[S8E1]: The Disappearance of Mona Quinn

Real Housewives of Beverly Beach
36 min readNov 2, 2023
(From L to R: Sheridan Campbell, Monsè DeRosier, Jac Carter, Mona Quinn, Yvonne Langley, Valentina Armani, & Marcie Maples)

The episode opens with shots of Twitter’s bustling city.

Amongst the high rises and apparel shops, a blacked out SUV pulls up infront of a studio.

Jac Carter

Jac Carter gets out and weaves her way across the busy sidewalk and into the Reality of Roleplay studio.

Jac’s Confessional

“Well HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEGAYS!” She pauses. “IM BACK BACK BACK! That’s right the Jacqueline is here and this time I’m more unfiltered than ever! So what’s been going on since you last saw me? Hmmm…so much! I was recently hired as one of the panelists on Reality of Roleplay and no, I don’t intend on being fired from this gig like one of the former women who had both of these jobs. Oh lord…Grace is going to kill me!”

Jac walks into the luxurious backstage room where the other panelist are.

Tyler and Kathy

Kathy Irvine and Tyler Newman sit on a couch and chat.


Tre Spice-Slovain sits in her chair as her makeup artist puts finishes touches on her face.


Elle is grazing the snack table.

Jac: “Hey girlies! Don’t we all look fabulous?! Are we excited for our final show?”

Jac’s Confessional

“Today I’m on set for the season 3 finale of Reality of Roleplay. It’s been a pretty wild season. Lots of ups and downs but the show is doing better than ever before! Ratings are through the roof and I suspect you’ll all be hearing some news about next season very soon!”

Elle: “I’m so sad! It’s been such an amazing season!” She pouts a little.

Kathy: “This season has flown by!”

Jac: “Can you believe it?”

Tre: “I know. I can’t believe you and Tyler managed not to pull each other’s hair out.” She laughs.

Tyler: “After filming, I’ll be sending you the bill for the hearing aids I’ll one day require, Jac.”

Elle: “Well that answers that!”

Tyler: “For us, definitely calm.”

Jac: “Don’t blame your lack of hearing on me Ty. It may be a result of your age!”

Kathy: “This is really a great cast…” She grins and looks around. “Actually, I’d like to offer you all a spot back for Reality of Roleplay Season 4. You don’t have to answer right now, but just know Elle and I want you girls back for another season! We will send you all contracts to look over soon!”

Elle smiles and claps.

Elle: “Hopefully you’re all in but understand of course if not!”

Jac’s Confessional

“And just like that, another cheque for the Jacqueline!”

Tyler: “Jac is digging for her pen in her purse as we speak.” She smirks.

Jac: “Well you know I’ll need to get my lawyer to look over the offer. The cost of Jacqueline has definitely gone up recently.”

The women laugh.

Jac: “So girls, what are all of our plans for the rest of summer? Anything exciting? Are you all staying in Twitter?”

Elle: “You know Chris has a vacay planned every other week for us!”

Kathy: “I actually am fixing to take a month long trip to Europe! I just want to live my best single life, so I’ll be somewhere in Europe after we wrap next weeks episode.” She laughs.

Tyler: “I’ll be going back to Malibu for a well needed rest. From there we’ll be going to Italy for a few weeks.”

Tre: “Well KP plans on spending a few weeks with me and the island is hosting a little grand bash so I’m excited about that.” She laughs.

Elle: “I better see an invite in my mail Tre!”

Kathy: “What about you Jac, aren’t you going back to Beverly Beach soon?”

The women all look to Jac and she nods.

Jac: “Yes, Im heading back to Beverly Beach! There’s a lot I need to catch up on with my group of girlfriends.”

Jac’s Confessional

“There’s been a lot going on in the press since the girls and I were last together. Mona was fired then rehired. Lorelei was supposed to be coming back then disappeared.

Jac’s Confessional

It’s hard to keep up and since I’ve been filming the talk show, I haven’t really seen any of the girls that much. So I think it’ll be interesting.”

Tre: “Girl can you spill us some tea. How do you think it’s gonna go without Lorelei and Mona being back?” She turns her seat around.

Tyler: “Yes, I saw that Mona has resurfaced.” She sips her coffee.

Jac: “I’m honestly sad Lorelei isn’t coming back. I feel like there’s so much left unanswered with her and the rest of the girls.” She bites her lip. “As for Mona, I do think she’s going to have a lot to explain to the rest of us. She kind of left us in the lurch. She disappeared for months without any notice, so I’m curious about what she has to say.”

Tyler: “Yes, I saw that she Tweeted out about it…I hope she has better answers than a tweet for you all, since you’re her friends.”

Kathy: “Did she end up showing up to yours and Monsè lunch? I saw you two posted you two were meeting up with her?”

Jac: “She had been texting us telling us she was going to come but then never showed up.” She shakes her head. “I’m not sure. Im just happy to be back in one place for a while. Between filming RoR in Twitter, moving to Beverly Beach and filming Legends last year, Beau and I haven’t really been spending a lot of time together. I know he’s happy for my success but we need some quality time to reconnect, you know?”

Tyler: “I totally understand that. Quality time is certainly important to keep that spark alive.”

Tre: “Yes make time for Mr. Beau. He’s your other half and you need to be a wifey to him. You’re on Housewives now, girlfriend.” She giggles.

Jac’s Confessional

“Beau is the absolute man of my dreams. He’s the love of my life and I hear him when he says he needs more of me, so I’m excited to head back to Beverly Beach.”

The PA walks into the green room.

PA: “Ladies, we’re ready for you on set. Kathy and Elle, we’ll have you two out first to introduce the others one last time this season.”

Jac: “Oop looks like Patricia needs you girls on set! Let’s do this girls!! One last fabulous episode to wrap up a fabulous season! Wooooo!”

Kathy: “Here we go ladies, this is it! Let’s make it a one to remember.”

As the Reality of Roleplay panel are ushered out for their show, the scene fades.

The scene begins by giving us a shot of a very large church.

Inside, there is a service going on.

Jac, Monsè, & Sheridan

Jac, Monsè, and Sheridan all sit in the congregation together.

Victoria Franklin

The camera pans to show up on the stage where Victoria is signing with the choir, as the lead vocalist.


The congregation erupts in praise and clapping. We see Sheridan smiling and clapping along as well.

Jac: “Woooo! Let ’em know Victoria!”

Jac’s Confessional

“I don’t really go to church given that I’m a massive gay advocate but im actually enjoying myself during this service. There’s something about Victoria’s off-key singing that is really moving me. It’s special.”

The camera focuses on Monsè as she sways along to the music.

Monsè: “Okay! Who knew she could sing that…loud?” She leans in and whispers to Jac.

Jac: “She can definitely ummm recite the words on the page!” She whispers back.

We see Victoria walk up to the podium after the praise team finishes and brings in the offering.

Victoria: “If you could sow your seeds to my left and to my right!”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I would much rather be on the beach outside of my home than to be at this church service; but Victoria was a great friend to me last year so I have come to support her and meet up with some of the ladies and I’m very hesitant…”

There is a montage of the women going through the rest of the service, eventually it ends.

As the church starts to clear out, Sheridan, Monsè, and Jac stand around and wait for Victoria in their pew.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Last year, we left a lot of things unresolved in our group. Hell, half the cast went missing after fans confronted them and held them accountable for being on the wrong side of history. Siding with racists never work out. I am happy that they mostly tucked their tails and ran off. Shame on those girls! Now let’s move forward and bring fun and class back to Beverly Beach.”

Victoria walks out and smiles at the women.

Victoria: “Hello! Hello!”

Sheridan: “Victoria; what a lovely church you have. Thank you for having us, babe!” She gives Victoria a hug.

Victoria’s Confessional

“Hallelujah! He is risen and she is back! I’ve missed all my babies from last year and I’m elated to see them! But I forgot most of them don’t attend church the way these boobies are out.”

Jac: “Wow Vicki!! I’m so glad you invited us to this service. Who knew you were such a talented gospel singer!”

Victoria: “Why thank you dear! I’m glad you didn’t catch aflame upon entering!” She laughs and goes to hug Jac.

Jac: “That’s why I’m wearing a quality fabric, so I don’t burst into flames.”

Victoria: “There’s a fire extinguisher near by!”

Sheridan: “So, what’s for lunch, girl?” She leans on the pew, looking at Victoria.

Victoria: “Oh! I have something set up in the garden.”

The camera suddenly zooms out of the church and into the garden on the side of it. There a table is set up with four place settings for the girls. There are finger foods and some ice tea and lemonade. Seconds later, the ‘Wives have arrived and all take a seat.

Monsè: “Yess, this is cute!” She grins, looking at the spread.

As the girls start serving themselves, Victoria looks around.

Victoria: “So have any of you heard from the others?”

Sheridan: “I’ve texted Yvonne, she’s in Costa Rica still on a vacation with Morgan and her daughter.” She sips her lemonade. “Are there others?” She raises an eyebrow.

Victoria: “Well besides all of us that’s here, Yvonne was the only other I was referring to.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I’ve kept in contact the most with Yvonne. She never swayed and always had my back through the torture I was put through by the majority of my cast mates last season.”

We get a wide shot of Victoria, Sheridan, Jac, and Monsè all sitting together in the middle of the beautiful garden.

Monsè: “Who knows? I’ve barely heard from anyone these days except for my girl, Jac.”

Jac nods at Monsè and then looks around the table.

Jac: “Yeah, I haven’t really spoken to anyone outside of you three but did you see what was released in the press?”

Now interested, the women all look to Jac.

Victoria: “Girl, no… what’s tea?!”

Jac: “Apparently, Mona’s back.” She sips her cucumber water.

Victoria: “HELL NO!”

Nearby church members in the rosary garden gasp and turn.

Sheridan: “I thought she was on the run from the IRS?” She snorts and bites into a finger sandwich.

Victoria: “Oh Lord!”

Monsè: “Oh, yeah I heard… I hope she’s been doing okay. I haven’t heard from her in months.”

Monsè’s Confessional

“It’s been radio silence from Mona for the last few months. Of course, I’m hurt that my best friend isn’t confiding in me, but I hope she’s doing okay. Things must be dark if even I’m out of the loop.”

Sheridan: “I am surprised you haven’t heard from her Monsè, I thought you casted her in all of your Lifetime Originals.” She giggles. “I kid, I kid!”

Victoria: “Even Lifetime limits their background extras, Sheridan.”

Monsè rolls her eyes a bit and chuckles.

Monsè: “Girl, I work with real budgets, not Lifetime.” She shrugs. “But no, I know as much as you guys do. Mona’s been completely off the grid.”

Jac’s Confessional

“I’m surprised that Mona and Monsè haven’t communicated in months. The two of them were the best of friends but I also get Mona needing a break. Between the divorce from her gay husband and her let’s call it — tension — with Sheridan, I think it was all a bit much for her.” She shrugs. “Who knows? But, I think she definitely has some explaining to do.”

Sheridan: “That’s interesting, Monsè. I would have thought you being her best friend, she’d at least speak to you.” She looks to Victoria.

Monsè: “I guess not.” She sighs.

Victoria: “I mean..I’d be sure to keep in contact with my best friend, God knows she may be suffering from finding out her husband is gay and things of that nature.”

Monsè: “Listen, I’ve tried calling and texting nonstop but if she doesn’t want to be reached…” She shrugs and sets her napkin down on her plate.

Victoria: “Well maybe she wants nothing to do with you.” She smirks. “Move on.”

Monsè: “Well, if that’s the case, she can tell me herself.”

Jac: “The last time I saw Mona, Monsè and I went to her movie premiere. I guess all we can do is wait for her to reach out to us. There’s definitely an explanation for her absence.”

Victoria: “I mean…if it’s a one sided relationship why sit there and continue trying to build, let it crumble.”

Jac: “Didn’t we just come from church my Victoria? Where’s the compassion of a God fearing Christian woman?” She looks across the table and gives Victoria a look.

Victoria: “Right Jac!” She clears her throat and turns to Monsè. “God told me to tell you to text her again!” She stomps her heel.

Monsè: “Tell God I said thank you.” She laughs. “But seriously, at the end of the day I don’t want to speculate on anything, but clearly Mona is going through a lot. But if she’s ready to come back into the group, I’m sure she’ll come with some explanations. Even we have to pull it out of her.”

The camera quickly zooms out from the church. It goes over the valleys of Beverly Beach and lands on a more modest neighborhood. There is an apartment complex.

Inside, Mona is in the kitchen of her new home preparing lunch for her children.

Mona’s Confessional

“I bet you’re all surprised to see me back.”

Mona’s Confessional

“After the season started airing, and reliving the stress of the drama and the divorce…I went into a really dark headspace. My mom and my brother told me that I should check myself into rehabilitation center because I was not being a good mother to my kids if I didn’t take care of myself.” She sighs. “I just got back a few days ago and am settling into a new house that my mom helped me get. It’s been a lot.”

Sheila, Mona’s mother, and her sons, Jackson and Harrison, enter the house.

Sheila: “We’re back!”

Mona stops making lunch and turns to her kids as they run up to her and hug her.

Mona: “Hey babiesss! Did you have a good time at Nana’s!?”

Jackson: “I had so much fun I didn’t want to leave.”

Mona: “But now you’re with me again!” She laughs

Mona’s Confessional

“Having to leave my kids for three months…” She waves her hands. “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Harder than anything Adam has put me through. Those little guys keep me together and without them I feel worthless.”

Mona sets out the lunches for the boys at the table, then she goes and hugs her mother. They make their way to the couch in the living room, right next to the kitchen.

Sheila: “So…how are you feeling? What was rehab like?”

Mona: “It was pretty peaceful, they helped me to like distract myself from everything that was going on at home. I feel much more relaxed then I was before because my mind was…all over the place.”

Sheila: “I know and I was really worried Mona, I’d never seen you so depressed, so sad, so lost in life…”

Mona’s Confessional

“It was right after Episode 7 and everything surrounding Bree’s racist comments kept being a huge discussion on Twitter. That along with my divorce and custody battle made me think…what’s the point of being alive if I’m going to struggle this much?” She tears up. “Like, what’s the point? That’s what I started thinking and it got worse from there.”

Sheila: “Your pain became my pain.” She starts to cry. “I never want to see you back there.”

Mona nods.

Mona: “I’ve gotten the help I needed and now it’ll be a battle for sure to get where I once was. But the difference now is I want to fight that battle.”

Sheila: “Can I ask you something that you may get defensive about?”

Mona: “Sure, what is it?” She raises her eyebrow.

Sheila: “Why’re you going back to the show?” She glances at the camera.

Mona looks surprised.

Mona: “Because…there’s still a part of me that thinks these girls can be here for me right now.”

Mona’s Confessional

“I understand it’s confusing to people ‘Why would she go back to a show she abandoned’ and that’s a valid question. It’s because I wanted to share this journey with everyone and it felt wrong to end my story where I left it. And I’m sorry for everyone affected by all this but I had to take care of me.”

Mona: “Even though the only one who has reached out was Yvonne which I didn’t even expect. So…I’m meeting her for dinner on Thursday.”

Sheila: “Hmm that’s odd, but at least someone did, maybe she’s coming with good intentions.” She looks skeptical.

Mona: “I just want to get my friendships back because they were all out on pause and I don’t know where I stand with everyone even Monsè.”

Mona’s Confessional

“Monsè and I were…are best friends but I would’ve thought she’d be the first person there for me when I got back from rehab. Apparently, my mom reached out to her and she acknowledged it but never checked up on it so. I love her to death and I think we just need to talk it through.”

It ends on Mona looking to her mother, worried. The camera zooms out of Mona’s home and back to Victoria’s church.

Sheridan, Jac, Monsè, and Victoria still sit and nibble on their lunch.

Jac: “Right, on another note ladies — things last year were quite dark and I think in the spirit of this holy gathering we should make a pact…”

Sheridan: “Not a pact!” She laughs.

Monsè: “What kind of pact, babe?” She looks at Jac, curious.

Victoria: “The last time I attempted to make a pact I was called ghetto…but hit me.”

The camera focuses on Jac.

Jac: “A pact to not allow our circle to be tainted by negativity and hostility. A pact to approach each other with love and compassion. A pact to put the past behind us and look forward to a brighter future. A future as friends. A future as women who support other women. I know things were intense last year but the people who caused such division aren’t around anymore and we can’t let the stench of their antics destroy our bonds.”

The ‘Wives look around at eachother.

Victoria: “Well, if we’re going to do that…” She turns to Monsè. “I apologize if I came at you wrong in a way way last year.”

Monsè tries to hide her shocked face.

Monsè: “Oh, well thanks Victoria. I’m big enough to apologize to you too. I was definitely projecting my issues with other women.” She side eyes Sheridan. “Things just spiraled to a place they didn’t need to.”

Victoria: “Well praise God for understanding. I receive and I accept. Act right and I’ll give you my number.” She chuckles.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I feel like I’ve been here before. It’s been months since us girls have been together and we are making pacts…hmmm. I’ll go along with this, but I am curious to see if Monsè continues to live up to her side of the deal with Victoria, and all of us, when Mona inevitably makes her way back into the group.”

[Monsè & Sheridan Call a Truce]

Monsé: “In the spirit of new beginnings, Sheridan…I hope we can start fresh and leave the past behind. I know things have been rocky the last few months with all the Twitter antics, but enough is enough, don’t you think? Truce?”

The camera pans to Sheridan.

Sheridan: “Sure, let’s call a truce.”

Jac: “Yay!” She grins and claps. “Come on Sher! Go give her a hug! Let’s just put this mess behind us!”

Sheridan remains seated, looking at Monsè.

Sheridan: “I do feel like we’ve been here before, but I hope you hold your end of the deal. Remember this moment when Mona comes crawling back to you. No selective amnesia.” She laughs and now stands to give Monsè a hug.

Monsè: “Amen to that, babe!” She hugs Sheridan.

Monsè’s Confessional

“I’d be lying if I said I’m completely over the things Sheridan has said about me over the last year, but the drama has drained me! When I joined this group two years ago, we developed a really close friendship. So…If she can move past it, then so can I for the sake of the group.”

Victoria: “GREWP HUG!” She stands up and snatches Jac, joining in on the hug.

Jac: “I’d kiss you ladies but were in a church and you know…I don’t know how fond they are of woman on woman action here!” She laughs.

Jac’s Confessional

“I’m hopeful that this truce will last. I feel like the girls are being genuine but I guess only time will tell. Maybe prayer does work!”

The scene ends as the girls sit back down after their hug.

Music plays as we get shots of Downtown Beverly Beach; it lands on a large rooftop venue where a woman stands, talking to another lady who seems to own the venue.

Heidi Weltroth

Heidi: “It’s really great!” She smiles and looks around. “Thanks so much for the tour, I can’t wait until the fundraiser Wednesday night. Mind if I hang out here for a minute? I have a friend coming to drop something off…”

The other woman nods and walks back inside.

Heidi Weltroth goes to the side of the building and gazes out onto the city.

Marcie Maples

The camera angle switches to follow another woman as she walks through the bar and out onto the rooftop.

Marcie: “Wow…it’s at a bar? Really?” She mumbles then suddenly throws on a huge, fake smile. “HEIDI! How are you?” She gives Heidi air kisses. LOVELY venue!” She throws her arms up and looks around.

Heidi: “Hi, love. Glad you made it.” She pauses and looks her up and down. “You look so…cute!” She scrunches up her nose.

Marcie’s Confessional

“Heidi invited me to the venue where she’s having her fundraiser, to give her money of course. I like her, but goodness me — she cannot host an upscale event.”

Marcie: “Thanks love just blew out this hair!” She flips her hair.

Heidi: “Oh, you mean blow job?” She laughs. “You’re good at those, aren’t you.” She raises an eyebrow and sets her purse down. “Anyways, how have you been lately?”

Marcie: “I’ve been well! My son Mike as you know just left for college so yes I have been having time to give Jon more blowies!” She giggles.

Marcie’s Confessional

“Sorry Mikey!”

Heidi: “How exhilarating — what you do best!”

Heidi’s Confessional

“Mrs Marcie had a reputation around this town. Some say she’s a socialite some say she’s a grifter!” She purses her lips. “I guess we’ll never really know!”

Marcie: “How are you?”

Heidi: “I’m so good! Recently I was appointed to the board of the Youth Mental Health Association which has been chaotic…” She leans in. “But let me tell you, it’s been the honor of a lifetime knowing I’m able to do work for something I so deeply care about.”

Marcie: “That’s amazing to hear Heidi! I’m sure you fill the role quite like.. nobody else!” She laughs.

Heidi: “What have you been doing in your spare time? Is hairstyling still your main hobby?” She digs around in her purse then looks up. “Oh! My dog’s groomer is hiring — I’m sure I could arrange an interview for you if that’s something you’re into!” She pulls out her phone.

Marcie lets out an unconvincing fake laugh.

Marcie: “Oh Heidi, you’re just so funny. So, so funny.” She gives her a look. “I’m actually looking more into getting a new salon opened here in Beverly Beach! Get more settled into my career again!”

Marcie’s Confessional

“Without Mike at home I’ve realized I need to get a hobby! I can’t just sit around eating bonbons and Oreos for hours alone like Heidi.”

Heidi: “Oh how nice. What’s your clientele? Are we talking like A — listers or the homeless?”

Marcie: “Well if you consider friends of yours homeless then that’s your opinion not mine!” She smiles tightly.

Heidi’s Confessional

“Marcie and I were once upon a time good friends but recently I’ve distanced myself from her when I found out she was going around to mutual friends saying how cheap my parties are. It’s quite hurtful considering we used to be super close.”

Marcie: “No, but — I’m just going to start with my social circle and grow from there! Really grow organically like the fruit in my gardens!”

Marcie’s Confessional

“I know Heidi hasn’t eaten anything organic since the Stone Age so that might confuse her. She can say whatever she wants about my career. While she was taking the bar, and I don’t mean the exam, I was behind the team styling Naomi, Cindy Crawford, and Linda Evangelista’s hair for NYFW!”

Heidi: “Oh lovely. Finally you can start making money of your own like a big girl! I love that for you!” She shrugs. “So, the check?”

Marcie nods and pulls out an envelope, handing it to Heidi.

Heidi: “Thanks, girly! Well, I’m excited for the event! Hopefully that check doesn’t bounce again! I would hate to have a repeat of last time.” She holds up the envelope and winks.

Marcie: “That never happened but you always seem to lie when you’re upset I understand!” She maintains a smile.

Heidi: “Well…it did!”

Heidi’s Confessional

“I understand not everyone is as blessed as me but don’t donate if you don’t have the funds — sell a Chanel if you have to. Oh wait… everything in her closet is DH Gate!”

Marcie: “Sorry for.. honestly I don’t even know just get over it” She laughs. “Anyways these tables are…” She shakes one. “unstable! Oh! You should really have a team come through here make sure it’s all organized.” She motions around the venue with a slightly disgusted look on her face.

Heidi: “Yeah…organized. Well, I have to get going! Hopefully you can make it to the event…or not.” She slings her purse over her shoulder.

Marcie: “We’ll see. I might have a salon appointment! Toodles gorg!”

Heidi shrugs and walks out.

The scene begins with shots of a beautifully kept gated community.

Inside of one of the houses, Yvonne digs through one of the many boxes that are stacked in her otherwise empty living room.

Yvonne & Horace

Yvonne: “I think these are the last of things…” She turns around to look at her ex-husband, Horace. “I can’t believe that I’ve moved again, but I think this is the forever home, or maybe I should just call it the rest of my time left home.”

Her and Horace both laugh.

Horace: “Yeah, you’re getting up there Ms. Langley.” He sips his coffee.

Yvonne: “Oh shut it and help me take these things over to the television wall.” She holds up some hardware.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Well, hello there.” She smiles. “Have you missed me? Even if you didn’t, I missed my haters too! Since the last time you’ve seen me, I’ve moved to a slightly smaller home since Asha has made the move to start law school in Chicago. I’ve sorta called things off with Morgan Sullivan, and Horace is trying to wiggle his last name back on me. Mama’s living though, so why should I complain?”

Horace walks over to the box and begins helping Yvonne.

Horace: “It was very nice of Teddy to help you find this place on such short notice, he’s a really cool guy even though things didn’t work out for the two of you.”

Yvonne: “Or maybe he loved the potential commission.” She sets what she is carrying down then crosses her arms.

Horace: “Maybe, but just give him the benefit of the doubt Von. It won’t hurt you to be kind to him.”

Yvonne: “I was, he has a beautiful check to take home.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I purchased a home in the Queen’s Crossing neighborhood just north of Beverly Beach proper. I sold my last house for $5.7 million and bought this one for a cute $3.1 million.”

Yvonne goes to the kitchen to get a bottle of water, Horace follows her.

Horace: “Speaking of home, I know you and I had a good time playing house in Costa Rica. Is that going to carry back here?”

Yvonne sighs then sips her water.

Yvonne: “Horace, just let the good times roll.” She gives him a look. “We don’t need to have this conversation.”

Horace: “We don’t need to have this conversation.” He avoids looking at her when he goes to put his mug in the sink.

There is an uncomfortable silence before he finally looks at Yvonne who is shaking her head.

Yvonne: “He’s not out of the picture completely, no.”

Horace: “Wow.”

Yvonne: “So, you’re done?”

Horace: “Yes, I’ll see you for the dinner plans we have. If you don’t have other ones.”

Yvonne: “That’s the old, Ace.” She rolls her eyes.

The scene fades as Horace walks out of the kitchen and Yvonne remains in there typing away on her phone.

The scene begins with footage of Monsè in the back of a car. The car pulls up the the fancy valet station underneath Jac’s swanky high rise building in Downtown.

Monsè & Jac

Jac makes her way out of the door and into the car, giving Monsè a hug.

Monsè: “Hey doll!”

Jac: “Hey honey!”

Monsè’s Confessional

“Today, Jac and I are meeting up with my friend Valentina. It’s a pretty new friendship, but we’ve really hit it off and any time we spend together it’s next level. I’m talking Dom Perignon, diamonds, caviar. She is RICH rich hunni!”

As the car starts driving away, the shot focuses on Monsè and Jac in the backseat as Downtown zooms by outside.

Monsè: “Girl, wait until to see this yacht. My friend Valentina was showing me pictures at brunch last week and it’s HUGE! I think you’ll like Valentina too! She’s rich as hell, but she’s a ki.”

Jac: “Oh you know how I love a yacht and making new friends! Thank you for inviting me chica! Look at how far we’ve come!”

Monsè: “Seriously, could you have imagined us two hanging out a year ago?” She laughs.

Jac: “I know! It’s like we’re long lost sisters now!” She holds Monsè’s hand and laughs.

Jac’s Confessional

“Monsè and I didn’t exactly get off on the right foot last year but, since then we’ve actually made quite a bit of progress in our friendship and look at the pay off. Your girl is about to get luxuriated on a yacht. Thank you Monsita.” She winks.

We see some time has passed, as Jac and Monsè now have some champagne.

Jac: “Anyway tell me your thoughts on the other day! What did you think of the church service?”

Monsè: “It was cute! I think everyone’s just ready to forget about last year and have a good time. And if it takes Jesus to pull it off, then so be it girl!” She sips her champagne.

Jac: “Well he does work wonders.”

The shot changes and we see the car pull up to a private Beverly Beach yachting club. Well dressed people are walking in. The car pulls up to the valet and a man in a uniform opens the door for Mona and Monsè and they get out and walk inside.

The girls walk in and approach the reception desk. A beautiful blonde woman smiles up at them.

Monsè: “Hi! We aren’t members, but we’re guests of Valentina Armani. She said she’d let yo — “

Receptionist: “Ah yes! Welcome! Mrs. Armani briefed us on everything!” She stands up and walks around. “If you’ll follow me, I believe she sent some of the family security to take you down the the end of the dock on a cart.”

We see Jac turn to Monsè.

Jac:Security?!” She mouths, looking impressed.

The receptionist leads them out a side exit, where one big man waits on a golfcart for the girls.

Andy: “Hi girls, I’m Andy. Hop on, I’ll be taking you to the yacht.”

We get an aeriel shot of Andy driving the girls down the long dock. He parks at the end where a giant mega-yacht towers over Monsè and Jac.


We see Andy chuckle a bit.

Monsè: “How the hell does that boat look even bigger in person?”

As Andy helps the girls on the yacht and introduces them to the crew, Jac’s confessional plays.

Jac’s Confessional

“Okay Monsè is a damn bitch for hiding this friend from me! I would’ve loved to have rented this yacht and taken it to the French Rivera!”

Andy finally leads the girls outside on the deck, where Valentina is sitting; hair blowing in the wind.

Valentina Armani

Monsè: “Valentina!”

Valentina grins and stands to greet Monsè and Jac.

Monsè: “Girl, you look amazing, thanks for inviting us out.”

Valentina: “Oh, Monsè! It’s so good to see you. You know I adore you.” She hugs her.

Monsè: ‘This is my friend Jac that I was telling you about. Jac, this is Valentina.” She steps aside.

Jac: “Ohhh hi gorgy! Aren’t you stunning! Jacqueline Carter- Van de Walde! Lovely to meet you!” She gives Valentina a kiss on the cheek.

Valentina: “Lovely to meet you too, Jac!”

Monsè: “Are you sure this thing isn’t gonna sink? I can’t be getting my hair wet now.” She laughs and looks around.

Jac: “I’m also not a swimmer, so if you can point me in the direction of the nearest and hottest life guard, that would be much appreciated.”

Valentina: “I think we are on 350 feet of boat. We aren’t going anywhere!” She giggles. “I do have a full boat crew on board, Jac. I don’t have lifeguards but I do have deck hands that aren’t too bad on the eye.”

Jac’s Confessional

“Yes I can swim but who wouldn’t like to be rescued by a hot lifeguard. Help me! Help me! I’m drowning Mr Life guard!”

Valentina: “Come, come! I have champagne over here for us!” She leads the ladies to the large outside lounge area.

Monsè: “Yesss girl. Serve it up!”

On the table, there are bottles of champagne chilling with flutes along with carafes of orange juice. There is also an great spread of charcuterie, pastries, and nuts.

Jac: “Ohhh champagne and eye candy! You’re my kind of girl Valentina!”

Valentina smiles and we see Monsé pouring the champagne.

Monsè: “Let me focus on the drinks before I get in trouble with my man…” She sneaks a peak at one of the deck hands.

Jac: “Stop checking out my future husband!” She playfully slaps Monsè on the hand. “So, tell me! How do you know my stunning twin Monsita?” She looks at Valentina.

Valentina: “You didn’t already tell her how we met? Oh Lord…” She laughs and glances at Monsè. “It was the night of the Academy Awards and she and I bumped into each other in the bathroom and hit it off right away! We exchanged numbers and the rest has been history. I’m pretty new to Beverly Beach so Monsè has kind of been my new and only friend I’ve made so far here!”

Monsè: “Girl, it was a riot. My eyeliner got stuck under the sinks, and Valentina lent me hers before I got down on my hands and knees like a fool!”

Valentina’s Confessional

“Being in a new area can be intimidating as hell. Even though they are close, Beverly Beach is a whole different ball game compared to Hollywood. Monsè has really been a new, fun friend to have here. She’s definitely gotten me out of my shell.”

Jac: “Oh that’s so sweet! I love the Academy Awards. All the pomp and circumstance. Very chic. Very Jac!”

Valentina: “Oh Jac, you’ll have to come next year! My husband usually buys a few tables and we have all of our Hollywood friends sit with us! We usually sit with Sandra Bullock, Angeline Jolie, Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman to name a few. You’d love it!” She smiles and tucks hair behind her ear.

Monsè: “And I will be inviting myself with that crowd next year. The producer’s section gets musty with all those balding white men.”

Valentina: “Oh Monsé, I told you that night, you will always have a table with me from now on!” She pats Monsè’s hand.

Jac: “You run with a fabulous circle of people Miss Valentina! So, are you an actress or something? You know our group of friends love the theatre and the dramatics of it all. You just look…familiar.” She looks at Valentina curiously.

Valentina: “Well, you might know me from cheering from the sidelines for the Miami Heat or my husband is an Actor Brandon Armani. He’s been in a few movies.” She smiles, crossing her legs.

Jac: “Ohhh, you’re Brandon Armani’s wife!” She snaps. “I knew I’d seen your face before!”

Jac’s Confessional

“Brandon Armani is a big name in the entertainment industry. He’s a big time actor who made a name for himself in Hollywood back in the 90s. Since then he’s gone on to win a number of awards.

Jac’s Confesional

I think a few Peoples Choice Awards, a Nickelodeon Award, an MTV movie award — Oh, and the occasional Oscar and Emmy. He’s a living legend!”

Valentina’s Confessional

“Barndon is famously known for his roles in several Marvel movies like Spider-Man, Avengers, Iron-Man. But also for some classics like Clueless, or the Titanic.”

Jac: “Oh and how is Brandon? I had read something in Variety that he’d been cast in a new Netflix series or something?”

Valentina: “We were on an episode of Buying Beverly Beach recently but Netflix really is something he really likes to agree to do when he is tired of doing movies!”

Monsè: “I’m not gonna lie, girl. I still fan girl over Brandon. You snagged a good one!”

Monsè’s Confessional

“I had every Brandon Armani poster in my room when I was a teenager! He might’ve… matured, let himself go a little bit, but there is no denying that man is a star, hunni.”

Valentina: “Jac you’ll definitely have to meet Brandon! He’s a huge teddy bear. Don’t dare tell him I told you girls that!” She giggles.

Monsè: “Oh yeah, Brandon has been the sweetest the last couple times we met. He’s a keeper, but so are you girl! I can’t wait for you to meet the group, everyone needs some Valentina in their life”

Jac: “Oh wow! How amazing! Well Monsè, I guess your friend can stay! So long as she brings Brandon around! My mother would love an autographed picture. She’s a big fan!”

Valentina: “Jac, you are so gorgeous and remind me of what my 30’s looked like! You are to die for, Monsè you should’ve told me how much I’d love her!”

Jac: “Most people love the Jacqueline and ignore the ones who don’t. They’re likely drunk!” She snickers. “Just make sure you save the yacht days for us. The other girls wouldn’t know how to behave around such extravagance.”

The girls all laugh.

Valentina: “What do you girls say! Let’s go down to my dining room and have some brunch the chef has prepared for us!”

Monsè: “Yesss let’s do it. Alcohol and an empty stomach don’t mix well for Monsè.” She laughs.

Valentina: “Later I will have a DJ for us so we can dance on the top deck and get some tan!”

The scene ends with the girls going below deck to the cabin to eat.

We get shots of Beverly Beach Shores, a cute surf town right on the water. Inside of a swanky, dimly lit restaurant; Yvonne sits in a booth and looks around, then looks down at herself.

Yvonne Langley

Yvonne: “I feel like I’m dressed too vibrantly for this place.” She chuckles to herself and goes back to examining the drink menu.

Yvonne’s Confessional

After a much needed vacation to Costa Rica, I’m meeting up with Mona to talk. She’s had a lot going on in her life and left a bad taste in the group’s mouth. But I’m not here to chastise her, I want to hear her out and help her feel comfortable coming back into the fold.”

The camera switches to one outside.

Mona Quinn

It follows Mona as she gets out of her car and walks up the sidewalk to the restaurant. Before entering, she takes a deep breath and then begins smiling as she walks in.

Mona: “Hi Yvonne.” She remains smiling and thanks the host for helping her.

Yvonne: “Hi Mona.” She stands to hug her. “I’d ask how you’re doing but I think we all know the answer to that question.”

Mona: “Yeah, we do.” She lets out a forced laugh.

Yvonne: “Have a seat please! And don’t worry, the bill is on me tonight.” She motions to the seat across from her.

Mona: “Thank you, I appreciate it.”

Mona’s Confessional

“This is the first time I’ve been glammed up in a while and the first time I’m seeing someone from my group of friends. I’m actually really surprised out of everyone, it’s Yvonne. But when I updated my followers on social media, she texted right away and wanted to get together.

Mona’s Confessional

It’s good to know that someone does care.”

The server brings out a bottle of wine and pours it for the ladies, he also takes their orders.

Mona: “How have you been?”

Yvonne: “I’m great! Business is good, the gallery is still afloat, and I just came back from Costa Rica. I’m sure you saw. Life’s been kind to me but I know you can’t say the same right now.” She looks to Mona with pity.

Mona: “Um…” She pauses. “No I can’t but hopefully soon I’ll be able to. I’ve definitely had a rough go.”

Yvonne: “Yes, I obviously invited you here to talk through this rough patch. You were involved, and excuse my language, in a lot of the group’s bullshit last year. Then, poof! Gone without a trace. I even thought about sending the police to your home for a wellness check!”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Mona was at war with Sheridan on social media as well as on camera. Now, after radio silence for almost 3 months, she returns with a statement about mental health. What’s really going on?”

Mona stays silent for a second, just nodding before she responds.

Mona: “I’m sorry that I disappeared so abruptly without telling anyone but I just didn’t feel like I had anyone to go to, or that anyone would really care.” She sighs and starts to tear up. “I thought my life didn’t matter to anyone else anymore, even my own family. With the stress of everything going on from the group and from Adam it just completely broke me, and to the point where I contemplated just ending my life all together.”

Mona’s Confessional

“I do feel bad looking back that I just vanished but I also had to do what was right for me. And anything that I didn’t face or confront when I was at rehab, I’m willing to talk about now.”

Yvonne: “Listen, don’t cry.” She hands over a tissue from her clutch. “I know how life can be and how overwhelming being a public figure can get, but we still have to be accountable. At the end of the day, we all went through HELL last year and some even the year before! It’s not right to ghost even the dysfunctional sisterhood.”

Mona: “I’m sorry Yvonne but when I was in that spot of complete darkness and essentially rock bottom. I wasn’t thinking about what this group and other people thought of me…” She dabs her eye with the tissue. “I understand you girls may feel betrayed, upset, ghosted whatever it is. But I’m here now and I’m willing to talk with the girls about any feelings they have towards me.”

Mona’s Confessional

“In this new part of my life, I don’t need the drama that I had before. I want to move forward with the people I’ve hurt.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“It is sad to hear that Mona felt alone and afraid. However, by not communicating, it came off to me as a way of escape from answering for her stuff. That’s not acceptable.”

There is an awkward silence, but they are saved by the server bringing out their appetizers. Yvonne takes a deep breath and looks back to Mona.

Yvonne: “Look, there’s a fundraiser that my friend Heidi is having soon for mental health. I think you should come. All the ladies will be in attendance, you can say your piece, and we can hopefully move on as a collective. I do think that beyond your pain, you owe Sheridan an apology.”

Mona: “I will talk to Sheridan one on one because we do have unfinished business…” She nods.But, saying my piece to the girls I’m conflicted about. Think about every time I’ve addressed something with the group about my personal life and the snarky reactions I’ve gotten.”

Yvonne: “I’m sorry Mona but that’s par for the course in this group. I can’t shield you from it and you can’t run from it. The only thing you can control is your reaction.” She shrugs and picks up a piece of calamari.

Mona: “Here’s the thing, it doesn’t need to be par for the course with this group. If someone’s going through real shit, there doesn’t need to be hate.”

Mona’s Confessional

“I am not dealing with the shade and the drama from these girls anymore. And if I came to the group and said everything I’m telling Yvonne right now, they’d laugh and be mean. Im not at a place right now where I can deal with that. I’ll be vulnerable with the people I choose to be vulnerable with.”

Mona: “I’ll talk with Sheridan and anyone else who wants to clear something up with me.”

Yvonne: “It’s your story, it’s your choice. I just think that if you want to move forward, you have to swallow your pride and be honest.” She keeps a straight face and sips her wine.

Music starts to play as the scene comes to an end.

Mona: “Yvonne, I’m being completely honest and open! I’m not just going around to everyone and telling you what I told you today. I told you that because it seems you want to be there for me and I appreciate that…” She’s starting to look agitated. “Look, any questions or inquiries anyone has about the past three months I’ll answer for you. Does that work?”

Mona looks to Yvonne for an answer, Yvonne flicks her eyes up from picking at a piece of bread.

Yvonne: “So, does that mean you’ll be at Heidi’s fundraiser?”

Mona nods.

Mona: “Yeah — I’ll come to support the cause and to see everyone.”

Yvonne: “Great. We’ll cross the bridge about questions when we get there.”

We get a shot of Mona and it turns black and white.

As the screen fades black, the music continues playing over the episode credits.