[S8E10]: A Calamity At Casa Campbell

Real Housewives of Beverly Beach
42 min readDec 11, 2023
(From L to R: Monsè DeRosier, Jac Carter, Sheridan Campbell, Yvonne Langley, Marcie Maples, & Valentina Armani)

The episode opens with shots of Beverly Beach.

We get quick shots of what each wife is up to.

Monsè lays in bed sick with her son, Bastien.

Monsè: “Buddy, you got mommy sick.” She sneezes.

Jac and Beau are talking to Jac’s parents.

Jac: “Mom, I would really like you guys to move to Beverly Beach so you can help take care of the little one.” She looks down at her belly.

Marcie is arguing with her husband, Jon, on his yacht.

Marcie: “Jon, if you want to retire early…sell this thing! It’s such a waste, you have to charter a crew anytime you want to use it!”

Yvonne is meeting with an artist.

Yvonne: “I just love your work! Yes, yes, yes! I’ll send over a contract as soon as I get back to the studio. Your work will look amazing in my space!”

The scene settles on Sheridan who is looking around a cute home goods store.

Sherdan’s Confessional

“It’s been a whirlwind of a couple of weeks! I’ve been on the go, go, go. With Marcus’ NFL season underway I’ve been flying around to support him while he plays. While I’ve been away, Martin has been overseeing all BellCamp business and the build out of our Twitter location. While I was away, I had this idea to host an end of summer party, so today I’m meeting up with one of my best girlfriends to shop for some things to make the party pop!”

We get a cool slow motion shot of a woman getting out of a Maserati. She makes her way towards the home goods store. The camera pans up to show Imani Grimaldi.

Imani Grimaldi

Flashbacks begin playing of some moments from when Imani was on the show.

Imani: “My name is Imani Fox-Grimaldi. You may know me from the scandelous headlines I’ve been involved in the past few years because of my divorce with Marco Grimaldi. My life is a whirlwind. I escaped homes at a young age and I cut everyone off.”
Imani: “Listen — I haven’t seen you in years and I’ve just been thinking about your intentions.”
Lorelei: “What do you mean?”
Imani: “You haven’t been very nice to me or interested in a relationship with me for the past — I dunno…20 years. Seriously, Lorelei — I’m not here to be your punching bag this time around. I’m not here to feed your ego.”
Pat Fireson: “How’s Marco, Imani? He still in jail? How is that working?”
Imani: “Did they forget to take that chicken skin off your neck during your reassignment surgery, Pat?”
Imani: “Do I believe Ren is being genuine? No. Ren is just a high school bully that is nearing middle aged. Her swimsuit designs are boring, they are going to flop harder than the dirty, abandoned warehouses Gemma calls her ‘clubs’. Ren is disgusting and so is this whole fake act she is putting on of wanting to be inclusive.”
Gemma Li: “Nobody is scared of you, Imani.”
Imani: “Look at you, Gemma. You’re so drunk right now you don’t even know what you’re saying or doing. It’s a shame. No wonder why all those clubs are in foreclosure.”
Imani: “Gemma is a try hard, it makes me cringe so bad. She wants to have her moment…stir the pot… Dumb girl! Her only personality is acting drunk and getting crunk!”
Ren’s Voice: “Wooo! NOLA baby!”
Imani: “I’m sure Ren feels right at home in New Orleans, honey! They got the NOLA Red Light District, all of the drinking, the party scene, the debatchury…that’s 100% Ren!”

The flashbacks end and the scene goes back to present time. Imani enters the store, Sheridan whips around and grins. She runs towards Imani and gives her a hug.

Sheridan: “Imani, doll! Thank you so much for coming to help me shop for this party!”

Imani: “This!” She looks Sheridan up and down. “What’s the secret? I see you once a week and you still find a week to look finer every time I see you!”

Sheridan: “Oh stop it!” She giggles.

Imani’s Confessional

“It’s been a long time since I’ve graced your screens, but she’s back! Ugh — Last time you saw me, Sheridan and I hated each other, we wanted to basically kill each other…

Ren Nichols Rose: “Apparently Imani was an escort for a while before she got with her ex. She probably had alot of men paying.”
Sheridan: “Oh! I could never sell my pussy. Martin is the only one with access to my hot box.”
Imani: “I feel like Sheridan doesn’t have a brain of her own, to be honest. I will say she is a better person when you get to know her one-on-one and isn’t around that gnat Ren Rose…”
Sheridan: “Imani is holding on to commentary I made with Ren and Lauren last season. Let the mouse go! I don’t judge. If you were prostituting in your past to make money, secure your bag sis.”
Sheridan: “Girls, meet my friend Jenisa Azizi!”
Jenisa: “You do know who Derek is, right?”
Imani: “Derek, yes! My boyfriend. We’re speaking on him?”
Jenisa: “Derek is my son’s father.”
Imani: “I don’t know, Sheridan. I feel like you’ve done and said so many vile things behind my back. You can be friends with whoever you want but bringing Jenisa to the party felt like it was deliberately trying to hurt or embarrass me.”
Sheridan: “I’m not a manipulative person, I didn’t befriend her just to spite you.”
Imani: “Oh, girl stop it! You were fishing for me to bring him up in front of her and everyone else. You were so turned up about the fact Jenisa was there, there was obviously malicious intent. You were soooo happy — giddy even — when she revealed it. For me, you’re not being sincere.”
Imani’s Confessional

Ever since I left the scene; I couldn’t pass on an offer in Sheridan’s neighborhood, and just like that we’ve become closer than ever. At this point I’m closer with her than my sister, we have a true sisterhood and it’s very refreshing to be good with her.”

Sheridan: “How have you been, baby?”

Imani: “I’ve been okay.”

The camera follows Imani and Sheridan as they walk around the shop and chat.

Imani: “I just came back from Turks with Natalia. She starts pre-k this week and it’s getting me all the way in my feelings.” She pouts a little as she examines a big sea foam vase.

Sheridan: “Awww babe, I was traveling as well. I’ve been all around following Marcus ass watching him play.” She laughs.

Imani: “Girl, I know, this summer went by so quick.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Ever since the tiff on the phone while I was visiting the Twitter location…I’ve made sure to spend more time with Marcus — even if he’s been on the road for football. It’s been tough stepping away from the restaurant but I want to make Marcus feel secure in our relationship.”

Imani puts her hand on her hip and turns to Sheridan.

Imani: “Who are you inviting to this end of summer party?”

Sheridan: “I’m thinking Yvonne, Monsè, Valentina, Heidi, and Jacqueline if she’s able.” She smiles. “And of course you!”

Producer: “What about Marcie?”
Sheridan’s Confessional

“Why would I invite my hair dresser?”

Imani: “Oh fun! I’m ready to be around the girls and have some fun. I need a distraction with Natalia starting school. I have a lot free time to hang around you girls.”

Sheridan: “I love that!” She claps a little and then keeps browsing the store. “The girls are interesting.” She laughs. “You’ll love Valentina, she’s a sweetheart and her husband I’m sure you’ve seen his movies. He’s very famous! Brandon Armani.”

Imani: “I’ve heard of him and I’m excited to meet her!” She nods. “Oh, did I tell you I always see Yvonne at Erewhon! That bish stays TIGHT!” She laughs.

Sheridan: “Yvonne has been moving a bit strangely lately…but I still adore her. Everyone makes mistakes.”

Imani raises and eyebrow.

Imani: “Oh wow…well, now…I want to know what’s going on between you and Jacqueline though? The last time I saw you two at Lorelei’s party you were besties.”

Sheridan: “Jacqueline is pregnant and is very moody lately and quite gassy.” She rolls her eyes. “She’s, I guess, spent the last couple weeks in Twitter and has her drunken pitbull coming at me. That elderly woman, Grace Whistleworth.” She makes a face.

We get a shot of Imani shaking her head in disbelief.

Imani’s Confessional

“Wow things are changing in the Beverly Beach, honey! The last time I saw these girls; Sheridan was the closest with Yvonne and Jac, now they’re all falling apart? Something’s fishy.”

Imani: “I’m still confused though. The article said that she was behind rumors of you sending nudes to random men.”

Sheridan: “Girl!” She sighs. “I told Jacqueline that Marcus was upset that I had been spending a lot of time with Martin — who you know is still my business partner.” She bites her lip. “To make him happy since he’s been on the road with the Packers, I sent him some nudes and had some sexting fun. It appears either Jac lied and told her I was sexting my ex husband Martin, or that Grace was a drunk and misconstrued it all.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I was very surprised when I went out with Imani and was attacked by Jacqueline and Grace via social media and through iMessage. Grace even accused me of sending nude photos to my ex husband which caused Marcus to lose his shit on me.” She sighs. “Not cool!”

Sheridan: “Regardless — I’m pissed off at Jac for starting this bullshit. She needs to sit her ass down and rest those cankles and worry about her pregnancy.”

Imani: “I don’t know. I hope she’s well. I think she’s not taking this pregnancy well. Her texting us out of the blue is very weird…” She makes a face.

Imani’s Confessional

“Before my vacation in Turks, Sheridan and I decided to hit a nightclub downtown. When I tell you that Jac was going crazy texting Sheridan late night I was very confused; then the next day she goes on to text me; accusing me of wanting to ‘destroy’ her and Sheridan’s friendship.

Imani’s Confessional

Excuse me, I’ve been pregnant but delusion is not a pregnancy symptom.”

Imani: “I hope her man hides her phone at night because she can’t get on social media with the following she has. She’s bringing drama on herself.” She giggles.

Sheridan laughs out loud and nods.

Sheridan: “I agree, she’s got to do better but with women like Heidi and the hairdresser in her ear, no telling what’s going on.”

Imani and Sheridan now take a seat on a posh sofa.

Imani: “But, you wanna know some tea, girl?”

Sheridan: “Do tell.” She raises her eyebrow.

Imani: “You know how I broke with my ex last year? I hit scene back up earlier this summer.”

Sheridan: “Yes girl, as you should!” She snaps. “I’m happy you are finally putting yourself back out there, I know it was a tough break up for you.”

Imani: “I was dating a guy I really liked. Actually, I was entertaining this man. He gave me intelligent and BDE vibes, we went on a few dates and things were too good to be true. Guess what I found out? THE DUDE WAS HOOKING UP MONSE’S SISTER!”

Sheridan’s jaw drops.

Sheridan: “Oh my god — Monsè’s sister? Yikes!”

Imani: “Phonky…Phoby…” She shakes her hands. “I don’t know her name. But, it’s the wanna be influencer! I was insulted!”

Sheridan: “Not an influencer!” She laughs.

Imani: “Mind you, him and I attended events holding hands where Phoebe was in attendance, so she knew we were a thing.”

Sheridan gasps.

Sheridan: “So she just didn’t care that y’all were together?”

Imani: “She obviously knew. If I showed up with a man holding hands, what would you think?” She flips her hair. “I don’t wanna look bitter but I find that very whorish behavior. I don’t want problems with Monsè but I hope she doesn’t act like her sister because if that’s the case im never bringing a man around!”

Sheridan: “Monsè is married so I doubt she’ll do that and yeah I agree with you — She clearly had to have known. I don’t know how Monsè feels about her sister, but maybe she knows her sister is fast?”

Imani: “I’ll be giving Monsè the benefit of the doubt. I’m hurt by the man, but also by her sister’s actions. I will never be the other woman so the fact these girls are comfortable with that makes me wonder how they were raised.”

Sheridan: “Well…hopefully we can all just have a good time at the party I’m throwing!” She gets up. “Let’s get out of here, girl!”

Imani: “Yes, girl! I’m hot!”

The scene fades as the girls walk out of the store together.

The scene opens with the sound of horses galloping. A horse runs across the screen; we now see a huge field with men on horses and people dressed to the nines, spectating.A polo match!

The camera focuses on Marcie, Heidi, Jac, and Valentina as they stand next to the field and cheer.

Marcie, Valentina, Heidi, & Jac

Heidi: “Ladies, how about a little bathroom and drink?” She turns to the ‘Wives. “What do you think?”

Valentina: “I’m so down!” She fans herself.

Jac: “Please!”

The women begin walking away from the field.

Heidi’s Confessional

“Ever since Max and I got married one of our traditions are we always go to the Beverly Beach Fields at least three times a summer. Now that the kids are older we’ve been bringing them too. I invited a few of the girls out for a fun afternoon to reconnect now that summer has come to an end and everyone’s back from their vacations.”

We get a lovely wide shot of the ‘Wives as they sit with their champagne and cocktails in the shaded bar tent.

Valentina: “Heidi, thanks for inviting us.” She smiles and reaches over to squeeze Heidi’s arm.

Heidi: “Val, I’m so happy you could come!”

Valentina: “It’s good to see everyone, everyone looks very sunkissed!” She sips her cocktail and looks around.

Jac: “How are we all? How were our little summer breaks?”

Heidi: “It was fabulous. Max and I took the kids to Greece and Turkey for two weeks. I needed to just get away for a few weeks. What did you guys do?” She looks around.

Marcie: “Mine was nice! Just a relaxing trip with Yvonne!” She puts her sunglasses on.

Heidi: “Oh! Where’d you go?”

Marcie: “Turks and Caicos, it was beautiful!”

Marcie’s Confessional

“Yvonne and I’s kids are grown and my husband’s a drag, so why not!?”

Jac: “What about you, Val?”

Valentina: “Oh my god, I had the best time with Brandon and the kiddos. We went over to Nice in France and then spent some time in Monte Carlo.” She holds up a new Birkin bag. “I scored this baby on vacay too!”

Heidi: “We love a working woman! Get that bag — literally!”

The women laugh and then Jac reaches over and pretends to take it.

Jac: “Oh! Look at this!” She laughs.

Valentina: “Bring that back here! I have one for your baby shower that I’m getting customized!” She giggles.

Marcie: “Awh how sweet! Baby’s first Birky!”

As the laughter dies down, Jac turns to Valentina.

Jac: “You’re such a doll! I do want to say though…” She grabs Val’s arm. “I’m so sorry I didn’t come to the opening of your dance studio. There was just a lot going on and I didn’t feel like being around a certain individual.”

Valentina nods, looking confused. Marcie and Heidi look at one another.

Marcie: “What individual?”

Jac: “Sheridan.”

Marcie: “Oh…”

Heidi: “Sheridan?! That’s shocking!”

Valentina: “What did I miss between you two? Sheridan was fine at my soft launch….”

Jac: “I just don’t know what’s been going on with her lately. I’m not sure if you guys saw the post she made after I announced my pregnancy on social media.”

Jac pulls her phone out and shows the ladies Sheridan’s Tweet.

Heidi: “Oh! What’s wrong with that?!”

Valentina: ‘Are you upset she said you were fat?”

We get a shot of Marcie looking confused.

Marcie’s Confessional

“I mean Sheridan’s never been that nice to me she views me as a service provider, but was that Tweet not…supportive?”

Heidi’s Confessional

“It’s certainly not a way I would congratulate my friend but it doesn’t necessarily seem mean or offensive.”

Jac: “Nowhere in that post did my ‘best friend’ congratulate me.” She shakes her head and fans herself. “I feel like ever since I shared with you girls that I’m pregnant, she’s been making little sly comments about me being fat or me having swollen ankles. She’s just been mean and I don’t understand why.”

Valentina: “Do you think she’s upset because she can’t have kids?”

Marcie: “Val!?” She chokes on her drink.

Heidi: “Wait what?”

Marcie: “Sheridan’s infertile?”

Valentina: “What? I’m just saying there may be some resentment there…”

Jac: “Look, I’m not sure. Im not sure if me being in a happy marriage and expecting my second child with my husband is what is contributing to this venom but it’s becoming a sort of bully thing.” She looks at the ladies.

Jac’s Confessional

“Sheridan’s antics these last few months are not in line with how I believe a best friend should be behaving. She should be supporting me not excluding me from events, commenting on my weight and making demeaning remarks about my ankles. It’s just unnecessary.”

Marcie: “Welcome to the club! She puts me down all the time…” She shrugs.

Heidi: “Yeah about that.” She looks to Marcie. “I wanted to bring that up. At Val’s event Sheridan kept making snide remarks about your profession. Like ‘How did a hairstylist get into our group?’ “

Valentina: “Has anybody heard from Marcie or Jacqueline?”
Sheridan: “Who’s Marcie?”
Sheridan: “Stop trying to make the fucking hairdresser happen. It’s weird.”

Valentina: “Did she really say that?” She looks at Heidi.

Heidi: “Yes. She’s made other comments as well.” She nods.

Marcie: “I’m not surprised.” She looks sad. “She views me as beneath you guys, not to mention the rumors I’m poor. I’m not — I have multiple, personal bank accounts. I don’t use the account of the man of the month I’m sleeping with like her — I’m sure her jealousy will come across as belittling.” She flips her hair.

Valentina: “Do you feel like this group puts you down Marcie?”

Marcie: “At times…” She tears up. “I’ve worked really hard and I’ve totally felt belittled.” She dries her tears quickly. “But it’s not that deep it’s hopefully all jokes.”

Heidi looks at Marcie, sadly, but shakes her head.

Heidi’s Confessional

“I sympathize with Marcie completely. She needs to stand up for herself and make her presence known…or else she’s going to just continue to be the punching bag of the group.”

Jac: “I feel like certain people do put you down, but I also feel like you need to stand up for yourself with these girls.” She looks at Marcie. “Don’t let them run over you.”

Valentina:“I agree with Jac. You have to stand up for yourself. When you all attacked my marriage I had to draw the line in the sand and speak up.”

Jac: “I love Sheridan but she does tend to prey on the weak. It was Mona and her mental health, Marcie and her career, me and my pregnancy. Marcie, I think you need to tell her to leave you alone.”

Marcie’s Confessional

“It does hurt but I’m not, like, that kind of person. I’ve never been super confrontational. I don’t know how to address things that bother me unless they’re prominent.”

Marcie: “I’ll talk to Sheridan at her party.”

Valentina: “Listen she’s a force to be reckoned with but I’m sure you can be the same way if you just try and speak up.”

Heidi: “Hopefully this can all be sorted out in a conversation. From what I’ve known and heard Sheridan sure is a tough person to crack. I mean have you seen her social media?!” She rolls her eyes.

Jac: “Look and we’ve got your back Marcie. We’ll help you through this conversation.” She holds Marcie’s hand.

Marcie: “Thanks guys. She’s definitely a big beast!”

The women all laugh a little, the camera focuses in on Valentina.

Valentina’s Confessional

“I want to like Sheridan but her pattern of behavior in this group is a turnoff for me. Why prey after a pregnant person or your hairstylist? I’m just so lost.”

Valentina: “Okay, I need another drink!” She looks around. “The match is about to resume!”

Heidi: “Champagne! Champagne!”

Marcie: “Grab me one, please!”

Valentina: “We need a mocktail for the pregnant lady! Don’t forget girls we will be having Jac a baby shower as soon as her and her assistant send me the theme!”

Jac: “You girls need to stop inviting me to these events where all we do is drink.” She laughs.

The scene fades as Valentina and Heidi head up to the bar.

Music plays as we get a shot of the exterior of Yvonne’s fabulous home. The camera flashes inside of the living room as Yvonne sets out iced tea and finger foods.

Yvonne: “I think this is a nice welcome!” She stands back and admires her work.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“After a vacation with Marcie, I’m happy to return to Beverly Beach and get back into the mix of things as summer comes to a close. I’m having Monsè and my good friend Serena over. I ended up apologizing to Monsè, it turns out Horace did tell a lie…

Yvonne: “You lied to me. I asked Monsè about the story you told me about how she wanted to set you up with a woman.”
Horace: “Yeah, I did lie about that. Sorry, I know you probably felt like you had an egg on your face.”
Yvonne: “I definitely feel that way now. What the fuck, Ace? Why would you make up such a thing?”
Horace: “Now you see how I felt when you told me you were dating Morgan, my old business partner!”
Yvonne’s Confessional

Serena has some great connections and does some really amazing work branding her company on social media. Hopefully, I can help Phoebe get a lead. It’s the least I can do to make it up to her and Monsè for messing up a job opportunity due to false information.

We see a cool looking BMW XM pull up in Yvonne’s courtyard. A young woman gets out and goes up to ring the doorbell, moments later Yvonne answers.


Serena: “Lady Yvonne! I live!” She chuckles as Yvonne pulls her into a tight hug. “The queen herself!”

Serena Ames

Yvonne: “I’m so happy you made it, you look fabulous! Too fancy for my house though.” She laughs and leads her inside.

Serena: “I’m so happy to be invited! This is a castle…” She looks around. “I came in my all white to give angel!” She laughs and poses.

Yvonne: “You know we downsized but I love to still have the beautiful space to entertain.”

Serena follows Yvonne.

Serena: “You know don’t come to anyone’s home empty handed.” She hands the bottle of Pokeno she’s been carrying. “I hope you love a flowery tasting wine.”

Yvonne: “Thank you, love! Here, come to the living room. I have some ice cold sweet tea and the chef made us some kind of shrimp hors d’oeuvre.”

Serena: “This looks lovely!” She admires the spread and sits. “You really showed out!” She snaps. “This is everything!”

Yvonne: “Thank you, sweetie. I need to come take over your house one of these days.” She laughs.

Serena’s Confessional

“I’ve known lady Yvonne for quite some time now. She’s one of my regulars at my salon. And we have a great time every time we’re together! She’s always been so supportive of me. I also respect her so much as a businesswoman.”

There is a knock on the door.

Yvonne: “Oh! That must be Monsè, she knows I hate tardiness. Excuse me.”

Yvonne gets up and walks to the door to reveal an out of breath Monsè.


Yvonne: “Get in here, you’re late.”

Monsè: “Hello, hello! I’m sorry! Bastien was throwing a fit today!”

Yvonne quickly walks Monsè to the living room where Serena is sipping tea.

Yvonne: “I want to introduce you to my friend. Monsè, this is Serena Ames. Serena, this is Monsè DeRosier.”

Monsè: “Hii, so nice to meet you babe. You’re gorgeous!”

Serena stands and greets Monsè.

Serena: “Hello hello! Nice to meet you as well. You’re so beautiful, oh my!”

Yvonne: “You know, she made the Beverly Beautiful Babes list two years in a row.” She motions to Serena.

Serena: “Awww! Well, I don’t like to toot my own horn!”

Monsè: “I can certainly see why you made the list!” She smiles and sits.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I feel like we need a little more luxury in this group and Serena just exudes that. I’ve known her for almost 10 years, when she was just starting out, I am one of her hair clients, and she also styled me for the Season 6 reunion. My only concern is she’s VERY opinionated so it’s no telling how she’ll mesh with the women so I figured let’s try one at a time with Monsè.”

Monsè: “How do you know Yvonne?”

Yvonne: “Fabulous women always find each other!” She laughs.

Serena: “Ain’t that true! Lady Yvonne has been one of my regular clients at my beauty salon for about 2 years now? The way she’s supported me when I was just a hair dresser and has stuck with me, even at the inception of my salon has made me respect her. So we just kinda have that connection.” She smiles at Yvonne.

Monsè: “Oh well I may have to stop by! Yvonne’s hair is always on point!”

Yvonne: “Yes!”

Serena: “Ahh yes!! I would love to have you stop by. We believe in keeping a woman looking and feeling fabulous.”

Monsè: “And how have you been since we last sspoke, Miss Langley?”

Yvonne: “I’m great honey, Marcie and I just returned from Turks and Caicos. You know, I’m hoping with some time away that she feels more respected by the group. She told me that it feels like everyone degrades her for her profession.”

Monsè: “Oh wow, I haven’t gotten to know her all that well yet, but she seems like a lot of fun.” She shrugs. “Maybe she’ll mesh a little better with all of Heidi’s rumors finally squashed.” She rolls her eyes.

Yvonne: “Speaking of professions, I think Serena can help Phoebe get a gig at Paris Fashion Week if she’s interested.”

Serena: “Please fill me in, now who’s Phoebe?” She sips her tear.

Yvonne: “Phoebe is Monse’s younger sister. She’s a model and an actress I think…Monsè correct me if I’m wrong.” She looks to Monsè.

Monsè: “Actress, model, influencer…whatever she’s claiming these days.” She laughs. “But if we could get her some exposure that would be great!”

Serena: “Ohh yess! I love supporting women.” She nods. “I believe in collaboration not competition! So definitely, let’s set something up. I actually have a few gigs lined up with a few models for the end of the year. So I do not mind collaborating with them. It’ll also help me grow.”

Monsè: “Yesss, girl! Black Girl Magic all the way!”

Monsè’s Confessional

“Phoebe has been lagging when it comes to her career, so if Serena and Yvonne can give her a little boost, it would be a great step in the right direction for her because one photoshoot is not going to pay the bills.”

Yvonne: “I think we can all get to know each other better at Sheridan’s Summer Party. Serena, will you come?”

Monsè: “You should totally come! You can meet the rest of the ladies, it’ll be a great time.”

Serena: “Oh yes! I will be there. If the women are beautiful like this, I’m there.” She chuckles.

The scene fades as Monsè, Serena, and Yvonne begin to stand up.

The scene begins with drone footage of a wonderful beach.

Out on the beach, Imani and Sheridan are setting up a table. Behind them we can see Sheridan’s beach house.

Imani & Sheridan

Imani: “Girl, I need to show this body off before the summer ends!”

Sheridan: “Bitch! You look good!” She spanks Imani and laughs.

Imani’s Confessional

“I’m excited for this party. It’s hot, I’m sweating, and getting annoyed because my makeup is melting, but I’m happy to be back around the girls! Let’s drink and toast to ending the summer on a good note or not! Whatever works!”

We get a shot of Monsè and Valentina walking out to Sheridan and Imani together.

Valentina & Monsè

Monsè: “Girl, I should not have worn these heels!” She laughs and as reaches down and takes them off.

Valentina: “Wedges weren’t a great choice either!” She laughs as she tries to walk through the sand.

Valentina’s Confessional

“You can always count on having some fun when Sheridan Campbell throws a party. I’m looking forward to sipping on some cocktails, watching the drama unfold and eating some good food!”

Valentina: “Sheridan!! This party looks stunning! Is that a DJ over there?”

As Valentina and Monsè greet Sheridan and Imani, the camera follows Marcie as she walks out to the group.

Marcie’s Confessional

“Interesting to receive an invitation from Sheridan considering she’s been trashing me behind my back and to my face for weeks. I’m just going to be supportive and nice as always because that’s what you do as a professional.”

Marcie: “Hi Sher — “

Sheridan: “Oh hi Marcie.” She crosses her arms. “I didn’t expect you, I’m assuming Heidi invited you! What a Tasmanian devil she is…” She winks. “Happy to have you doll. Enjoy.” She walks away to go talk to Monsè.

Marcie: “Okay then…” She stands there alone.

Yvonne and Serena are the next to join the party.

Serena & Yvonne
Yvonne’s Confessional

“I’m excited to see all the girls today, even Heidi, and hoping they take a liking to my friend Serena. I hope today is actually a celebration and not a confrontation.”

Yvonne: “Hello, hello!”

Imani: “Is THAT!?” She gasps with a drink in her hand as she spots Yvonne. “Girl you and this body! I can’t! I could cry!” She hugs Yvonne.

Yvonne: “Hi doll face! Great to see you! Sheridan didn’t tell me you were coming! This is my friend Serena.”

Imani’s Confessional

“It’s 105 degrees, why is Serena wearing a jacket?”

Serena: ‘This is beautiful.” She smiles and looks around. “Everyone looks really nice.”

Yvonne: “Sheridan, this is my friend Serena!”

Sheridan: “Hello, happy to have you doll! The heels may get stuck in the sand seeing that this is a beach party! But welcome! I’m Sheridan!”

Serena: “Hello Sheridan!! I know! I don’t know what I was thinking.” She laughs. “This is so beautiful by the way. Everything is lovely.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Why are these women wearing heels to a beach party? My home is on the beach!”

Serena’s Confessional

“Everything is beautiful! I definitely missed the memo though. These ladies are in flip flops and sundresses. And I’m in heels and Prada.” She laughs. “It’s going to be a long night.”

Marcie walks over to Yvonne and Serena.

Marcie: “Hi Serena, I’m Marcie Maples!” She extends her hand.

Serena: “Nice to meet you, Marcie.” She smiles and shakes her hand. “I’ve heard of you! Im a stylist as well. So maybe we can talk soon.”

Marcie: “Absolutely!” She grins.

Heidi is the next to come down to the beach.


Heidi: “Hi ladies!”

The scene switches to Jac who has pulled up and parked in Sheridan’s drive way. Before getting out of the car, she takes a deep breath.

Jac’s Confessional

“I’m not really that excited for Sheridan’s little shindig. She’s been making a lot of demeaning and quite frankly rude comments about me during my pregnancy journey. Thankfully Beau and I have dinner plans after this, so I’ll pop in to show my support to Marcie as she finds her voice and then pop out.”

Instead of joining the ladies at the beach, Jac first walks into Sheridan’s home via the side door. Cameras follow her.

Jac: “First I need to pee…Oh look at how cute it is in here.” She looks around the home.

The camera follows Jac and when she walks into a living area, we see chefs in the kitchen. Then a woman with a blurred out face walks up to Jac.

Planner: “Ma’am, Miss Campbell doesn’t want anybody in her home today.”

Party Planner: “You can follow me to join the ladies outside.”

Jac: “Oh, I’m Jac — “

Party Planner: “I’m sorry, we had specific instructions nobody was to be inside.”

Jac: “Oh? I’m not even allowed in here?! Is it because of the smell?!” She looks taken aback.

Party Planner: “It’s because Sheridan doesn’t want you ladies taking things. She said there is a history of you girls taking from her.”

Jac: “Ahh okay. I know how protective she is over her IKEA lamps”

The woman leads Jac outside, we see Jac rolling her eyes.

Jac’s Confessional

“I’m being ushered out of Sheridan’s home as if she’s got diamonds and rubies hidden away. Come on girl, we know half of these furnishings are from IKEA.”

As Jac joins the ladies and begins her greetings, the party planner rushes over to Sheridan and whispers in her ear. She nods and the planner scurries off.

Sheridan: “Excuse me everyone! Real quick — Ladies can you all please stay out of my home. This is a beach party on the beach. Not a house party in Casa Campbell.”

We get a shot of Jac rolling her eyes.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I’m not sure why Jacqueline was in my home but the last time I let the women come inside my home before the Beyoncè concert, a lot of things came out missing. Someone is a kleptomaniac!”

After Jac is done greeting Yvonne, she noticibly does not greet Sheridan.

Jac: “Whew, it’s hot out here. I need some water…” She walks past Sheridan to the bar.

The camera focuses on Yvonne, Valentina, and Monsè who stand in a circle and chat.

Yvonne: “Is there tension with Jac and Sheridan?” She whispers.

Valentina: “I think it’s turning into something bad.” She bites her lip. “Jac was telling me the other day how upset she is with Sheridan and her behavior on social media.” She whispers.

Monsè: “I don’t know the whole deal, but they’ve definitely not been as buddy-buddy as they used to be.”

Yvonne: “I’ll just be observing, I will not be getting into that.” She giggles.

Monsè: “I’m with you girl. I want a nice, calm day now that my drama has fled from the group.”

The camera focuses on Jac at the bar as she gets her water.

Jac: “Plastic cups? Hmm…okay.” She puts the cup back down.

Imani is at the bar talking with Marcie withen ear shot, she hears Jac’s comment.

Imani’s Confessional

“All I can hear is Sweet Jac acting SHREK in the background complaining about the party! Shouldn’t she be on bed rest? Priorities babe!”

There is drone footage of the girls on the beach, they have now split off into groups. Marcie and Heidi stand by the bar as they get drinks.

Marcie: “How are ya, Heids?!”

Heidi: “Darling, fabulous!” She clinks cups with Marcie. “The real question is — how are YOU?!”

Marcie: “I’m surviving!” She smiles slightly. “When I walked in, Sheridan said hi to me, but walked away before I could inhale so that was.. something!”

Heidi: “Oh, how typical of her.” She rolls her eyes and snorts.

Marcie: “I also noticed her friend Imani just ignored me!”

Heidi: “Who’s Imani? Did you see how tall that woman is?!” Her eyes widen. “Who is she?”

Marcie: “I’m not sure if she’s anybody relevant.”

Marcie’s Confessional

“I did Lorelei’s hair for forever.” She looks at the camera. “Trust me — I know Imani Grimaldi.”

After they are done getting their drinks refreshed, Yvonne and Serena walk over to join Marcie and Heidi.

Yvonne: “Hey girls! Heidi I didn’t get a chance to properly introduce you to Serena Ames.”

Heidi: “You must be Serena! I’m Heidi. Lovely to meet you!” She shakes Serena’s hand.

Serena: “Hello! Nice to meet you as well. I love this sundress! It’s so chic.”

Yvonne: “If Serena gives your dress the stamp of chic, it must be really nice!” She smiles at Heidi.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Unfortunately, I think it was just Serena being nice in this instance because that dress was very regular.”

Serena: “So, what are you all drinking tonight?”

Yvonne: “Tequila sunrise!” She holds her drink up.

Marcie: “A Mai Tai!”

Heidi: “I don’t drink but I’m having club soda two lemons and a lime.” She smiles and holds her cup.

Serena: “Oh wow.” She smiles at Heidi. “That’s amazing. Is there a particular reason or just a personal choice?”

Yvonne interrupts.

Yvonne: “Are you still going to AA meetings, Heidi?”

Serena: “Oop — Now Lady Yvonne…” She chuckles and sips her drink.

Serena’s Confessional

“Did Yvonne just call this lady an alcoholic in front of all of these ladies?!?” She laughs hysterically. “The shade has entered the party!”

We see Marcie standing with a shocked look on her face.

Marcie’s Confessional

“O-M-G Yvonne! What the heck?!”

Heidi: “Excuse me!! I’ve never been to AA!” She glares at Yvonne. “Have you?”

Heidi’s Confessional

“Am I in the Twilight Zone?! We just moved on and now she’s accusing me of going to AA?! Truth be told I don’t drink because the weight loss medication I’m on does not pair well with alcohol!”

Yvonne: “I’ve never had a problem with alcohol but you know, Beach society says you aren’t with CPS anymore because of your addiction…”

Marcie chokes on her drink and Heidi gasps with shock.

Yvonne: “Allegedly, of course.” She smiles.

Heidi: “Yvonne, I’m going to stop you right there!” She points at her. “You won’t speak about me profession. Got it? Okay good.”

Yvonne: “You can put that sea biscuit of a finger down before we have a real problem.” She rolls her eyes and dismisses her. “I just asked a question because you’ve been very cryptic about why you moved on to the nonprofit.”

Heidi’s Confessional

“There are two things you don’t EVER speak about — my children or my career! That fucking bitch needs to just zip it. It’s best for her and her dwindling bank account.”

Yvonne: “I’ll drop it but all I know is you were drinking at your fundraiser and now you’re not, something’s fishy…”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“And it’s not just her breath.”

Serena: “This is already heating up. Wow. What is happening?” She looks around. “Why don’t we chill?”

Heidi: “Yvonne I don’t know what your smoking or snorting but I left CPS because my husband started working with them and it would’ve been a conflict or interest for us to both work there. Now go worry about the art gallery or whatever the hell that monstrosity is.” She waves her hand.

Yvonne: “Excuse me? You’re coming for my real legitimate business and implying that I do drugs…really Heidi, this is why I said I want nothing to do with you. You’re dangerous. Was it not good enough to spend years and years separating children from their families? Now you want to try and disparage me?”

Marcie: “Oh gosh! Let’s stop please! Oh my!”

Heidi: “Oh — now I see how it is. You know what? We’re done here. Fuck you and your mother!” She begins to walk off.

Yvonne: “I hope you finally reconnect with yours!” She laughs.

Serena and Marcie watch the exchange in horror.

Serena’s Confessional

“The allegations and accusations that are being swung into this fight has me scared. I don’t know if this is a Labor Day party or an episode of Jerry Springer?! I’m too pretty to be a security guard!”

Yvonne: “I can’t believe that woman just accused me of that like we don’t all know she takes unprescribed medication for weight loss.”

Marcie: “Well…I…Uh…”

Serena: “Huh?!” She gasps and gulps her drink. “Yvonne, just let it go. This is dangerous territory.” She side hugs Yvonne.

Marcie: “I’m a little lost for words right now…” She scratches her head.

The scene now switches. Sheridan, Monsè, Valentina, and Imani are a few hundred feet on the way playing corn hole. Jac sits far away and watches them as she sits in a beach chair alone.

Valentina: “Look, I’m not really good at this.” She throws a bag and it hits the sand. “I just wanted the pretty girls to get together and catch up!” She laughs.

Monsè: “I have terrible aim and these cocktails are not gonna help, so I’m just gonna have fun with it!” She now throws.

Imani: “Oh girl you better slow down on those cocktails I don’t want you to think you’re single and flirt with other people!” She laughs.

Monsè: “Oh don’t worry hun, I’m not like some of the other girls. My hubby Gil is the only man I need.”

Imani: “So, did anyone say hi to Jac? I tried talking to her but I saw she was irritated.”

Sheridan: “I was just about to speak to her. There’s so much to clear up.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“This party has started off really bizarre. My party planner told me Jacqueline Carter was going through my home and had plastic cups in her bag. The invitation said the beach, so I’m confused what her motivation to be in my home was.”

Valentina: “Well, she’s sitting right there.” She points to Jac in her chair. “Why don’t we go over?” She drops her bags.

Valentina, Monsè, Imani, and Sheridan make their way over to Jac.

Imani: “Hey Jac!”

Jac: “Hello.” She smiles at Imani.

Jac’s Confessional

“I’m not a big fan of Imani. I thought she was a cute girl when I met her last year but she’s been all over social media and in the press piggybacking off of Sheridan’s tirades.

Jac’s Confessional

I guess when you’ve got nothing better to do, you insert yourself in other peoples drama. Very sad and pathetic.”

Monsè: ‘How are you doing, girl?”

Sheridan: “Yeah, are you okay?” She raises and eyebrow at Jac. “The party planners told me you were sauntering through my home with plastic cups? You good?”

Jac: “Oh, I was just looking to use the bathroom…and some glassware. The planner told me you’re very protective over your Ikea furnishings and handed me a red solo cup.”

Sheridan: “That’s funny!” She laughs. “Please do not enter my home uninvited again, or the police will be called. There’s been a string of break ins lately — hopefully it isn’t you.” She cocks her head and smiles. “Not sure why you went to my home instead of the party on the beach like everyone else.”

Jac: “Excuse me?” She raises and eyebrow. “Are you seriously threatening to have me escorted out of your home by police?”

Sheridan: “The party isn’t at my home, it’s on the beach. You had no reason to be in my home and I don’t appreciate you bringing plastic cups in an effort to try and plant them to embarrass me. Just like you planted the fake story in the blogs, babe.” She crosses her arms.

Jac: “Hold on. What the hell are you talking about?!”

Valentina: “Wait what?! What fake stories were planted…”

Sheridan: “Girl, you know what I’m talking about.” She glares at Jac. “You and your elderly friend from Twitter were attacking me when I was out with Imani the other night.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Truth is, I told Jacqueline that Marcus was upset with me because I’ve been spending time with my ex husband who is my business partner. I told her that I had sexted Marcus to try and keep him happy across the nation and she spun it to Grace Whistleworth and the blogs as something different.”

Imani nods.

Imani: “Sheridan and I were at the club the other day and Jac out of nowhere started attacking Sheridan on iMessage.”

Valentina: “Oh my God, Jac? You went off on Sheridan?”

Jac: “All I said to Grace was that you were sending nude photos of yourself to Morgan.” She shakes her head. “I mean Martin, in hopes of spicing up your relationship.”

Imani: “That’s not nice to say though.”

Monsè’s Confessional

“This tension between Sheridan and Jac is bizarre to me. They’ve been attached at the hip for so long, I don’t know why Sheridan would think Jac is behind these blogs. Mercury must be in retrograde or something because friendships are crumbling left and right in our group this year.”

Sheridan: “Jac, stop it. I told you my boyfriend was upset with me and was not taking our long distance well with him playing for the Packers right now in season.” She turns to the other ladies. “I told Jac we were sexting lately and I sent him nude pictures. She has spun it that I was sending nudes to my ex husband Martin!”

Jac: “Wait, isn’t Marcus your ex husband?!”

Sheridan: “No you dumb bitch!”

Monsè covers her face and Valentina giggles a little.

Jac’s Confessional

“Between Morgan, Marcus, Martin, Marcie, Mona and Monsè, I can barely keep up with these M names. I’m sorry I made a mistake!”

Valentina: “Okay, I kind of get it. Martin and Marcus are too similar for me!” She laughs. “I can’t keep up! But who cares if you are sending nudes. I’m sure your tits are a great sight to see!”

Sheridan: “Jacqueline is just being a messy cow in this situation. I guess she thinks since she looks the part she may as well act it!” She rolls her eyes.

Jac puts her hand to her chest while she looks at Sheridan.

Jac: “Sheridan, I genuinely made a mistake. I got confused. I have pregnancy brain.”

Sheridan looks at her with a blank stare.

Jac: “But that doesn’t excuse all the jabs you’ve been making at me these last few months. Hell, even your post after I announced my pregnancy was nasty and vulgar.”

Sheridan: “Jacqueline, stay out of my relationship and stay out of my home. You do not want these problems.” She snorts.

Monsè: “Ladies, I love you both, and I don’t want to see another friendship go down the drain.” She holds her hands up. “Can we just table this for the night and enjoy the beach?”

Imani: “I agree with Monsè! Let’s enjoy our day.”

Sheridan: “Yeah let’s enjoy the party. Jac — stop trying to ruin it. Just sit here and eat your food. The baby needs nourishment and you need to stop walking on the swollen ankles.”

Jac: “No. Abso-fucking-lutely not. We’re not going to pretend the way Sheridan speaks to me is okay.” She crosses her arms. “She can’t continue to call me fat and make comments about my ankles and whatnot and think it’s okay.”

Valentina looks shocked.

Sheridan: “Jacqueline Carter stop it! Just stop it! It’s not okay!”

Imani: “Like Monsè said, let’s just table it.”

Sheridan: “You are pregnant! You’re fat but your fatness doesn’t define you. You’ll lose the weight when you give birth to a hopefully healthy baby.”

Valentina: “Not hopefully, Sheridan, that’s not nice.”

Jac shakes her head.

Jac: “I’m not sure what’s going on with you.” She narrows her eyes at Sheridan. “You’ve been digging at me nonstop since I announced my pregnancy and don’t even get me started on the way you treat these other girls.”

Sheridan: “Other girls? I’m nice to everyone in our friend group, stop it.”

Jac: “You’ve only been nice to these girls? Poor Marcie feels bullied and belittled by you. Heidi is scared of you. Mona fled this group of girls because of you and you think you’ve been nothing but nice.” She scoffs. “You haven’t even congratulated me. Not once have you said anything nice or encouraging of me during this time. It’s just dig, dig, dig.”

Sheridan: “Jacqueline you aren’t a victim you were just going through my home like a fucking prowling rat. Stop it. I congratulated you multiple times!”

Imani: “Let’s just enjoy our day. Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Monsè: “Please! My ass is starving so I’m not sitting here listening to you argue all night. Let’s move it, ladies!”

Imani: “You’re coming with me, bish!” She grabs Sheridan and begins walking. “You’re getting too heated and your ass is the host.”

Jac: “Take her for a walk! Please!”

Sheridan begins walking off with Imani.

Sheridan: “That bitch is pissing me off.” She shakes her head. “Let’s have a shot and adjust and have a good fucking time!”

Imani: “Girl, she’s nuts.”

Sheridan: “I need a fucking drink. The bitch has lost her kleptomaniac mind.”

Imani: “Don’t let her get to you. She’s pregnant and wants to make you look bad.”

Valentina and Monsè stay behind with Jac.

Valentina: “Come on. You are not getting anywhere tonight with this feud.”

Jac: “She needs to cool the fuck down.”

The scene transitions as the sun starts going down. We are back at the table where everyone is getting ready to be served dinner. Jac, Valentina, Monsè, Heidi, and Marcie sit on one side of the table. Sheridan, Yvonne, Serena, and Imani sit on the other side. We see Jac texting on her phone then she abruptly stands.

Jac: “Ladies, I think it’s time for me to go.”

Marcie: “Why? Oh my gosh!” She looks shocked.

Imani: “No baby! Stay! You need to eat.”

Valentina: “Oh Jac, don’t leave!”

Yvonne: “Is the baby kicking your stomach hard?”

Jac: “No. I’m pregnant and this type of nonsense I experienced tonight isn’t good for me or my pregnancy.”

As Jac goes around saying her goodbyes, we see Sheridan rolling her eyes.

Sheridan: “Remember, Jac, if you leave you need to not walk into my home.”

Jac: “No one wants to go inside your shoebox shack.” She shoots a look at Sheridan.

Sheridan: “Just a reminder, big mama.” She smiles and blows a kiss.

Serena: “Not big mama. Jesus Christ.” She puts her face in her hand.

Sheridan: “And I know we aren’t talking about shoe size shacks?” She laughs. “That little bitty apartment you cram us in for dinner parties where the camera men can’t even move? Girl gone!”

Serena’s Confessional

“I’ve only known these ladies for 30 minutes and I have heard every insult in the book. I may need a few classes before I come around again. Even my Brazilian hair has shifted a little bit.”

Monsè: “Aww babe, are you sure don’t wanna stay?” She hugs Jac. “Let’s just sit and eat, it’ll be fun.”

Valentina: “I’m with Monse. Just stay and enjoy the food at least Jac!”

Jac: “I’m sorry but I need to leave.”

Heidi: “If she wants to leave let her.” She shrugs.

Jac: “ Sheridan’s never been pregnant, she doesn’t know what this life is like.” She walks off.

Yvonne: “Oh Jac, that’s low.”

Sheridan: “Okay be gone girl! You’re ruining the fun vibe of my beach party! Shooo ya big horsefly!”

On her way out, Jac throws her solo cup into a bush on Sheridan’s property.

Jac: “Learn to invest in some proper glassware.” She slams the door on her car.

We now see the ladies back at the table.

Valentina: “So this dinner is starting our great.”

Imani: “Is it?” She laughs.

Marcie: “Not really…”

Valentina: “Is there a full moon tonight? Everyone seems to be on edge…”

Eventually, servers bring food out from Sheridan’s house. The ‘Wives begin eating their dinner.

Sheridan: “Okay ladies, let’s do a quick breathing exercise to get out of the funk and get us into a mood of fun!”

Valentina: “I think some of these girls need to go to therapy not breathing exercises.”

Yvonne: “Oh Sheridan, that might be a little difficult.” She munches on her salad.

Sheridan: “Oh gosh, is it about to storm on my beach party, Yvonne?” She looks over.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Hell, bring on the lightening at this point.”

Yvonne: “Let’s ask Marcie.” She looks over at Marcie. “Hell, bring on the lightening at this point.”

Sheridan: “Who?” She snorts.

Imani: “Who’s Marcie?” She looks around.

Yvonne: “Marcie.” She points. “Our hairstylist.”

Monsè takes a bite of lobster and glances at Marcie.

Imani: “Oh! I thought she was part of Valentina’s glam team that’s why I didn’t say hi!”

Serena: “Oh…”

Marcie clears her throat and sets down her utensils, she looks to Sheridan.

Marcie: “Why are you always so dismissive towards me?” She frowns. “Why am I even here you don’t like me apparently from what I’ve heard?”

Sheridan: “It’s not that I don’t like you, girl. Hell I give you money monthly you do an amazing job doing our hair.” She flips her hair and shrugs.

Marcie: “So why are you dismissive of me and my career if you love how much I do your hair? It’s just not very nice.”

Sheridan: “I’m just confused as to how you fit in our group. You’ve been prepping us for years for events, doing our hair, even styling some of us and now all of a sudden you’re around 24/7.”

Serena: “Wait a minute, we don’t like stylists?” She chuckles and looks around.

Marcie: “I’m a multimillionaire with an expansive portfolio and career. I’m respected in a lot of communities.” She makes a face. “Not here, clearly.”

Sheridan: “Oh, I didn’t know. You don’t carry yourself in that way.” She shrugs and takes a bite of her food.

Marcie: “I’m not sure how to carry myself to present that. Should I be pretentious? Dismissive towards those in service like you can be?”

Sheridan: “Am I dismissive to those in service, or just you?” She flips her hair. “I was very thankful for my party planner who told me Jacqueline Carter was snooping through my home earlier. I tipped them well. I can increase my tip when you do my hair, if that’s your issue.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“What is Marcie’s issue? She does a fabulous job doing my hair. She also seems to do a fabulous job bringing pies to events? What else is there to her? How is she connected our group? Who is she friends with?”

Heidi: “Serena, are you in the service industry?” She looks to Serena. “A few girls aren’t so fond of working women it seems.”

Serena: “I am. I’ve styled some of the best in the entertainment industry. That’s why I’m concerned by this conversation. But it seems to me that it’s deeper than just being a stylist so imma hush and eat my food and sip my champagne.”

Sheridan: “Exactly, Serena.” She looks around the table. “Okay ladies, who the hell here is friends with Marcie? Like actual friendship — not just that she does your hair.”

Marcie: “See! here she goes again! She doesn’t even care to let me speak. It’s so rude.”

Imani: “Marcie but she’s been acknowledging you. Your argument makes zero sense. How is it rude?”

Marcie: “Oh, Imani…nice to see you! Lorelei called and said ‘fuck her, disrespectfully.’ “

Imani: “Oh!”

Marcie turns back to Sheridan.

Marcie: “Sheridan you are dismissive of me and specifically my career and what I do for a living. Considering I do your hair I don’t know why!”

We see Yvonne shake her head and eat her dinner.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Marcie was telling Jac that she found her voice, she told me that she had things to get off her chest with Sheridan and this is what that looks like? No wonder she was basically mute before, her newfound voice is a Level 1!”

Sheridan: “Marcie you do a fabulous job at your job. I have never shaded your work. I just don’t understand why you’re suddenly in my orbit all the time. For years you were just in your salon telling me what Yvonne and others were talking about when they came in to get their hair done. I’m sure you did the same to me. I just question your connection with the women here.”

Imani: “She is praising your work. It seems like you’re trying to make an issue with her.”

Monsè: “And to be far, you’ve spent more time tattling on Heidi than getting to know the rest of us!” She looks at Marcie. “We just don’t know you that well yet on a personal level, I don’t think that makes Sheridan dismissive.”

Marcie: “Monsè, I have also tried to reach out to you and you don’t get back to me either. Nobody responds to my texts or tries to get to know me.” She looks around the group. “I try to hangout and everyone’s busy.” She begins crying. “You guys obviously look down on me or something.”

Sheridan: “Tried to get to know me? Girl, I know nothing about you besides you do hair and bake pies?”

Marcie: “Because you don’t respect me enough to have the conversation.” She wipes her tears away. “You basically ignore me most of the time and when you do talk to me all you want to know is the town gossip, Sher. You never ask about me! My life! My kid! My husband! NOTHING!

Sheridan: “Girl you’re starting to piss me off. I respect your hustle but I question your authenticity and why the fuck you are clinging on to our group. You ran up to all of us a couple months ago throwing her — “ She points to Heidi. “Under the bus and think you’re suddenly in the group. Bitch, I don’t know you like that! Just because you share gossip with us doesn’t earn you friendship or loyalty. Fuck outta here!”

Valentina: “Guys, can we try and maybe hear Marcie out. She’s clearly upset.” She looks over. “This is uncomfortable to see you all piling on her.”

Marcie: “See! Exactly! You don’t want to know me.” She stands and throws her napkin down. “I will leave.”

Yvonne: “Oh my gosh, this is getting out of hand.”

Sheridan: “Okay, bitch! Bye!” She waves.

Marcie: “Thank you for proving my point.” She gathers her things.

Yvonne: “Hold on, hold on!” She pulls her wig forward. “Marcie, don’t leave.”

Marcie: “No, I’m done.” She shakes her head. “I’m done.”

Sheridan: “SAY-O-NARAAAAA!” She giggles.

As Marcie walks off, Imani turns to Sheridan.

Imani: “Girl, she needs to give us those pies for dessert cause she done ruined the dinner…”

Sheridan giggles and Valentina shakes her head, leaning over to talk to Monsè.

Valentina: “Can we ever have a fun event?”

Monsè: “Girl that’s what I was saying!”

The scene fades as the remaining ‘Wives finish up dinner.