[S8B]: Still to Come This Season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Beach…

(From L to R: Monsè DeRosier, Jac Carter, Sheridan Campbell, Yvonne Langley, Marcie Maples, & Valentina Armani)

The trailer begins with a rumble of thunder.

We then see lighting light up the sky.

Jac, Heidi, Monsè, Marcie, and Valentina sit on a rooftop lounge.

Jac: “They just jump on me for no reason!” She looks around the table. “There hasn’t been a single event in the last month where they haven’t swarmed me with their bullshit!” She clenches her napkin, the camera pans to her showing belly.

Monsè: “They are so desperate to paint Jac as this villain…” She nods.

Valentina: “She wants to take you down, Jac.” She sighs. “She tried to rally the troops and get us to paint you out in this bad light.”

Jac: “Oh, that’s beyond clear. She can try but…” She shrugs and widens her eyes. “It’s not going to work.”

Jac’s Confessional

“I think Sheridan is inherently a very sad soul. Her life is incredibly lonely, I can’t imagine how depressing it would be to stumble around that little empty shack of hers with nobody to love and hold. I completely understand why Marcus spends as much time as he can in Green Bay.”

The screen rewinds back, indicating the next scene will have happened prior to the trip. Jac and Sheridan seem to be having a heated discussion on Jac’s penthouse.

Sheridan: “Oh my God, Jaqueline!” She throws her hands up in disbelif. “You sound ridiculous! If you didn’t already have a daughter named Annabelle, I’d tell you to name this baby Annabelle…” She points to Jac’s stomach. “Because it has to be a demon seed that’s making you act this way.”

Jac’s jaw drop.

Sheridan: “Maybe you should stop having children with a man you don’t even love.” She smirks and stands up.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Why is Beau sleeping in the spare room when he’s in Beverly Beach? Why does he spend most nights back in Twitter? Why is Annabelle going to sleep without her father in the home every night?”

The camera rewinds one more time. We see Sheridan and former Housewife [S4–5], Imani Grimaldi, chatting in a shop.

Imani Grimaldi

Sheridan: “Jac and her drunken pitbull are coming after me.”

Imani: “Oh really?” Her eyes widen.

Sheridan: “I’m just pissed off at Jac for starting this bullshit. She’s fucking with my relationship. She needs to sit her ass down and rest those cankles and worry about her pregnancy.”

Imani: “I don’t think she’s taking this pregnancy well. Her attacking us over text is very weird…” She makes a face.

Imani’s Confessional

“Wow! Things are changing in the Beverly Beach, honey!

Coming Later This Season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Beach…

At a lavish beach party, the camera pans to Heidi and Marcie standing at the bar.

Heidi: “Did you see how tall that woman is?!” Her eyes widen. “Who is she?!”

Marcie: “She’s nobody relevant.” She scoffs.

Marcie’s Confessional

“I did Lorelei’s hair for forever.” She looks at the camera. “Trust me — I know Imani Grimaldi.”

The camera pans across the beach to show Sheridan introducing Imani to the other ‘Wives at the party .

Sheridan: “This is Imani, Lorelei’s sister! She’s great!”

Imani’s Confessional

“It’s been a long time since I’ve graced your screens, but she’s back! Recently, Sheridan and I have been closer than ever! At this point I’m closer with her than my sister, we have a true sisterhood and it’s very refreshing to be good with her.”

The scene switches to show Imani talking to Heidi and Valentina on a patio.

Imani: “Jac is acting miserable and off the chain lately. She reached out to my sister…” She pulls out her phone and shows Heidi and Valentina a screenshot. “She reached out to my fucking sister to film without me, thinking she wouldn’t tell me. She made fun of my domestic abuse!”

Heidi: “Oh my!”

Imani: “Jac wants to destroy my fucking life! This shit isn’t fun anymore.” She shakes her head.

Valentina: “I really thought Jac was a good person, but this paints a different picture.”

We see Heidi nodding along before the scene changes.

Sheridan and Imani are talking inside of a shop.

Imani: “So, who are you inviting to your party?” She raises an eyebrow.

Sheridan: “I’m thinking Yvonne, Monsè, Valentina, Heidi, and Jacqueline.” She flips her hair. “And of course you!”

Producer: “What about Marcie?”
Sheridan’s Confessional

“Why would I invite my hair dresser?”

We are now in a lounge next to a Polo field. Valentina, Marcie, Heidi, and Jac all sit together and sip drinks.

Valentina: “Do you feel like this group puts you down Marcie?”

Marcie: “I’ve worked really hard and I’ve totally felt belittled.” She dries her tears quickly.

Jac: “I feel like certain people do put you down, but I also feel like you need to stand up for yourself with these girls.” She looks at Marcie. “Don’t let them run over you.”

Valentina:“I agree with Jac.”

Heidi looks at Marcie, sadly, but shakes her head.

Heidi’s Confessional

“I sympathize with Marcie completely. She needs to stand up for herself and make her presence known…or else she’s going to just continue to be the punching bag of the group.”

We see Sheridan, Yvonne, Serena, and Valentina standing together at a farmer’s market, talking.

Yvonne: “Valentina, I do have a question for you…”

Valentina raises her eyebrow.

Yvonne: “Your husband is big in the entertainment industry. Do you think Monsè’s sister is sleeping with wealthy men to help Monsè and Gil with the bills at home?”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“It’s no secret that the Writer’s Strike is still trucking along with no signs of slowing down. I know Monsè and Gil are hurt by the lack of business so I’m thinking Phoebe’s just caught in a bad situation trying to help her sister.”

Valentina: “Are you kidding me?!”

Sheridan covers her mouth.

Yvonne: “How can you produce shows with no writers? You cant!”

We are now at a charity party. Jac is hastily getting up and gathering her belongings. She turns to the women.

Jac: “I don’t need this gremlin — “ She points to Yvonne. “this worn out condom — “ She points to Sheridan. “or this botched barbie — “ She points to Imani. “speaking about my family.”

The women look at one another and Imani rolls her eyes.

Imani: “Girl, shut it! Go get lost! Go cry yourself to sleep. Thinking your man loves you, please.” She scoffs and laughs a bit.

Jac: “BYE CUMDUMP!” She waves theatrically at Imani as she struts away.

The scene changes and we now see some of the ‘Wives of their significant others sitting at a dinner table in Jac and Beau’s penthouse.

Heidi is addressing new ‘Friend of’, Serena Ames.

Heidi: “I don’t bullshit. Somebody told me you leaked the Photoshopped image of me in my dress to Taylor.”

Jac: “Serena?” Her mouth drops.

Heidi: “Are you going to admit to it or continue playing fawn in the woods?” She cocks her head.

The camera pans to Serena and her husband, and older white gentleman.

Serena: “Oh no! Wait a minute!” She chuckles. “Let’s watch how we are talking to people. I’m still Serena Ames. And you are still Heidi…”

There is now a small leap in time. Serena and Heidi are now in an animated discussion while the rest of the table watch in horror, especially the men.

Heidi: “What do you do all day?! I am a member of high society! You do what?! Fuck a hot white dude!? I make a difference in this world!” She glares at Serena. “You lay on your back texting Taylor Thompson, girlie!”

Serena: “Let’s not make up lies to win an argument, girlie! I own salons. And from what I heard, you don’t have a salary job anymore because of your substance abuse issues!”

Serena: “Miss Heidi, you pay to be in circles. I am invited into them! We are not the same.” She smiles. “Wheewww, I would be embarrassed too sista girl!”

The scene switches to a Turkish bathhouse where Serena and Valentina are in a private tub together, talking.

Valentina: “No! Wait! Hold on!” She looks at Serena, baffled. “Are you trying to imply I’m some type of mean girl or something?”

Serena: “You are definitly giving off mean girl energy!” She shrugs. “It’s not becoming of a woman your age.”

There is a scream as Valentina springs up and slaps the water sending a large splash right in Serena’s face.

Serena: “Did you just assualt me?!”

The screen turns to black as we hear crew rushing in and Valentina screaming. The trailer ends.