[S7E16]: The Final Stand

Real Housewives of Beverly Beach
39 min readJun 7, 2023
(From L to R: Monsè DeRosier, Mona Quinn, Yvonne Langley, Sheridan Campbell, Bree Bailey, Lorelei Sullivan, & Grace Faroe)

The episode begins with various shots of Beverly Beach. Holiday decorations are mostly all down in the city, more people seem to be out and about. The camera zooms to show Monsè and Gil’s mansion.


Inside, Monsè has just gotten a bottle of water from the refrigerator and she walks into the adjacent living room. Gil and his parents, Mirlande and Sam, are lounging and watching a show.

Gil, Samuel, & Mirlande

Monsè: “Hey guys, can we have a chat for a second?”

Samuel turns off the TV.

Samuel: “Sure, Monsè. What do you want to talk about?”

Monsè: “Come on, let’s go sit in the kitchen so we can all see eachother.” She smiles.

Samuel, Mirlande, and Gil follow Monsè to sit at their big dining table that is right off the kitchen.

Monsè’s Confessional

“With all the drama at home and with the girls, I’ve been doing some thinking lately, and I have a big announcement to share with everyone. I hope they take it well because I don’t know what else to do at this point. I just need some stress out of my life.” She throws her hands up.

Monsè: “I’ve been thinking alot about my future — “ She looks to Gil.Our future — and I’ve decided that it might be good for me to take a temporary leave from the company.”

Gil’s family all exchange confused looks.

Mirlande: “What does this mean, temporary leave?”

Monsè sighs.

Monsè: “I need some time to figure out what I really want in life. I’ve been so focused on my career that I haven’t had a chance to think about anything else. I need to take a step back and really reevaluate my priorities.”

For the first time we see Mirlande beaming with joy.

Mirlande: “Oh, this is wonderful Monse! Finally, you’ve come to your senses. When is our new baby boy coming?”

Gil: “Wait, wait, wait, Ma — “ He turns to Monsè. “Monsè, I know what I said but you’ve worked so hard to get where you are. Why would you want to throw it all away?”

Monsè: “I’m not throwing anything away. I just need some time to figure things out. And Mirlande, I’m still not budging on the babies… yet.”

Mirlande’s face drops, Samuel clutches her hand.

Mirlande: “ I don’t understand. You do not want to work but you shun your responsibilities as a mother? This is everything wrong with this generation!” She starts huffing and puffing, fanning herself dramatically.

Monsè’s Confessional

“What Mirlande doesn’t seem to get is that this isn’t just about me. It’s about bettering myself so I can be a role model for my family, not some crazy workaholic robot. If that makes me selfish, then so be it.”

Gil: “Ma, Monsè as the right to make her own decisions. She’s not happy with the way things are right now, and we need to support her.”

Samuel nods, looking at his wife.

Samuel: “I agree with Gil. If the girl needs some time to figure things out, we should let her. They are still young.”

Mirlande: “No!” She shakes her head and crosses her arms. “I won’t have it! Monsè — you know how we value family in our culture. It’s time for you to step up. You have fooled around long enough.” She points at her.

Monsè scoffs and begins to say something, but then Gil interrupts.

Gil: “Mom, enough!”

Gil yells and the room gets quiet.

Gil: “This is Monsé’s choice and I support her 1000%. I love you, but this is our life and no one is going to make decisions for us.”

The camera pans to Mirlande who looks hurt, Samuel rubs her back but nods. Gil looks pissed off, Monsè turns to him smiling a bit.

Mirlande: “Okay, then. I guess that matter is settled…” She says quietly.

Monsè reaches across the room for Mirlande’s hand and looks at her compassionately.

Monsè: “Look — we really love you guys and I am forever grateful for you taking on parental roles in my life when we were living with you when Gil and I first got married. But, we have our own family now. We just need some time to figure out what’s best for our family. All we want is your support. Can you do that for us?”

Samuel: “We’ll be here for you every step of the way. You’re an amazing woman, Monsè. You are the best thing that’s happened to our son, and our family.”

We see Gil smiling now, Mirlande gives Samuel a look before turning back to Monsè.

Mirlande: “Yes, we’re here for you Monsè. We are family.” She smiles tightly.

Monsè’s Confessional

“I’m surprised Gil stood up to his mom tonight, but damn, it’s about time! Maybe things didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped, but it’s a start. Gil’s mom will come around eventually. I mean, it’s been almost 15 years.” She laughs. “Maybe it will take 15 more! Who knows? But being with Gil and having him as the father of my child is beyond worth it.”

Monsè now looks relieved. Gil’s parents stand up to leave, Monsè and Gil both give them hugs as they disappear into the house. Monsè and Gil migrate to the kitchen where he begins pouring them both a glass of wine.

Gil: “Are you okay?”

Monsè: “I guess. I thought your mom was gonna murder me there for a second.”

Gil just chuckles.

Gil: “You know I wouldn’t let that happen. I’ve got you, always. Sorry if it felt like I didn’t before.”

Monsè: “Thanks, babe. I know you do.” She walks over and gives him a kiss. “Now, let’s go work on that baby.”

Gil: “I thought you said — “ He looks confused for a second. “Ohhh!” He grins.

Monsè winks and runs out of the kitchen and up the stairs, wine glass in hand. Gil grabs the bottle and runs after her. The scene ends.

Music plays as we get shots of an upscale suburb of Beverly Beach. The camera shows Grace and her girlfriend, Vivian, walking into a wine bar, holding hands.

Grace & Vivian

They find a table in the middle of the room and a server comes up to them.

Grace: “Could we get a bottle of your house red, please? We have someone joining us shortly.”

Grace’s Confessional

“Yvonne agreed in Vegas to sit down and talk with Vivian. The day is here. I have a lot I need to talk with Yvonne about because lately, our friendship has definitely been off and that might be on both sides. I think the goal on all sides today is to clear everything up and move forward. None of us want to fall out, there’s too much history involved, particularly for Yvonne and I.”

The camera pans to show Yvonne walking into the wine bar. She chats with the host and he directs her to Grace and Vivian’s table.


Yvonne: “Hello ladies, how are the two of you?”

Grace: “Hi! Good to see you.”

Vivian: “We’re good. It’s nice to see you.” She smiles.

Yvonne: “Nice to see you two as well…”

Yvonne takes a seat and Grace hands her a glass of red.

Yvonne: “Let me start by saying this is really important to me.” She turns to Vivian. “Grace and I have been friends for over 20 years. I attended her first wedding, she was there for the birth of my daughter, and vice versa- I was at everything to support her family.”

Vivian nods, taking it in.

Vivian: “I understand that totally. I have nothing but respect for the history between you both.”

Yvonne: “I just want to understand where your comments came from that night at Jacqueline’s home…”

Grace’s eyes dart to Vivian.

Yvonne: “I’m sure you could sense that I was already in a tight spot, why add gas to the fire?”

Grace: “It was a rough night for a lot of us.”

Yvonne: “I agree and I apologize for making it tense. I support women, it’s never my style to bring someone’s abuser to flaunt in their face.”

Vivian: “As far as my comments go, it wasn’t said to hurt you. You were clearly heated and I just wondered if something was amiss, that’s all. In reflection, I could’ve maybe taken you aside.”

Yvonne: “I appreciate your reflection, Vivian. As the both of you know, I’m not a conflict or confrontation-driven person so getting it from all sides including friends made a bad situation even worse.”

Grace: “I appreciate you saying that because that’s what I was trying to help you see and it felt like that message wasn’t being received at the time, maybe because you didn’t want to hear it, I don’t know.”

Vivian: “Thank you for understanding.”

Yvonne: “I genuinely was caught off guard. As much as Lorelei doesn’t want to hear it, I do care for her but I also knew Morgan prior to them hooking up. So, I had no idea where to go and she kind of backed me into a wall.” She bites her lip. “I don’t know, and I don’t want to get too far off topic, I’m here to make amends.”

Grace: “I can see both sides but yes, let’s keep on topic.” She nods.

Grace’s Confessional

“I wish Yvonne would have this same energy for Lorelei because if she did, I genuinely think Lorelei would be open to hearing her regret and her explanation.”

Yvonne: “I want to move forward with the two of you and be a good friend to you both.”

Vivian: “We want that too.” She sips her wind and then holds Grac’e hand.

Grace: “I want to move forward too. I hate fighting and we’ve been friends too long to fall out. Now that we’re good, Yvonne. We have some news…” She smiles and looks at Vivian. “Do you want to tell her?”

Vivian: “No, it’s for you to tell. Go on…” She giggles.

The couple turns to a curious Yvonne.

Grace: “Well, when we got back from Vegas, Vivian surprised me with a intimate candelit dinner and well… she asked me to marry her.”

Yvonne begins to gasp, but then stops.

Yvonne: “Wait, before I get excited, did you say yes?” She looks at Grace’s hand.

Grace holds up her ring finger, beaming and showing off the impressive engagement ring.

Grace: “Of course I did!”

Grace’s Confessional

“I honestly never thought I’d ever get married again but I love Vivian so much and when she asked me, I knew I couldn’t say no. We want to spend the rest of our lives together.”

Yvonne: “Oh my gosh, that’s so wonderful! Congratulations ladies!” She examines the ring closely.

Vivian: “Thank you, we’re both very happy.” She pats Grace’s thigh.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I’m not entirely sure what Vivian does for a living but to afford a rock like that, it must bring home the bacon because Grace’s finger is shining bright!”

Grace: “Our upcoming ‘Bond Girls’ party is actually going to be a surprise engagement party!” She smiles.

Yvonne: “Oh my goodness, I have to bring a gift! Do you two have a registry? What are the colors of the wedding? Does Dimitri know? Do we care that he knows — “ She stops herself. “Sorry, I feel like I’m being distracting but I have so many questions!”

Grace: “It’s alright!” She laughs. “Dimitri does know, yes, Vivian actually spoke to him beforehand she told me. She wanted him to be on board, since this affects our children at the end of the day.”

Vivian: “Also, our engagement hasn’t broken news-wise yet, but we think it will have by the night of the party. You’re one of the first people outside of the family that we’ve told!”

Yvonne: “How is Megan? Have you talked to her, especially with the vile things some of the ladies have said?” She pours herself another glass and swirls it around.

Grace: “Megan and I are on a better path with each other, we’re slowly rebuilding. Her and Gemini are having a few issues right now but I’m trying to manage that. As for the vile things that the group has said, I’ve not spoken to her about it as of yet. I don’t know how she’d take such vile lies being spread about her.” She looks down.

Vivian looks over at Grace, concerned.

Vivian: “Grace has been very upset about this, to be honest. So much that she hired a private investigator to find out where the lies came from.”


Yvonne: “Well, do all roads lead back to someone within our group or who do you think started it?”

Grace and Vivian both nods.

Grace: “I absolutely believe it does. From what the private investigator was able to recover and relay to me, it appears that it’s from multiple people in the group which can only lead me to assume that there was a plot to bring this up on camera.”

Vivian: “It’s disgusting.” She shakes her head.

Yvonne: “The group has been so toxic this year, it’s shocking. I definitely think we need to hit the reset button.” She shrugs.

Grace: “I know who the ringleader of it all is. That truth hurt me at first but now I see that person for exactly who they are.”

Yvonne: “Who is it?”

Grace: “It’s Sheridan Campbell.” She narrows her eyes. “She’s your woman.”

Yvonne’s eyes widen as she looks at an agitated Grace and Vivian. We get one final shot of the wine bar and the scene ends.

Music plays as we see Downtown Beverly Beach all lit up and bustling at night. The camera pans over the high-rise apartment building Jac.

In Jac’s penthouse, she is talking to a shirtless bartender at a popup bar she set up next to her kitchen.

Jac & Andreas

Jac: “Andreas, you look good! And make an amazing cocktail.” She grins and sips hers.

Andreas: “Thank you, beautiful.”

Jac giggles.

Jac: “Now, I’m not liable if any of these ladies hit on you tonight…”

Jac’s Confessional

“It’s been a dark time for this group of girls recently, so I thought I’d invite them over for a little slumber party! I know that Sheridan and Mona aren’t getting along right now but I’m demanding that they at least be cordial. Actually scratch that, I want these bitches kissing by the end of the night and I won’t accept anything less.”

Outside in the hallway, Sheridan and Lorelei approach Jac’s door. Sheridan bangs on it.

Lorelei & Sheridan

Sheridan: “Jac, open the fucking door!” She laughs as she holds a bottle of tequila.

Jac scurries to the door and opens it, letting the Sheridan and Lorelei in.

Jac: “Well hello, ladies! Come on in!”

Lorelei: “Hello, hello, Jac!” She smiles. “Thank you for inviting me.”

Sheridan: “Yesss, this outfit, Jac! I should have dressed in lingerie!”

Jac does a twirl.

Jac: “Well, the theme for tonight is bonding and repair, so what better way to repair then with my tits out.”

As Jac, Lorelei, and Sheridan talk in the kitchen there is another knock. Jac goes to open the door and Monsè and Mona enter together.

Monsè & Mona

Monsè: “The party is here!”

Jac: “Come in, girlies! Thank you both for coming!”

Mona’s Confessional

“Tonight I decided to mix it up and wear the most extra outfit I could find, especially being around the most extra girls in Beverly Beach.”

Mona and Monsè enter, greeting Sheridan and Lorelei.

Lorelei: “Mona Quinn! You have stepped out tonight honey!” She turns to Jac. “So, I hope there is some delicious drinks tonight! Slumber parties aren’t right without them.”

Jac: “Oh girl, you think I’m going to have an outfit like this on and not supply the booze?”

Jac leads the ‘Wives over to Andreas and the bar.

Jac: “Meet Andreas! Andreas is going to be our bartender for tonight!”

Mona: “Let’s get this party started!”

Mona’s Confessional

“Whew….Andreas is fiiiinnnneeee!”

Sheridan: “Hey Andreas!”

Monsè: “Hi Andreas! I hope you’re a heavy pour, I’m ready to turn up tonight.” She laughs.

Andreas: “Hello ladies! I’ve made some cosmos for you all!”

He begins handing the drinks out as the girls chat more.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“No Faroe and no Bree Barely means a good night. Maybe without anyone here encouraging Mona to hate me, we will get somewhere. I tried to start over in Bali and that didn’t quite go the way I wanted but tonight with the help of our friends maybe we will get somewhere?”

There is a quick shot of Mona, then the girls head into Jac’s lounge area and sit on the couches.

Jac: “So girls before we start, I’d like to make a little toast…”

Jac holds up her cosmo and the rest of the ladies follow suit.

Jac: “For the last few months, I’ve loved getting to know each and every one of you. As much drama as there has been, I really feel like we all have the potential to put it behind us and move forward as a group of girlfriends who support each other. We’re all dynamic, beautiful and successful women who have been through so much and I know that tonight is going to be the start of a new chapter and if you bitches don’t get along then I won’t be letting Andreas do the rest of his job…” She pauses and speaks loudly. “DO YOU HEAR ME?!” She laughs.

Jac’s Confessional

“Yes, Andreas is an exotic dancer with a 10 inch beep beep. So if these girlies want to see it, then they’ll behave.”

Mona: “I hear you loud and clear, Jac!”

Monsè: “I agree with Jac. It’s been a long year for all of us. Tonight let’s just let loose and have a good time. Okay?” She looks around at the other girls.

Sheridan: “I’m here for a good time, a great night, and fun with you bitches!”

Jac: “Cheers BITCHES!”

Sheridan, Jac, Lorelei, Mona, and Monsè all clink glasses.

Sheridan: “Now, Let’s take a shot girlies!!!”

Lorelei: “Andreasssssssssssss bring us the whole bottle! Tequila, please!”

Andreas brings over a bottle of tequila and shot glasses. Mona pours everyone a shot, the camera pans to show her pouring two for herself. The girls down their shots.

Lorelei: “Okay girl! You wanna get wasted tonight?!” She looks as Mona throws back her second shot.

Mona: “Let’s do it girl!”

Jac: “Let’s just all get wasted.” She pours herself another shot.

Monsè: “Yesss now this is a girl’s night!”

Jac: “WOO! I’m taking this shot for the recently single MONA QUINN!” She holds her shot up and looks to Andreas. “Did you hear that, Andreas? SINGLE!” She winks.

Andreas just laughs. The girls get up and start dancing.

Lorelei: “We should play strip true or dare! I just wanna see Monsè naked.” She laughs.

Monsè: “In your dreams biiiiitch!”

Andreas come over and stands over Lorelei; dipping her head back as he pours a shot down her throat. The ‘Wives all cheer her on.

Jac: “This is what it’s all about, ladies!”

Lorelei’s Confessional

“You see what happens when the old pointed nose bitch Yvonne isn’t around? We all get along.” She snorts. “I’m just kidding. Yvonne is a gorgeous woman.” She blinks. “Fingers crosses behind my back, bitch!”

Mona turns to Sheridan.

Mona: “This is giving me so many flashbacks to Bourbon Street.” She laughs. “I was soooo drunk in NOLA!”

Lorelei: “New Orleans was a fun trip!”

Monsè: “Mona gave me all the tea on that trip. You hoes are crazy!” She laughs.

Sheridan: “That was such a fun time! Remember we were in the very back of the van Mona? We entered through the trunk I think.”

Mona: “Yes the back of the van that’s the only part I remember! So much fun!”

Monsè’s Confessional

“The New Orleans trip was such a good time. Mona and I really bonded over helping drunk ass Jenisa.”

Mona’s Confessional

“It’s kinda sad to see how close Sheridan and I were getting and how it’s all fallen apart in the past two years. I hope eventually we can get to a place where we’re not at each others throats.”

Jac: “What else happened on Bourbon Street?! Did that hoe Sheridan have her tits out again?”

Sheridan: “The tits were out, Jac!” She nods.

Jac: “Was that pre or post boob job?”

Sheridan: “Bitch!” She elbows Jac. “My tits are naturally large!”

Lorelei: “She had a boob job?!” She gasps over dramatically. “I knew it! Sheridan!”

Sheridan: “These titties are all mine girls! My nipples still point straight like a laser okay!” She refills her cup. “May have to point at you hoes before the nights over!”

Jac grabs Sheridan’s boob.

Jac: “I don’t know…I feel an implant. Mona grab the other one and tell me what you think?”

Mona: “No I think these things are real.” She caresses Sheridan’s boob.

Lorelei: “I mean, they’re gorgeous either way honey! Motorboat worthy!” She shakes her own chest. “Mine are fake!”

Lorelei flashes the girls and they squeal. The camera pans to Monsè who covers her eyes but peaks between her fingers.

Monsè’s Confessional

“Okay, maybe I caught a little peek when Lorelei flashed us. Her doctor did a good job!”

Lorelei: “They look nice, don’t they?” She laughs, clearly tipsy.

Sheridan: “Love those tittes, Lorelei!”

Lorelei’s Confessional

“This is why I do not drink dark liquor. I will forget who I am as an entire person and become the biggest whore in Macy’s window. Whew! Xavier, love you honey. Don’t watch!”

Sheridan turns to Lorelei and Monsè.

Sheridan: “Look how the two of you are looking at eachother, my God, girls…kiss already!”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Monsè and Lorelei definitely have some sexual chemistry! Especially when they drink.”


Lorelei: “We already did!” She laughs. “It was a peck.”

Monsè: “I was jumped!”

Jac: “A peck? No no no. I want to see tongues. Give us some washing machine action!”

Sheridan: “Tongue her down, Lorelei!”

Lorelei laughs obnoxiously, clearly drunk at this point.

Lorelei: “Nooooo I am a married woman!! I can’t just be making out with my friend Monsè…. Even though she is gorgeous.”

Monsè: “And Gil would kill me! I appreciate the compliment though lover!” She blows a kiss at Lorelei.

Sheridan: “Okay, okay, okay! When the cameras go down!”

Jac’s Confessional

“See this is what hanging out with girlfriends should be like. I’m walking around with vagina being covered by dental floss, Mona has Sheridan’s boobs in her hands and Lorelei and Monsè are on the brink of taking their relationship to the next level!”

One of the final shots is a drunk Lorelei at the bar, she is rubbing Andreas’ bare chest.

Lorelei: “You sir are hot.”

The scene begins to fade as the girls drink and chat even more.

It’s a new day in Beverly Beach! We get various shot of some of the ‘Wives getting ready for Grace’s ‘Bond Girl’ Finale party. Mona and Monsè are getting their glam done together. Xavier is helping Lorelei pick out an outfit. Yvonne is getting her hair done. The scene finally lands on Sheridan’s restaurant, Bell Camp.

A small group of people mingle in the dining room.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Today we are celebrating the two year anniversary of Bell Camp and it’s a family affair! All of the family is here to support the accomplishment of having a successful restaurant for the past two years despite the hurdles and the hatred spewed by the women in this group.”

Cameras show Sheridan’s parents hugging her.

Sheridan: “I’m so glad you guys could make it!”

Stacy: “We wouldn’t miss it!”

Frank: “We’re so proud of you and the empire you’ve built!”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I got word that Grace was going to pull a stunt, so I’m not going to her party. I’m over the girls constantly coming at me. I rather be at peace with the ones I love. This is a really huge day for me; Not only am I celebrating the restaurant and my accomplishments, but I’m introducing Marcus to my family — and Martin.”

Sheridan’s boyfriend Marcus walks into Bell Camp, he hands Sheridan flowers and gives her a kiss.

Sheridan: “Hey baby, love!” She smiles. “Thank you so much.” She turns to her parents. “Mama, daddy — this is Marcus. The man I’ve been telling you both about.”

Sheridan’s parents, Stacy and Frank, look him up and down. Stacy reaches out for a hug.

Stacy: “Come here, thank you for picking up our baby when she was down.”

Marcus: “Sheridan down? Nah, she’s always up.”

Sheridan and her parents laugh.

Frank: “So my daughter tells me you are in the league — the NFL eh? I much prefer football to basketball.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“My dad is so shady, I can’t!”

Marcus: “Yeah man, skipped practice today to be here for this ole girl.”

Sheridan: “Whatever! He has the day off.” She laughs.

Frank: “Well take care of our baby. She’s a needy one.”

Marcus: “Don’t I know…”

As Marcus, Sheridan, and her parents chat; the camera pans to the front door. Sheridan’s ex Martin walks in with his ten year old son, MJ.

Sheridan looks over, then downs her glass of champagne.

Sheridan: “I’ll be…right back.” She looks aloof.

Concerned, Sheridan’s mother goes with Sheridan to the back office.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“I knew Martin would be here as he is my business partner, but I didn’t know I’d see MJ today. My heart sank seeing him.”

In the back office, Sheridan sits in a chair.

Stacy: “What’s wrong, Sheridan?” She holds her hand.

Sheridan: “Martin is here with MJ…”

Stacy: “Oh baby, it’s okay. Talk to MJ. You love that little boy and he loves you. Martin knows. Just because you aren’t with his father anymore doesn’t have to impact the bond y’all share.”

Sheridan: “I know…just, give me a minute.”

Stacy nods and the camera follows her out of the office. Back in the dining room, Stacy walks up to Martin and and MJ. She taps Martin on the shoulder.

Martin: “Mrs. Campbell.” He hugs her. “What’s up? You good?”

Stacy: “Sheridan is in the office crying because she wants to see MJ but is scared you’ll be mad.”

Martin: “Mannn, she so…” He looks to MJ. “You wanna go talk to Sheridan?”

Stacy: “I think it would be good. Out whole family adores you, MJ. Especially Sher. You were…are very special to her.”

Martin: “I doubt she’s gonna wanna talk to me. MJ, go ger her from the office and bring her out.”

MJ nods and Stacy leads him back to the office. He gently knocks on the door and enters.

MJ: “Sher…?” He pops his head in.

Sheridan has clearly been crying, she puts on a brave face and smiles at MJ.

Sheridan: “Hey baby, you’ve gotten so tall.” She wipes some tears.

MJ: “I’m growing up, Sher.”

Sheridan: “Oh hush! Give me a hug!”

The two hug.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Seeing that MJ still wants me in his life and loves and treats me the same truly is everything to me. Not being able to have my own child, this is the closest I may ever get. I love him like my own.”

Sheridan: “MJ, you know I love you forever, no matter if your dad and I are together, or I’m with someone else, you’ll always be my little baby.”

MJ laughs.

MJ: “I ain’t no baby but I love you too Sheridan now let’s get out there because my daddy wanna see you too.”

Sheridan: “Oh Lord! He sees me all the time at the restaurant.”

MJ and Sheridan walk out into the dining room holding hands. They approach Martin who is already mingling with Sheridan’s parents and her new boyfriend Marcus.

Sheridan: “Oh — You two have met?”

Marcus: “Yeah, my boy was telling me y’all plan on expanding Bell Camp.”

Martin: “Yessir!”

Sheridan: “We’ve definitely had those discussions.”

Marcus: “Well you know I support you making ya money moves, girl. Show out!”

Martin: “That she will.”

The guys laugh and Sheridan rolls her eyes playfully.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Of course these two get along. Men are so easy.”

MJ: “Daddy tell Sheridan what you said earlier!”

Martin: “Boy, hush!” He shoots his son a look.

Sheridan: “What is it?!”

Martin: “It’s nothing — Marcus, let’s go get a shot, bro.”

Marcus: “Bet!”

The two walk off and leave MJ with Sheridan.

Sheridan: “What did your daddy say?”

MJ: “Promise you won’t tell?”

Sheridan: “I promise.” She nods.

MJ: “He loves you.” He grins.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Ohhh Lordy.”

Sheridan: “Well, I love your dad too. I’ll always be here for him like I’m here for you, Buddy.”

MJ: “Yeah but you need to be with my daddy not Marcus.”

Sheridan laughs a bit.

Sheridan: “You sound like your father.” She makes a face. “Mind your business.” She kisses MJ’s forehead. “Let’s go get you some food.”

Sheridan’s Confessional

“This year has been one of change for me. Winning the restaurant case, Martin moving out and us moving on, my newfound relationship with Marcus, and the weird vibe in my friend group had all added up to a year of change and shifting. I’m not perfect, but I do know when I’m done and over something. I’m over my relationship with Martin. I’m over my friendships with some of the ladies in this group, but I’m not done growing and changing.”

The last shot of the scene is MJ and Sheridan sitting next to her parents and Marcus. She steals a fry off MJ’s plate and he giggles.

Sheridan’s Confessional

“Who knows what’s to come in the future? Cheers to change, bitches!”

Sheridan’s End Card

We see shots of a fancy mansion that Grace and Vivian rented out for their ‘Bond Girls’ surprise engagement party!

The couple stands greeting their guests as they come ingo the party.

Vivian & Grace
Grace’s Confessional

“Tonight is a huge night for us as we’ll be able to share our big news with everyone. Out of the ladies, Yvonne is the only one I’ve told. It’ll be nice to share our news with everyone else so they can celebrate.”

Lorelei is the first to walk in, she takes a champagne flute then goes and kisses Grace and Vivian on their cheeks.


Lorelei: “Hi, sweet girls!”

Grace: “Hi honey, you look fabulous. Very…Melania Trump!” She laughs.

The camera focuses on Yvonne as she walks into the party behind a group of people coming in.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“When Grace text me that the dress code for this event, I figured I’d do something out of the ordinary and do a little pants suit.”

Grace and Vivian smile at Yvonne.

Grace: “Vonnie! I like the suit!” She smiles.

Yvonne: “I brought you two one of my favorite wines for the special occasion. And to celebrate our rekindling.” She holds up a bag.

Grace: “Aw, thank you! This is very kind.” She takes the gift.

Vivian: “Yes, thank you, Yvonne. We do enjoy a nice glass of wine out on the deck some nights.”

Jac and Victoria are the next to enter together.

Victoria & Jac

Jac: “How fabulous is this?!”

Victoria looks around and scrunches up her nose.

Victoria: “Very cheap!” She laughs and takes a champagne flute.

Jac nudges her and giggles.

Jac’s Confessional

“Tonight is a little bitter sweet! I’m so excited to be here with Grace and celebrate her new Bond movie but…”

Producer: “Grace isn’t in a Bond movie…”
Jac’s Confessional

“Then why the hell are we dressed as Bond girls?”

Vivian: “Hello, ladies. You both look fabulous!” She greets both Jac and Victoria.

Grace: “Hi.” She turns away from Victoria.

Jac: “MY GRACIE! You look stunning!” She hugs her, then turns to Yvonne. “Yvonne, trying to steal my look?!”

Yvonne: “You didn’t call me to tell me that we’d be wearing the same thing! I have to sue you now.” The girls laugh.

Vivian: “Hi Yvonne!!! You look lovely! You and Jac look like twin brothers!”

Victoria’s Confessional

“Is Jac and Yvonne in competition for lesbian Bond???”

Yvonne: “Is that a compliment or are you going to shade me like you usually do Grace tonight?”

Victoria: “Compliment!”

The camera pans to show Grace roll her eyes.

Grace’s Confessional

“Listen, I don’t fuck with Victoria. I don’t fuck with her the same way I’m not fucking with Sheridan right now.”

Mona and Monsè walk in together.

Mona & Monsè

Monsè: “Hey pretty lady!” She hugs Grace. “You are killing it in this dress, wow!”

Grace: “My girls! I’m so glad you could make it! You both look fabulous tonight!”

Lorelei: “Monsè! You look amazing, sweetie!”

Vivian hugs Mona.

Vivian: “It’s so nice to see you! I’ve been meaning to call to check in on how you’re doing.”

Mona: “Oh you’re so sweet! Yea, I’ve been doing alright. Just taking things day by day.” She smiles. “What a fun theme! Thanks for having us!”

Monsè: “This party really is amazing.” She looks around.

Jac: “This party is amazing and I think we all look amazing! Look at my girl Mona, covering up that cooch!” She laughs and playfully pushes her.

Mona: “I revealed too much at your slumber party I gotta cover up!” She laughs.

Yvonne: “Mona, give me a hug honey. I love this dress!”

Jac: “The slumberparty was so fun, by the way! I’ll tell you that Mona knows how to tongue a girl down!” She tucks some hair behind her ear.

Yvonne: “Mona, you’re a lesbian?” She pulls away.

Jac: “She kissed both set of lips!” She snickers. “Just kidding.”

Mona: “Girl, I am not a lesbian, what I am is a good kisser!” She grins at Yvonne. “Go back to complimenting my dress Yvonne.”

We get a shot of Yvonne looking around and sipping her drink.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“As the ladies trickle in, I can’t help but notice that Bree and Sheridan are nowhere to be found. Were they uninvited or are they just not showing up?”

Grace, Vivian, Yvonne, Mona, Monsè, Victoria, and Jac all stand around, chatting.

Yvonne: “I talked to Sheridan earlier. I know she isn’t coming but is there a reason Bree isn’t here either?”

Lorelei: “You wouldn’t care anyways, Yvonne. So why ask?” She shakes her head and sips her drink.

Grace: “I’m surprised she’s not here. Last I heard, she said she was coming. I think she even said she might be bringing someone, I don’t know.”

Lorelei’s Confessional

“I am not surprised at all Bree decided to not come. These last few months for her around this group of women have been rough and I know she’s dealing with a lot. Taking a step back from the group is probably what she needs currently.”

Jac: “I actually spoke to Bree on the phone for 3 hours last night.”

Some of the girls look at Jac, shocked.

Grace: “3 hours? What for?!” She laughs and sips her drink.

Jac: “We discussed a lot but I know she would’ve loved to have been here.”

Grace’s Confessional

“Thanks for the heads up, Bree. You can inform Jac you’d like to have come but can’t even let the hostess know? RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL!”

Jac’s Confessional

“No, I didn’t speak with Bree. I don’t even have the number to her telephonic device.”

Grace puts her drink down at a nearby table.

Grace: “If you’d excuse me, ladies. I need to quickly go and make my big announcement to everyone!” She takes Vivian’s hand. “Let’s do this.”

Grace and Vivian walks up the stairs and stand on the balcony, over looking the party. Grace takes the microphone and the party goes silent.

Grace: “Ladies and gentlemen, could I have your attention for a moment please? So, first of all, on behalf of myself and Vivian, we’d both like to thank you all for joining us here tonight. It might seem strange and out of the blue, however we’ve been a bit naughty and lured you all here under false pretenses because we have some news to share…” She hands the microphone to Vivian.

Vivian: “Tonight’s party is no ordinary party. It is in fact a party to celebrate… our engagement. Last week, I asked Grace to marry me and she said yes!”

The party erupts into applause and cheering.

Lorelei: “Oh my gosh! Aw!” She chokes on her champagne.



Victoria: “I KNOW THAT’S RIGHT!” She claps.

Monsè: “What?!?! Oh my god, congrats you two!!!”

Mona: “AHH! I’m so happy for you two!”

Lorelei: “Congratulations!” She claps.

We get a shot of Vivian and Grace kissing.

Grace’s Confessional

“It genuinely feels so great to be able to share this news with the ladies. Vivian’s all I want and I know we’re going to be so happy together. AHHH! I’m getting married! Again! But, who’s counting?!”

Grace: “Enjoy your evening and celebrate with us everyone. Thank you.” She smiles and puts the microphone down.

We see Grace rejoin the ‘Wives as they congratulate her.

Mona: “Grace, you’re so lucky to have a woman like Vivian I’m so so happy for you both!”

Grace: “Thank you!”

Mona: “Have you and Vivian talked about wedding plans or anything?”

Grace: “We’re thinking of getting married in the summer. We’re not sure where yet. We want to let the engagement bed in first and enjoy being fiancés.”

Victoria: “If you need a singer I’m here Grace!” She sings off-key.

Yvonne: “Victoria, let’s just make sure you get an invitation.”

Grace snickers and then Jac holds up her phone.

Jac: “Sheridan just sent me a text wanting me to congratulate you Gracie! Her exact words were, ‘Congrats’.”

Victoria: “No emoji?” She snickers.

Grace: “Kind of her, considering what I’ve recently come to learn…”

The ’Wives look to her, curious.

Jac: “What have you learnt?”

Yvonne: “Grace told me that she found out who started the rumor about Megan’s maternity. Is it someone here tonight?” She looks to the girls.

Grace gives Yvonne a look.

Grace: “I’ll take it from here, sweetie.”

Monsè: “Oh here we go again…” Her eyes widen.

Lorelei: “Always a messy bunch, huh?” She plays with her earrings.

Lorelei’s Confessional

“Of course Yvonne would take a loving moment of Grace getting engaged to ruin it and start some mess. It’s very on brand.”

The camera focuses on Grace.

Grace: “So, I hired a private investigator to look into where the lies and rumours about Megan started. It definitely started within this group from multiple people. You…” She points at Lorelei. “You.” She points at Victoria. “And Sheridan. But Sheridan is the ringleader, that’s clear.”

Victoria: “OH?!” She places hair behind her ear.

Monsè’s jaw drops.

Monsè: “Lorelei, you were in on it?”

Jac: “No, that’s not true.” She raises an eyebrow.

Mona: “A private investigator?!”

Yvonne: “Victoria?!”

Lorelei laughs and crosses her arms.

Lorelei: “Oh, is that so?” She says smugly.

Grace: “My guess is that there was some plot prior to the beginning of this season to bring this lie up on the show and Sheridan was behind it to take the attention off her fraudulent plastic behind.”

Victoria: “If the baby is a bastard baby you shouldn’t blame us that it got leaked! That’s not our fault!”

Jac: “Girl that’s not true! Why would Sheridan do that?”

Mona: “Why wouldn’t Sheridan do that if it’s gonna take the heat off of herself?” She looks at Jac.

Grace: “Because Sheridan is a snake, that’s why. The facts are there to see. She’s been hiding in plain sight and I failed to spot it myself.”

Grace’s Confessional

“I should’ve seen it coming, truth be told. Sheridan has form, Lorelei has form. Victoria is… whatever. But Sheridan… she’s the mastermind. She’s just got the other two to do her dirty work and take the wrap so she doesn’t get her hands dirty.”

Lorelei holds her hands up.

Lorelei: “Sheridan didn’t start the rumor, Grace. She had nothing to do with it. Listen to me.” She looks Grace in the eyes. “We already established this. Why are we going backwards. None of them had a part in this. I brought it up, on camera. What is all of this?!”

Lorelei’s Confessional

“I don’t know why Sheridan or Victoria is being brought up into this whole paternity fiasco. I already addressed this earlier.” She laughs. “GRACE TOLD ME HERSELF!” She cackles. “I don’t know why she is spinning this into a big thing.”

Yvonne: “So — I was told by one of Grace’s employees that she saw another employee having sex with you, Bree, ontop of Grace’s desk.”
Grace: “I heard otherwise! I’ve done my own investigating…I’ve heard it’s Lorelei! You are a low down, dirty whore, Lorelei!”
Lorelei: “Grace, oh please! Why don’t we tell the girls what you’ve been hiding. We all know Megan isn’t your real daughter, Grace!”

Grace: “Sheridan did it. She did. I know for a fact she’s behind this.”

Lorelei looks shocked and confused.

Jac: “It’s not true and we all know that. These are independent women who all do what they want.”

Victoria: “Grace is obviously just upset that she doesn’t know the truth and she’s taking it out on us…”

Mona nods along.

Mona’s Confessional

“I’m gonna trust Lorelei over whoever scammer Grace hired as a private investigator. So to me there was no plot, but those girls were definitely thinking about spreading it. But why the hell did Grace need a private investigator that’s so extra.”

Victoria: “Grace a private investigator??? You are in it toooo deep!”

Grace: “Lorelei, you clearly wanted to hurt me, I get that. Victoria was the puppet in all of this. And Sheridan, she’s dead to me.”

Victoria: “Oh, Grace. Catch a grip.” She shakes her head.

Mona: “Well I don’t think we should dwell on what the PI ‘found’ and focus on your engagement Grace.”

Lorelei: “Yes!” She puts her hand on Grace’s, holding back a laugh. “Sweetie, let’s not go back and forth over this. It’s old news. We’ve squashed it. Hiring a PI to kind of spread some fake news is a bit much, baby. Like Mona said, enjoy your night! You just got engaged!” She smiles.

Grace’s Confessional

“Sheridan has dirt on people on this cast, I’m sure of it. That’s why Lorelei got roped into this. Their relationship is like pulling at a thread and Victoria… she’s the collateral damage. The fall guy. This all makes sense and I don’t know why anyone else can’t see it!”

Grace looks at Lorelei.

Grace: “I’m going to enjoy my night, yes.” She takes Lorelei’s hand off hers. “But remember… you were involved with this and I’m hesitant to trust you, despite moving on.”

Lorelei: “Understandable. I’m with you.”

Lorelei’s Confessional

“I love Grace, I really do. But… she has a tendency to go on this hamster wheel of HELL and will not get off. You just have to smile and laugh at her to get her off a subject.”

Victoria: “Can we go sit, y’all?”

The ‘Wives get more champagne and go into a side room, sitting on luxurious vintage sofas.

Jac: “Listen — I think we have bigger fish to fry here tonight. Yvonne and Lorelei, have you guys…” She burps. “squashed everything between you two?”

Yvonne: “Lorelei doesn’t want to.” She crosses her legs and shoots a look at Lorelei.

Jac: “Is that true Lorelei? Do you not want to talk about her relationship with Morgan?”

Lorelei doesn’t even look at Yvonne, she just focuses on Jac.

Lorelei: “She’s correct. I don’t want anything to do with her.”

Grace: “Lorelei, as much as I can understand your pain and hurt, I think you’ll want to hear what Yvonne has to say.”

Mona: “Lorelei, can you just try and have a conversation?”

Lorelei: “No, look at her.” She points to Yvonne in disgust.

Jac: “Who is she pointing at?” She slurs her words, looking around.

Yvonne: “I could say the same about you. You’re a vengeful bitch who can’t act her age.”


Jac: “No Yvonne! Lorelei acts 40!”

Yvonne: “You’ve been looking for a way to get out of your villainous space and took this as an opportunity to play the victim.”

Lorelei: “You’re dating my ex husband! That’s the lowest of low!” She cocks her neck at Yvonne. “You have about a hard 30 years my senior to me. Don’t go there, you old cunt!”

Grace: “Lorelei!” She gasps.

Jac’s Confessional

“Are you guys going to bleep that out? Children watch this program.”

Yvonne: “So is your mother an old cunt? You should hope to reach this age baby and not have moved on to the second cousin once removed in the Sullivan family! See, you’re taking me out of character all because you don’t know how to deal with your emotions. Go to therapy.” She looks at Lorelei, with disgust.

Lorelei: “I am very much fine. You are the one who is chasing after my leftovers and sleeping in the bed with an abuser. Why don’t you worry about your own family? I raise my daughter. You can’t say the same about your children.”

Yvonne: “My children are grown and they both act more mature than you! If I were you, I wouldn’t bring kids into it. That would be a very slippery slope where your baby is concerned.” She waves a finger at Lorelei.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Do we know if Lorelei’s baby is her husbands sister or her ex-husband’s grandchild?”

Mona: “Girls, girls let’s please not talk about kids!” She looks at Lorelei and Yvonne.

Jac: “No kids!”

Yvonne: “She shouldn’t start it and I won’t have to finish it.”

Lorelei stands up, walking forward to tower over Yvonne on her sofa.

Lorelei: “You be careful. You be very fucking careful. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt, bones. This is pointless.” She turns to look at the group. “We’re throwing insults for what? The fact of the matter is…” She turns back to look at Yvonne. “You’re not my fucking friend. You can fuck off, go to hell, slip and fall, I don’t give a shit.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Now she’s threatening me? This is what she does. She can’t be emotionally mature so she resorts to bringing up my kids, my age, and fighting. So classless.”

Yvonne: “A woman of your character would choose to stay loyal to a racist than mend things with an honest friend who made an honest mistake.” She shakes her head.

Lorelei: “An honest mistake? Fuck you! Everybody knew who Morgan was. You just wanted to get back at me. I’ve discussed things with Bree, so we’re fine.” She is pissed.

Jac’s Confessional

“I like Yvonne but mistake? Girl, aren’t you guys going to walk down the marital aisle?”

Lorelei: “Don’t bring Bree into it. She isn’t here. You’re deflecting because you know you look like an evil woman. You’re dating an abuser and you’re standing by it! You are garbage, Yvonne. I cannot believe I was ever friends with you.”

Yvonne: “You don’t know what I’m doing because you won’t SHUT UP!” She now stands up, annoyed.

Grace: “What the hell is happening?” She shakes her head.

Lorelei’s Confessional

“Yvonne and I were quite close. I looked up to her as like a big sister. I thought our issues from last year would go away and we’d get over it. But… her dating Morgan is incredibly triggering to me and it’s bringing back nothing but old intrusive thoughts that I’ve thought I let go of. I can’t move on with Yvonne. I really can’t.”

Jac stands up to diffuse the situation but knocks Lorelei who spills her drink on Yvonne.

Yvonne: “Jacqueline!”

Victoria: “Let’s sit you down baby.” She helps Jac sit.

Monsè: “Okay, enough of the name calling ladies. What do you need from each other to salvage this?”

Yvonne: “I feel fine with the fact that you know my truth and my feelings on this subject, Grace. I appreciate Jacqueline for starting this conversation but I knew it wouldn’t get anywhere.” She shrugs.

Lorelei: “I think this conversation is done. Yvonne, I wish you we — “ She shakes her head. “I don’t want to lie so I’ll just leave it at that. I pray for you.” She goes to get her clutch.

Yvonne: “I wish you luck. I hope that back side doesn’t drop in the street on your way to the car.”

Victoria: “YVONNE!” She snorts.

Grace: ‘Jesus…” She sips her drink.

The camera focuses on a drunk Jac who is leaning on Mona.

Jac: “Can you get me a car. girlll? I’m too drunk for this.”

Mona nods.

Mona: “I think I’m ready to go too.” She looks to Mona. “You ready babe, are we meeting up with Gil?”

Monsè: “Yeah, babe. Let’s you home safe.” She chuckles at Jac then looks at Mona. “For sure, we need another round. This party was a doozy.”

Jac: “What a stunning night of friendship.” She puts her head in Mona’s lap.

Jac’s Confessional

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know these women. They’re all amazing and I love them all but I definitely won’t be drinking champagne on an empty stomach around them again.”

Lorelei gives Grace a hug.

Lorelei: “Well, Gracie Belle, this was a lovely party!”

Lorelei waves bye at the ‘Wives and then walks out of the party.

Lorelei’s Confessional

“This year for me, personally, has been a great one. I feel myself growing and not engaging in foolish drama. I’ve got a growing family, a hot husband who loves me and I’m exploring myself and my sexuality. After dealing with the drama this year, I’ve learned to just focus on myself and my wellbeing. This group isn’t for everybody. You’ve got to be a thick skinned woman to fit in. That’s a warp, bitchesssss!”

Lorelei End Card

After Lorelei leaves, Yvonne goes up to Grace.

Yvonne: “I’m so sorry it went this way, Grace. Maybe you should re-evaluate who you disinvite from parties moving forward.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“What a year this has been. I thought at the end, we’d get some type of resolution amongst the group but it seems we’re in even more toxic waters than when we started. I don’t know where we go from here, but it may require Jesus, Iyanla, and every other therapist in Beverly Beach to mend this group.”

Yvonne’s End Card

Mona and Monsè are now saying their goodbyes to Grace.

Monsè: “Grace, great party. So happy for you!” She hugs Grace and kisses her on the cheek. “I’m gonna call Gil and tell him to send the biggest gift basket he can find.”

Grace: “I look forward to that.” She smiles.

Monsè’s Confessional

“This year has been… rough, to say the least. I think I fought with almost every bitch in this group!” She laughs. “But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you’ve got to put yourself first and keep people in your corner that will support you in that. And trust me, those people are in short supply around here.”

Monsè’s End Card

Mona: “Grace, the venue was fab.”

Grace: “Thank you for coming, really.”

Mona and Monsè make their way out of the party, helping Jac to her car service.

Mona’s Confessional

“If you thought this group of girls couldn’t get crazier and more dramatic, well you thought wrong. I’ve gone through a lot this year between my divorce and my drama with the ladies. Normally I don’t get involved in the pettiness but the devil has awoken the beast and I’m not standing down again.”

Mona’s End Card

The final scene of the season is Grace as she hugs Vivian, they clink their glasses together.

Grace’s Confessional

“I‘ve definitely had a lot thrown my way this year, both personally and in this group. I’ve played mediator not only with friends but with my own children too. I don’t know where Lorelei and I’s friendship will go or if it’ll ever properly be salvaged. I’m leaving this year with a lot of unanswered questions. One thing I know for certain… I know who I can rely on and I know who I want standing with me going forward in the future and for my wedding. Never forget what I share in common with Cleopatra… we are both one of a kind. Last of The Faroes.”

Grace’s End Card

Season 7. Fin.