[S8E13]: A Shitty Situation

Real Housewives of Beverly Beach
31 min readJan 4, 2024
(From L to R: Monsè DeRosier, Jac Carter, Sheridan Campbell, Yvonne Langley, Marcie Maples, & Valentina Armani)

We get shots of a Farmer’s Market. We see Yvonne walk up to the crowded entrance.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Today, Sheridan and I are joining Valentina and Serena for a beautiful walk at the local Farmer’s Market. I haven’t talked to anyone except Serena since Heidi’s event so this should be interesting to say the least…”

Yvonne wanders around a fresh fruit stand right next to the entrance.

Yvonne: “I’ll be happy when these ladies finally show up.” She examines a lemon and mutters to herself.

We get a few cool shots of Serena as she walks into the Farmer’s Market.


She pops up behind Yvonne.

Serena: “Hey beautiful!”

Yvonne: “Hey girl hey! Is this what you wear to walk around to grocery shop?” She looks Serena up and down.

Serena laughs.

Serena: “ I barely actually grocery shop on my own. So I just went with what I knew! Chic and cute.” She does a spin.

The camera pans to show Valentina and Sheridan walking in together.

Valentina & Sheridan

Val looks around the Farmer’s Market in awe.

Valentina: “Wow! It’s huge!”

Valentina’s Confessional

“I am excited to walk around the Farmer’s Market with these girls! Every time I hang out with these girls, I learn more and more about them! I just hope we can actually have a good time today, when do we actually hang out and just have fun!”

We get a scene of Valentina and Sheridan greeting Yvonne and Serena. The camera pans to Valentina now who looks at the fruit.

Valentina: “How do you even know what fruit is good to buy and which is not?”

Serena snorts a little.

Serena: “Depending on how soft or firm it is. That’s how I check. And if it looks appealing, of course.”

Valentina nods.

Serena: “So, how are you ladies doing since the Heidi Ho’s party?”

Yvonne: “It was very embarrassing to be put out but I think we had a lovely meal afterwards.” She shrugs and looks to Sheridan.

Sheridan: “Oh my goodness — have you seen the blogs? Her dress was so soiled.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Heidi’s gown was terribly dirty. I was shocked to see the blogs report about it. Some rumors even swirled she shit herself following her removal from her own event!”

Valentina: “Was that true girls?!” She looks around in horror.

Yvonne: “I mean, Heidi is allegedly a recovering alcoholic and on weight loss pills. Would it be a shocker if she had a little accident on herself?”

Sheridan: “I’m dead! Yvonne please be serious!”

Valentina: “Oh my god, that has to be so embarrassing! I didn’t remember smelling shit…or seeing it dirty?” She looks at Yvonne, then Sheridan. “But we were scurried out of there like cattle!”

Sheridan: “Yeah, it was dirty!” She looks to Serena. “Serena, I thought you leaked it to the blogs since you were giggling about her gown dragging the ground!”

The camera pans to Serena who looks a bit caught off guard, she quickly regains composure.

Serena: “The dress was definitely dragging.” She nods. “How dreadful to have a floor length gown on at an outdoor event, on the grass. Ames beauty could have definitely given her some advice beforehand.”

Sheridan: “I actually thought it was hilarious that we all got kicked out of the event.” She shrugs smugly.

Yvonne: “It’s really Jac’s fault…the way she spiraled out of control.” She looks at the other ‘Wives. “That really got all the other attendees looking at us funny.”

Serena: “I did want to talk about that night, and Jac specifically.” She holds her hands up. “I believe we are making a great friendship… So I have to say this — “ She looks at Sheridan. “The way you and Mama Yvonne were going in on Jac, was not okay friend.”

Yvonne: “What?!” Her mouth drops as she looks at Serena in shock.

Sheridan: “ Oh that’s quite an exclamation, Serena.” She gives Serena a nasty look.

The camera pans to Serena who nods and then shurgs a bit.

Serena: “I stand by what I just said…”

Serena’s Confessional

“I believe in telling my friends the truth. And now that we’ve had a few days to actually process things, I think it’s important that we have a true conversation. Because some of those insults left me in shock and shambles.”

Yvonne: “All I did was bring up something a mutual acquaintance of ours brought to my attention!” She gestures to herself. “It was nothing that the other ladies didn’t hear, obviously.” She cocks her head at Serena.

Sheridan: “Exactly!”

Serena: “All I’m saying is, it was just kinda hard to see the insults about her marriage and unborn child come into play. And I understand that you all have your own personal relationships, but I have to comment on what I’ve seen. It was just shocking to me.”

Sheridan: “Girl — “ She holds her hands up as she stops herself from saying something.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“We are having a ki, looking at fruit and Serena decides to throw this out there out of nowhere.” She snorts. “Okay.”

The girls have now stopped walking, they stand in an open area between two vendors. We see Valentina watch, looking very concerned.

Sheridan: “Listen — I don’t think Jacqueline breaking into my home with red solo cups throwing them in my floor, and going through some of my things is okay either, Serena?” She glares at her. “What about her calling me all types of sluts and whores? What about her leaking a false story to that old cunt Grace Whistleworth who leaked to TT? And her attacking Imani in DM’s when she saw Imani and I were having a good time in the club?”

We see Yvonne adamantly nodding along to Sheridan’s list.

Valentina: “I think this is all just a big misunderstanding…” She sighs.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I’ve known Serena for a while and I know she happily states her opinion whether it’s asked for or not, but I must admit that I’m surprised she’s defending Jac who hasn’t even bothered to get to know her. Especially since we had talked before this outing and she never voiced her concerns then.”

The camera pans to Serena who has yet to respond, she is thinking.

Serena: “Hmmm…” She looks at Sheridan. “I didn’t know that. So thank you for enlightening me. It’s just that I had to state my opinion on this because it was bothering me. That’s all.”

Sheridan: “And I hear you…”

The women begin walking again.

Sheridan: “Serena, I can understand how the child talk could rub someone the wrong way, but let me address it so you have an actual explination. She is trying to blow this up.”

Yvonne: “Yes, what did you say about little Annabelle?”

Sheridan: “In an effort to make an excuse for her weird behavior, I did blame it on the pregnancy. I did say that if she didn’t already have a daughter named Annabelle, I’d suggest she name the baby in her stomach Annabelle since it seems to be a demon seed.”

We see Yvonne laugh a little, Serena raises an eyebrow.

Serena: “Oh my Jesus.”

Sheridan: “It’s a fucking joke, girls.” She rolls her eyes. “You know the Annabelle doll? Y’all ain’t seen that movie?”

Yvonne: “Oh no, I haven’t seen a horror movie since the one with the clown in the sewers! I think with the way Jac throws jabs out of nowhere, she should be able to take it

Serena: “I just think you are a group of strong willed women. And your insults are different than what I’ve seen. So I’m getting use to hearing different arguments happening around me.”

Sheridan: “She’s just sensitive due to the pregnancy. All of my commentary have been things she’d normally laugh about.” She shrugs. “She’s also stressed because I really do believe her being pregnant is a band-aid for a bigger problem.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“ Jacqueline is a woman who is about her money. She’s been on 4 different reality television shows for a coin, and even moved here for a coin. Beau wants her to slow down and just be there for him. I don’t blame him and I do hope that things are better for them now that she’s quit Reality of Roleplay and is giving him another baby.”

Yvonne: “Well speaking of band-aids…Valentina, I do have a question for you.”

The women stop in a shop that is selling utensils and figuirnes all made out of wood.

Yvonne: “Is an elephant heavy?”

Valentina: “I would think so, I’ve never tried to lift one.” She giggles.

Yvonne rolls her eyes.

Yvonne: “I heard that you and Monsè are new friends and of course, your husband is big in the entertainment industry. Do you think her sister Phoebe is sleeping with wealthy men to help with the bills in the home?”

Serena bursts out laughing, hysterically.

Sheridan: “Wait what? Who’s bills?”

Yvonne: “The sister, Phoebe, is helping Monsè and Gil with their bills. How can you produce shows with no writers? You cant!!”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“It’s no secret that the Writer’s Strike is still trucking along with no signs of slowing down. I know Monsè and Gil are hurt by the lack of business so I’m thinking Phoebe’s just caught in a bad situation trying to help her sister, now she’s in Imani’s crosshairs.”

Valentina looks shocked.

Valentina: “Are you kidding? I have not even heard of this before. Are you trying to imply that my husband would know this information? I don’t see the correlation between us.”

Sheridan: “I’m confused too, Valentina.” She shrugs and looks at Yvonne. “Yvonne — are you being messy?”

“Yvonne — I think — is just old and bored and sits at home and probably reads to blogs on her iPad and then just brings this shit constantly back to the group trying to be relevant! She has a track record.”

Yvonne: “Hey Ren, did i hear you leave your room? Where did you jet off to last night?”
Yvonne: “I’m pretty sure I saw Ren leave the house in a limo around 2 a.m. Not sure when she got back, but yesterday she was all over her ex Drake at the concert and today she’s looking nice and rejuvenated. I’m not mad at it girl, Aaron might be!”
Yvonne: “Since you’re here, Richard — Are the rumors true? Do you have some sort of arrangment with Lauren?”
Yvonne: “You know, like an open marriage. What’s the deal?”
Yvonne: “Mona is an alcholic, let’s not play around. Everytime we see her, she’s drunk off of anything she can get with more than 5%. Don’t even get me started from the horror stories I’ve heard about her at local bars recently…”
Yvonne: “Lauren, I don’t move through society like a harlot or adulterer, that’s always been youre husband Richard’s style, not mine.”
Lauren: “I’m feeling very attacked!”
Yvonne: “Grace, one of your employees confided in me that she saw another employee having sex with one of the women in our group…in your House of Faroe office.”
Yvonne: “What if I said you didn’t know who Banks’ real father is? How would that make you feel, house trollop?”
Lorelei Sullivan
Yvonne: “I had a conversation recently with a family friend who is also friendly with Beau’s family and she didn’t have the nicest information to relay…”
Yvonne: ““I heard that you and Monsè are new friends. Do you think her sister Phoebe is sleeping with wealthy men to help with the bills in the home?”

Yvonne: “What I was implying, Valentina, is that Monsè is friends with you because you can foot the bill at restaurants, spas, salons, and other leisures. Was I not clear?”

Valentina: “Sure we can foot the bills, but I would do that for any of you girls!” She looks around. “Monsè is my girl and I don’t really see it as a hassle to pay for everything!”

Sheridan and Yvonne exchange looks. Yvonne snaps her head back at Valentina.

Yvonne: “So, you are paying for everything, you admit it.”

Valentina: “I said we can foot the bill! Gil and her have paid for things in the past!”

Serena’s Confessional

“Yvonneeee!!! Momma, STOP IT!! I don’t know who’s worse, Yvonne Langley or Wendy Williams.” She laughs hysterically and takes a sip of champagne.

Valentina: “You’re being very messy, Yvonne!” She shoots her a look and puts down a wooden bowl she was examining.

Sheridan: “Yeah — Girl, I thought you and Monsè were in an okay place?”

Yvonne: “We are! Are we all going to ignore that Monsè is suddenly befriending upwardly?”

We see Sheridan shaking her head.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Monsè and I are really good place right now. I don’t want to jeopardize that by having a part in this gossip about the Writer’s Strike.”

Yvonne: “I mean, she’s shunned every woman with real money to their name up until Valentina came along, while her business is suffering…I think it’s phony!”

Valentina: “Do you just find pretty girls as a threat?” She looks at Yvonne in disgust. “I really think you’re trying to reach for a moment here!”

Yvonne: “I know what having a moment is like, hopefully you’ll find out soon.” She smiles.

Valentina does a twirl.

Valentina: “I’m Valentína Armani, I am the moment!”

Sheridan: “Oh!”

Yvonne: “If the moment is Old Guy, Young Wife- sure, twirl on Miss Sugar Baby!”

Valentina: “Sheridan, she’s giving old lady energy!” She gestures to Yvonne. “I mean look at her! She’s in shorts and some slides in a long sleeve!”

Yvonne: “Let me get you some good sweet fruits to help you keep your sugar daddy!” She picks up a few strawberries and chucks them at Valentina. “Here, catch!”

Serena: “My God!” She jumps back.

Valentina’s jaw drops as the strawberries hit her in the abdomen and fall to the group, Sheridan covers her mouth and looks at Yvonne and shock.

Sheridan: “Yvonne! Enough!”

Valentina quickly picks the strawberries up from the ground. She hurls them back at Yvonne.

Valentina: “I have a husband. You’re the one who needs a man! You might need a pineapple too!” She points to one.

Serena: “Oh my gosh. Y’all let’s not do this. Throwing fruit?!”

Yvonne: “You may need to come sell some things at the market to afford those studio renovations!” She motions around.

Sheridan: “You know what, I’ve had enough of the both of you. Call y’all later!” She storms off.

Yvonne begins yelling.

Yvonne: “ Hear ye! Hear ye! Armani Amazing Fruit available now! Help a charity case!” She motions at Valentina.

People look and gasp. Valentina covers her face and begins walking towards the exit of the Farmer’s Market.

Valentina: “This is is beneath me. Why am I over here disrespecting my elders.” She turns around to yell at Yvonne. “REMEMBER I AM THE MOMENT!”

Yvonne: “Girl! Langley Lessons, you better learn them Mrs. Armani!”

Serena: “Yvonne…” She says through gritted teeth.

Serena’s Confessional

“This is NOT the side of Beverly Beach I’m from. Let’s just get out of here. Serena Ames might be banned from half of the BB world fooling with these ladies.”

Yvonne: “She needs to be taught a lesson. Respect the Big Boss Bitch!”

The scene fades as Yvonne and Serena begin to walk out.

The camera pans to Jac and Beau’s penthouse.

It is still light out, Jac is in a bath robe. We see Jac walk into the kitchen with curlers in. Her glam team is setting up at her island.

Jac: “I really just don’t have the energy to do anything, much less makeup, right now…” She plops down on a stool.

Makeup Artist: “That’s what we’re here for, babe.”

We hear the front door open. Beau walks in with their daughter, Annabelle, she runs ahead.

Annabelle: “Mommy!” She jumps into her laps to give her a hug.

Jac: “Hi baby!”

Beau comes over and gives Jac a quick kiss.

Jac: “Hi baby!”

Beau: “Hey, how are you? Already getting ready for the party?”

Jac: “Yup!” She nods as she closes her eyes and the artists begins putting on makeup. “Annabelle, honey, go get your bag. Nana will be here in 30 minutes. Yay! Sleepover at Nana’s!”

As Annabelle runs off, Beau takesa a seat.

Beau: “Well, are you at least excited for tonight?” She smiles a little and reaches over and rubs her leg.

Jac: “I actually am! It’s a good group of girl’s tonight. You’ll enjoy their husbands. And…I think Brandon Armani is coming tonight!” She grins.

Beau: “No way! I can’t wait! Well — Who didn’t you invite?”

Jac: “Yvonne, Sheridan, and Imani of course.” She scoffs.

The camera zooms out from Jac’s penthouse. It goes across town.


We see Imani as she walks into a bougie restaurant and goes up to the host stand.

Imani: “I have a reservation under Imani Grimaldi.”

Host: “Follow me right this way.”

Imani’s Confessional

“I’m meeting up with Yvonne and Sheridan for dinner and finally taking a break from the rest of the girls. We have these weekly dinners where we just gossip and catch up with each other! Ugh, I love these bishes!”

The camera follows Sheridan she walks up to the table.


Imani is chatting with a table of young ladies right next to theirs.

Sheridan: “Imani, you social butterfly!” She giggles.

Imani: “Oh hey!” She laughs.

Outside, we see Yvonne walking up the front steps.


She enters the establishment and looks around quickly.

Yvonne: “ I wonder if I should pray. You know these girls love to bring surprise guests…”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I’m here tonight to have dinner with my favorite young girls in the group, Sheridan and Imani. As long as there are no special guests, I think we’re going to be great.”

The host leads Yvonne over to Imani and Sheridan. They all greet her. The waiter comes over to introduce himself and put in their drink and appetizer orders; Three espresso martins, Chilean Sea Bass satay, Chicken Gyoza, an fried lemon grass rice balls.

Sheridan: “I am so glad to be out and about with my girlfriends who won’t judge me and give me actual good advice.” She laughs. “Thanks for getting us together, Imani!”

Imani: “Girl, always.” She smiles at Sheridan.

Yvonne: “Yes, I’m so excited to be here and not be called a gremlin!”

Imani: “I know there won’t be any drama with us 3. These girls are a lot.” Her eyes widen. “I met with Monsè, the sister, and Marcie.”

Yvonne: “And how did that go?”

Sheridan: “Why was Marcie there?” She laughs.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Y’all just be forcing the girls on us.” She looks behind the camera.

The ‘Wives thank the waiter as he delivers them delicious looking martinis.

Imani: “The talk went well, I guess.” She takes a sip. “She apologized and she admitted to knowing that we were talking, I guess the dude said we weren’t serious so I was like whatever and accepted the apology.” She shrugs and sets her martini down. “I moved on because of Yvonne told me about Monsè. Girl I don’t want no drama with them people.” She holds her hands up.

Yvonne: “Oh, so the whole situation wasn’t to get a few dollars for Monsè’s light bill…that’s refreshing.”

Sheridan: “Oh goodness, stop that Yvonne! Monsè is not broke.” She laughs.

Yvonne: “…yet.” She takes a long sip of her martini and blinks.

Imani: “I mean, let’s hope she don’t pull a Lore with the sextape, girls!” She laughs.

Sheridan: “Oh my goodness — y’all!” She laughs. “On another note, I think Serena leaked that story about Heidi to the blogs.’

Imani: “Wait, what?” She looks at Sheridan. “I like Serena. She doesn’t look like that kind of girl.”

Yvonne: “Really?” She makes a face. “I don’t think Serena is thirsty like that. I’d easily believe it was Marcie.”

Sheridan looks to Imani.

Sheridan: “Yvonne, Val, Serena and I went out to the farmers market the other day, and I remembered Serena pointed out the dirty gown at the event. I told her I believed she leaked the story, and she just kind of laughed it off and didn’t deny it…”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I like Serena, and I think the story that leaked was funny as hell. Hell I’m known to leak a story every now and then…” She giggles and winks. “But, I absolutely believe she leaked the story. These new girls will do anything to secure a spot in the group — well except Marcie she just hovers around doing nothing.”

Yvonne: “Sheridan, are you sure you aren’t just upset at her calling you to the carpet about what you said regarding Jac’s daughter?”

Sheridan: “Upset?” She looks taken aback. “No, she barely said 2 words and when I explained my side she was quiet. I don’t have any issues with her, I just was telling you both what I believe.” She shrugs.

Yvonne: “If Serena was a story leaker, she’d have said things about someone else in this group — not Heidi.”

Imani: “Well to be fair there were a lot of stories going on this weekend. I had to turn off my Google alerts.”

Imani’s Confessional

“Jacqueline Carter was cancelled by bloggers and fans for constantly bullying people online. I don’t think Sheridan and I are crazy when we call her out because she is a demon.”

The ‘Wives are brought their food.

Sheridan: “This weekend was insane.” She laughs. “Marcus cursed me out on FaceTime before his game yesterday.”

Imani: “Oh, girl.”

Yvonne: “Cursed you out about what?”

Sheridan: “It’s like no matter what I do, no matter how many games I’ve flown out to, no matter how many nights I spend glued to my phone on FaceTime with him — he’s still thinking Martin and I have something going on. I blame Jacqueline partially because she leaked that story about me sending nudes to Martin when I told her dumbass I was sending nudes to Marcus.” She rolls her eyes.

Sheridan: “She said it was an accident and she got my ex husband mixed up with my current man. But it’s just really impacted my relationship.”

Yvonne: “Do you think it was really an accident?”

Sheridan: “Yvonne, I didn’t even know Jacqueline like that when Martin and I were living in the same household. She knew what she was doing.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Jacqueline has met Martin once. She’s been around Marcus over 20 times. I don’t believe she accidentally said Martin’s name to Grace Whitworth who leaked the story.”

Imani: “I’m sorry, sissy.” She holds Sheridan’s hand. “Ugh. I don’t know what to say because men are stubborn and sensitive, do you think this is fixable?”

Sheridan: “I love Marcus, I truly do. I want this to work out but there’s no way in hell that I’m moving to Green Bay, Wisconsin.” She laughs. “I will be the traveling partner, I’ll be by his side the 3 nights a week he’s here…but I’m not leaving Beverly Beach and I’m not ending my business relationship with Martin to appease Marcus.”

Producer: “Do you think Marcus wants you to leave your business partnership with Martin?”
Sheridan’s Confessional

“I think he’d like me to sell my shares of Bell Camp to Martin and cut ties. I’m not sure I can do that.”

Yvonne and Imani look at one another.

Imani: “I think that you deserve better. A relationship without trust is… just going to lead to a bad breakup. It’s clear he wants you to validate his feelings but eventually you’ll get tired.”

Yvonne: “Yeah, do you think this is the type of relationship that’ll last for you Sheridan?”

Sheridan: “When Marcus and I are together time stops — there is no cheating. He adores me. He cares and does all the things Martin never did…” She gets emotional and pauses, taking a deep breath. “This is who I want to spend my life with.”

Yvonne: “It’s okay.” She grabs Sheridan’s other hand. “Relationships are hard work. Friends, romantic partners, family- it’s all a lot.”

Imani: “Let’s just hope for the best! Just don’t shit yourself at his games like these girls.”

Sheridan: “Thanks y’all.” She nods. “I’m just mad that Jac is meddeling in personal relationships now. I’m furious how digs are being thrown out at Imani and Lorelei’s sisterhood…” She looks to Imani.

Imani: “Girl…” She rolls her eyes. “Lorelei and I talk every day. I don’t pay attention to these unknowns I just met two mins ago.”

Sheridan: “I worked my ass off to help them get to a good place so I’m taking it personally when they try and insult Imani by bringing up Lorelei — it’s all lies!”

Imani: “Jac is bored. We all know she doesn’t talk to Lorelei!”

Yvonne: “So, where do we all go with Jacqueline from here?” She eats a fried rice ball.

Sheridan: “One — the story she got out there that has impacted my relationship and two — whatever she was doing in my home. I have camera footage of her dropping red solo cups around my home that she pulled from her bag. It’s like she was planning to set me up to embarrass me.”

Yvonne: “I think she owes us ALL an apology for calling us out of our names.” She looks at Imani and Sheridan. “Hopefully, she won’t flee town before Accountability Day.”

Imani: “I don’t care if she’s pregnant, if she wants an issue with me, she will get it.” She flips her hair and groans. “I’m really tired of her.”

Sheridan: “I bet they are over there talking shit about us and Beau is pretending to be happy.” She rolls her eyes. “I’m sure he’ll be texting Marcus later talking about how Twitter was so much better than living in Beverly Beach.”

The women laugh. All of a sudden the camera zooms out from the restaurant. It’s now night in Beverly Beach.

There is a shot of Jac’s lit up penthouse.

Jac & Beau

Jac and Beau are now in the kitchen, all dressed up, with the chef. Beau pours himself a glass of red wine as they wait for guests to arrive.

Jac’s Confessional

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Tonight is my second annual couples night and after last years, tonight can only be more an up from that.”

The camera pans to show Monsè and Gil walking into the penthouse, they find the couple in the kitchen.

Gil & Monsè

Monsè: “Hey boo! Hi Beau. Thanks for having us over! I’m excited for this dinner!”

Jac: “Hey lovey!! Look at you! You look stunning!” She kisses Monsè on the cheek.

Monsè: “But look you, all pregnant and glowing. Work it, mama!”

Gil gives Beau a bro hug.

Gil: “Good to see you, brotha.”

Beau: “How you doing my man? Come in. Let’s get a drink, need a buddy since the wife can’t drink.” He laughs and begins pouring Gil a glass of wine.

Gil: “Let’s do it, man.”

A cameraman jogs a little to catch up with Marcie and her husband Jon as they walk down the hallway, resulting in shaky camerawork. The couple is arguing.

Marcie & Jon

Marcie: “Jon — you’re an asshole. You don’t respect me or my business!”

Jon: “You don’t have a business, you have an unopened location that I funded.”

Marcie: “YOU funded?! Oh my God! Jon the money is ours not yours, just shut up let’s eat dinner and pretend you care about me.”

Jon: “Whatever, Marcie.”

The shot changes to show Marcie and Jon walking into Jac’s place, both with happy faces on. Monsè, Gil, Jac, and Beau all turn to look.

Jac: “Hey! You made it!”

Marcie: “Hi! Hi! Jac this is for you when you’re done breastfeeding of course!” She laughs and hands Jac a bottle of champagne.

Jac: “You look so pretty!” She hugs Marcie and takes the bottle. “Thank you, lovey! I’m dying to have a drink.” She laughs.

Marcie: “Oh! This is my husband Jon.”

Jon: “Hey, how are you? Thank you for having us.” He shakes Beau’s hand.

Beau: “Of course, come join Gil and I. Want a glass of wine?”

The camera pans back over to the ‘Wives.

Monsè: “Hi Marcie. Good to see you babe, you look gorgeous.” She gives her a hug.

Monsè’s Confessional

“After having Marcie over to my house, I can really see us developing a friendship. If I can help her mesh with the group more tonight, I’m happy to do it.”

We get footage of Valentina and Brandon riding in the private elevator up to Jac and Beau’s penthouse.

Valentina & Brandon Armani

Valentina holds a bottle of Dom Perignon.

Valentina: “I hope these ladies are on their best behavior tonight.”

Brandon: “I am just thinking about the last time we were in a penthouse, how were kicked out for being too loud.” He winks at Valentina, then smirks. “Tonight we have behave ourselves.”

Valentina giggles as the elevator door ‘dings’ open in the penthouse lobby. Brandon slaps Valentina’s ass as they get off and walk up to Jac’s door.

Valentina’s Confessional

“Look me and Brandon like to keep things spicy in our marriage. We’ve had some bathroom play at a few parties before. It’s never boring over here!”

Valentina and Brandon walk in, first approaching the group of women.

Valentina: “Hey girls! You all look so stunning!” She gives the bottle to Jac. “Here you go for hosting us tonight!”

Monsè: “Val, Brandon!” She hugs the couple. “Why are two literally the hottest couple in Beverly Beach?”

Jac: “Here, let me go introduce you to my husband Beau, and the boys. Well, you know, Gil right? — “ She links arms with Brandon and walks him over to the other guys.

As Jac rejoins the women, Heidi Weltroth walks in alone.


Heidi: “Hello, lad — people!” She joins the group of ‘Wives.

Heidi’s Confessional

“I was going to bring Max but after the trunk show, ya know — Yeah, I’m not brining anyone around these girls. For now!”

There is a loud sound as the camera pans to show Jac clinking a knife against a glass to get everyone’s attention. The conversation dies down.

Jac: “Ladies and gentleman! Thank you all for being here! Let’s all head into the dining room where we will be eating tonight.”

The couples begin to head into the dining room. The camera focuses on Jon and Marcie who both look like they are being cold to one another, they linger back at the kitchen island for a second.

Marcie: “Why don’t you go get a drink and change your attitude.” She mumbles.

Jon: “I’ll need more than one drink to put up with you.” He mumbles back and then walks to the table.

Marcie stands by the island, all alone, for a few short seconds. She then walks to the dining room where everyone is finding their seats.

Heidi: “Ooo this is pretty!” She gawks at the dining room and impressive view of Downtown Beverly Beach.

Jac and Beau sit at opposite heads of the table. Monsè, Gil, Valentina, and Brandon sit on one side. Marcie, Jon, and Heidi sit on the other side with two open chairs still at the table. Everyone pours themselves drinks as the chef begins bringing out the salads.

Jac: “So Heidi, where’s your man?” She raises an eyebrow. “I was looking forward to meeting Max.”

Heidi: “Max is at home with the kids. He had a long day in court.”

Valentina: “Wait you have a man!?” She looks at Heidi, surprised. “Why is this the first I’m hearing of this!?”

Monsè: “Right?! I would’ve thought I’d seen him at his own son’s birthday party!”

Marcie: “He’s really nice!” She nudges Jon. “You like Max.”

Jon just nods before the camera turns back to Heidi.

Heidi: “Yes, I do have a man. We have three children together. I’m surprised you guys didn’t know. I guess I just assumed you did because we’ve been friends.” She shrugs.

Monsè’s Confessional

“What man is putting up with Heidi? Girl, that’s true love.”

Heidi: “Marcie, Jon, Max, and I actually used to go on double dates.” She looks at Marcie and Jon. “Jon and Max always have a good time together.”

Jon: “Yeah Max is a great buddy of mine, and he married a greater gal.” He smiles at Heidi.

As Heidi smiles back, Marcie cocks her eyes at Jon. The couples all turn as Serena and her husband Patrick enter the dining room.

Patrick & Serena

Serena: “Hello hello! Sorry I’m late! Work went over!” She and Patrick scurry over to their seats on the other side of Heidi and sit down. “How is everyone?”

Jac: “Hi loves!”

Valentina: “Great! You look gorgeous, Serena!”

Heidi: “Oh isn’t he pretty, Serena!” She looks at Patrick.

Monsè: “Boo, is this handsome piece of white chocolate your husband?” She also looks at Patrick.

Gil: “Really, babe?” He looks confused.

Patrick and Serena both laugh.

Patrick: “Nice to meet you guys.” He waves to the table. “I’m Patrick, Serena’s husband!” He flashes a dimple.

Heidi’s Confessional

“If I wasn’t married the things Patrick and I could do — never mind.”

Monsè’s Confessional

“Chile, let me hush up before Serena and Patrick try to make us swingers like Lorelei.”

Beau: “Everyone, I’d like to say a few words before we start with the main course.”

Valentina: “Yes, the floor is all yours Mr. Walde!”

The table quiets down and everyone looks to Beau. Jac smiles at him from the other end of the table.

Beau: “I just want to thank you all for being here and joining my baby, Jac and I, as we open our home to those of you who have been supportive of us during this pregnancy.”

We get a shot of Valentina smiling and nodding along, Monsè is doing the same.

Beau: “I know there are a few of the ladies missing and it hurts me that they aren’t here but it is what it is. I know Jac had a really tough night with you all at Heidi’s charity event…”

We now get a shot of Jac who is smiling sadly, she listens to Beau intently.

Beau: “If I’m honest I didn’t really want her hanging around you lot anymore but my baby talked some sense into me and made me feel comfortable that there are some women in this group who have her back, who have my back and who have the back of our growing family and for that I thank you all.”

Valentina: “Of course we have Jac’s back.”

Monsè: “Always.” She smiles and reaches over and squeezes Jac’s hand.

Beau is now holding his glass up.

Beau: “Cheers and hopefully Sheridan will be at the next couples night we host. If she’s still in a couple at the time.”

Jac: “ Babe, don’t say that. Sheridan will probably be on pro-athlete number 62 by this time next year.” She snickers.

Monsè: “Cheers! We love you guys!”

Gil: “Congrats, guys.”

Heidi: “To Jac, Beau, and their growing family.”

Patrick: “Stand up guy.” He nods at Beau. “Well said.”

Serena: “That was so cute.” She grins.

Brandon holds his glass up in Bea’s direction.

Brandon: “I respect you, brother. Speak your truth. These girls talked about me too.” He laughs.

Beau: “That’s what these women do my guy.”

There is a montage of the couples eating as the chef brings out the main course. There is some light small talk and fangirling as the guests ask Brandon Armani questions about his acting career. There is small chatter as the table finishes up desert, Heidi clears her throat.

Heidi: “I don’t want to ruin the mood, but I do have a question that I think some of you could possibly provide some insight.”

Monsè: “Is this about the shitting thing?” She slurs her words and reaches for her wine.

Jac: “Oh no, Monsè.” She shakes her head and giggles.

Heidi shoots Monsè a look. We see Gil push a water towards his wife.

Heidi: “We’ve all seen the image Taylor Thompson posted about there being dirt on my dress.”

Heidi: “I’ve heard that someone in this group — this room actually, leaked the photoshopped images to her. Would anyone like to confess?”

We get shots of the women looking around. The camera zooms in on Beau who looks across the table confused, trying to make eye contact with Jac.


Beau: “Dirt on a dress?”

The camera shows Jon who sits next to Marcie and looks bored out of his mind.

Jon: “What the fuck did I get myself into?”

Jac: “Someone here leaked photoshopped images?” She raises an eyebrow at Heidi.

Valentina: “Who did you hear this from Heidi?” She holds her hands up. “And just for the record I never smelled shit from you!”

Brandon looks at Valentina, bewildered.

Heidi: “Honey The Heids doesn’t reveal her sources.”

Monsè: “It wassn’ me.” She lurches forward and puts her elbows on the table. “I didn’t even know until yesterday that you shit yourself in front of everyone.” She shrugs.

Gil: “Monsè…”

The camera pans to Serena who has been quiet, Heidi glances at her.

Serena: “Well — “

Everyone at the table is now looking at her.

Serena: “I did say that your dress was dragging, but I did not say anything about it being soiled. I was just as shocked as you were.”

Heidi: “Were you in contact with Taylor, Serena?” She cocks her head.

Valentina: “Serena, you did feel a way about it when it was me you, Sheridan and Yvonne at the farmers market the other day! When Sheridan asked if you leaked it, you just laughed about it?”

Brandon: “Val! Seriously? Stay out of it.” He holds her hand.

Serena shrugs at Valentina and then goes back to focus her attention on Heidi.

Serena: “Well, I am in contact with a lot of blogs about fashion, which I did say that your dress was very inappropriate for the type event you had… but I never said anything about your dress being dirty.” She shakes her head.

Serena’s Confessional

“I honestly can’t remember who I specifically talked to, but I did say that her dress was ugly. Not dirty. Let’s be clear. Serena doesn’t go around unnecessarily dragging women.”

Heidi: “Listen Serena, I don’t do bullshit.” She death glares over.

Gil: “Jesus!” We get a shot of him widening his eyes.

Gil DeRosier

Heidi: “Someone told me you leaked the photoshop image to Taylor.” She points her hands in Serena’s direction. “Are you going to admit it or continue playing fawn in the woods?”

Jac: “Serena?” Her mouth drops and she looks over.

Monsè is seen whispering to Valentina.

Monsè: “See, this is what happens when you’re messy. What goes around comes around, Heidi girl…” She snickers.

Heidi’s Confessional

“Someone at the charity mentioned to me that someone from Serena’s camp told her that Serena sent the edited image to Taylor. Why? I have no clue.”

The camera pans back to Serena, her husband Patrick now has an arm around her.

Serena: “Oh no, wait a minute.” She holds her finger up at Heidi. “First off, let’s watch how we are talking to people. I’m still Serena Dianne Ames. And you are still…Heidi.” She pouts and points back at Heidi. “Again — and for the last time — I did not say anything about your dress being dirty.”

Marcie’s Confessional

‘I’m still Serena Dianne Ames and you’re still Heidi’ She kinda…oof.”

The table is silent as everyone looks over to Heidi for a response.

Heidi: “Oh okay if you want to sit there and lie go ahead!” She throws her hands up. “Continue being the stylist that nobody knows of. You should be lucky I tagged you in my Instagram story last week!”

Jac: “Not the Instagram story!” She shakes her head, trying not to laugh. “Did you save it to your highlight reel?”

Heidi: “It was added to the ‘charity work’ section, Jac.” She smirks.

Serena: “I should be lucky?!?” She clutches her chest as she looks beyond shocked. “Let’s be clear. You have nothing that I want.” She flips her hair and leans in closer to Heidi who is sitting a couple seats away. “Your audience consists of women who want to heal from substance abuse, my audience are women who want to become wealthy.” She snarls and leans back.

Marcie chokes on her drink.

Monsè: “Read her sista!” She snaps.

Brandon Armani

Serena: “Heidi — we are not the same. And again, I don’t have to lie to you!! Who are you?” She flicks her acrylics towards Heidi.

Patrick: “Calm down, babe. We can go if you want to…” He whispers in Serena’s ear.

Serena: “No, Imma let this baby embarrass herself real quick.”

Heidi: “Embarrass me?! Please!” She scoffs. “You could never because what do you do all day? I am a member of high society!” She dramatically gestures to herself. “You do what?” She looks at Serena with an over-the-top confused look. “You fuck a hot white dude to literally climb your way to the top?”

Valentina gasps and Brandon’s mouth is hanging open. Marcie is shaking her head and the camera shows Patrick.

Patrick: “C’mon, now…”

Heidi: “I make a difference in this world, Serena. You lay on your back texting Taylor Thompson, girlie!”

Jac: “Not laying on her back!” She gasps.

Marcie: “Okay, ladies, this is enough.”

Serena: “Why are we even having this conversation?” She looks over at Heidi. “If you know your clothes weren’t dirty, then why are you sitting here using your last bit of energy to try to get a conclusion from me? Also, we don’t want to get too deep into anything. Because I own salons! Let’s not make up lies to try to win an argument. From what I heard, because of your substance abuse, you were revoked.”

Heidi: “My substance abuse!? I’ve never done drugs in my life.”

Serena: “You pay to be in circles. I am invited into them. Wheww I would be embarrassed too sista girl!”

Heidi: “If you weren’t married to your husband you would still be a lady of the night back in sown town LA.” She waves at Serena dismissively.

Heidi’s Confessional

“Lady, I’ll steal your clients and your husband. Don’t go there.”

Marcie: “This is your apartment do something, gorgeous. I tried.” She looks to Jac.

Jac: “Ok ok I don’t think this is productive conversation.”

Serena: “You couldn’t hang with me on your best day! Conversation over. Let’s move on. Because we don’t want to get on you too much. You look cute tonight.” She winks at Heidi.

Marcie: “Ladies! It’s enough please.”

Monsè: “Whew, that’s alot.” She chuckles.

Serena’s Confessional

“Heidi is about as useful as that fake ass organization she trying to push around to get some money. I wouldn’t be surprised if the IRS would be knocking on her door for her items. Including that ugly ass dirty dress.”

We see Serena gathering her belongings and beginning to stand up. Her husband Patrick begins putting on his coat.

Serena: “You know what, I think we’re going to call it a night.” She looks at the table and smiles a bit.

Jac: “Are you sure, Serena?” She looks concerned.

Serena: “Yes, yes — It’s all good. Jac, Beau, it was a lovely dinner. Thank you for having us.”

Serena and Patrick head out, the scene switches back to the table.

Valentina: “This is quite the dinner party!”

Brandon: “Some people here have a future in acting…” He laughs a little.

Jac: “I guess we should all just call it a night, this mama has got to get to bed.” She points to herself and lets out a sigh.

Heidi: “This has been interesting.” She starts to get up. “Jac and Beau, thank you for hosting us. I had a lovely time tonight.”

The episode begins to end as we see Gil helping Monsè up.