[S1: E8]: Thorns & The Rose’s

Previously on The Real Housewives of Beverly Beach…

Olivia addressed problems in her relationship with Brandon. Lauren found a shocking messages on Richard’s phone from one of his mistresses. Ren’s event highlighted her unraveling marriage and Lauren invited the girls to Mexico.

The camera follows Olivia as she walks into The Blake Agency.

Olivia: “Hello team!” She smiles at her employees. “Good to see you all.”

Olivia’s Confessional

“Before going to Mexico, I need to get some work done. I want to relax on Lauren’s birthday…Not stressing about the work I need to come back to.”

The camera pans to Olivia as she takes a seat in front of the runway between two of her team members.

Olivia’s Confessional

“Today my team and I are auditioning women to model for the new line that we’ve collaborated with Fendi on. I’m looking for three models, one male and two females, to slay the runway!”

The camera shows as multiple models come out. The shot then changes to Olivia and her team members scribbling down notes on their notepads.

Olivia: “Oooo yes this look is everything. Get it girlfriend.” A tall, freckled, model smiles as she walks off the runway.

Mario [Team Member]: “Work honey!”

Olivia turns to her team members.

Olivia: “I really like her! We need to put a star by her name.” They nod in agreement.

The camera shows a heavy model walk down the runway. The camera pans to Olivia who takes off her glasses and gives her team members a look.

Olivia: “Hey honey, what’s your name?”

Anastassia [Model]: “Anastassia Taylor.”

Olivia: “Well girl, you are a beautiful plus sized model…Unfortunately this line is not made for women of your size. Perhaps I can get you a contact with one of my colleagues as you are beautiful.”

Anastassia: “Oh — “

The camera zooms in on Anastassia as she sniffles and tears start forming in her eyes.

Olivia: “Oh hun, don’t cry. You are a beautiful woman…just not the right fit for our line.”

Olivia’s Confessional

“I didn’t mean to make the woman cry but she doesn’t fit our brand. I offered to set her up with some of my contacts in this business but you just can’t be weak. I’ve been in this industry a long time. I’ve been told I was too fat, to dark…I mean, you name it. The modeling industry is vapid and materialistic and you just need to know that coming in. You will be rejected.”

A group of staff come in and escort Anastassia out of the room as she continues to cry. Olivia leans back in her chair.

Kim [Team Member]: “Well that was interesting.”

Mario [Team Member]: “I mean did she really think she could fit in the clothes here?” He laughs.

Olivia laughs as well.

Olivia: “You’re messy as hell queen.”

The scene ends as Olivia can be heard saying: “NEXT!”.

A montage of Beverly Beach is shown, then The Beverly Beach airport with a timestamp of [6 A.M] is panned to.

Lauren’s Confessional

“Today is my birthday!” She smiles and waves her hands. “Yay! The girls and I got a very early start to the morning so we can spend the entire day in Mexico and get my birthday festivities underway.”

Some footage the girls shot on their phones while they were on the private jet is shown. Lauren holds her phone close to a sleeping Ren.

Lauren: “Ren is down for the count, we land in 30 minutes so she best get up.”

Olivia can be heard shouting in the background.

Olivia: “WAKE UP, REN!”

It now switches to Olivia’s phone footage, she shoots the middle aisle where Yvonne and Lauren are standing.

Lauren: “We’re in Mexico! Ahhh! The plane is still on the runway, we are about to get off.”

Yvonne starts twerking on Lauren as she downs the rest of her mimosa.

Yvonne: “It’s yo birthday!!! Aye, we are going to get turnt!” The girls all laugh. Olivia shifts the view to a groggy Ren who is still in her seat with her eye cover on her forehead.

Olivia: “How are you feeling Ren?”

Ren just gives a soft smile and a thumbs up as the scene ends.

Shots of the luxurious Hacienda Beach Club & Spa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is shown. The camera captures a airport bus pulling up and the girls all getting out with their bags. They are greeted by hotel staff and given drinks.

Hotel Worker: “Good morning, Mrs. Barnes. Let me show you ladies to your rooms.”

Beautiful shots of inside the hotel are shown and the girls are shown heading towards the elevator as Lauren’s Confessional acts as a voice over.

Lauren’s Confessional

“I really want to have fun on this trip. Yvonne can’t be that mean to Ren considering she basically has a meltdown on stage at her store opening. So really, it’s a win win.”

The camera focuses on Ren as she and the other ladies walk through the rooms.

Yvonne: “Damn, these rooms are nice. Shame we’re only here one night.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I’m honestly surprised Lauren invited me to her birthday weekend. I hope I can just have a fun time and we don’t have to get into anything too bad.”

Lauren stands in the middle of the room, the other ladies are scattered around Lauren’s room. She claps.

Lauren: “Alright ladies! We need to get ready and get downstairs to the bus. We need to be at the Marina in about an hour. We are going to have brunch on a yacht.”

A montage of all the women getting ready and then going downstairs and getting on the bus is shown. The camera films the view out the window of the bus ride to the Marina as the ladies take in the beauty of Mexico.

A shot of Lauren and the ladies walking onto the yacht is shown. They are escorted to a fancy brunch spread. The camera pans to the bartender on one side of the boat and then to a large area in the middle of the boat that has chairs and towels for the ladies to lay out on. There is a huge bouquet of flowers on the table when the ladies go and sit. The camera shows Lauren reaching for them and opening the note.

Lauren: “Awww! They’re from Richard!” The girls all smile.

Ren: “How nice!”

Lauren: “Also, if you want to swim or jet ski or anything, just tell the staff.”

Olivia: “This is so nice, Lauren.” She pours herself a glass of champagne.

Olivia’s Confessional

“The yacht is amazing and the service is on another level. Lauren really put this together well.”

Lauren picks up a small plate of food and smiles.

Lauren: “Richard really outdid himself. This is a beautiful brunch.”

Lauren’s Confessional

“I ended up talking to Richard about taking this trip to Mexico with the girls instead of going behind his back. He actually offered to surprise me and plan everything…so I let him.” She shrugs. “He’s making an effort.”

Yvonne: “I’m glad he isn’t treating you badly since the dinner at my house. He seemed really upset that day.” She bites into a pastry.

Lauren: “He was upset that I quote on quote ‘walked him into the lions den’. But it’s not like I knew you wouldn’t bring it up.” She shrugs and giggles. “We are fine.”

Yvonne just nods and sips her drink.

Yvonne’s Confessional

“That’s a crock of sh*t. I truly believe Lauren is in a marriage with a chronic abuser. The streets are talking and they’re saying her front porch is DIRTY!”

Ren gets up.

Ren: “I think I’m going to go paddle boarding. I just need to clear my mind for a minute.”

The camera captures her walking off and going to talk to one of the yacht staff. The camera pans back to all the girls as they watch her leave. Lauren turns to Olivia and Yvonne.

Lauren: “On another note, I haven’t brought up the store opening with Ren yet. I’m kind of nervous to ask. She’s acting like nothings happened.”

Olivia: “She has been…disconnected today. I think it’s weighing on her. We need to make sure she’s alright.”

The camera switches to Ren as an instructor helps her gear up for the paddle board as the ladies continue talking.

Yvonne: “What happened after that god awful speech? I left. I tried to throw that insignificant event out of my memory as quickly as possible.

Lauren: “After she stormed off stage, Olivia and I followed her to the bathroom and she was break down about…” She glances at Olivia. “Well… you’ll have to ask her. But she hasn’t mentioned it since, it’s like she’s ignoring it.”

Yvonne nods.

Yvonne: “I’m sure she’s embarrassed.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“I honestly don’t know what Ren does for a living. I’m sad she embarrassed herself at the opening of a venture that could raise her out of poverty.”

The camera is focused on Yvonne then zooms out behind her to have a full shot of Ren in the middle of the ocean on a paddle board.

Lauren: “She may be embarrassed but people around town are talking about it. There was a terrible article in the local paper about the speech. Ugh, I just feel for the poor girl right now.”

Olivia: “I’ve heard alot of people are talking about it.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“Who reads the local paper? You might as well just make a stop at Miss Gertie’s house or talk to one of Olivia’s good friend.” She smiles.

The camera pans to Lauren who looks to make sure Ren is still on the paddle board. She turns back to the girls and leans in.

Lauren: “I really shouldn’t be saying this but Aaron hasn’t been around the neighborhood lately.” She puts her hands up in the air. “I may just be missing him BUT we usually see eachother often.”

Olivia nods and listens intently.

Olivia: “I’ve heard he’s seeing someone else. I just can’t imagine being the bearer of bad news here…”

Lauren: “Unless if it’s definitely true, we shouldn’t say anything.”

Yvonne smiles.

Yvonne: “Well she’s been out paddling with that instructor for a while.” She turns behind her back to look out at Ren and the instructor. “Maybe she’s getting somewhere someone can get her some.” Yvonne shimmies in her seat and sticks out her tongue.

Olivia bursts out laughing, Lauren snickers.

Olivia: “Nu uh! Too much!”

Lauren’s Confessional

“If Ren just hid the miscarriage from Aaron until after the store opening…like I told her…she could have avoided this mess. You have to strategize in life if you want to run a large business. But Ren isn’t trying to mess with that man on the water. The girls are just projecting off their own issues.” She rolls her eyes.

The camera pans to Ren and the paddle board instructor as they paddle back to the boat. Lauren keeps an eye on them.

Lauren: “I’m just worried about Ren. I don’t want her making dumb decisions when she’s upset.”

Yvonne sips her drink and mumbles under her breath.

Yvonne: “At least she doesn’t stay with a cheater.”

The camera switches to Lauren who just discreetly rolls her eyes.

Lauren’s Confessional

“If Yvonne could stop judging my marriage for a minute, she would see there is so much more to it than another woman sleeping with Richard here and there.” She sighs.

Ren walks up to the group, her hair is wet and she’s wearing a life jacket.

Ren: “Hey guys! The water is just amazing. Crystal clear.” She smiles and the other girls welcome her back.

Lauren: “Well I think I’m going to go jet skiing if anybody wants to join…”

Olivia jumps up and claps.

Olivia: “Let’s do it! I love jet skiing!”

Yvonne shakes her head.

Yvonne: “I am too old for that, I’ll be going parasailing.” The camera gives a wide shot as Yvonne turns to Ren. “Want to come with? It’ll be relaxing after you just paddled your arms off.”

Ren: “Sure!”

Ren’s Confessional

“This should be interesting…” She rolls her eyes.

Light hearted, tropical music plays as shots of Olivia and Lauren zoom around the water on jet skis. A montage of Yvonne and Ren gearing up for parasailing and then getting up in the sky is shown. The scene switches to Go Pro camera angles of Yvonne and Ren.

Ren: “Wow! It’s beautiful up here.”

Yvonne: “It really is!”

The camera switches to one on a yacht, giving a view of Yvonne and Ren in the sky. It then goes back to the girl’s Go Pros. Yvonne turns her head to Ren.

Yvonne: “How have you been Ren?”

Ren continues looking around and commenting on the view.

Ren: “I’ve never been better…Woah! Did you see that? I think it was a dolphin.” She points down towards the water. Yvonne sighs.

Yvonne: “How has your business been going? The opening had alot of people. You must have been happy.”

Ren: “Yeah! I really was.” She smiles and continues looking down at the water.

Yvonne: “I heard some things… about…well about you having a miscarriage. I know that can be hard, how are you holding up.”

Ren’s Confessional

“Really, Yvonne? I’m not talking about this with you. Especially now. Drop the caring granny act.”

Ren: “I really am not trying to talk about this right now.”

Yvonne: “It’s just that me and the girls are worried ab-”

Ren turns to Yvonne, interrupting her.

Ren: “Listen, Yvonne. Not to be disrespectful but now is not the time to talk about this. We are on vacation. I’m trying to get away from that. In all honesty, we’ve never really been close friends so why would I open up to you about intimate details about my life.”

Yvonne: “Ok.”

Yvonne’s Confessional

“See what I get for trying to be nice?”

Fun music plays as the shot changes to the yacht at the dock, the cameras capture the ladies all walking off and into the hotel bus. The ladies all sit in the bus. Ren is in the back with a baseball hat covering her face.

Lauren: “Ren are you sure you don’t want to go shopping with us?”

A muffled “Mhm” from Ren can be heard as the bus begins driving.

Ren’s Confessional

“I am not feeling 100% so I decided it would be best for me to go back to the hotel and get some rest. We have to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to fly home and I really don’t want to go home sick.”

The bus pulls up to the hotel and the camera follows Ren as she says goodbye to the girls and walks into the hotel. The bus begins driving again. The shot switches to the girls riding along in the bus.

Lauren: “I can’t wait to go shopping.”

Yvonne: “Lauren, how much is Richard allowing you to spend today?” She raises an eyebrow.

Lauren: “Oh babe, no limit.” She turns around and holds up a black American Express card. “Borrowed his card!” She winks.

Olivia and Yvonne laugh as the bus pulls into the luxury shopping center. Shots of the Gucci Store, Louis Vuitton Store, and the Swarovski Store are shown. The camera show the girls walking into the Prada store.

Lauren: “So Yvonne, did Ren mention anything while you were with her?”

Olivia’s Confessional

“I know Yvonne is going to bring up some mess. I’m all ears for this one.”

The girls begin browsing the store.

Yvonne: “She didn’t mention anything to me. She evaded all of my questions.”

Olivia turns to Yvonne and raises an eyebrow.

Olivia: “Oh my… what did you ask?”

The camera zooms in on Yvonne picking up and examining a purse. A caption at the bottom of the screen says: [Prada Leather Handbag: $3,500].

Yvonne: “I asked how she was holding up with the miscarriage and trying to juggle a business. It seems like she didn’t have a good team behind that event.”

Olivia: “So she just…ignored you?”

Yvonne sighs.

Yvonne: “Basically, she said she didn’t feel comfortable discussing those things because we aren’t close.”

Lauren’s Confessional

“Ren is not doing herself any favors by putting this off. I thought she would tell us what was happening in her life during this trip but she’s been avoiding us at all costs. Why did she even come?”

A shot of Lauren trying on sunglasses is shown.

Lauren: “Yeah, I’m going to take these.” A caption next to the glasses says [Prada Sunglasses: $500]. “Maybe she will feel better tonight and join us for dinner. Hopefully.”

Yvonne is shown picking up the purse and bringing it to the cash register.

Yvonne: “I think I’m going to buy this purse too. Might as well come out with a goodie.” She smiles.

Olivia: “That purse is too cute! And yeah… I do hope she joins us. She’s been quiet lately.”

Yvonne: “I’m willing to put all my shady and petty BS to the side to be there for her if she’s willing to open up.”

Olivia: “I hope we can get her to open up at dinner.”

Yvonne: “Amen! Now let’s get back.”

The camera shows the women walking out of the store as the episode ends.

Next Time on the Season Finale of the Real Housewives of Beverly Beach…

The girls get angry when they find out Ren leaves the Mexico trip early. Lauren has a sit down with Stefania in order to introduce her back into the group. Lauren’s big charity event turns into a screaming match when Yvonne and Stefania see each other face to face for the first time in months.




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Real Housewives of Beverly Beach

Real Housewives of Beverly Beach

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