[S3 E14]: Reunion, Part 2

(From L to R: Lauren Barnes, Olivia Blake, Elyse Sewell, Lorelei Sullivan, Ren Rose, & Ashantai Adore)
Lauren, Olivia, Lorelei, Ren, & Elyse

The episode picks up at the previous episode’s cliffhanger. Dramatic music plays and we get a full shot of all the women on the couch.

Lorelei: “He won’t be at the wedding. He won’t be going anywhere anytime soon…Morgan is in jail.”

The ladies all look stunned. Elyse gasps.

Lauren: “Wait..what?! What happened?”

Everybody looks to Lorelei for her answer. Olivia turns to Lauren and whispers under her breathe.

Olivia: “Damn wasn’t this my segment — this bitch loves attention…” Her mic clearly picks it up.

Lorelei looks down and starts shaking her head, she still does not say a word.

Lauren: “Is he in jail for hitting you…?”

The couches go silent. Ren bites her lip and Lauren still looks at Lorelei for her answer. Lorelei slowly raises her head, she looks at Lauren with tears in her eyes and does a small nod.

Lorelei: “Yes.”

Andy gasps.

Olivia: “Oh — “

Ren: “Wow…”

Lauren looks at Lorelei, clearly upset.

Lauren: “That’s…terrible. I’m really sorry Lorelei.”

Ren: “Was there evidence?” She looks at Lorelei.

Lorelei glares at Ren, a tear running down her face. She cocks her neck.

Lorelei: “Really?”

Elyse’s eyes widen and she stares straight into the cameras.

Ren: “I’m just curious. I’m not saying you’re lying but I think everyone here would feel more comfortable if there was proof of this.”

Lorelei: “You’re ridiculous, Ren.” She turns to Andy. “Listen Andy — I really wish I could be more open with this but I can’t. It uh…happened just a few days ago so…” She chokes. “I just…I just can’t be talking about this right now.

All the girls look concerned. Andy nods.

Andy: “Lorelei I am SO sorry to hear this. Let’s take a small break and we can resume in a little.”

Andy: “This is Andy Cohen and we are BACK with the Real Housewives of Beverly Beach Reunion, Part 2!”

All the girls sit on the couch, clearly very tense.

Andy: “This season — After meeting at Lorelei’s party, Olivia & Lorelei hit it off right away. They became Beverly Beach’s newest duo. Defending her to the end, Olivia got the shock of her life when she found out everything the ladies were saying about Lorelei was true.”

A package plays of Olivia & Lorelei bonding. We see them with their husbands at the football game. Olivia is seen defending Lorelei against Elyse, Lauren, & Ren all season. We get Olivia’s reaction to Lorelei telling the truth in Tokyo.

Andy: “Lorelei, do you think Olivia was a good friend to you this season?”

Lorelei nods.

Lorelei: “I do. She, in my opinion, was the only one who actually wanted to get to know me. She did defend me a lot this season.”

Andy: “Olivia, tell us how you felt that moment in Japan when Lorelei admitted the affair scandal was true?”

The camera zooms in on Olivia who looks sad.

Olivia: “I was hurt. I felt betrayed. I was mad…I looked like a fool defending her.” She looks at Andy and shrugs.

Lorelei looks over at Olivia and sighs, she then begins shaking her head.

Andy: “Elyse & Ren, why did you guys think Olivia was defending Lorelei so hard this season? Did it bother you?”

Ren: “I love Olivia but she tends to gravitate to the people that have shady ways. We’ve seen it time and time again. I don’t understand it. It’s like girl, if even Lauren is telling you something is off about Lorelei, you should probably listen…”

Elyse: “It didn’t bother me. Olivia is a loyal friend. She’s that friend that’s going to support you when you’re in need. She defended her because they had a bond and I would’ve done the same. Well, not with Lorelei but if it were Ren.”

Olivia laughs.

Olivia: “I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, Andy. Maybe my judgement sucks. Hell I defended Ashantai at one point this season.”

Elyse: “No need to remind us of that, Liv!” She giggles.

Andy: “Okay, Lorelei & Olivia. Realistically — could you guys ever be good friends again?”

Lorelei looks over at Olivia. Olivia shrugs.

Olivia: “I mean I just invited the woman to my wedding.”

Andy: “So it’s going in the right direction?”

Olivia nods.

Olivia: “It’s going in the right direction.”

The camera pans to Lorelei who smiles.

Andy: “Lorelei Sullivan’s life from the outside looked perfect. But nothing’s ever perfect, right? In one of the most dramatic storylines in Beverly Beach History — it was revealed she was sleeping with her stepson.”

A package plays of Lorelei & Morgan happy at the beginning of the season. We see Ren, Lauren, and Elyse in multiple scenes talking about the step son. We see Ren accusing Lorelei. We finally see Lorelei coming clean in Tokyo.

Lauren leans in and whispers to Olivia.

Lauren: “Now she can finally have her moment…”

Andy: “Lorelei, where does your relationship stand with Morgan & Xavier right now?”

Elyse: “She’s probably sleeping with Xavier’s son…” She mumbles.

Olivia holds in a laugh and squeezes Elyse’s arm. Lorelei looks at Andy showing no emotion.

Lorelei: “Well… as I said earlier, Morgan’s in jail. He’s in jail because I found out I was pregnant and he was mad it wasn’t his.”

Andy’s jaw drops. Ren throws herself back in her chair and covers her eyes.

Ren: “You’re fucking kidding me.”

Lauren: “And the plot thickens…”

Olivia shakes her head in disbelief.

Olivia: “Oh good god.”

Elyse: “Is this a Lifetime movie, Andy?”

Andy: “Is it…Xavier’s?

Lorelei: “I kept my pregnancy a secret because…” She motions around. “Because of this. The reactions.” She lets out a nervous laugh. “Yes, it’s Xavier’s. I mean…the shit is already out! I really don’t care about the negativity.”

Andy blinks.

Andy: “Well, Congrats.”

Ren: “Congratulations, love.”

Olivia: “Congratulations, hun.”

Olivia turns to Lauren and does a silent gasp.

Olivia: “OMG.” She mouths to Lauren.

Lauren: “Congratulations, Lorelei. I hope you can get a fresh start before the baby gets here.”

The camera pans to Elyse who is texting on her phone.

Andy: “Moving on. Hey! Elyse! Phone down.” He scrunches up his nose.

Elyse: “Oops! my bad, Andy! I was bored.” She giggles.

Elyse puts her phone away and Lorelei looks over at her and rolls her eyes.

Andy: “ Lorelei you were not happy when Elyse spilled the beans. I have to ask — why come on a national TV show where you know this could be exposed? Was that poor thinking on your part?”

Elyse stares at Lorelei.

Elyse: “That’s the million dollar question.”

Olivia: “I think she wanted to be exposed.” She slowly nods her head.

Lorelei looks at Andy and shrugs.

Lorelei: “Yeah…I mean…it helped me in the end so…I just don’t like how Elyse ‘exposed’ it. That’s all. It’s in the past now and we’ll never be friends. It’s over and done with.”

Andy: “Elyse, what exactly did you see in the bathroom after the couple’s part?”

All of the women look to Elyse.

Elyse: “I saw Lorelei kissing Xavier.”

Lorelei bites her bottom lip and nods.

Lorelei: “She did.”

Elyse: “They were like little puppies. It was cute but I mean, she was married. It was wrong.”

Lorelei rolls her eyes.

Lorelei: “Bitter at the fact you can’t keep a man?”

Elyse: “Or a woman! I need to work on that.” She smiles.

Andy: “Lauren & Elyse, we didn't really see any sympathy or remorse when Lorelei revealed she was being abused. Did you think she was lying again? Do you regret anything now hearing that Morgan has been arrested?”

Lorelei shifts in her seat and looks at them.

Elyse: “Listen — I never wanna see any woman in that situation. Looking back, I do feel bad. But at the time she said this, she was viscous to me and was calling me a liar and such. So I had no feeling. Maybe if we were in a different place my reaction would have been different.”

Lauren: “Yes I regret it 100%.” She looks Lorelei in the eyes. “Watching your scenes back on the show really opened my eyes too. You are right, we didn’t really get a chance to know each other this season and I think I immediately just put my guard up when I sensed something was off with you at your party. I really do feel awful for not believing you about Morgan, and I do apologize.”

Andy turns to Lorelei.

Andy: “Do you accept her apology?”

Lorelei nods.

Lorelei: “I do. I appreciate that alot, Lauren.”

Lauren: “I hope we can take time to get to know eachother in the future.”

Andy: “Good! Ren, we saw you comfort Lorelei in Tokyo and share some deep stuff about you and your father. What made you go from wanting to hit her to wanting to help her?”

Ren: “I saw a familiar pain in her eyes and I immediately resonated with it. I knew she was hurting and I had to be there for her. I knew she needed a friend in that moment. I’m tough but I’m not heartless.”

Lorelei: “I appreciated it, Ren. I truly did. I did need someone to have my back and you were there for me. It gives me hope we can move forward.”

Ren smiles and crosses her legs.

Ren: “Of course.”

Elyse: “Ren’s a sweetheart. Even after Lorelei was crude to her she was there for her in the end. But I’d watch my back if I were Ren.”

Lorelei: “Elyse, you’re the one we gotta watch out for.” She looks at Elyse, pissed off. “Can’t nobody tell you shit. You run your mouth like bath water.”

Elyse: “Oh, please. You have so much anger. You need help.”

Andy: “Ladies! Ladies! Before we start to wrap everything up. I believe Olivia wants to address the group! Olivia — you have the floor.”

All the girls focus on Olivia.

Elyse: “Are we all bridesmaids, Liv?”

Olivia smiles sadly as she addresses the women.

Olivia: “Ladies, I’ve enjoyed this ride with you all. Through the highs and the lows, I’ve really grown to love you all and the friendships I’ve created here. After much thought and prayer, Brandon and I have decided to relocate to Los Angeles to be closer to my boys and my work. Today is my last reunion as a Beverly Beach housewife.”

Lorelei looks shocked.

Elyse: “Whaaaaat? Oh my goodness!”

Lauren squeezes Olivia hand and starts tearing up. She sniffles.

Lauren: “I’m sorry — You already told me weeks ago but — Ugh! Now it’s official, official.”

Andy: “Olivia, you’ve truly be a light on this show! We’ve seen you get over your divorce and find the man of your dreams! You’ve stuck with us since our first season…through that mess. Thank you so much, you will be missed.” He gets up and gives her a hug.

Olivia: “Thank you, love.”

Lorelei watches them hug and smiles.

Elyse: “There’s so much happiness for you on the horizon, baby.”

Ren: “I love you. So excited for your new journey. Me and Lauren are coming to visit ASAP.”

Andy: “Wow — Now the original trio of Olivia, Lauren, and Ren, who have had each others backs since season one, will be down to a duo. Lauren and Ren are the last housewives remaining out of the original four we started season one with! Impressive, girls.”

Lauren looks over at Ren and winks.

Lauren: “I got you, baby.”

Ren: “It’s just us now! You know I’ve always got your back.” She smiles.

Andy: “Ladies, this truly was our breakout season. Each and everyone of you carried your weight! Let’s do one final game to end the season. Rose & thorns. Everyone, one by one give a rose & a thorn. A high light and a low point for you this season.”

Olivia: “My rose would be my engagement. My thorn would be Lorelei lying to my face most of the season.”

Lorelei: “My rose was my child. Despite everything I went through this season my thorn was the end of my friendship with Olivia.”

Lauren: “I have to say my rose was starting my own company and planning parties for a living. My thorn would have to be…Rachel the bartender. Oh! Our trip to Sedona had some great parts too.”

Andy looks at Lauren in disbelief.

Andy: “Like what?!”

All the girls laugh.

Elyse: “Yeah! You bitches ruined Sedona for me. I’m never going back.”

Andy: “Elyse, how about you go now?”

Elyse: “Oh sure! My rose is definitely being asked to be a part of such a fabulous show, Andy. I was able to show my brother and bring attention to the trans community which I adore. And these ladies, even Gargamel over there…” She points to Lorelei. “This was an experience. My thorn, really now with Olivia leaving, was that I didn’t give our friendship a fair chance. But I’m hoping the future changes all of that.”

Olivia nods.

Olivia: “You ALL will have to come visit me in Los Angeles.”

Ren: “I’m going to start with my thorn: I wasn’t around as much for filming because secretly Aaron’s girlfriend had been having complications with her pregnancy. The stress of it all caused even more frustration with me and some of the woman and may have influenced some of my aggression towards Lorelei. …..and…2 months ago, the child’s mother passed away while giving birth.” She bursts out crying. “So I am stepping into the mother’s place and raising the child with Aaron.” She sniffles into a tissue. “Lorelei isn’t the only new mom. My rose is my daughter, Gracie.”

Andy: “Oh my god! I’m sorry to hear about Aaron’s girlfriend but…I guess we owe you a congratulations too! Wow — I never thought I’d see the day Ren Rose became a stay-at-home mom.”

Ren: “Hey! Andy! I’m still going to be working on my businesses. I can juggle both! I didn’t expect it but life is like that, ya know. It’s a new journey for me.”

Andy: “Have any of the ladies met Gracie yet?”

Ren: “Actually Lauren, Olivia , and Elyse all have.”

Elyse nods and Lauren does a giddy clap.

Lauren: “Auntie Lauren loves Gracie.”

Olivia: “Andy, she is the most adorable child.”

Lorelei: “I’m sorry, Ren. But I’m also very happy for you. We’ll do some play dates. Congrats.”

Ren smiles and pats Lorelei’s hand.

Ren: “Thank you!”

Champagne glasses are brought out.

Andy: “Okay, ladies. Let’s make a toast.”

Everybody stands up.

Andy: “This is Andy Cohen, signing off! Cheers to an amazing Season 3!”

All of the ladies clink their glasses together.

Elyse: “Cheers to all the wonderful escapades I get in with you Beverly bitches! Here’s to many more!”

Olivia: “Cheers ladies! Can we get a group hug? For me?”

Lauren: “Of course!”

Season 3 ends with all of the women partaking in a group hug.




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Real Housewives of Beverly Beach

Real Housewives of Beverly Beach

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