So — So, we had Jac’s couples’ dinner the other night and Val mentioned you had some choice words about me? Something about my finances and Phoebe paying my bills?” She raises an eyebrow.

Yvonne: “I felt like it was an off-handed comment.” She sets her drink down on the balcony. “I know that writers and actors are on strike and that’s how you make money! So maybe Phoebe was with Imani’s boyfriend to help you pay for the Internet she needs…”

Monsè: “Girl, please be serious.” She chuckles. “My income is just fine, and Phoebe is definitely not contributing to say the least.” She rolls her eyes. “It’s not even about the rumor really, I’m just not sure why my name is in your mouth period.”

Monsè’s Confessional

“I actually like Yvonne! I get that she likes to throw her shade here and there, but stop with the rumors. We’re supposed to be building each other up, not stabbing each other in the back.”

Monsè: “I thought we were past all that and building a friendship. Am i wrong?”

Yvonne: “Waittttt a minute, Monsè!” She holds her hands up. “I am your elder and you will not check me. I’m not sure who’s paying your bills, I’m just glad you have a roof over your head and clothes on your back.”

Monsè: “Oh now you want to pull the elder card, okay.” She rolls her eyes. “Well thank you very much for your concern, but next time write me an email or whatever you elders use to communicate these days if you’re so worried about it. You don’t need to be spreading stuff to these other girls.”

Yvonne: “I feel that you’re taking this too seriously and you should lighten up!”

Monsè: “Really?” She looks at Yvonne, unamused.

Yvonne: “Your name is in my mouth because your sisters name is running around the mouths of Beach society to be clear.” She holds her finger up.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Let’s face it. Phoebe has garnered a reputation because it’s not only Imani’s boyfriend she’s been caught with. Monsè should be more worried about her sisters reputation showing up negatively on her and not what I’m saying in jest.”

Yvonne: “I know that I’m not spreading anything…but your sister might be.” She smirks.

Monsè: “Now hold up, uh uh!” She shakes her head. “Don’t start dragging my sister into this or we’re gonna have a real problem. All I’m asking is for you to keep whatever imaginary rumor of the week you make up about me in your head.”

Yvonne: “Respect is a two-way street. You respect me, I’ll respect you.”

Monsè: “Well you’re certainly not respecting me by bringing my sister into it! Whatever Phoebe does or doesn’t do in these streets is her issue, but what I’m focused on is you talking about me and my man and our ability to provide for our family. We’re good!” She looks angry.

Yvonne: “Are you really mad because I said your sister may be contributing to your bills? You should be happy about that!”

Monsè: “It’s not about what you said. You take every opportunity you can to cut me down and make me look bad with the rest of the group and I’m sick of it! I don’t talk badly about you, and you don’t need to talk about me. Period.”

Yvonne: “You’re too immature Monse, that’s why we can’t get to a good place…” She sips her drink.

Monsè: “If you really want to get to a good place, address me directly. I don’t need the peanut gallery in my business.”

Yvonne: “Okay Monsè, whatever you say. This conversation is at its limits.” She begins walking towards the door to go back inside, she turns around. “We will work on a friendship but just a word of advice: Whores do not make it as far as they did in the 2000s.”

Monsè’s jaw drops.

Yvonne: “Give Phoebe my number if she wants to make it far without spreading too thin.” She winks and walks inside.

Monsè: “Did she just — “ She is now shaking her head. “Fine, walk away old bitch! And you better stop talking about my sister!”

Monsè’s Confessional

“Yvonne has no moral compass. She thrives on putting others down, and I dont know if we’ll ever have a real friendship because of that.”

Back inside; Valentina, Imani, Sheridan, Marcie, Heidi, and Jac are all seated in a sitting area with ornate couches. They have cocktails and waiters come by with finger foods as they chat.

Imani: “I’m going to go get my drink topped off…” She stands up and walks off.

We see Valetina, Marcie, and Heidi talking with one another. Jac and Sheridan glance at one another awkwardly as they sit in silence across the couches from one another. Jac clears her throat.

Jac: “Hello Sheridan. You look nice.”

Sheridan: “Hello, babe. Love the yellow, though the ankles do need some ice.” She nods down at Jac’s ankles.

Jac keeps a smile plastered on her face.

Jac: “And I love the mask. Magpie feathers?”

Sheridan: “Not sure what a magpie is, I don’t think we had those things in Canada.”

Jac: “That’s nice.”

The other girls have now turned their attention to Jac and Sheridan, Imani has now rejoined them.

Valentina: “Jac and Sheridan, it’s so good to see you both being so cordial tonight.” She smiles. “Are you two good?”

Jac: “You girls know me. I know how to behave in public. I don’t strangle girls or scream obscenities.” She leans back in the couch and rubs her belly.

Heidi: “Nothing was stopping you at my party. That’s for sure!”

Jac: “Heidi…” She rolls her eyes and looks back at Valentina. “I conduct myself with decorum at all times.”

Sheridan: “Oh, do you?” She gives Jac a look. “Honestly, Jacqueline, you’ve done some very strange things to me that I’m quite confused about.”

Jac: “What have I done that’s strange sweetheart?” She looks to Sheridan, confused.

Sheridan lets out a laugh and rolls her eyes.

Sheridan: “Jacqueline we’ve already discussed this but I don’t mind repeating for you and the other women.” She leans forward.

Jac: “You know me with this pregnancy. I’ve gotten fat, my ankles are swollen, my memory is bad.” She motions to herself. “Please enlighten me and the rest of these girls because I’m certainly confused as to what I could’ve possibly done to you that would warrant what you’ve done to me.”

Sheridan: “You not only leaked a lie about me sending nude photos to my ex husband but you also broke into my home with a bag of red solo cups and were tossing them around my home as if I lived in a recycling bin! I have the security camera footage.”

Jac: “Oh I broke into your house with a bag of solo cups?” She looks to the group. “Did any of you see me lugging a bag of solo cups around Sheridan’s home?”

Jac’s Confessional

“I told myself I wasn’t going to get into it with Sheridan tonight but her constant needling is starting to piss me off. I’m not Marcie. I’m not going to let you bully me.”

Sheridan: “My party was on the beach 100 yards from my home and you entered without an invitation or a knock on the door with a bag of cups in that purse that you threw around while vocally shouting about the place being trashed with plastic cups. You were trying to embarrass me!”

Jac: “Oh wow. It must’ve been a really large clutch purse for me to fit all these countless solo cups you speak of. Humongous clutch purse! Astronomically large clutch purse, huh?”

Imani: “I think it’s safe to say Jacqueline started this issue with Sheridan out of nowhere.”

Jac: “Imani, please. This doesn’t involve you.” She holds her hand up and turns back to Sheridan. “Sheridan, I think we’re beyond the point of callous jokes about my weight. I think where you crossed the line is when you threatened to have me arrested, referred to my unborn child as a ‘demonic seed’ and told me I don’t love my husband. That’s unforgivable.”

The women all look to Sheridan as she sips her cocktail.

Sheridan: “Well yes, you could be arrested for entering my home without permission.” She cocks her head. “That’s true.”

Imani: “Oof.”

The music picks up, we get shots of the other ‘Wives. Jac looks shocked.

Jac: “Excuse me?”

The music picks up and we get a shot of Sheridan smiling smugly. The episode ends.